Vampires,the Witch and the Werewolf

This  story  grew  from a Thursday  Photo Challenge  which is  run  by  Sue  Vincent  of  Daily  Echo. Well I  stopped  writing  this  story  in  June  this  year wanting  to  think about it  and  flesh it out. So  far  the  stars  or  rather  real  life  has  been against  me   but  today’s photo prompt  has inspired  me  to   pull up  my  socks  and  work on  this story….. It  may  not  be a  novel  but I  do  feel it  is something. There  will be  changes  and  cuts  but  for  now  here  are  the  bones  of  the  story  with  Sue’s  wonderful  photo prompts.  I am hoping  it  will be  a case of  watch  this space!!

So  the  working  title  is  VAMPIRES, THE WITCH AND  THE WEREWOLF.
The  Tryst

summerhouse silhouetted against a dawn sky

She  came  around  the  side  of  the  summer house  to  find  him  waiting! The  relief  she  felt  was  impossible  to  measure. He  was  concerned,  did  anyone  see  her  leave, was  she followed. She  soothed  his  hair  and  told him  all  was safe, as  ever  she  had  been  careful.

It  was getting  harder  for  them  to meet, the  war was  encroaching  on  their lives  and  everyone  was  feeling  threatened . No one  was safe  from  prying  eyes. Their  eyes  met  in  the  darkling  of  the  late evening.  They  leaned  into  each other  to kiss. The  electricity  between  them  was visible. Running  his  hands  down  her  back  he  felt something  hot  and  wet…… blood.  He  withdrew  from  their  embrace  and  asked her  with  concern  how had  she been wounded !

Hunters  she  said.  As  she  crossed  the  mountain range  yesterday  evening  they  had  almost  caught her.  Fear and  anger flashed  in her  eyes, she  was so brave  he loved  her  more  each  time  they  met.

Do  you  think , she  asked him, would  their  two peoples  ever  come  to  a real peace. He looked her in  the eye and  said he had  no  answer. Time  passsed and  they made  love  long  and  blissfully.

They were readying  to  leave  and  go  their  separate  ways  when  they  heard  a noise behind them.   In  a flash  she  turned  and  saw  torches  approaching . He  put his  finger  on  her  lips. My people  he  said, go ,go now he  whispered.

She  turned  and  ran  into  the  night.   He  gazed after  her as she  disappeared at  speed across  the valley.  Not  a  second  too soon as  three  Vampires landed next  to  him!

There has  been a  sighting  of  a werewolf   bitch  on  the  mountain  road they  told him.  Had  he  seen or  heard  anything they  asked.    Looking  them  straight  in  the  eyes  he  replied  yes, he  had  flown over  a  group  of  human  hunter’s  with  a  bitch  carcass on  their  sledge.

Fingers  tightly  crossed under  his  coat  he  bared his  fangs  at  the  lead  male. One  less  for us  to  worry  about   he  said . To  his  relief  they  all laughed  as  they  took off  north into  the  now  night  sky.

10 miles away to  the  south she  stopped  to lick  her  wounds.  Slowing  her  breath  to  almost  nothing  she  felt  for  the  tiny  life inside  her, it  fluttered,  it breathed…. to  the  gods of  the  the 5 races.   What  would  this  she  was carrying  be . It  would  be loved!



She  had  been  running  all day with thoughts  of Mathew, her  beautiful  Vampire, filling her  head.  Today was  the  first  day  she really  had  the  strength  to  run  properly. It  had  taken  three  dangerous  days  of  cleaning  and  resting  to  heal  her  wounds.

She  had  had  to  lie  low with  the  constant  threat  of  Human Hunters and Vampires. The  Dawfs and Elves  were no  threat  but  sadly  they  were  dying out and  were  seen  less and  less.  This  was  sad  because  they  were kind  and  honourable  races.

It was  early  afternoon  when  she  reached  the  bridge. The  water  was  clear  and  clean and  the  shadows  were  cool  and offered an ideal  hiding  place.  She  had  eaten  12 hours  ago  and  luckily  she  had  had a  good  meal and  even  with  her  precious  cargo  she  felt  full  and  satisfied.  Out  of  the  corner  of  her  eye  she  saw  a  water  rat  scuttle  into  a  crack in  the  brickwork… humm! she  thought  a  nice  snack  for later.

She  had  been  pregnant  for  two  and  a half  months  now  and had  stayed  werewolf  for  the  entire  time as  she instinctively  knew  her  human  form  could  not  carry  this  child, let  alone  deliver  it.  What  strange  things  human were, weak  and often  cruel. The  Vampires  where strong and  always  beautiful  but  so heartless.  Well that  went  without  saying.

What had  drawn  her  to  her  beautiful Mathew, he  had  smelt so  different  to  the others. The  smell of  death  and  blood  was  there  but  something else she  still did not  know  what.   She  had  been  drawn  to him, not only  by  his hypnotic  stare, nor his  melodic voice there was something more.  She  had  been in  human  form, naked  and  vulnerable, when  she  first  saw him.  She  was  going  to  change  and  fight.

He had  called  to her, “I am alone  and  know  what  you  are  please stay.  I don’t  want to  fight or  harm  you ”.   She  had  been drawn  to him  naturally  and  by  no  magic powers  and  they  both  knew  their  relationship  was  special.

She  was  suddenly  awoken  from  her  reverie   by  the  smell of  human on  the  wind. Not  pleased she  skulked  back into  the the  shadows.  The  smell  got  stronger  as  the  human  neared  the  bridge. Hidden in  the  dark, listening  to  the  soft  flow  of  the  water,  she  readied  to  protect  herself.

The  human came  into  view  and  to  the   werewolf’s  surprise  it  was a  young girl.  She  was also heavily  pregnant.  Suddenly  her  softer side  kicked in and  she  sat  and  watched  as  the  young  woman  drank  from  the  water  and  rested  in  the sun  for  a while.   When rested  the  young  woman  moved on.

The  Werewolf  felt  her  baby  move.  Not  long now she  thought, anytime  within  the  next two  weeks.  After  a  drink  she  was  about  to  settle  down  for a  rest  when  she  smelt  Vampire!   At that  very  moment  she  heard  the  young  girl  scream. Without  a  second  thought  she  was  bounding  out from under the  bridge , all her  senses  alive  and  every hackle on her  back  up,  toward  the  screams.  Human or  not  that  particular  Vampire  was  not  going  to  feed  if  she  could  help it.  Not  without a  fight.

The Well


As  she  rounded  the  corner  and  left  the  river  bank  she  could  see  the  young human,  heavily  pregnant, pinned  down  by a  female  Vampire!  Anger  made  her  howl loudly.  Damn  she  thought,  so  much  for  surprise!

Luckily  the Vampire  was taken  by  surprise  and  let  go  of  the  girl, who  fell heavily  to  the  ground  and  cried  out.  Swiftly  leaping  at  the  Vampire,  the werewolf knocked the wind out of  her as  she hit the ground.

The  Vampire dug  her  long  red  nails into  the  werewolf’s neck  and  lent  forward  to  suck  her  blood. The  werewolf let  the  Vampire  become  intoxicated  on  some  of  her  blood and  as  she  watched saw  her  eyes  roll…immediately  she  went  for  the Vampires  pale  white  throat biting  deep  and hard.

Show  no  mercy  she  told  herself , they  would  show  you  none.  Fighting  for  her  life, fighting  for  the  baby  she  carried  inside  her, she  ripped  the  heart  out  of  the  Vampire.  The taste of  dead  flesh  sickened  her  more  than  normal.  As  soon a s  felt the  the  body  of  the Vampire  disintegrate  beneath her  paws  she  slowly  relaxed.

Feeling  tired , so  tired  she  could  not help  herself  from  morphing into  human shape. Her opponent dead  she  lay on  the  blood caked  grass exhausted.

The  young woman   crawled across  to  her  and  covered  her  with  her  shawl.   Two hours  passed  and  the  Warewolf  slept.  The  young  woman  sat  and  watched  her.

As  she  woke  the  Warewolf came  face  to  face  with  the young  human.  The  girl  smiled  and  said “you  look as  far along  as  I  am ”.  Sitting  up  the  Warewolf   snarled  at  the  woman  and  then  nodded  “yes” she  replied  I  am almost  ready  to  drop  my  cub.  The  young  woman  said  she  was  almost  due  too.

The  human  said  they  should  not  stay  too long  as  it  was  getting  dark  and  late.   She  said  her  name  was  Lisa  and  she  was  grateful  to  the werewolf for  saving her.

Lisa  looked into  the  werewolfs’ eyes  and  asked her name.  After  a  long silence the  injured werewolf replied that her  name  was Rachel.  Lisa  asked Rachel  were  she was staying  that  night . “Under  the  bridge ”, Rachel said.   Lisa said  she  would  not  hear  of it  and  that  Rachel  must  come  back  with  her  to  her  house.  Rachel  tried to  argue  but  Lisa  was more  than  a match  for her!  Come on  she  said  getting  up.  Then  stopping  dead  she  turned  and  said  you  cannot  travel  like  that, trying  not  to look at Rachel’s  nakedness.

“You are  right” Rachel  agreed “this  form  will not  bare  me,  the  cub is  heavy  and  my  injuries  are painful.”  Looking  at  Lisa  she  said   ” I  swear  I  shall  not  hurt  you,  I  am  going  to  change.”  With  that  she  changed  into  a huge  wolf.  Lisa  looked  at  her  with  admiration  and  whispered ” You  are  the  most  beautiful  wolf  I  have  ever  seen”

The  pregnant  human  and  the  pregnant  wolf  walked  together  towards  the  setting  sun  and  Lisa’s  house. The  light  had  almost  gone  by  the  time  they  reached  Lisa’s dwelling.  Rachel  stopped  by  the  spring  in  Lisa’s  garden  and  lapped  greedily  at the  water.  I shall make  you  some  tea  to  drink  Lisa  said.  Rachel  turned  her  beautiful  eyes  towards  Lisa  and  Lisa  knew  instinctively what  Rachel  was  thinking.

“Okay , Rachel I understand, you  can stay a wolf”.  Lisa  could  not  help  but  stroke  Rachel’s  sleek  coat.  “I  live  alone  but  you  do  look  more  comfortable  as a wolf”.  OH! cried  Lisa  “You are bleeding.  Let  me  bathe  your  wound. My  spring  has  healing   powers, yes  it  does ”  Lisa  reassured  Rachel, who  was  now looking  at  her  with a thousand   questions  in  her  eyes.  “How  do I know?  Well  they  call me  the  witch.” Rachel  shifted on  her  paws.  Lisa  stroked  her  again, “please  don’t  mistrust  me,  I  am a  white  witch.”

Rachel  and  Lisa  looked  at  each other  and  each  knew  they  could  trust the other.


Lisa settled Rachel onto a warm blanket, then she set about lighting the fire and preparing some food,


Mathew stood on a beach watching the sun set.  He was alone, not just physically but mentally too.  He wanted Rachel in his arms more than ever.

He thought back to when he saw her last.  She had smelt different.  Her scent, though always seductive, was even more so!  Looking out to the horizon and seeing the setting sun, the colours in the sky, the glimmer on the sea, he wept.

He was stunned by the feel of hot tears on his face.  Wiping them away he was shocked. He had not cried in eons, not since he had been turned.  Nor had he felt mental pain or emotions, nothing until he had met Rachel.  She had changed his existence.

It hurt.  Suddenly he could see this view as it really was.  He was feeling emotions, he was seeing colours.  He opened his mouth and screamed.  Nothing changed the pain was still there, the longing for Rachel and the beauty of moment.  It was all too much. Mathew fell to his knees and wept.  Then he saw the horizon and felt hope, something he had forgotten.

Meanwhile, Lisa had helped Rachel tend to her wounds.  They had eaten and were sleeping.  Rachel dreamed she was standing on a beach in Mathews arms watching the sunset looking out to the horizon.  Lisa slept the sleep of the good and the innocent.  What would the horizon hold.


Rachel slept by the fire and for a while she felt safe and rested.  The warmth of the fire had made her sleep on longer than she intended.  The cub inside slept too, safe and cosy for now.

Lisa had fallen into an uneasy sleep, her unborn child laying heavily in her womb, restless and uneasy too.  Lisa’s dreams were full of fierce mobs carrying torches and chanting “kill the witch.”  She saw herself running scared from the mob her child, born in the dream, clutched to her chest.  As she ran she felt the stones and brambles cutting her feet and legs.  She was aware she was bleeding from inside, hot blood running down her legs.

Panic engulfed Lisa as she could feel the mob gaining on her.  Faster she ran, then suddenly, she felt the ground give way beneath her feet as fell through a hidden opening covered by branches and leaves.

As she fell Lisa screamed.  She was dashed and bashed against the rocks and finally hit the floor of the cavern.  She heard a cheer go up from the mob.  They were baying like animals.  Then she heard a man’s voice shout, “right, let us return to the village, leave the witch and her bastard to die.”

