Love is in Da Blog: Tuesday Teaser

Love is in Da Blog: Tuesday Teaser


This  is part of  February  Love is in Da Blog at Just fooling Around With Be  said : “I dedicated Tuesdays to “Teaser Tuesday” over at “A Daily Rhythm” and books we love. Choose a book that you deeply love and read time and time again. Or actually, pick a book about love. Either follow the “Teaser Tuesday” Rules, do a book review, dedicate a sentence to the author or just write anything you please about that book you love.”



This  week  I  am writing  about  a  book  that  truly  touched me.

The Devil’s Arithmetic is a historical fiction novel written by American author Jane Yolen and published in 1988. The book is about Hannah Stern, a Jewish girl who lives in New Rochelle, New York. During a Passover Seder, Hannah is transported back in time to 1942 Poland, during World War II, where she is sent to a death camp thought to beAuschwitz and learns the importance of knowing about the past.

I am not   Jewish   but I know  my  history  and  this  book  tells  the  story  of  how  an entire  village  is  transported  off  to  a  death  camp. Among  them  by  magic  or  fate is  young Hannah  who  has been transported  there  from  the  future.

Hannah  is transported  from the  Passover  Seder  in her  time   to a  time  and place  during  WW2  there  believe she is Chaya Abramowicz, who is recovering from cholera, the fever that killed Chaya’s parents a few months ago. The strange remarks Hannah/Chaya makes about the future and her inability to recognize her “aunt” Gitl and “uncle” Shmuel are blamed on the fever.

At her “uncle’s” wedding, the Nazis come to transport the entire population of the village to a concentration camp near Donavin, and only Hannah knows all the terrors they will face: starvation, mistreatment, forced labor, and finally execution. She  has  to  live  the  life  of  an intern  in  a  death camp. Through  this  she learns  who  she is  and  why  the  Jewish  Religion is  so important  to her  and her  family.

These  are  some of  the  parts  of  the  book  that  made  me  sit  up  and  think.


“But as the scissors snip-snapped through her hair and the razor shaved the rest, she realized with a sudden awful panic that she could no longer recall anything from the past. I cannot remember, she whispered to herself.”

Hannah, p. 94
“Six million,” Hannah said, “but that’s not all the Jews there are. In the end, in the future, there will be Jews still. And there will be Israel, a Jewish state, where there will be a Jewish president and a Jewish senate. And in America, Jewish movie stars.”
Hannah, p. 156
“I will be brave. I am the only one who knows about the ovens, but I will be brave. I will not take away their hope, which is all they have. I will not tell them that the Nazis often lied and said people were going to take showers when they took them to be killed.”
Hannah, p. 93
“And as for running – where would we run to? God is everywhere. There will always be Nazis among us. No, my child, do not tremble before mere men. It is God before whom we must tremble. Only God. We will go ahead, just as we have planned. After all, this is our shtetl, not theirs, and there is still a wedding to be made.”
Reb Boruch, p. 64


RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #83 Gem&Flame


black_goldfish_by_selenada-d7nhv4qBright  eyes lit like gems

Black wings expose heart of fire

Raven Queen heart flame 


Like  a flame she shot

Past  the  sun’s dying soft gems

Tallons splay like flame




Love is in Da Blog: Mindful Monday

Just Fooling Around With Bee mentioned that  Mondays are dedicated to Mindfulness and Colleen’s Mindful Monday ~ Healthy Living!


And what on Earth might healthy living have to do with Love?

Bee believes changing your life style to a healthier mode is part of self-love. She also thinks that love always starts with us. If we are not able to accept ourselves and love ourselves, it’s hard to love others or do things we love.

Pingback and  rules


Well now I don’t use any apps to help me with mindfulness but I do use a book, music, Pilates and a Blog. All of  these  I have  grown to  love.
Okay a book, music and Pilates and a Blog does sound as exciting or exotic as The bell, the book and the candle! Yet it works.

The second time I broke my back I was in a bad way, I was flat on my back in hospital in a body corset unable to move for over a month. After three operations I was frightened, in pain and depressed. I had to rely on my hubby for everything. I felt trapped, controlled  and  angry.

I soon  found out  who  my  real  friends  were  and  believe  me  I  saw  so  many  drop  away. I  could  not  return  to  work , social events  were  difficult . Let’s  face  it  being on  crutches  and  not being  able  to  walk  far  ( I measured  my  progress in  Lamp posts) I dropped off  the radar. Then  all the  friends I  thought I had  turned out  to be acquaintances.

