Little Meg.

If you read Sue Vincent’s post Full Circle: Spiral Dance.

You will learn a great deal from her knowledge. I can’t match that wealth of knowledge but I can tell you what I experienced.

Little Meg

Permission sought from those who went before. We entered the field following the line of the hedge to avoid the deep mud. Again I felt the rush and crush of those who had had passed this way before.

We enter with respect

Our thoughts circumspect

Seeking out the our inner seed

We call them out, our souls to feed.

Again we join in Meditation

We assend to to space

Looking down on Gia’s creation

The light that fills me makes me warm

I am reluctant to return

I want to see forever, to fly and burn.

This photo is From Sue Vincent’s blog

More thoughts from The Silent Eye‘s : The Full Circle : Finding your way home, weekend in Cumbria.

Darkness falls.

Darkness falls

Deep dark, the dogs back

I am drowning no hope left

So empty  depressed.

Hopelessness just engulfs me

Where is the light,where is hope.


Image from Pixabay

Acrostic: Cathedral

IMG_20150908_134706597 [540817]Cloisters echoing  to  the  sound  of  millions of  feet

All nationalities wondering  round  hopes  and  dreams  complete

Tinglings  through  my  soul  who has  trod  this  way before

Holy sounds  from the  naive, monks  singing behind  a  door.

Ever moving ever flowing  like  a  river  the  people tread

Dodging gravestones in the  floor, don’t  step  on the  dead

Relics  yes, in  golden caskets, fabulous  statues  to  saints

Angels fierce  with  swords resplendent in gold  leaf  and paints

Lingering  spirits of  the  past  repose  here in  the  Cathedral

IMG_20150908_134843565 [540819]

Emotions : Nonet

Our emotions, how  they  ebb and flow

Pent up inside, hidden below

Calm exteriors, all that  show.

Explosions  build  and grow

Vicious blasts  will blow

Why hide them so

They will grow

Ebb, flow


How sharper

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is 

To have a thankless child!


True mother love

Shakespeare  said  this  and  he  was right

For  thankless  or  not  I feel in this  plight.

To  have  and hold  a baby new

Is  the  most wonderful  thing  you  can do.


To  watch  them  grow  and  become the  apple  of  your  eye

You teach them to  love  and care, you  kiss away  tears  when they  cry.

Sharing  all  their  triumphs  large  and  small

To pick  them up  and  brush them off  when they fall.


Sacrificing  your  hearts  desire for  all their  dreams

You’d  die  for  them, give  your  all, sometimes,  for  naught  it  seems

They  grow  and  fly  make  their  own  nests

Sometimes  they include  you  and  you  feel truly  blessed


To  have  a  child  who’ partner   shuts  you  out

Is  the  most  painful  thing  without  a doubt

To see  a  grandchild  so rarely that  he  hardly  knows  you

Is  pain  beyond  pain, try  as  you may  there is nothing  you can  do.


I feel so sad  I have  committed  no sin

Why  am I  on the outside  looking  in?

Not the A to Z April Challenge : Windows to the soul

Eyes truly  the windows to the soul

Always open to suggestion

Views of  beauty , views of  pain

Windows  show you the whole

Stained or crystal clear

Clear see through pane

Open fear

See here



Love is in Da Blog : Acrostic Love

Longing  for you, missing  you so

Only you  can sate  this  pain you know

Violenty needing you, only  you

Everyone else is irrelevant   you love  me too.



This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 


Dreams : A Lyric

Dreams  they ravish us and then they hang us out to dry

Encroaching on the everyday  changing our outlook

Lifting us they can inspire,yet  they can drag us down until we cry.

Dreams love to write our lives like an endless book.


Dreams keep writing , writing our lives, dragging our secrets across the skies


Catch me I am falling to ground

Put out your loving arms  and rescue  me .

This dream has me spinning round and round.

The wind is rising save me before I am sent whirling out to sea.


Dreams keep writing , writing our lives, dragging our secrets across the skies



Dreams are enemies dreams dictate our fate

Dreams are our lovers our  truth is in them to be found

Save  me help  me dear one  before it is too late

Put out your loving arms and save me before I hit the ground.


Dreams keep writing , writing our lives, dragging our secrets across the skies

Dreams keep writing , writing our lives, dragging our secrets across the skies

❤ ❤ ❤   ❤ ❤   ❤ ❤


Johnnyojanpera  composed  a beautiful piece of  music , hear it  here . He has inspired me to write  a poem about dreams in reverse.

Johnny’s beautiful  wife Lisa  also has a wonderful  blog  at Underground Energy   .

They are a beautiful and talented couple. xxxx  ❤




I am so tired  that  it hurts and I wish I was  still in Tuscany. It  did  not take  me  long  to slip  back  into the norm. Washing, ironing the  every day things that eat into our  souls. Tell me  do  you feel that  worn down so quickly?

The  flight  home on Friday night was okay  but it was late, the approach  to Gatwick was incredibly painful I thought  m ears would  burst. I wanted  to scream out  but pride kept  my  mouth tight shut. I watched  the lights  of the south coast appear. I thought  my head  would split then I saw  Brighton  and it’s pier all lit up  like fairy land . I knew  then relief was  not too far away.

I am amazed at how  the Newbie  has  grown he is so beautiful, he has  found  his smile button! I am longing to see him  and hold him.

That I  cannot believe how  different  my  life here is to how it was on holiday … do  you think  life would be as relaxed, as it felt when I was on holiday, if I lived there all the time. I saw the lives of our  hosts the ease with which they  moved through their days … why do their  lives look so uncomplicated?


I went to the gym this  morning  and I worked out  for over  an hour then I went home  and after coffee I ironed  for nearly  three hours. In fact  I only stopped  because my  foot balled up  with cramp  and became a claw. I was in agony  for three quarters  of an hour  and I had  to call  my  husband in from gardening  to help me . He massaged  my  foot  for ten  minutes all to no avail. In the end  he bought up a bowl of warm water  and I just tried  to relax  my  foot. By then my foot no longer resembled a foot, my toes were all scrunched up and  my big  toe was stuck out  at an odd angle it looked like a weird claw.  Pain?  it was awful.



I have  often felt so trapped  just like  the woman in this video, in fact I even looked like a scared  rabbit , like her too!



This was my second, If  we were having  coffee,  the first  one  is here  I am linking  to Deborah who alerted  me to this lovely way  to converse  with each other.  Now Deborah got the idea  from  Diana at Part time  Monster.  What about you? If we were having coffee, what you be talking about this week? Post in the comments below or do your own post and link back here.  🙂


Coffee Break  (Acrostic Poem)


Caffeine needed now

Open wound pow!

Feelings raw  and strong

Faith and understanding gone.

Echoes of my  youth

Etched in blood the truth.


Broken and cracked

Ruined for care, a lack

Ever thirsting to be free

Aiding lack luster eyes to see

Kindred spirits reaching out to me.

EvDaDaDec : Can’t cut the cord.

He is sad now, lost and lonely  full of regret

Thinking now of what he thought he had

She has moved on  she found it easier to forget.

It hurts, it really does. He wants to run, to feel less sad!

I bleed for him I really do, they say you feel their pain, it’s true.

I want to hold him I want to hug him. Take the  pain he’s had.

I am so far away from him and it hurts that there is nothing I can do.

He is special he is precious I hate to see him hurt again. I feel for what  he had.


When  they are  young they  brake  your  back  when the grow  they break  your  heart!

So  true .


I apologize  I  just  could not post  yesterday  so her is an extra EvDaDaDec

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