Slowly Lisa’s eyes became accustomed to the light of the cavern.  There was a reddish light about the cave and it was full of staligtites and staligmites.  The floor was hard, she was hurt and freezing, there was no escape.  Worst of all her baby’s limp broken body was cold and dead.  Lisa knew there was no hope.  If she did not die of her wounds, the vampires or the werewolves would finish her off.  Anger and pain filled her and she screamed and screamed…

She was awoken by the she wolf nuzzling her.  As she came to and got her breath the werewolf morphed into a woman.  Rachel took Lisa into her arms and let her cry until she slept again.

An hour later Lisa awoke and found Rachel still holding her.  The white witch and the werewolf discussed the dream.  Through tears Lisa told Rachel how the village people hated her even though they were glad enough to let her heal them when they chose.

She wept for her baby until Rachel pointed out she was still pregnant and vivid as her dream had been, it was just a dream.  Rachel made them both some herbal tea …….under Lisa’s instruction…. …and reassured Lisa that she would protect her and the unborn child.  Lisa promised the same for Rachel and her unborn cub.

Later Lisa laid in her bed, with Rachel curled up on floor by the fire in her wolf’s form.  Both females felt uneasy after Lisa’s dream.  Lisa was praying to Gia to help her and Rachel was pleading to the moon that Mathew would seek them out.  Both fearing that this was not a dream but a prophecy.  Eventually both fell into a deep slumber.


Rachel woke remembering the horror of Lisa’s dream.  The feeling of unease she had experienced in her sleep was still with her.  She padded over to check on Lisa who was standing at the sink looking out of the window.

Lisa looked at Rachel and stroked her.  “Do you mind if I treat you as a wolf” she asked silently.   “Yes I can speak to you by telepathy and you only need to think to answer me.”

“Ah”, replied Rachel”, like the Vampires, like my Mathew.”   Lisa nodded.   She knew about Mathew having read Rachel’s thoughts.

They decided to take a walk to clear their heads after the bad night they had had.  To all appearances a pregnant woman and a pregnant wolf walking along an empty beach.  The sound of the waves crashing on to the beach soothed them both, healing recent wounds.  Both Rachel and Lisa grew closer, linked now by their silent telepathy.

The sky was pale and the sea was dark.  The grass was green but dark in the shade.  There was no wind.  The beach was empty as was the two women’s hearts.  Alone on the beach they were safe for for now.


Rachel and Lisa spent a quiet morning on the beach.  The sound of the waves and the mild weather cleared their heads. They talked about their lives, silently by telepathy. Anyone walking along the beach would have seen a pregnant woman and a large pregnant dog/ wolf.

Lisa told Rachel how her husband and been killed by Vampires in a raid about eight months ago.  A week later she had discovered she was pregnant.  Rachel asked if she hated the Vampires, because she did.  Lisa replied that she hated the war more.

Lisa asked Rachel how she could be in love with Mathew if she hated Vampires.  It was a trick question really because she had read Rachel’s mind and knew the answer.  Rachel told her the truth and their bond grew stronger.

At midday Lisa and Rachel went to the village to get supplies.  Both were near their time to give birth and they had decided to stock up.  Lisa had warned Rachel that although the locals needed her they were afraid of her.  As such they showed their fear by avoiding the Lisa and Rachel and a few hurled insults at them.  At one point a man spat at them and a woman shouted out, “the pregnant bitch has found another pregnant bitch”.  Lisa ignored the insult but she saw Rachel slow up immediately.   Lisa reminded her that ordinary wolves did not understand humans “please ignore them”. Rachel obeyed Lisa and trotted on. They got their supplies and all who looked on would of just seen  the witch and her wolf as they walked home.

That evening they went to the beach to watch the sunset. Lisa marvelled at Rachel’s eyes.. they were the colour of the setting sun, gold. “What is it Rachel” Lisa asked as she watched the werewolf bristle and become alert.

Rachel answered “Quick we need to get back to the house now. I am certain that is not a bird on the horizon, heading our way out of the sun. Get on my back Lisa I can carry you.”

Lisa knew immediately  Rachel was right and did as she was told. Rachel ran across the beach carrying Lisa, they got into the house and locked all the doors and windows.

They looked out at the last rays of the dying sun as it  turned   turn the sky  gold. They saw a lone Vampire circling the beach.

“Thank you Rachel ” Lisa said. After she drew the curtains and lit fire.  Lisa hugged Rachel and the two slept soundly,  Lisa resting on Rachel’s soft and warm fur.

Outside it was dark inside all was bathed in a warm glow.


The Vampire landed high up on the cliffs and walked through some old ruins.  She looked out to sea and felt the ‘old ones’ close.

She had seen the woman and the wolf on the beach they had peeked her interest.  Slowly she walked through the old stone arch and made her way down the hill towards the cottage.

She had let the night pass hoping to let the witch and the warewolf think they were safe. It had not taken her long to work out that the wolf was a warewolf the stench had given it away.

As  she reached the cottage she was shocked as the door flew open and the witch stood boldly in the doorway hands on hips her huge belly exposed. The vampire, Fay, was rocked to the stomach feeling almost orgasmic at the sight of her.The witch stepped forward and spoke her name. “I know who you are Fay, you will not feed here ”   “Who is going to stop me ?” Asked a shocked Fay.

“Me” answered Rachel, bounding out of the door past Lisa. “You” spat the vampire, “ You  are  the stinking werewolf bitch that keeps sniffing round my brother.”

“Fay, I don’t want to fight you but I will” Rachel spoke telepathically to Fay. “If you attack the witch or I , I will rip your head off. ”  Fay laughed, even so she took a step back, she fully realised how earnest Rachel was.

Turning on her heels Fay headed back to the castle ruins, craving the safety she felt they offered her. Instinctively she felt there was more to this situation than she had first thought.

As she reached the black charred walls of the ruins she felt the hot breath and smelled the, strong scent of werewolf behind her. Turning fangs out and eyes at their hypnotic worse ready to pounce, she looked at Rachel properly for the first time since she arrived. Her mouth began to salivate.  “Oh!” She said “the bitch is pregnant.” Again a wave of orgasmic pleasure coursed through her veins. She seized Rachel by the scruff of the neck and bared her fangs.

Fay was quick but Rachel was quicker, intact she even surprised herself. Finding herself with paws around Fay’s neck mouth ready to rip out her throat, she felt her child move in her womb. Letting go of Fay, she snarled.

Fay smiling now said “you will regret that, why did you let me go.” Rachel looked her straight in the eye and told her silently,  “because of your brother. This bitch is carrying his child your nephew or niece.” The smile vanished from Fay’s face. She slid down the black and stained  ruin walls and screamed. “In the name of the old ones what sacrilege is this.” Rachel transformed into a human shape and looked at Fay who was stunned but still wanting to feed.  “We need to talk are you more comfortable with me in this shape?” Rachel asked. Fay nodded and handed Rachel her cloak.

From the kitchen window Lisa watched she could hear everything Rachel and Fay were saying. Lisa sighed and set about preparing a meal for three.


The sun moved round the sky, the evening arrived. Strangely it was the warmest and sunniest part of the day.

Lisa had busied herself all the time cleaning and cooking, while Fay and Rachel argued up by  a the old ruins. Lisa recognised she was nesting. Smiling she touched her bulging belly and told her child how much she was looking forward to seeing it. As Lisa watched the two women high up by the ruins standing in the evening sun she suddenly shocked to see they had actually turned to stone.  As she watched she saw a group of young people in strange clothes walk around the stones . They carried strange devices in their hands tablets of light she thought to herself.

Rubbing her eyes Lisa looked again and Rachel and Fay were back in their own forms. Lisa told them both , telepathically, that the meal was ready and she was famished. She watched the two of them walking down towards the cottage.

As they ate their meal Lisa told Fay and Rachel about what she had seen. “It is an Enigma, a riddle we can ponder on but I don’t think we can know the answers yet.” Said Fay thoughtfully.


The next morning the sun was high and clouds danced across the sky. The three women, each from different species wandered down to the shore. Somehow a bond had formed between them.

Lisa announced she was in labour and had been most of the night. She wanted the sea’s rhythm to help with the birth of her child. Looking at the trench, nature had carved along the shore leading out to the sea she said she hoped her baby would flow out of her to sea and be embraced by nature. Rachel was scared, she hid it well but she feared for Lisa and for herself. Fay found herself engrossed by the whole experience but her urge to feed was strong. Like the sea emotions swept over the women soaking them first then draining them. Lisa read Rachel and Fay’s thoughts, Rachel could sense Fay’s heightening agitation and told her to go as the next few hours would be more than her willpower could stand.

Fay promised to return soon, she knew Rachel was right, she would not be able to resist the blood or the fresh smell of baby. For the first time in hundreds of years she did the right thing and left.

The child was born on the beach to the rythmn of the waves. The sun had moved round in the sky and it was late afternoon as Rachel helped Lisa along the trench to the sea to bathe herself and the baby. The child,  a girl screamed as the sea water was gentle dropped over her by loving hands.  Lisa held the baby to her breast, the child thrashed about for a few seconds then latched on to its mother to feed.

Lisa, Rachel and the child returned to the house and Lisa bathed the baby again in warm water and wrapped her snugly and put her into a basket of herbs she had covered with a sheet. The warmth and the scent of the herbs  soothed the child and she lay quietly in her little bed. Later  Lisa lifted the  baby to her breast again.  “Here my love ” she soothed “feed and grow strong.”

Rachel left them she was exhausted by Lisa’s labour and also terrified as she had to go through this too. Standing at the top of the cliff by the old ruins she could see the whole of the beach, the deep trench was still visible. The sound of the sea in her ears and all the beauty before her and yet she felt lost alone and terrified.

Suddenly a pain grabbed her and her fear turned to terror as she realised she was now in labour. Immediately she morphed in to a wolf and made her way back to Lisa. Lisa was ready for Rachel on her return she had a blanket ready . She settled Rachel down and said  to her  “All will be well Rachel, all will be well” though truth be told she knew it would not. She could not let Rachel know this.

All the while Lisa’s baby slept. Just before midnight the wolf cub  was born. Sadly it was dead, Lisa with all her skills could not revive the little female pup. She was beautiful, she had huge fangs were her canine teeth should of been.

Rachel was too ill to even know her child had died, she had bled profusely and Lisa had had to stitch her up and pack her womb with healing herbs. Rachel was lucky that Lisa was skilled in the ways of child birth, though she had never delivered a warewolf before.

As Rachel slept unaware of her loss Lisa stood on the shore with her babe in here arms…. “I shall call you Hope” she whispered. Little did she know how apt that name was.


When Rachel awoke two days later she was destraugt to learn of her loss. So deep was her pain and grief that Lisa feared she would loose her.

Slowly Rachel responded to Lisa’s kindness and took food and water. To Lisa’s surprised Rachel refused to morph in to a human and remained wolf. After a week she was strong again and told Lisa she was leaving.  Lisa asked her to stay but Rachel said she had to find  Mathew.

Lisa, reading Rachel’s thoughts could tell that Hope was upsetting her, a constant reminder of her loss. So Rachel bid Lisa and Hope a loving farewell and promised to return as soon as she could.

Left alone Lisa got out the toys she readied for her child. Beautiful things she had collected over the years some in payment for her healing ways from the villagers and some from her childhood.

Rachel set of to West in search of her lover, her loss raw and gnawing.

Lisa could feel the need in Hope to learn and fast. She showed the child what she had gathered. The Rocking Horse, the dolls in the cradle,and  the  dolls house. The 10 day old infant smiled. Telepathically Lisa heard Hope say “teach me your ways read to me from your magic books.”Lisa smiled and did as Hope asked.

The Obelisk

It was a clear evening and the last rays of the sun where dancing on the water. The cliff and the old Obelisk were already in the shadows. Rachel approached with caution incase there were others there.

Standing by the Obelisk  Rachel howled at the rising moon. Her pain growing inside her.  She wondered if she should end her life, was there any point in going on.

She raised her head and sent out a plea.

Under the moon and Obelisk

I stand and beg you to find me

I have not seen you since our tryst

I need you to save me set me free

What hope have I our child dead

I carried our only hope

Alone I stand here in dread

I am tired, I can not cope.


Rachel curled up and wept, she fell asleep. Far away, further up the coast Lisa heard Rachel’s plea, she prayed the old ones of the Obelisk would protect her friend until the dawn. Nestled in her arms Hope smiled.

Even further away Mathew stopped feeding on a deer and listened to the wind. Something indistinct told him Rachel needed him.

Mathew knew that Rachel was in torment and needed him. He did not know where she was or even why she was desperately​ calling for him.  He looked and the moon, it was full, that boded nothing but danger. The Werewolves would be out hunting, the humans would be on high alert … The elves and dwarfs, those that were left would be in hiding. After a short while for thought, Mathew finished drinking the blood of the deer he had killed. He reasoned he needed all the strength he could get.  Then he set off in the direction his instincts were drawing him, towards the sea.

Moving at the speed of light Mathew sped west, his mind in a turmoil what was wrong with Rachel why could he feel so much of her anguish. He past villages, towns, and a city the smell of human blood kept calling to him but he resisted the temptation.