This  depressed  me more.The  pain  was  getting  me  down  and  so I was  sent  to  a pain  clinic. I  went  expecting  nothing . The  first  visit  was  a disaster  the  Dr  there  decided  to  change  my  neuropathic  pain  killers  ( pain killers  that  work on  the  nerves and  brain) from Pregrabalin  to  Gabapentin    These  are  really  strong  tablets  with  nasty  side effects. I asked  the  Dr how I  should  go  about  the  change   as I  was  on a  huge  dose  of  2 x  300mg 4 times a  day!  Well  she  told  me  to  tail  the Pregrabalin down over  a week  then  start  the  Gabapentin…………….. After  five  days  I  was  suffering  withdrawal  on  the  sixth  day  I  went  to  see  my  Dr…. well my  hubby  took  me  and I  crawled in!

My  Dr  informed  me  after I had  given him  my  symptoms  and  he had  examined  me  that I was  suffering  from withdrawal from the  Pregrabalin. He  said  it  should  of  been impressed on  me  to  come off  of  them  slowly over  a longer  period. He  said I just had  to go cold turkey. I know  what I had  been  told  though!

The  withdrawal lasted  nearly  three months  I stayed in bed most of  the time , I  was hot, I was  cold, I  shook, I had nightmares and  daymares, I ached  all over, I hallucinated, I had  night sweats  and  terrors and I was  sick. Hubby  had  to  sleep in  another  room I craved  the  tablets  and  much  much  more   I wanted  to  die.

Well I  survived  and  had  to start  the Gabapentin …. I was  also  taking  Tramadol, Omerprazole, Cylizine I was  a walking  pill box I rattled! Anyway I  am going on  a tad  so  long  story  short! After much  tooing   and throwing  the Drs  at  the  pain  clinic  decided I  should  see  the pain physiologist. This  actually  was  a life  saver.

I was lucky  for once  she and I  got on and  she helped  me to visualize  and  fight  my  pain. She  told  me to  accept it  as  a friend.  She  suggested I  start  a  blog  and  write out  my  pain. I did  everything  she  suggested  and it helped.

The Book:

Living Well With Pain And Illness:  written  by  Vidyamala Burch 

I identified with  the  author  after  the  first  page, as  soon as  she described  her  time in hospital  and her pain  I  realized  she  had  to know  what  she  was talking  about! She is  an expert on mindfulness. I do  strongly  recommend  her  to  everyone!



I started  going  to  the gym  and  started  core  classes  and Pilates . I was  told  by  a specialist  that I had no  core  strength in  my  spine  and  that  my  legs  were  taking  all  the strain. The Pilates  and  the  core  teachers  pushed  me hard. I start off  almost  bent  double  and using  a walking stick . Seven years  on from breaking  my  back  and  five years   since I  started  back at  the  gym, Pilates  and  core have got  me  standing up  as  straight  as possible  and  walking  and  feeling  strong . My teachers  and  the trainers at  the gym  have  helped  me so much. Although I have a  curve in  my  spine  that  will never go and  may  get  worse tougher  the  staff and teachers  have  helped me.


All through this  Music  has been  the sound track to my life Imogen Heap, Sia , Alanis Morissette and Alabama 3 and  many  more  have kept me , walking  , training  and  frankly  sane!

Music  to  walk and  exercise  by.


A good  few years  back I  returned  my  disabled parking  badge  ( boy  that  was  difficult) and  stopped  my  disability living  allowance, it  was  the lowest ( boy  that  was  even  harder) ! Sometimes  I  think it is  harder to stop benefits  than  get  them…. well maybe  not  but  you get  my  drift.  So no benefits, I still suffer  pain  and  some days  I  get  so tired  from pain  it is  a job to  move  around  the house let  alone  walk outside  but  hey I  am not in a  wheelchair I am standing ! I have made new  friends  and  you know what they are great!!

So listening  to the  book, the  music , my teachers  and my  blog I have  grown in mid fullness.

This is  the first  Positive Mindful poem I ever wrote. March 2012

Dancing in my  head 

You will not lose that curvature and  your figure will never be the same and I am sorry to say, dear, you need to get used to that pain.

Looking out the window I heard the words they said  but I was miles away by then dancing in my head .

When I get tired-out walking dragging through rain or snow their words creep back to bug me but I’ll work hard and all of them  I’ll show.

When I feel pushed and pressured and all I can think of is the words that they said. I close my eyes and bugger them I go dancing in my head!

