September Music 20

For the month of September I am going to choose a piece of music or song and write a poem or alternative version. Jane Dougherty is doing a September Stanza here. And Kat Myrman is doing September a poem a day Here.

Today’s piece of Music is the Dance of the Knights ( the Montagues and Capulets) from the Ballet Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev

My interpretation

Montagues and Capsulates
They were so full of hate.

Two families of worth

Two lovers thrawted by birth.

Romeo loved Juliet so deeply

And Juliet loved Romeo discreetly.

Sadly it ended in tears

Truly it played to our worst fears

No happy ending it must be said

They both ended up DEAD.


Wordless Wednesday : Peekaboo

One-Liner Wednesday. Christmas card list.

I was at the Drs yesterday, she mentioned that she loved my finger nails

Not so keen on my toenails though.

She said they reminded her of a fungal infection.

That’s her off of my Christmas card list.

This is brought to you care of LindaGHill’s #1lineWeds

September Music 19.

For the month of September I am going to choose a piece of music or song and write a poem or alternative version. Jane Dougherty is doing a September Stanza here. And Kat Myrman is doing September a poem a day Here.

Today’s song is A Thousand Years, by Katy Perry …. But with a difference.

This is my take.

You are my whole world

Just one tiny chromosome

Makes you so special

I will love you forever

You are truly my whole world.


This is my entry for Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Tanka.

Rules and Pingback Here.

The prompts are Vigor and Energy, to be used as synonyms only.

Today I rang the changes and have written a Cinquain.


Full of fresh life

Bursting and in full bloom

Gladioli brighten the room


September Music 18

For the month of September I am going to choose a piece of music or song and write a poem or alternative version. Jane Dougherty is doing a September Stanza here. And Kat Myrman is doing September a poem a day Here.

Today’s piece of music is The Minnow and the Trout by Fine Frenzy

This is my interpretation.

We are all different shapes and sizes.

But we all are made of the same dust.

This is where conflict arises

Why can’t we accept and care

We’re all really one

Love and be fair

Sing one song

Where’s love



Where’s love

Sing one song

Love and be fair

We’re all really one

Why can’t we accept and care

This is where conflict arises

But we are all made of the same dust

We are all different shapes and sizes

Twittering Tales #102 – Broken Barbies – 18 September 2018

This is my entry for Kat Myrman of Like Murcury Colliding‘s Twittering Tales.

Photo by Skitterphotos at

The Group.

“Is this a statement?” Asked dr Haldon, “has someone got a point to make. If so be big enough to put your name to it” The therapy group shifted uneasily. No one spoke there was no eye contact. “Speak up this is a good sign, own your feelings!” Silence, but a tiny glimmer of hope.

(280 Characters)

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 219 CHARGE&Reason

This is my entry for Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku Challenge.

Today I have written two Haiku .

Rules and Pingback Here

No rhyme or reason

For the change in the seasons

Nature makes no charge .

The leaves charge about

Autumnal days here, no doubt

Summer’s bags are packed.

September Music 17

Tiny Human written and performed by Imogen Heap

My interpretation.

Mother’s knowledge.

They brake your back when they are small and when they grow they break your heart.

This is some learned knowledge my mother did impart.

I did not understand, I was too young to see

Just how wise she was when she said that to me.

This tiny baby lying here, safe inside it’s cot will grow and turn your black hair grey

I am joking I hear you say.

I certainly am not. You wait, until they catch a cold or even worse an ear infection

They will scream and make you walk the floor, they will without exception.

God forbid it can get even worse you end up in the hospital with drips and lines and stress, Comfort offered from a friendly nurse.

The joy and relief when you can take them home is truly overwhelming.

The tiny toes and fingers, the spark of love in their eye

Will breed in you the deepest love,

For them you’ll lay down and die.

The sleepless nights begin to fade and the bottle secedes the breast Soon they are eating solids you make it all yourself, they deserve the very best.

Don’t close your eyes don’t look away don’t you even wink

For they will grow so fast and change so quick that you will miss it in a blink.

Savour every blessed second none of it will you ever be able to repeat.

Though when they are sad or in pain you will wish you could hit delete.

Very soon they learn to walk with bumps along the way

They waddle and they toddle and make you smile more each day. You will need to be quick and have eyes in the back of your head

They will run you ragged and you will sleep well in your bed!

The next step is their first word and that is often daddy,

Mind you if you’ve done all the work that can make you maddie !

Seriously though it is only because it is easier to say Da, Da than it is to say Mummy!

You wake up one day and they have started school

The first time you drop them off they run off smiling and you are left crying like a fool!

Very soon you become a taxi, you run them here you you drop them there,

They are always growing , always hungry you never have a second to spare.

School can be a hard and cruel place and you will need all your wits about you,

As children can do and say the meanest things so you must encourage and help too.

You just begin to think the worst is past when teenage years beset you.

You cannot do right for doing wrong the way they act you could believe that they actually hate you.

Why are there so many things just waiting to hurt them, drink and drugs the pain of love, look out for religious cults .The fear of their first driving lesson , the relief of them passing their exams. Then they are off to college bless them.

I could go on the pain is still strong when any of mine are ill , or if life, work, girls or wives hurt them. I want to stride up and fix their problems but I have to stand back and let them fix things.

So now I see what my mother meant when she gave me her knowledge

It was not about getting the best of schools or buying the right brand of porridge.

The love we have for or children is deeper than the sea.

We can make things good when they are young but when they are grown we have to set them free.

K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge. Autumn.

This is my entry for K’Lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge. Rules and Pingback Here at Dale’s
And Here at K’Lees.

This week Dale has charged us with showing : The onset of Autumn.

I have used this first one before, last week was it’s last outing but it is so perfect for the subject. I found it last year layed out just by the side of a path I walk Ruby along. Luckily I had my phone with me as the next day this wonderful world of art had been destroyed!

The next three are, conkers and leaves, acorns and leaves and Ruby and leaves.

Next early morning graveyard.

This is how I found the top masterpiece the next day. My question why couldn’t they have just let it be?

Any come and join in this prompt is fun.


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