He must of taken his mind off his surroundings for as he set down for a rest he was faced with three Werewolves. They were delighted to see him. Baring their fangs they all sprang at him ripping into his flesh before he could defend himself.

Mathew fought back valiantly wounding the female and killing the younger male unfortunately the remaining male was strong and angry! He had seriously injured Mathew, who felt himself slipping away. The huge wolf was circling Mathew ready to go in for the kill. Mathew knew all his strength was gone and his injuries were such as he could not retaliate, all the damn wolf had to do now was to either rip out his heart or rip off his head.  He was cold and tired but more than the thought of being sent into oblivion he wanted to see Rachel.  The wolf had sunk his claws deep into Mathew’s chest  just as Mathew smelt the foul breath of the wolf there was high pitched​ scream  and  everything went black.


Mathew opened his eyes, he was in so much pain, he expected to see the wolf but instead he saw the beautiful pale face of his sister, Fay. He could hear water running over stones as he looked two ivy covered arches came into view just as he blacked out again. Fay held Mathew in her arms,  she felt they were safe enough under the bridge as the Werewolves could not get their scent and the humans were scared of this place , believing it to be a place of witchcraft!

Fay looked at the dark roof  asked for  help, she had no idea from whom but she needed help.

Lisa was feeding Hope when she heard Rachel’s cry for help. She saw exactly where they were.

Inside out.

Lisa with Hope snugly attached to her back in a blanket arrived a day after Fay had sent out her plea for help.  “Why are you here” asked Fay when she saw Lisa, “I have come to help you, I heard your cry for help.” Fay looked uncertain, “how can I know I can trust you? ” She demanded of Lisa. “You can’t ” said Lisa ” We just don’t have time to worry about that now”

Fay was shocked but as Mathew needed help and she had no idea what to do she followed Lisa’s bidding. Following  Lisa and Hope she carried Mathew to the back of the gloomy cavern to a hidden door which Lisa unlocked.  As they climbed the steep stairs Fay looked out of the window amazed at how heavily it was raining, she looked up to see water pouring out of the mouth of a stone gargoyle on the roof, it was cascading like a fountain. “Where are we going” asked Fay. Lisa spoke over shoulder,  “This castle belongs to my people, I am a witch you know and as such I can use this castle as and when I choose.”

Fay was shocked, she tried not to show it but Lisa knew. When they reached the top of the staircase Fay was unsure of what to expect, it was pitch black. Lisa muttered something and suddenly there was light and a fire burning in a huge fire place at the end of the room. To one side of the room there as a bed, Lisa told Fay to put Mathew down on it.

Fay watched as Lisa put Hope’s blanket into an empty draw then lay the baby snuggly inside. Lisa Turned to Fay and handing her a bucket asked her to go and fetch some of the water that was falling from the roof.

The rain was freezing yet Fay welcomed the cold wet on her skin, she felt it was cleansing her. As soon as the bucket was full she returned to the turret to find Lisa busily chopping herbs and plant roots. Taking the water from Fay she poured it in to a couldron hanging in the fire place and added all the herbs and roots.

“That’s a bit cleched” sneered Fay, “Witch, cauldron”.  Lisa sighed and replied “don’t knock it it works, do you want me to help your brother”  Fay nodded , she wandered across to where Hope was wriggling in the draw, she felt the old hunger mounting inside her. “Don’t even think of hurting me” Fay jumped the infant had spoken inside her head. She backed away, she went to Mathew and watched as Lisa used a mortar and pestle to make a strange smelling paste. Lisa packed Mathew’s  wounds with the paste and wrapped leaves over them before bandaging him in clean linen.

Lisa said , ” All we can do now, Fay, is wait. ” Fay smiled at Lisa and went over to the window and watched the water from outside seeping through on to the sill… What else could she do but wait?

Mathew was lost in a coma where flashes of his life, past and future haunted him, there was one constant though, Rachel, he kept seeing Rachel.
To the north Rachel had joined a pack of Werewolves who were all reeling from the loss of three of their number who had lost a battle with two Vampires, the male was almost killed.

Rachel listened carefully .


Rachel felt, empty, derelict and Barron. The pack she had joined were not her type, they were good honest wolves, unlike her. They had not broken her kind’s code as she had. Unlike her they were not broken and  empty.

She stayed a week then one night she slipped away following the ache in her soul, looking for her Vampire love Mathew. She felt his pain, she felt his fear.

All around her as she travelled she saw the signs of the growing war, the Vampire’s against the Warewolves, both against the humans and all three against the elves and the dwarfs who were hiding more and becoming invisible.

One night Rachel came upon an old and derelict cottage, the chimney and the walls still intact but the roof was open to the elements and the sky. As the night closed in and rain began to fall she crept inside and slept watching  the stars.

Little did she know Mathew was within three miles of where she slept. Willing her to find him.

As Lisa packed Mathew’s  wounds  with her herbs and plants she also called out to Rachel, across the night  willing  her friend to find them and soon . She told Rachel exactly where they were.


During the night Rachel felt so near to Mathew that she thought she could reach out and touch him. Through her broken and and  dream filled  sleep she also heard Lisa’s voice calling to her and the child Hope sending​ out strong homing vibes.

When the first rays of dawn shone in through the rafters  Rachel awoke and  for the first time since she had lost her baby she knew where, exactly where she had to go. She stood, first stretching her front legs and then her back legs.

Rachel left the derelict cottage and not deviating from what she heard in her head she set off towards the calling of  Lisa and Hope. After an hour and a half’s run she came to the old bridge arches,  she crossed the stream and  entered them.  She walked to the back of the dark chamber until she reached the door at the far end.

Looking at the strange old and devilishly​ looking knocker she raised it slowly she gave one, loud  knock……


Lisa opened the door and let Rachel in. She was shocked when she saw the wolf, Rachel had lost so much weight and had a look of  death around the eyes. After  helping  Rachel  up  the  stairs  she  lead  her  to  the  fire  and  made  her a  hot  drink.

“Where  is  he? ” asked  Rachel looking  so  sad that  it  made  Lisa’s  heat break. Motioning  to  the  bed  where  Mathew  lay  sleeping, Fay  sitting  on  a  a  chair  next  to  him.  Rachel  moved  swiftly  to  his  side  giving  Fay  a  warning  look  as  she  approached  the  bed. “How  long  has  he  been  like  this” she  asked  no  one  in  particular . Fay  told  her  it had  been  almost  a  week  now   since  he  had  been  all but  killed  by  the  werewolf.   Rachel  morphed in to  her  human  form , scars clear  for  all  to  see. “Let  me  bath  you” said  Lisa.  Rachel  just  shook  her  head  and  climbed  into  bed  with  Mathew  she  wrapped  her  arms  around  him  closed  her  eyes  and  passed  into  a  deep  sleep  almost  immediately.

Fay  slid  from  the  chair  and  left  the  tower , she  descended the  steps  and  waded  through  the  waters  under  the  arches  and  emerged from  the  gloom to  a bright  morning  with  blue  skies  dotted  with  white  cloud. All was  silent  and  still. Fay looked  to  the  east  and  then  the  west    and  wondered what  lay  in  store  for  all of  them.

Up  in  the  tower  Lisa  was  feeding  Hope  softly  humming  as  she  watched  Fay  through  the  window. The  baby stopped  feeding  and  looked her  mother  straight in  the  eye. “Yes ” whispered Lisa, “I  know, little  one, strange and unsettled   times  ahead  for  all  of  us. ”  Outside  Fay  felt  a  shudder  run  down  her  spine , almost  at  the  same  time  the  sky  suddenly  became  black  as  hundreds  of  huge, black birds  wheeled  out of  the  trees  and  across  the  sky.

Mathew  stirred  and  Rachel  sat  bolt upright in  the  bed…….  “Hush”  Lisa  said  to  Rachel, ” rest  while  you  can, the  little  one , here  says   we  must  prepare  to  fight  soon. Bad  times  are  coming  and  we  five  are  the  only  ones  who  stand  between  the  light  and  the  dark.


After a quiet night Rachel awoke  to find herself in Mathew’s arms. He was awake and watching her.  Lisa was busy at the stove cooking some breakfast. Fay was out hunting to find something for Mathew to eat.

Mathew slept most of the day after having fed on the meal that Fay had returned with. While he rested and regained his strength  the three females sat and discussed what Hope had intimated to Lisa. They decided that the tower would be the best base from which to face the oncoming dangers. Lisa said her cottage was too close to the human’s village they would soon be discovered if they stayed there. It was with heavy heart that she cast a protective spell over her loved home. Hoping one day she and Hope could return.

When Mathew awoke he was almost his oldself his strength rapidly returning and all his senses heightened. He looked young and in his prime. Rachel felt comforted by his presence and told him of the child they had lost. They talked for a long time and allowed themselves to grieve.

At twilight  Rachel, Mathew,  Fay and Lisa with Hope in her arms went out on to the roof of the tower. They surveyed the mists rolling in across the Valley.

“It has started” said Lisa “the babe says the evil is coming.” As they stood there in the darkling they could hear the wolves calling, and the vampires whispering on the wind,the humans were beating drums and lighting fires. The Elves and Dwarfs were silent still,  and this worried Lisa.

As the night fell the baby spoke to all of them, a gentle and beautiful voice, “We must stay together and fight the dark.” As they descended the tower steps they all agreed. Rachel was last in as she shut the door evil seeped across the valley. She could feel it. In the valley the animals felt it too.



It was  early the  next  morning  that  Lisa  carried  Hope  out  into  the  forest  to  watch  the  first  rays  of  the  dawn  spread  through  the  trees,  lighting up the  dark . What  can  we  do  Lisa  whispered  into  the babe’s  ear.  A  clear  and  sure  voice answered , “You  must  stand  and  face  the evil, the  five of  us must  lead  the  world  back to  the  light.”

Lisa set  Hope  down  on  the  forest floor  while  she  picked  some  herbs  and  mushrooms .Warm sun  played on  her  back  warming  her  and  lifting  her  spirits.  Gathering up  quickly  the  plants  she  needed,  not  feeling  inclined  to linger. She  could suddenly   feel the  evil  covering  the  ground  even  as she worked .  The  wind  in  the  trees  suddenly picked  up  and  all  she  could  feel  was  cold approaching  as if it  was  something  physical.  Slowly  yet  surely  erasing  the  horizon. It  was  almost  audible  in  its  advance.

Though  not  usually  prone  to  fear  Lisa  grabbed  up  Hope  and  her  basket  and  ran  for  all  she  was  worth  back  to  her  safe  haven. Lisa  had  never  felt  so  frightened  in her  life. As  she  neared  the  river  and  the  tower  she  was  gripped  with  fear and  rooted  to  the  spot.  Unable  to  move  she  called  silently  to  Rachel for  help .

It  was  Mathew  who  came  to her  aid,  he  swooped  down  from the  tower  and   plucked  her and  Hope  up in  his  arms and  whisked  them off to  safety .

Back in  the warmth of  the  tower Lisa told  the others  of  the  cold  she had  felt. As  she  was  doing  so  they  all  felt  the  temperature  dropping  ……. “Look”  said  Fay  from where  she  stood at  the  window  “Everything  is  frozen.” The  river,  the  forest   for  as  far  as  the  eye could  see was  white frozen, covered in  ice.

The Tower.

Lisa knew that the sudden freeze was supernatural. They all did but while Mathew, Rachel and Lisa discussed the phenomenon Fay strangely kept her own council.

As evening fell Fay went out to hunt, ignoring Mathew’s protestations that he was fit enough to go for himself. It almost came to a row but Lisa eventually banged the table and looking Fay in the eye she said “Go if you must Fay, go!” The vhermence in her voice shocked the others. Fay seemed most unsettled by Lisa’s outburst but smiled at her before turning on her heels and disappearing into the night.

Rachel pulled her cloack tightly around her and fastened her belt against the bitter cold. Taking a last look up at the window where the others were she vanished.

She flew west, it was hours before the unatural snow below her began to thaw and the Autumn green of the true season reappeared. 

Landing at the bottom of a flight of steps, green with lichen she looked at the narrow round tower with another narrow square building with a pitched roof of equal hight behind it. Laughing nervously she thought to herself, there is no way back now, but when did she ever want to go back ?

Waiting at the top of the steps was tall figure.  It was Stefan one of the four ancients. “You took your time” he snapped, “We thought you had changed your mind. Come we have waited long enough for your arrival and we grow impatient. As she came face to face with him she spoke quietly her eyes cast down, “No master the way was long.”

They entered the tower and were greeted by three other Vampires two female and another male. A hushed silence fell as they turned their cold dead eyes on Fay. One of the females stepped forward and grabbing Fay by the neck and lifting her from the floor demanded “Is the bitch’s pup dead, did you slay it.” Fay with  blood lust in her eyes replied. ” Sadly no it way born dead” “Are you sure”asked the other female. “Yes” said Fay as the first Vampire dropped her to the floor.

Finally the fourth Vampire turned towards her, his back to the fire. His eyes met Fay’s and she felt aroused her whole body ached for him. ” Well Fay, my dear, have you come for your reward” His eyes as cold as ice made her feel naked among these four ancients.

Fay moved toward him growing more excited each step she took. “Wait” said Stefan ” Do you swear aligance to us Fay”  Her eyes flashing her fangs out she screamed “Yes, I do, you know I do!” Leaping into the air she flew into the arms of second male, moaning “Roman it’s been too long”  Catching her in his arms he flew up to an opening in the attic.

The other three Vampires turned their attention to the unfortunate family that had been caught earlier for their celebration feast.

They fell upon them, ripping flesh and shucking blood, finesse thrown to the wind so excited were they. The prospect of war, the groans of  impure sexual pleasure from above the smell of fresh warm blood and anguished screams of their victims sent them all into a frenzy.

Looking at the tower in the half-light it was as if you could see the blood of the victims past, present and future staining the walls.

The Spur

It was late afternoon, Fay awoke alone covered in blood, bites and bruises. She savoured everyone of them. So bewitched and compelled was she by Roman that she actually sort out his cruelty.

Vampires need to be hurt to feel, everything needs to be hasher, darker and more intense for them to feel anything.

She looked up from the filthy bed that she lay on and saw the spur hanging on the wall. Old and rusty, her eyes rolled and her body quivered as she recalled Roman running it down her body.  Cutting deeply her breast and stomach and then it being dragged through her legs and up her back. At one point she lost consciousness waking later to find  Roman inside her.

Lying on the bed of rags she wandered how that “shewolf” could ever satisfy her brother… Fay drifted off to sleep. Dreams of war filling her head and in the mist of it all she saw Mathew about to loose his head and the werewolf and the witch burning at the stake. Fay was in ecstasy watching the carnage….. Then a voice, she had heard before, spoke in her head. “This shall not happen I will not allow it.” It was Hope’s voice she heard Hope’s voice  and her face, yet not Hope’s face for the face was beautiful and ageless. Not that of a baby’s.

Fay spat at the face and told it to go! Fay woke sweating, all her senses heightened!. Sitting up she was alone and cold all the feelings she so craved had deserted her. The twisted joy of the night before, gone! 

Fay dressed, looking out on the evening devowering the valley she screamed in frustration and anguished the empty, soulessness that was her norm had returned, but now it hurt!


Back at the Witch’s Tower  Rachel and Lisa were concerned about Hope. She had been disturbed all afternoon and just before dusk she had,  had two fits. Thankfully the child was sleeping the sleep of the innocent now. As the two females looked on they were sure they saw the baby smile.

Lisa was disturbed, everytime she lifted Hope she got flashes of bloody war. Also, and this she could not understand, she kept seeing an old rusty spur hanging on a wall.

What Lisa knew was that war was coming, something had spurred it on.



Mathew  rose  early the  evening  after after  Hope’s  fit. Since  his  nearly  fatal  run in   with the  three  werewolves  he  had  encountered a month back he had been  sleeping  late. This  evening  though he  awoke  ready  to  deal  with  anything.

Finding  that  Lisa, and Rachel  were out  he  decided  to  go  hunting. He  Sent  his  thoughts  to Rachel. Making sure  she, Lisa and  the  baby  were  safe  and  together.  This done he  set off to hunt.  Though  cold  it felt  good  to be out .

Rachel  and  Lisa  had  spent  the  day  out  gathering  provisions, with  the  weather so very  cold  they had  decided  it  was  wise. They  had  walked  to  the  nearest village  and  traded  some  of  Lisa’s  potions  for  as  much  food  and  essentials as  they  could. Rachel  had  taken  her  wolf  form  so  to  those  they  met  they  had  just  appeared  as a young  mother and  a  wolf.  Lisa had  managed to  strap a  bag  to  Rachel’s  back  so  they  could  share  the load. As the  light  began to fade  they turned back  and  headed  towards  the  tower.

As  they  approached the  tidal  lake Lisa  thought  how  much it  reminded  her  of   her  lovely  cottage  by  the  sea. The  tide  was  out and  though  there  was  no  sign  of  sand  there  were  green algae covered  steps leading  off  to  the  distance. Up on  the  hill above  the  lake  there  stood  some  ruins also  not  unlike  the  ones  near  her  home.

As  they  skirted  the  shore  of  the  lake  Rachel  reflected on  the ebb and  flow  of  her  life . Not  unlike  the  life  of  this  huge lake. The  fullness  of  love  she  had  known  from  her  parents, the  knowledge  they  had  imparted  to her about  her  kind and  how  to  live in  harmony  with  nature.  That was  the  first  flow

Then  the great ebb when  the  Vampires  had  killed  her parents  leaving  her  lost  and  wandering   only  to  found  by  a  group  of  unscrupulous humans who  had  a  travelling  circus. It took  her  years  to  escape  their  cruelty  leaving  them  dead  except  for  their  servant,  a  young  gypsy who  had always  been  kind  to her.

The  years  she  spent  alone  in  the  wilderness never  approaching human’s  or  wolf packs   let  alone  werewolves  knowing  none  would  accept  her.  Another  ebb.

Then  the  great  flow  when  she  met Mathew, became  pregnant ,  then  met Lisa  and  Hope  and  begrudgingly, yes  even Fay.

Lisa carrying  Hope  close  to her to keep  her  warm  could  not  stop herself  from  crying.  She  could  no longer  see any  future  just  the  ebbing  away all that  is  good  and  right. As far  as  she  could  see  all was dying , bar  evil.

As  they  left  the  shore of  the  lake,  a  tall thin  figure  stepped  out  on  to  the  road  in front of  them. Lisa’s step faltered  and  Rachel  bristled  and  snarled . They  both  peered  at  the  figure  then  both  said  at  once…. “An Elf! “

The Eye

Slowly but purposely  the tall figure approached them. As he grew closer the were astonished to see that underneath his cloak he had a long mane  of glorious red hair. He greated them with a smile, his beautiful green eyes open and kind.

“Rachel, Lisa, I have been searching for you both for weeks.” He said bending down as he spoke … He was unusually tall for an elf.  Taken aback by firstly his appearance plus the fact that he knew their names the women were silent.

Lisa spoke first, ” Who are you elf and what is your business with us?”  “Ah” he replied with a chuckle, “I  am here to help you. May I suggest?”  He asked, “that we walk as we talk, it is truly cold out here!”

Rachel eyed this elf and growled. The elf reached out to her but she was not happy and  flashed her fangs at him.  “Please” he said ” My name is Calidore and I am here to help.”

It was getting dark  and Lisa was worried about Hope who though asleep was very cold. So she spoke to Rachel telepathically, telling her she had heard of this green eyed,flame haired elf. Rachel was also cold and tired so she  drew herself in and lead the way back to the witches tower. 

After a few minutes Rachel felt the basket being lifted from her back. Momentarily she thought to argue but his green eyes relaxed her. 

The four of them travelled in silence happy to be nearing scantuary and warmth.  Though Lisa and Rachel did not voice it to each other they both felt safe in the company of this elf.

As they approach the moat which surrounded the tower they saw the reflection the bridge  made in the water. For all the five realms to see a sign.  Calidore smiled there you see my green eye has arrived before me. 

They entered the tower to find Fay waiting for them, a fire lit and water on the boil. Rachel morphed back to human form covering herself in a green cloak. She was pleased to see Fay back and eager to introduce her to Calidore. 

Hope squirmed in Lisa’s arms, not quite understanding the signs she decided to feed the babe… The second Hope latched on to her mother’s breast she tried to warn her of Fay’s duplicity. Lisa was getting mixed messages from Hope nothing made complete sense.

Fay looked at Hope, writhing at her mother’s breast as if in terrible pain . Smiling she looked at the bracelet Roman had given her to seal her thoughts away from the present company and to confuse the baby! 

Fay walked across and touched the baby’s head. Hope let out a huge scream and vomitted all over Fay. 

Fay changed her clothes as she watched Lisa settling the child in her basket. Fay looked across to where the baby lay . “I know you are the only one that can hear me, or even knows the war is as good as won but as you cannot communicate with any of them I will let you live, for now. Fay then left saying she was going to find Mathew and bring him back to meet their guest.

Calidore suggested they talk, he knew the Lisa and Rachel were to be trusted but he could not trust the female Vampire however beautiful and kind she appeared to be.

Hope squirmed in her basket furious that she could not warn her mother or any of them that Fay was the enemy.


Outside of the old castle walls, Faye looked up to the moon every fibre of her body bristling with expectation and excitement. 

The war had started and Roman had promised to be with her within the month.

Calidore had waited until he had sensed that the female Vampire had definitely gone and then he said to Lisa, “I need to be sure I can trust the werewolf” Lisa told him he could and that she, Lisa, trusted her not only with her life but that of Hope’s as well. 

So Rachel,Lisa and Calidore sat at the table and Calidore told them of what his people and the Dawfs had learned in the last few months.  Lisa was amazed to find out that Calidore knew and respected her husband.

It appeared that the Dwarfs and the Elves had decided that the affairs of Men, Vampires and Werewolves were becoming too evil for them. The Elves of the Ruling House and Dwarfs of the Great Council had decided to withdraw, leaving twelve trusted warriors to help the few good among the warring factions to survive.

Calidore had volunteered to help Lisa, one of the few Witches left, because he had fought with her husband Mark against the Vampire’s.  Lisa asked him if he had seen her husband die. It turned out not only had he been there, but Mark had breathed his last in Calidore’s arms. Infact he had asked Calidore to protect Lisa and the then unborn Hope.

Out on the plains below the castle the night was lit by a nearly full moon, it was so cold that the moonlight looked even brighter reflected by the unearthly and ungodly snow.

Fay went in search of her brother wondering whether to tell him of  the plans Roman had for the witch, her brat and his werewolf lover. Maybe she mused she should say nothing yet. Let things run their course, Mathew would surely choose her she was his sister after all and blood was thicker than water ( filthy stuff).

Calidore sat in a chair by the fire while the witch and werewolf selpt. He spoke softly to Hope, telling her of her father. He felt the great sense of unease in the child… He managed to relax and sooth the baby off to sleep with his singing.

Rest child we have a huge task ahead of us he thought sharing her sense of impending doom.

The Blue

Once again Mathew stood a beach watching the moon throwing a silver shadow across the calm surface of the sea. Again he felt the long lost emotions washing over him. Deep gnawing loss, shock and horror and to make it all worse guilt.

It was cold and silent and Mathew shivered, he looked down at his feet to were there was a pile of ashes. A sudden wind took them and sent them into a flurry across the shore. Mathew felt the unfamiliar salty taste of tears on his lips.

He  watched his sister’s ashes fly away. He wept until he could almost feel nothing again. His beautiful sister was gone after eons together and he felt alone. Not only was she dead but she had died at his hands.

Replaying it all in his head Mathew was still shocked. Fay had joined in the forrest and for a while all was normal they hunted together.  Then she asked him where his aligience lay, was it with Roman and the Ancients would he follow them into the brewing war. Would he kill the werewolf bitch and suck the blood from the witch and her brat?

Mathew had been stunned he knew which side he should be on but he could not think of killing Rachel or Lisa let alone little Hope. He had spun round and looked Fay in the eye. “It would not come to that” he shouted. “It already has! “screamed his sister. “Choose me and the Ancients” Fay glared at him.

“I can’t,  Mathew said, “I won’t side against Rachel and Lisa.” Mathew looked at his sister she was right there infront of him but it was not her. He saw Roman in her eyes he felt Roman in her touch.

Then the fight began, she grabbed him and drew out a silver knife from inside her cloak aiming for his heart she lunged at him. Mathew was too fast for her he shot away from her.

“No” he shouted at her, he knocked the knife from her hand and so the fight to the death began. Fay bit scratched and ripped lumps of skin from  Mathew’s body.  She was like a demon possessed.

Finally Mathew found the strength to smash her against some rocks on the beach he saw that she was impailed on a piece of drift wood straight through the chest. Hissing and screaming she tried to wrench herself free.

Mathew ran to her and started to help her, he had almost pulled her free when she bit into his chest trying to rip his heart out. Again Mathew saw Roman in her eyes and the hate she felt for him was tangible.

It was over in a moment, he pushed her back down and then  pulled her to the side ripping her chest open exposing her beating heart. He would never forget the terrified look in her eyes as she murmured his name… Roman was gone, this was his sister  he was killing.

Her heart beating still in his hand her body hanging limp on the drift wood. Mathew lifted Fay and laid her on the sand. Her heart and her blood already  turned to ash he carried her nearer to sea.

It only took seconds for Fay’s body to turn to ash and then gently blow away.

Roman sat in his tall tower angry that Mathew had killed Fay. He did not care that Fay was dead he was angry that she had alerted Mathew to the Ancients plans.

Mathew needed to get back to Rachel.


Rachel woke with a start she had been having nightmares about the future and what it held. Calidore and Lisa were at the table deep in conversation they both turned to face her as she screamed.

Lisa smiled, “you are okay it’s only a dream here join us Calidore had cooked us breakfast.”  Rachel shuddered against the cold… Then suddenly realised it was warm and there was sunlight streaming in through the windows that ,when she fell asleep, were covered in ice inside and out.

Lisa handed Rachel a plate of food which was delicious, an elvish recipe she guessed. Rachel again looked at the sunlight streaming into the room and the fabulous scent of winter roses.  “How” she asked “what has happened to the harsh conditions that were here last night.” Lisa, picking up Hope as she  replied. ” It was Calador’s idea. We combined our magic so we could have an Indian summer just within the courtyard and house.” Calador added, ” we decided we needed a little lift… But just step over the threshold of the courtyard and the unholy winter is still there.”

“Is there any news from Mathew ?” asked Rachel,  “no” replied Lisa” but both Calador and I have sensed a deep sorrow in his thoughts” Yes unusual as it is that Vampire is in great pain, but he is headed this way” added Calador.

Despite her fears Rachel could not help notice a deep bond  forming between Lisa and Calador. This pleased her she loved Lisa and this huge handsome elf was finding a place in her heart.

Miles away Mathew was torn should he return to see the others or should he see what information he could gather about Roman and the Ancient’s plans. His body was blooded and torn but worse was the mental pain he was feeling. These feelings long dead had been reawoken  by his beloved Werewolf Rachel.  He made his decision and set of back to the witches castle.

Stepping into the courtyard Mathew was stunned by the warm and sunlight… He was amazed he could actually smell the roses… Even more  amazingly he was feeling joy…..

   The Crow

Mathew came through the door still stunned not only by the pleasant warmth but how suddenly his spirits had lifted.

Calador greeted him as a friend hugging him and offering him a drink.  Mathew was taken aback this elf was so open hearted and generous, not many greeted a Vampire like this and meant it.

Lisa put Hope back in her drawer and said to Mathew. “Would you like to talk about it” “Talk about what ” enquired Rachel.

A look of sorrow, anger and pain  crossed Mathew’s face as it all returned to him. ” I have killed Fay, I had to” Mathew sat down and to everyone’s horror he wept. Huge tears that ran down his face leaving red marks.

Rachel crossed the room to take him in her arms. The smell and touch of her helped. Mathew took a deep breath and told them all about Fay’s alience with Roman and the Ancients. How she wanted him to side with them. How he had fought with her to her ugly death…… Worst still how he felt he had been fighting Roman right up until she died when she had again become his sister.

Rachel was stunned and sickened to her stomach, the shock turned her into her Werewolf form. Lisa and Calador were not shocked, having physic powers they had known the second,the place and the method of Fay’s death.

Mathew turned to Lisa and asked… “How did you not know of her treachery, why did you not warn me?” Calador rose from his chair “she could not if known even I saw nothing untoward in her thoughts.  Roman probably wove a spell over her to hide her true intentions”

Sighing Mathew lay down next to Rachel and stroked her coat, looking into her ice blue eyes he pleaded “come back to me Rachel I need you”

Lisa stood and Calador picked up Hope and headed for the door,”We will watch the sunset from the roof” adding quietly as they left “we don’t need to be physic to know what they need to do”  Lisa giggled as Calador put his arm around her waist. Then she felt a warm bubbling feeling in parts of her body that she thought had died with Mark. Calador looked into her eyes and said, telepathically “don’t feel guilty I ask nothing until or even if you are ever ready.” Lisa let out a sigh and smiled at this beautiful gentle Elf before her.

Back in the room as the sun set Mathew felt himself aroused as Rachel returned to her human form. Every bone in his body wanted her and he could see she felt the same.

They had sex, fast and furious on the floor in front of the fire,then Mathew carried Rachel to the bed and they slowly and gently, this time,  made love…….

Out on the roof of the castle tower Calador and Lisa surveyed the frozen wastes outside the castle perimeter, such a contrast to their own Indian summer.

A crow that had been watching them from a nearby tree fluttered across and landed on Calador’s arm.

“Hello mister Crow and how are you?” Asked Lisa. The Crow looked from  one to the other then said ” My name is Corvo and I have come to join you in your hour of need.  I have many brothers and sisters and we want to side with you.”

“Then you are all welcome” said Lisa and Calador together as one.



Roman  stood  on  the  shore of  the  lake  and  looked  to  the  mountains in  the  distance. Covered  in  a  winter’s  snow  of  his  making . He  was  strong , the  strongest he  had  ever  been  in  the  eons  of  his  existence. Half  a  mile  away  at  the  tower  the  other  three Ancients stopped feeding  and  saw  through  his  eyes. The  dark   waters, the  standing  stones, on  the far  shore  rose the  mountains  majestic in the  nights  light.

Roman  was  planning  his next  move. From  every  point  of  this  world  Vampires  were  heading  to  join him .  Every single  House  was bound  to  answer  an  Ancients summons and  was  headed  this  way.  Roman  could  feel  the  quickening  surging  through  him. The  other  three  felt  it  too and  the urge in them  grew,  their  poor  victims who  had  been  tied  up  and  fed upon  for  a  couple  of  days  were  now  pounced  upon  and  their  blood  was  drained out  of  them  .

The  humans  in  the  villages  and  towns saw  the  sky  turn  black  as  the  Vampires   flew  towards  the  tower ,  the Werewolves  also  saw  them  and  began  to  join  up  with  other  packs ….  It  was plain  to  see  that  evil  was  spreading   and  fear  was infectious among   the  humans  who  had  the  most  to lose.

The world  seemed  to  be  shrinking  as  evil  gathered  and  could  be seen  darkening  all horizons. The  distance between  light  and  dark  was  shrinking , the  dark  was  winning.

Roman  called  to  the other  ancients   to  join  him  to greet  the  arrivals. They  immediately  left  the  tower  and  flew  to his  side, stopping only  to  pick up  a  poor unfortunate woman on her  way  home. Roman  famished and  highly  aroused bit  into  the  jugular of the  of  the  woman …. a  fleeting  glimpse  of  Fay  came  to  him  writhing  in ecstasy as he  rode her. Unfortunately  for his  victim  he  stopped  feeding  and  threw  her  to  the  ground   where  he  forced  himself  inside  her. The  more  she  screamed in  agony  the harder  he  thrust . After  he  came   he  sucked  her  dry , as  her  last breath left  her, he  cursed  her  for  being  a  mere  human  as  he  wanted  more his   lust  was not  sated.

Morgan,  a female Ancient  smelt  the  broken  body “I smell a baby…” she said , “No” said  Roman  “I  have  had  it’s  blood ” he snapped, wiping  his  mouth  with  his  handkerchief.

Before  anymore  could  be  said  the  first  of  the  Vampire  Houses  arrived,  they  darkened  the  night sky , blotting out  the  moon.  They  assembled  on  the  shore  in front  of  the  four  who  were  to  be  their  generals. All  of  them  beautiful  and  deadly  dangerous.

As more  Houses  arrived  a   black  crow  took off from  a  nearby  vantage  point  and  flew off into  the night, unnoticed, towards  the  Witches  castle  …………



The  crow  circled  above  the  Witch’s  Castle, confused  by the  fact  that it  was  summer  within  the  castle  walls  and  deep  bleak winter  everywhere  else.

Finally  he  took  the  plunge  and  landed  on a  windowsill  under  a  beautiful  red  rose. He  tapped  at  the  window  pane  until  Caladore  opened it  and  let  him  in. “Well Corvus  what  have  you  seen  and heard.” He  asked  looking  deep into  his  bright  eyes. Corvus  cleared  his  throat  with a  deep  “caw” and  then  proceeded  to  tell Caladore  and  Lisa  what  he  had  seen. Mathew  and  Rachel joined  them  at  the table, Rachel’s  eyes  wide  with  fear and  interest.

Corvus  told  them  of  the  gathering  of  all  the  Vampire  Houses  and  how  the  the  four Ancients  were  laying  their plans  for  war. “The  sky  turned  black  with  hundreds  of Vampires  all arriving  at once. ” He  told  them , “I have  left  my  most  trusted  brother  to  gain  knowledge  of  their  plans.” Will he  be unnoticed ” asked  Mathew , secretly  surprised  that  he was  having  a  conversation  with  a crow!

“He  will indeed”  answered  Corvus  “they  are  not  interested  in  us. To  them …to  you  normally, we  are just  birds, hardly a worthwhile snack! ” Mathew looked across  to Caladore  and  said “It  has  begun” Caladore nodded  sagely, “Yes  we need  to  gather  troops  and  make  plans. “

Lisa removed  some  meat  from  the  stew  pot  and  put it on  a  plate  and  offered  it  to  Corvus  who  after  his  long  and  cold  flight  ate  greedily. Rachel  reached  out  to  Corvus, who  dodged  her  hand  and  moved  around  to  the  other  side of  the plate. He  eyed  her  cautiously…..” I  don’t  want  your  meat ” smiled  Rachel “I just  wanted  to  stroke  you  I  have  never  had  the chance  to  speak  to  one  of  your  kind before. ” Corvus  thought  for a  moment and  the  replied “Well I  have  never  been one  for  conversing  with  Werewolves  either” Rachel  wasn’t  sure  but  she  thought  she  saw a  twinkle  in  the  crows  eyes.

Caladore  took  some  maps  from  his  bag  and  showed  them  to Corvus, “Can  you show us  where  this  gathering  took place ” he  asked  the  crow . Corvus  obliged and  showed  the  the  road  to  the  beach  near  the  tall tower.

Rachel  could  feel  the  sun  going  down  and  the  pull of  the  full moon  was upon  her. While  the  Elf  and  the  Vampire  made their  plans,  Lisa  and  Rachel  walked out  to  the edge of  the  castle  boundaries where  there  was a  small piece  of  woodland. It was  calm  and warm  there  in  the  light of  the  setting  sun . A haven, a spot of  piece  caught in  late  summer  on  the  inside  of  the castle  garden  walls, while  a  freezing  blizzard  raged on  the outside.

Lisa  and  Rachel  sat  watched  the  dying  rays  of  the  sun  playing  along  the  ground  Hope  was sleeping  soundly  strapped  to  Lisa’s  chest  and  as  the last  of  the  sun’s rays  faded  so  Rachel’s  body  elongated  and  became  hirsute  and  in minutes  she  was   beautiful  werewolf .

Lisa laid  hope  down  at  Rachel’s paws  and  smiled  at  how  the  baby  stroked  at  Rachel, she  knew  how  much  Rachel  was  still grieving  for her  lost  child. As  it  grew  darker  Corvus  flew down  to  woodland to  tell  the  Witch and  Werewolf  he  was  now  off  on  a  mission  to  ask  the  Elf elders  for  help  in  persuading  the  humans  to  join  their  side in  this  coming war.

Rachel got  to  her  four paws  and  picked up  Hope in  her  mouth  and  she  and  Lisa  returned  to  the  castle. As  they  walked  away  a  few  flakes  of  snow  fell on  the  woodland  and  from under  the  wall a  thin line  of  ice  began  to  spread  toward  the  castle, unseen and as yet and un-felt.

The  Shrine 


Rachel  and  Mathew  stood  in  the  moonlight. Mathew  looking  serious  said  to Rachel  “I  do  not  want  to  leave  you  but the  Witch and  Caladore  are  here to protect  you.” Rachel  bristled at  his  words  “I need  no one  to  protect  me  thank  you ” She  almost  growled  her  eyes  flashing  yellow  with  anger. Mathew’s  face  softened  and  he actually  laughed … “No”  he said   ” I can  see  that my  love . Can I  ask  at least  that  you  all look after each other?” Rachel’s  face  soften as  she  asked “And  who is  going  to  look after  you  amid  those  Vampire’s?  Surely  Roman  will sense  your presence immediately.” Moving  closer  to  her  Mathew  took  Rachel into  his  arms  and  said  “I shall be  one  of  hundreds, I will keep a  low  profile  and  stay  with  the young ones . Roman is  a vain  creature who  takes  little  note  of  those  he  considers   beneath his  notice.” Rachel  was  not  truly  reassured  but  because  she  knew  nothing  she  could  say  would  change  his  mind   she  smiled . They  kissed  and  said  their  farewells and  then  Mathew  was  gone, off into  the  bitter  winter  beyond  the  castle  walls.

For a  few  moments  she  watched  him  go  then  she  morphed  in to her  Werewolf self. Slowly  she  turned  and  padded out  of  the  castle  garden and  into  the  cold. The  moon was full and  every bone and  and muscle  in her  body  was  tingling in  the  silver moon magic. Feeling  her  blood  lust  rise  and  for  once  deciding  not  to  deny  it  she  headed off into  the  night  at  speed  she had  not used in ages. Oh! it  felt  good  to be  out  on  the hunt  on her own, the  wind in her face  and  cold heightening  her senses.

Lisa looked  across  the  table  and  asked Caladore  where  had Rachel  gone. “Look at  the  moon ” Caladore  smiled “Ah! replied  Lisa  she is  off on  a hunt. She has  not  been out on  one  since  she  left  to  find  Mathew.”  Caladore  replied “Well then she is overdue answering  the  call of her  nature. ” then with a  wry grin he added “More  supper  for us!”

Finding  themselves  alone  with Hope  in  the  castle  for  the  first  time  they  settle  the  baby  and  then spent  the  evening  and  the  night  happy in  each others  arms.  At the  first  rays  of another  enchanted  summer  morn  they  wrapped  Hope up  and  went  again  to  the  edge  of  the  castle garden  boundary to  where  the  the old  shrine  stood.  Lisa  asked  Caladore  had  he  ever  seen  this  shrine  before . He  nodded , “we have one  outside  our  Great  Hall which is  exactly  the  same. ”  Lisa was mystified ” Why  do  you have  one  there ” she  asked . “can  you  explain  what  these  carvings  mean, and  who is  that  man there ” Asked Lisa  pointing  to  the  head  of a  man  above  three  swans.

“Slow down” said  Caladore  “One question at a time , lets  sit down and I shall explain as  best I can”  Lisa sat next  to Caladore wide eyed. Taking  a  deep breath  Caladore  started  to  explain.  ” Many years  ago  before  even our our  present  history  was  set down in  stone  and  then paper  our  two races  were one.” Lisa Looked  shocked , she went  to speak  but Caladore  continued. “All was  as it  should  be  until  Elsenor the Great  fell in love  with  three sisters. He was truly  bewitched  by all three of  them and  could not  choose  who  to  marry and  have  as  his  Queen. These  three  Elf Witches  also  were deeply  in love  with  him. ” Caladore  stop  talking  while  he  accepted  a  drink  from Lisa. Taking  a  deep draught  he continued. ” The situation was  desperate, seemingly  there was no answer. Then Elsenor’s brother Brownin , who was  jealous of  his  brother’s  standing  and  rank decided  to  cause  mischief. Brownin  went to  the mother of  the three Elf Witches  and  asked  her if  she  could  solve  his  brothers  problem  for him . Unfortunately  for  all involved  this  Witch  was herself in  love  with Elsenor and  madly  jealous  of  her  daughters. ” Again  Caladore   stopped  to  take a  draught  of his  drink  then he carried on.  ” This  evil Witch  cast a spell  that turned  all three of  her daughters into  swans who  could  only  live if  they stayed on the lake  outside  Elsenor’s  great hall. Brownin  then, at  the  witches  suggestion  tempted  each  swan  from the lake so  that  they  died. Elsenor  died of  a broken heart at  the loss of the beloved  sisters. Brownin  became  the  Head  of  the  Great  hall of  Elves . He told  the  elders  that  the  Witch  has  turned  her  daughters  into  swans  and  they  bewitched him  into  luring  them to  their  deaths… thus causing  Elsenor  to die of  a broken heart!

The  elders  cast out  the  Witch and  also  every Witch Elf  from  the  race  leaving  only  the pure  Elf  females able  to stay thus  dividing  the Witches from  the  Elves  forever. ” Pausing again  Caladore  could  see questions  building  up in Lisa’s  mind.  “But ” said  Lisa “Elves  and  Witches  get  along  now ..don’t we .” “Yes indeed  we do”  smiled  Caladore.  “We have  learned  that  that  there  is  good and  bad in  every  race  now”

But  asked Lisa “You  have not  explained  about  the  shrine  yet? ” Caladore  smiled “I will now  if  you are  ready. ” The  Witch  was  so furious  at  Brownin’s  betrayal  that  she  turned him into  a huge  stone , she  then had  a  stone  mason  carve  the  face  of  her  beloved Elsenor  onto  the  front  of  the  shrine  and  beneath  him  three  swans, her  daughters. Finally  she had  the  mason  carve out  the place  where  Brownin’s face  would of  been and  there  she had  a  candle placed . “

Lisa  walked  across  to  the  shrine and  ran her  fingers over  the  carvings….” there  are  no  bad  vibes  coming  from  this  shrine” she  said. “No ” answered  Caladore “This  one is  a  copy, the  original  shrine is  the  one  outside  our great  hall. There it  stands  and if  you  touch it  you can  still feel Brownin’s  trapped spirit’s  agony, you can  sometimes at  night hear his  screams! “


Rachel ran, ran  as  she  had  not  run  for  months, the moonlight  urging  her on and  she giving  her  blood lust  free range  for  once looked  magnificent. By  midnight she  had  killed and  disposed  of  a huge  bear   and  was  having  her  normal internal  fight. The  werewolf in  her  craved  a human but the  tiny  but  strong  human part of  her  was fighting  the  craving.

Stopping  in  a  clearing  Rachel  got  the  scent  of  something  she  craved  almost  as  much  as  human, Vampire! It  was close  and  it  was  female  and  the  way  she  felt  right now  she  could  easily  take  her  on. Standing  stock  still and  sniffing  the  air  she  located  the  Vampire. Slowly and  silently  she  crept  up  to a  line  of  trees, fully  aware  that  she was in  the open and  at  a  disadvantage  she  went  carefully and  stealthily . As  she  entered  the  wood she  saw  ahead  of  her  a female  Vampire bathing  in shallow looking  pond. Rachel  felt  a  shudder of  sheer want  pass through  her . Closing  in, moving  silently. The  Vampire, at  first unaware  that  she  was  not  alone, suddenly felt  Rachel’s  hot  breath on  her  neck. In a flash  she  rounded  on Rachel. They  stood fang  to fang Rachel on  the  shore  the Vampire  in  the  water.

In a  flash  the  Vampire  lept  out of  the  water  and  landed  in  the  snow   behind  Rachel, who  turned on  her  heels  and  lunged at  her  victim. Biting  the  Vampire  in  the  stomach  she  was  spurred on  by  the  taste of fresh  blood. The Vampire  let  out  a  scream of  anger  and dug  her   nails  deep into  Rachel’s  back. Rachel  flicked  the  Vampire off of  her  back and  pounced on her. The  Vampire  was trying  to  bite into Rachel’s  neck but  Rachel  was  high from  lack  of  real  prey  for  so long. Biting  deep into  the  Vampire’s  chest, Rachel  was soon  covered  by  the  blood  oozing out   covering  her  face  and  fur.  Quickly  she  ripped out  the  Vampire’s  heart and  ate  it  then just  to  make  sure  she  ripped  off  the  Vampire’s  head , then  she  quickly  lapped up  as  much  blood  as  she  could  before  the  Vampire  and  her  scarlet blood  turned  to  ashes in  the  snow.

Rachel  felt  elated  she  arched  her  back  and  throwing  back  her  head  she  howled  at  the  moon  loud  and long. As she turned  to leave  the  wood she  froze, on  the  wind  she  could  sense  and  yes, smell Vampires, at  least  three of  them. As  she  fought  madly to  clear  her mind  of  moonlight  and  blood  she  saw  a  strange domed  building on  the  far side of the clearing .  She  ran  for  the door she  had  no  idea  why  she  was  heading  to  the  building… she just  felt  drawn  towards  it. Halfway  across  the  clearing  to  her grateful  amazement  it  started  to  snow  heavily covering her paw  prints.  As  she  reached  the  door her luck was  still holding  and  it  was open. As she slunk  inside  the door   closed  silently  behind her.

Outside  she  heard  the  Vampires  arrive. They spent  what seemed like  hours  trying  to  open  the  door  but failing. Walking  into  the  gloom  she  saw  light  and  felt  warmth  coming  from a  fire  at  the far end of  the  circular room in which  she  stood. The  fire  drew  her in  and  she  approached , all  the  time  looking  at  the  writing on  the  wall above  the  fireplace.

“This  is  Sanctuary to  all but  Vampires”.  Feeling  exhausted  Rachel curled up in front of  the  fire and  slept.

Outside  the  Vampires  tried  to  enter  the  Sanctuary without  any  lucky  and  searched  for  their  sister…in vain. Just  before  dawn  they  left to  seek shelter.


As Rachel slept the warmth from the fire warmed her bones. She floated through space and time. Alternatively floating above the frozen land outside the sanctuary,in which she lay, and passing through deep dark and warm recesses of the earth.

Eventually she found herself walking through a field of rape seed. Golden and bright leading up to a hill green and verdant, lush against a blue sky. Cut through the center of the sea of yellow was a path that lead up to the hill, at least two miles away in the distance.

Looking down Rachel saw her legs and feet, she was in her human form, she was a child. Voices came to her, her parents and her sister. They were calling to her to join them where they were hiding in the sea of yellow.

Picking up speed she began to run, she felt her body changing, she felt a fear and an exhilaration, it was new to her. She looked across to her parents and her elder sister to see them… They were wolves, beautiful wolves. Looking down she saw that she too was a wolf.

The warm sun, the scent of the rape, the voices of her sister and parents, this was the memory of her very first transition in to a warewolf.

As Rachel drew close to her family she saw the sky darken, the field of yellow turned grey and began to either and die. Rachel slowed, she knew what she would find, this was not just the day of her first transition, it was day her life changed and became dark forever. The day the Vampires came and killed her family leaving her trapped between.


As dusk gave way to night so Mathew joined the throng of young Vampires on the shore. He blended in well even though he was hundreds of years their senior. Settling in among the crowd he closed his mind to their jubinle chatter, opening it to hear the words of the Old Ones.

Again Mathew found himself standing on the beach looking out to sea with the silver moonbeams dancing out to the horizon. Thankfully he thought to himself he was not alone and in anguish as he had been on previous occasions.

The atmosphere was relaxed he could feel the confidence and foolhardiness of youth all around him. Luckily he had all his senses honed and ready for the slightest hint of danger. Suddenly a black pair of wings flashed past his face, he was just about to grab at the crow when it turned and looked him in the eye and told him that Roman and the elders were coming this way and to take cover.

At that second a young female grabbed at the crow, Mathew flicked her out of the way grabbing the crow and whispering in her ear, “you do not want the crow” she smiled and turned away. Mathew threw the bird into the air, just in time to see the Old Ones coming his way. Quickly Mathew melted into the crowd, hiding his thoughts from Roman.

As the Old Ones past Roman lifted his hand and all four of them stopped without a word they scanned the crowed beach. “There is something” said Roman, “I can’t place it … I can feel it though” Q the darker of the two female elders waved a gloved hand at him, “It is excitement” she said “Come on” she said “We need to mobilize our troops”

Roman sniffed the air, took two steps towards Mathew before Q angrily shouted at Roman to “Come on!”

The Old Ones moved to the dunes to oversee and address the gathering. From this vantage point Roman thought for a fleeting second he saw a crow in the sky, he dismissed the thought. Looking out on all the Vampires from all four houses he felt a feeling he had forgotten excitement.

This was the eve of the war.

The Dark.

The dark fell covering everything

Crushing silence, no birds sing

The Vampires amassed in evil

Their leaders owned by the devil.

The Werewolf sleeps in sanctuary

Soon she’ll wake.Her path to see.

War is here it can be felt in the air

The five races have to prepare.

The Witch and Elf have Hope in their care.

The humans have no idea.

The Dwarfs are no longer here.

What will become of them all

Now that the Dark is about to fall.


Rachel woke from her sleep. The fire in the hearth was still burning, she had no idea how long she had slept. Not did she feel any remorse for ripping apart and destroying that female Vampire before she had found this place.

Stretching her front and then her hind legs she arched her back and padded away from the fire towards the smell of fresh water. She went through an open door way and found herself in a church. This was strange because when she had entered the building that had afforded her scantuary from the Vampires there had been no sign of a church.

Looking around Rachel was impressed by the size of the building in which she now stood. The ceilings were high and the aisle was wide and lined with pillars and arches. The silence of the place was deafening it surrounded her, it swallowed her whole.

A wind was ruffling her fur she went into it and toward the sweet smell of water. The light was fading, she must of slept a night and a day… She felt mightily refreshed.

Rachel moved towards the evening light made brighter by the snow out side of a glassless Arch. She found a trough of fresh running water, she drank deeply and found as she did she was growing in strength and healing. The wound of her lost baby being eased and she began to feel she was capable of facing all that was to come.

Just before she stepped into the snow outside of the arch she wondered how, with there being no glass at this arch and the door to the sanctuary being open, had she slept so safely with the Vampires of the night before on the prowl.

Rachel stepped though the arch and knew where her path was leading, she felt new life being breathed into her soul. She set off at speed towards the witches castle to join Lisa, Calador and Hope.


Calador looked over the outcrop of rocks that marked the entrance to great Hall of the Elves. He had not been this close to his home for years and to be honest it was filling him with mixed emotions.

Standing high above the grass and tree covered rocks he saw, as he always had as child Elf, the head of a dog warrior with a mighty helmet. It had scared him as a child, it scared him now.

He had been summoned by the elders of Elfdom to report and help lay plans for the way ahead, the war.

The other four Elves that had been sent out to meet with the humans, dwarfs and Werewolves had summoned too.

What did lay ahead he wandered, would he survive to be with Lisa and Hope, could he protect them. He knew that Lisa and Hope were very important to the future and that was why he had been sent to protect them .

Well Calador thought to himself he could not stay here all day he had to get on. As he stepped forward he knew where his path lay, he felt new life being breathed into him.


Rachel Arrived at the Witches castle as the dawn was breaking, as she entered the castle grounds she saw that the evil winter was invading the enchanted summer that Lisa had cast around the grounds.

Lisa was delighted to see her. Rachel asked about the breaking of the summer spell.

Lisa explained that her magic could only do so much against the mighty evil of the Vampires. She and Hope were the last of the Witches so they had no help.

Lisa and Rachel embraced, as they did Lisa knew where her path lay ahead, she felt new life being breathed into her soul.


The stones stood in a ring an ancient ring, older than time. The stone in the middle was called the cauldron, it had this name not only for its shape but because of it’s history.

The cauldron was where the witches of old would mix their magic, a magic made stronger by their numbers and their beliefs.Nature their mother had carved the centre out for them.

Rachel and Lisa approached the cauldron carrying the herbs and potions Lisa had gathered up on Rachel’s return to the castle.

Lisa had Hope strapped close to her chest and well hidden under her cloak to all intents they looked like a woman and a large dog/ wolf. They had left the castle a week before and travelled a dangerous road.

Rachel stopped and looked ahead, she felt uneasy as if evil was surrounding her. “Look at the sky Lisa” she whispered.”Why is it that colour it does not look natural.”

It was not a normal sky the colours were too harsh too intense. Lisa took a deep breath and replied,”No that is the reflection of war, fire and blood. The war had started, Calador was attending the great Elf council, Mathew and the crows were with the Vampires. Corvo brought Lisa news of Mathew every other day.

Mathew still being undetected apart, the news was dark. Humans being slaughtered, and tortured. The Werewolves were also on the rampage , soon there would be few humans left if some power did not come to their aid soon.

Who knows the outcome, nothing was carved in stone,yet.

Six months later.

The road had been long and fraught with danger. Yet as she stood on the shore looking out to the castle she felt she had come home.

Night was falling and the light was faint enough for her to linger a while here by the lake. As she breathed in the cool evening air the sound of bagpipes carrying across the loch.

Looking back on all  that had happened in the last three years leading up to the war. Rachel wondered was Mathew safe , had Calador reached the high council of the Elves, where were Corvo and his winged friends, there had been no news from them for days.

A muffled sound to her side made her turn. Lisa smiled at her, “Hope is awake and hungry how far is it to that castle” Rachel replied with a smile then said, “it’s about a mile around the shore but I feel there may a quicker way.”

Rachel threw her head back and howled like the wolf that she was.

To Lisa’s surprise they witnessed a boat being launched and rowed towards them by a dark figure.

The boat was with them within minutes and the robed figure assisted the three of them aboard.  Rachel had assumed her wolf form. As such  she was sharper, faster and stronger. So she could protect Lisa and hope better if there was any trickery afoot.

The boatman ferried them swiftly across the loch to the covered landing stage. After he had helped the witch and her child out of the boat and the wolf   had joined them. He said ” They await you in the Great Hall.”

Telepathically Lisa and Rachel wondered what lay before them up stairs in the hall. They had been traveling for six months . They were tired and if truth be told unsure of what or who they were to meet.

Cradling Hope closer to her Lisa followed the Lupine Rachel up the stone steps.


Rachel chose to stay in lupine form until she established what was awaiting them. They followed the boatman up the stone steps. Rachel in her present form hated steps they were difficult with paws and claws. Much worse was the smell filling her nose.

Lisa was nervous too and held tight to Hope, feeling Rachel’s discomfort she rested a hand on her back showing her she cared.

They reached the top of the steps and entered a huge dimly lit hall with a huge fire place at the far end containing a roaring fire.

Rachel looked around recognising , tapestries, a huge long table with benches either side. armour and paintings adorned the walls, all this along with the stench she had encountered the moment they had entered the castle confirmed they were surrounded by humans.

Lisa though her sense of smell was not as keen as Rachel’s had come to the same conclusion purely from the surroundings.

As they stood in the doorway a man rose from a chair near the fire and turned to greet them.

“Ladies and Hope, greetings, come warm yourselves by the fire. I have been expecting you. Rachel would you not be more comfortable in human form?” Asked the the man smiling and gesturing to the top of the table by the fire.

“Ask him who he is ” Rachel spoke telepathically to Lisa. “We are choosy who we dine with sir, who are you” Lisa replied, adding “how do you know the wolf’s name.”

“I am Ewan king of men , I was visited by an Elf named Calador, who told me to expect you and the child, Hope. I am here to help you all I can.”

A thousand questions formed in Lisa’s head the foremost being where is Calador?

Before Lisa could speak Rachel grabbed a cloth from the table and deftly covered herself as she morphed in human shape. “How do we know we can trust you? ” She demanded of Ewan.

“Mathew was here he left you this letter, he had been at the rallying of four houses of the Vampires.” Ewan handed Rachel the letter. He continued “He was well and had seen Roman and Q at close quarters… He was hiding in the throng in plain sight and was as yet unseen.” He finished and waited for Rachel to reply.

Rachel thought, then she looked at Ewan, “When this letter  came, where had he been and where is he now”

“He had been at the gathering on Silverman beach, twenty miles from here, after our meeting he left with the savage hoards of Vampires as they headed off to war. Which is where I and my men will be heading as soon as I hear from the Elf and Dwarf warlords.” Said Ewan sitting down again.

Lisa sat down and unwrapped Hope who reached out for Ewan who smiled and took her into his arms. Lisa smiled and said ” Rachel I believe this man is honourable. Hope accepts him. I believe we may too.”

Rachel’s eyes flashed yellow, “Maybe” she said as she made for the door, ” Silverman beach you say Ewan?”

“Yes, but they are months gone” he replied.

Rachel dropped her cloth and letter at the top of the stairs , she ran down them changing to a wolf as she did.

She swam the loche, and covered the twenty miles to Silverman beach. The smell of Vampires filled her nose and lungs fifteen miles before she arrived there. It sickened her but she ran on.

Arriving just before the dawn she ran up and down the beach looking for Mathew’s scent. Finally she found it.

Again she howled at the sky. “Mathew my love where are you.”

Many miles away Mathew looked up to the horizon and answered Rachel.



Mathew answered Rachel’s howl silently and carefully non telepathically . He knew she would not hear him but also he knew she would understand why he could not answer her.

Looking to the horizon he saw the the sunrise approaching , time to find shelter with the other vampires he was tired, obviously not physically tired but mentally. He was tired of pretending to be part of this rabble of young and surprisingly viscous vampires. Only last night he had had to take part in destroying an entire village of humans. Men women and children slaughtered, these young creatures barely a couple of hundred years old drained and then ripped apart the humans leaving them strewn around like so much detritus. They ate and drunk of the humans stores, so much that they were beyond drunk. Worst of all was how they sort out the good looking males and females and repeatedly used and abused them before draining them of their lives blood, that was at least merciful end to their torture . Not that any of this rabble had any idea what mercy was.

Corvus buzzed around Mathew’s head telling him that Rachel, Lisa and Hope had reached Ewan’s castle and than Ewan was preparing his men for battle. Good, thought Mathew and he dipped his head as Corvus flew off in to the flame red dawn. Slowly he turned towards the dark woods where they were spending this day. As he approached he could hear the screams of the humans that had been kept alive for entertainment . Why, he wondered, had they not had enough to satisfy their blood lust during the night.

The poor unfortunates were pegged to trees and the ground stripped naked and they looked terrified, rightly so, mused Mathew as he passed them. Carefully, so as not to be seen he ripped out the hearts of the younger ones so as to dispatched them without anymore suffering.

Back at Silverman beach Rachel looked toward the dawn sky was it aflame with light or fire or just a reflection of the bloody war .

Calador stood on the ramparts of the elves stronghold, wandering where and how Lisa and Hope were faring. Were they even alive, he put so much faith in Lisa’s magic and Rachel’s strength and determination. At that moment the sky became aflame with the dawn. Calador took this as a good omen, what else could he do?



When morning took hold it was bright but very misty. Calador shivered as he watched the mist roll up to the ramparts obscuring the road ahead. Though there was sunlight is was pale and held no warmth. The trees that lined the road cast shadows across the short distance he could see.

Wrapping his cloak around him Calador felt the damp but above that he felt a dark menace that he could neither see nor pinpoint. The mist enveloped him, in it he heard the voices of thousands of Vampires, evil beyond his darkest dreams, and humans and animals screaming.

Just as this grew unbearable something touched him on the shoulder, he jumped. Swinging round dagger drawn and ready to defend himself he was shocked to see his sister, Erin.

Wide eyed she stepped back “What is it” she asked, “Are you afraid of your own shadow” she suddenly stopped speaking, hearing the voices in the mist too.

A wind suddenly threw them together, Calador dropping his dagger so as not to stab his sister. The wind dropped as suddenly as it has arisen and the two elves stood in the silence, the voices and the mist all gone.


Lisa stood looking out of the castle window and watched a new day dawn over the loche, Hope, to all intent and purpose, was sleeping peacefully in a basket by the fire. The child was asleep but in her sleep she was watching over everyone.

Ewan burst in the door making Lisa turn to face him. He bowed and bade her good morning, “Has the wolf returned yet” he asked. “Not yet” Lisa replied, “But I sense she is on her way” Ewan shouted for the women who worked in the kitchen and asked for some food to be brought up as quickly as possible. This done he woke the sleeping boy by the fire and told him to stoke it up.

Lisa sighed with relief as she saw a huge wolf approaching the drawbridge. Passing through all the troops that were eating and readying themselves for the long march to meet the elves. None of the soldiers or their women approached the wolf as she loped through their mist, a few dogs fell in behind her but she saw them off with a look.

Ewan met her at the bottom of the stairs with a robe, he dropped it to the floor and shouted, ” I hope it’s your colour” as he retreated up the steps.

Rachel growled but her yellow eyes turning blue as she transformed once more to her human self, smiled. She put on the robe an electronic blue edged in gold.

Joining the others she ate heartily. After their meal it was decided that she and Lisa would accompany Ewan and the army of men to meet the elves and that Hope was to stay at the castle in care of the cook and her husband, two of Ewan longest serving and most trusted servants. The cook and her husband already had a large family of ten children, what better place to hide this special child. In a large and loving family.

Preparations underway to leave early the next morning Rachel went to sleep while Lisa cradled Hope and told her why she had to leave her here , the child already knew, she knew everything. Soon Lisa too was sleeping tired after the nights vigil.

No one, except maybe Hope knew what lay ahead or where their destination was.


The morning came cold but bright bringing hope to all in different ways. Ewan was addressing the troops. Lisa was saying goodbye to Hope surrounded by Leona’s children. Lisa turned to Leona and asked “how will you feed her I had not thought of that?”, Leona laughed “same as you ma dear see, Jem here he’s coming up eight months trust me girl I have enough milk to go round.” Lisa hugged her thanking her deeply. Leona’s kind eyes searched Lisa’s face. “Don’t worry my dear I knows this ain’t no normal child, no more so than you be a normal woman. Don’t you have any fears me grandma was one of your kind. ” Lisa’s eyes widened “then you must be too” a sad smile crossed Leona’s face ” Nay ma dear not me, grandma took me and me Ma in when I was born, Ma had been used by some passing ‘Gentry’ and she was thrown out for havin’ me!” “Oh!” sighed Lisa. ” It’s fine” smiled Leona ” Grandma was great she taught us both the ways of her craft and we did well in learning. So I know more than most about Hope. ” Lisa felt a wave of relief spread over her, ” Is your grandmother here” she asked. “Nay ma dear she left Ma and me when I got the job here, said she’d see us at some time , whatever that meant …we never saw her again. Me Ma is still here though so I have got help with the running of this place and the children, Ben me man, he is good but always busy bless.” Lisa smiled and handed hope over to Leona knowing she would be safe within this woman’s care.

Rachel was waiting for Lisa in the courtyard , she smiled as she saw her friend approaching, “Is  Hope settled are you happy to leave her here, you could still stay.” Lisa took a deep breath and replied ” No I am fine, Hope is in the best of hands I could of hoped for, no I am needed, my powers and your powers will be invaluable to these sons of men.”

Ewan joined them leading two horses one black and one grey. “Ladies” he announced, ” The black for our witch and the grey for our grey wolf,” he paused for a second then added, “Do you ride Rachel, no offense I didn’t think to ask” Raising an eyebrow  Rachel cooley replied. “Of course I do ” Looking at Ewan’s embarrassed face she burst out laughing. “But  not all the time, as I need to run”

So with Ewan at the front of the possession they moved off across the bridge. Lisa and Rachel following then the men, followed by the supplies and the fit younger women to cook and tend to wounds. The older woman stayed behind with the children. They were a sight to behold, these brave sons and daughters of man going forth to fight evil.

Lisa looked back to the window on the second floor of the castle to see Leona holding Hope, her mother at her side, she blink she was sure she had seen a third woman there smiling …yet when she looked again she was gone.

Ewan looked back and said, “We need to meet the Elves and the Dwarves by full moon that gives us three days marching.”


From within the cavaness cave Mathew looked out on the bright day he thought of Rachel and their lost child. Once again he felt the long forgotten pain of regret. Standing there in the shadows he wondered if he could keep up this pretence of being one of the hoards. A young female approached him ” Come” she said, “You have not fed for days, I have saved a couple of prize speciemens for you the female is with child too. Then I have a hunger only you can sate.” Mathew knew he was out of excuses and if he wished to remain un-noticed he  would have to be seen to comply to form.  So he turned and followed her to feed and satisfy her lust. All the while pushing down the self loathing he felt within.



So the sons of men marched into the unknown. To meet the the Elves and the Dwarves who were gathering in the west. Their journey had begun.

All day they they traveled, the men singing songs of war to keep their spirits high.

Rachel had resumed her wolf form and joined the scouts as they rode ahead to get the lay of the land. She had stopped at a stream to drink from the refreshing water when a cry went up.”Giant on the hill” “No” cried another “It’s Death”

Rachel howled in irrigation and raced up the hill to see what these cretins were making all the noise about. At the top hill she saw the lone figure striding against the wind, striding but not moving.

Immediately she recognised what this was. Laughing inside her head at the ignorance of these scouts she ran down the hill to join them .

Pulling the cloak from the youngest of the men she shifted in to human form and deftly covered herself. “That is neither a giant nor Death ” she said calmly to the scouts as they looked on in awe at the stark figure on the brow of the hill. ” This is a warning mark , my kind erect, these figures to alert any pack of Werewolves that men who hunt us are in this area. We build the figure of a man striding the land with staff in hand, head down following our scent.

The scouts where stunned, then one ventured to ask, “There are men who hunt Werewolves? They actually hunt you, kill your kind?” Rachel looked serious and her eyes flashed, “Yes” she replied taking a deep breath. “These men hunt us but they catch only the weakest , youngest and oldest of us, they do not ever attack any of us that are healthy and strong” Flashing her eyes amber at them she added, “They are cowards.”

The men were stunned by this revelation and ashamed too. “Come said the head scout let’s return to camp my stomach thinks my throat has been cut” So they mounted up and headed back to join the army of the sons of men. The youngest man picked up his cloak from where Rachel had dropped it as she had changed back to her wolf form. As he did he reached out and ran his hand along her back. Rachel froze and was about to turn on him when his words stopped her in her tracks. ” I am sorry for my kind” he whispered, “I could never attack, the young, weak or old of any race.” Rachel spoke to him gently straight from her mind. “I believe you, you have learned a a good lesson today. One word of wisdom, never afford those feelings to a Vampire they are never vulnerable however so they appear”

The young man nodded, and mounted his horse. They all rode back in silent thought, Rachel reading their thoughts satisfied that these men at least we’re on a good journey.


Rachel felt the temperature drop as she and the scouts neared Ewan’s camp. She spoke, telepathically, to the men as they rode behind her. “Feel this cold, know it, see this bleak landscape, know it. This is no seasonal weather this is the herald of war.”

The men heard her and the youngest, again, answered her. “What do you mean Rachel” he asked. Rachel told him how the evil vampire winter spread across the land from where they had travelled killing everything in its path and wake. She also told him how Lisa had cast an eternal summer spell around the Witches Tower. Sadly the evil winter had broke the bounds of that spell and invaded the tower grounds causing them to flee to find Ewan and his armies of the son’s if men. The winter was obviously catching up with them.

Rachel upped the pace feeling that there was more happened than just the vampire winter rolling in. The men too felt a sense of unease.

As they approached the camp they could see the land before and behind them to all horizons frozen and dark. The men were chilled to the bone.

Then as they reached the camp they found themselves on green grass, the frozen ground simply stopped.

“Lisa is working her magic” Rachel thought. As they entered the camp Rachel called to Lisa but she did not answer. Rachel was beginning to worry when a new voice spoke to her.

“Rachel” said the voice. “Lisa sleeps for now but not for much longer, the originals of the vampires tried to enter her head . Luckily I was around to save her” “Who are you?” growled Rachel adding “and how did you know Lisa, or my name come to that!”

The voice gently laughed and replied “I am Alicia known to Leona as Grandma, Queen of the witches and an elder to Lisa.” The voice was warm and calming, “I am here to help Rachel, hurry we need to talk” Alicia stopped speaking as suddenly as she had started.

The scouts lead their horses to food, water and shelter and whilst Rachel sort out Ewan, Lisa and Alicia.

She found them all in Ewan’s tent. Ewan discussing tactics with a worried looking Calador. As she entered the tent the two men looked up. “Your back at last any news ” Ewan snapped. Rachel’s eyes flashed red as she changed into human form replying as she did, “your men have a report for you” Scanning the tent she asked “Where is Lisa” from behind a screen to the left of where the two men were working came Alicia’s calm and gentle voice. “Here Rachel she is here sleeping” Rachel went round the screen and asked of Alicia, “Is she okay” the older woman smiled “She is indeed Rachel she will wake within the the hour. Meanwhile you and I must talk. ” The two women left the tent ..Rachel looked at the temperate evening and asked. “How long can you hold this spell” Alicia replied “As long as I need and when Lisa wakes she will help me and we can transport the temperature where ever we travel.”

Rachel shivered looking out to the frozen waste surrounding the camp perimeter and thought. ” We could not hold it before”…”You did not have me before ” Rachel heard Alicia’s voice in her head.

So the war had started there was no going back.


Lisa finally awoke as the sun rose in the East. Apart from where Alicia’s spell held, it carried no warmth.

Lisa immediately recognised Alicia as her Queen and was eager to add her magic to the summer spell to keep the army of men moving through the unholy winter. She told Rachel what had happened at the lake, and they both were relieved that the Vampires were no longer inside her head.

The next day’s march would bring them to meet their allies , the Elves and the Dwarves. They would be a force to be reckoned with once joined together.

Ewan and his armies were poised for battle. The war had begun in earnest. Reports of battles and skirmishes were constantly arriving. Losses and gains. For now the Vampires had the upper hand.

Rachel approached Alicia mid morning as they traveled towards the elves strong hold.

“Have you heard anything of my race, they seem to disappeared” Rachel enquired bringing her horse alongside Alicia’s. Alicia looked at Rachel and smiled, “they have all travelled north, sick of being hunted by men and Vampires alike” she took a breath and then said. ” Do you think, Rachel, that they could be persuaded to join us against the Vampires” Rachel looked at her long and hard. “I doubt they would listen to me, they cast me out for loving Mathew and being pregnant with his child.” Alicia, reached out and touched Rachel’s hand. ” You have been true too your race, you have lost Mathew’s child I feel they will listen to you. They do not trust men as far as they can throw them but they have always been close to the Dwarves and Elves. I know you can win them round Rachel. They will all be killed by Vampires unless they unite with us.”

Rachel thought and then agreed to search out her kin and do her best to win them over.

Rachel lowered her head and thought, then replied quietly.” I will try. “

Just then Lisa joined them, she looked pail and frightened. Alicia shouted to Ewan, “Vampires, Lisa and I can feel them they are almost here.” Then sky grew dark and it was raining blood, the Vampires were upon them.


The Calling

It had been five weeks since that day. The battle had been long and bloody. There had been but a moment’s warning, the Vampires had masked their arrival and Alicia and Lisa had only felt their presence seconds before their arrival.

It had rained blood. Rachel had seen carnage before but not like this. Bodies strewn across the valley, abused and tortured horrifically. When the Vampires arrived they had been whipped up into a blood frienzy by their leaders and refused permission to feed for days. They did their worst.

The women who had accompanied the army of men had been carried off to a worse even fate than their men. Their screams and pleas falling on deaf ears and dead souls.

Alicia and Lisa had protected Ewan and Rachel and seeing that to fight anymore was of no use had escaped the battlefield. Ewan had lost his soul, the horror of what the Vampires had done to his people had made his mind flee into some dark recess. His eyes dead and empty he sat by the fire back at his castle, unable to communicate or control any of his bodily functions.

Alicia and Lisa had left him in the care of his loyal staff, while they had set off to unite all the men, dwarves and elves that they could find before it was too late.

Rachel has been sent North to find the werewolves and convenience them to join their cause.

All was silent, all was white, a deep winter covered the land, it was so cold the unearthly Vampire winter was now unstoppable.

Rachel had been traveling for weeks now and was exhausted.There had been no trace or hint of her breed and she was ready to lay down in the snow and die. She had not eaten for three days, stopping only to catch her breath.

Suddenly she just collapsed into the snow, sleep she needed sleep. The urge to give in was overwhelming her emaciated body. Then she heard a voice. Looking up Rachel saw a stag in the distance, though the trees. It crossed her mind that it might save her if she killed and ate him. Then she laughed at herself, the state she was in he would dispense with her with a flick of his antlers.

As she lay there the stag approached , she heard him snorting, saw the hot mist escaping from his nostrils then felt him nuzzling behind her ears.

Faintly Rachel felt more than heard the stag, call her by name. “Rachel” he said, “I know who you are and who you seek, let me help you.” Too tired to answer she let the stag cover her with his weight and she relaxed as his warmth touched her body.

In the morning when she awoke the stag was still by her, she felt his warmth. Again he spoke to her but without a voice. He asked her to get on his back and let him carry her. Rachel complied and while he took her to the where here brothers and sisters were gathered she fell into a deep sleep and her body gained strength.



As Rachel slept she felt a warmth seeping through her body. She felt safe on the back of this huge stag as he galloped through the enforced winter.

After a while Rachel felt another heat, direct heat coming from a fire. She opened her eyes and found herself stand in a clearing, the stag was gone, she was alone.

Her senses came to life, there was a huge fire within the clearing, made from bales of hay, the type humans made when the harvested their fields. Rachel sniffed the air, she could not smell the scent of Werewolf, those she was in search of. Unsure of what scent she was picking up she moved down wind of the smoke from the fire. As she moved she felt the swish of clothing around her body, and cold wet from the snow on feet? How, had she morphed in her sleep? Irritation filled her body,her human form was of no use to her here in this weather.

Down wind now she began to recognise the scent that filled her nostrils. It was Vampire.

Pulling her cape close round her and covering her head she looked back to the fire. There she saw hoards of Vampires for as far as the eye could see, they were baying for blood. Looking up she saw humans impaled on poles around the fire, the were all alive, some screaming for mercy but most of them silent in fear, shock and pain.

In the foreground she saw a body pinned spread eagle on the ground, naked in this cruel bitter winter. As she looked a this figure in the fire light she was struck by an horrific realisation. It was Mathew.

Rachel tried to run to him but she was rooted to the spot unable to move. Transfixed all she could do was watch as a hooded figure in the darkness, silhouetted against flames approached her Mathew. It looked like the figure was carrying a wand …. But it was not. No it was a spear tipped with silver. In horror Rachel watched as the younger vampires ran forward and bit and ripped at Mathew’s beautiful body. He wailed in agony, this broke Rachel’s heart but she could not move.

For what seemed like hours the cursed souls ripped and bit and feed on the body of the Vampire that she loved.

Then the figure in front of the fire raised his spear and shouted, “Enough” slowly he approached Mathew’s body. He raised the spear and brought the it down to where Mathew’s heart would be. Once the spear was in a line of golden light escaped from what was left of Mathew’s body. The light shot upwards full of black specks, an unearthly scream escape the body just as it turned to ash and it was blown away by a sudden wind.

“Traitor ” shouted the figure, traitor, traitor chanted the Vampire hoards.

Filled with pain and grief Rachel fell to the ground, she had witnessed the death of her lover, her hope, her future.

Hours later she came too, on the back of the stag.

What had happened, had it happen, had it been a dream .


The stag finally finally reached the only surviving group of Werewolf Lupines. He gently put Rachel down in the snow and told her they had arrived at her destination. Rachel now in her werewolf form asked him how he knew where she was going . The stag replied he had been asked to help you by Alicia.

Nudging her gently he suggested they should approach the one hundred packs of wolfs in the valley together and with stealth. He also asked that she let him do the initial talking. Rachel agreed to this readily as she was weak from hunger and still shocked from what she had seen while she had slept on the journey here.

So together they walked towards the wolves. There were fires and the smell of cooking and Rachel saw shelters too which looked welcoming these creatures were all in human form. Looking up at the stag Rachel asked him if he was sure these were indeed werewolves. He just smiled down at her.

As the neared the encampment four huge wolves barred their way. The looked incredulously at the two unlikely travelling companions, an emaciated wolf and a stag . “What do you want, have you brought us dinner” Asked the largest male, baring his teeth “No ” Replied the stag telepathically . “I am Thraun leader of my kind and I have been tasked by Alicia Queen of the witches to bring Rachel here to meet and speak with your leaders. The wolves though not stupid were taken aback by this stag that could talk inside their heads. They started to back away all except for the female among them who approached Rachel.

Rachel stood her ground ad the older female spoke gently to her. “How have you managed to survive on your own and why do you have a stag as an escort and why are you on a mission for the Queen Witch?” Rachel looked this female straight in the eyes and replied “It is a long and dark story and if you will forgive me I would prefer to only tell it once and to your leader” Feeling suddenly tired again Rachel sat , “Please take me to the elders” The three male wolves made to disagree but the female silenced them and with Thraun leading the way she escorted Rachel towards the camp . As the approached Rachel looked the warmth and human looking creatures Rachel’s eyes were drawn to the sky and the horizon . To the beautiful glow of a new dawn and maybe new hope.

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