When looking in the mirror is too much to bare and my clothes don’t look as they should so I feel none of them can I wear. I close my eyes and pick up the music thread and bugger them I go dancing in my head!

When pain is over baring and I can’t get out of bed I close my eyes and bugger them I go dancing in my head.  I am still me I know it even though I do not look the same when I am feeling at my worst I play my saving game. I am sorry if you think me rude and blanch at things I’ve said but when it all becomes too much I go dancing in my head.

I always loved to dance and get angry when I look back for not dancing more. Okay I would of had to have done so on my own my other half would not of joined me but now it is too late my dancing days have flown. So when I feel  tired or in pain or all I can think of is the words the doctors said I close my eyes and kick out, bugger them I am dancing in my head!


Okay  I have gone on  enough I had  no intention  of  writing  any of  this  but it  just  poured on  to the  page! So I  apologize . So to finish here is  a  poem I have  just  thought up using  the  first mindfulness exercise I ever learned .

Be Aware  be Mindful

Close your  eyes  and  listen what  can  you   hear

The beating  of  your heart, the  pumping of  your  blood

Feel the  cold wind  on your face, release  you mind let go of fear.

Kick off  your  shoes and  freeze  your  toes in  the mud.

Feel the  world around  you  but be at  one with yourself 

Experience  it  all and  be mindful of  the  world and  your  health 




Love Is In Da Blog: Song Lyric Sunday Entanglement

Bee at  Just Fooling Around With Bee said :  Sundays are dedicated to the songs we love or love songs.
Helen over at “This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time” invites us to share songs and lyrics we love in “Lyric Sunday“.  And nothing fits better for the topic LOVE than a song doesn’t it?

Pingback  and  Rules  Love is in  Da  Blog 

Song Lyric Sunday   Pingback and Rules


I may  of  used  this  beautiful love song from Imogen Heap  before  but  for  me it  is  just  so  beautiful. Immie  wrote  this  song  for her  partner  Michael Lebor. Michael Lebor is  a film maker  and  he  made  the  video  for  the  song  and  Immie  and  he  star in it.

Immie wrote  the  beautiful  words and  music  which I  think  speak  for themselves .



Here we are
Blood pressure rising fast
Air electric
Conduct this orchestraA micro utopia born
As the overture plays
This prelude to life long love
Our bodies’ entanglement take
You all over me
Me all over you

Fearless heart
I’m going to take care of you
Whether spark or spiral
I’ll pull the strength of suns

It’s home where you hold me
So show me no mercy
On islands of cotton
Taboos get forgotten
Our body entanglement wants
You all over me
Me all over you

Burst me into bloom I dare you to
Lose yourself in our embodiment
Ravage this palate of pinks and reds
Dissolve into radiance

It’s home where you hold me
So show me no mercy
On islands of cotton
Taboos get forgotten
Our body entanglement wants
You all over me
Me all over you

And  now  Imogen Heap  and  Micheal Lebor  have a  beautiful  Baby  girl now  15months old.




If we were having coffee: MIL,MIL and Stuff

If we were having Coffee: I would  remind  you  that  there  are lots of  other  coffee mornings  all shared  and organized  By  Diana  and  Gene’O  over at,Part time monster


Do join in

Come on  in  it is nice  to  sit  and  have a  chat  after  all  the  hustle  and  bustle  of  the past  few days.   I  can  still entertain  you  all  with tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

So, If  we  were having  coffee :  I am not  sure  where  to  start I would  say  I  wish I was in my  pajamas ….. but  I  am  not  like  most  things  lately  I  don’t  get  what I  want. I  get  what is  good  for  me instead, or  even  worse  what  others  think is  good  for me!   Every man/woman  and his  dog  thinks  they  know better  than me. From  wrapping  me in  cotton  wool to  nagging  me  to  death!

If we were having coffee: I would  tell you  that  on  Monday  Hubby  and  I went  off  to  a little  town  about  thirty  miles  away  from  where  we live  just  to  get out  and  have  a break  from  the  stresses  of  Mother in  law   being  ill. We  also  took hubby’s  car  along  to  have it  serviced  at a  specialist  garage  there.

We walked  along  the canal  and looked  at  the  beautiful  cottages  and  Narrow Boats! We  found  the  Parish Church  called  St Lawrence, and  spent  a lovely  hour  looking  around inside  and  finding  out how old  and  steeped in  history  it  was! We  even met  a lady  who  was  also  “Just  visiting” and  she  told  us  she lived in  Devon  now  but had  originally  lived  just  three miles up  the road  from where  we live now! Well  what  are  the  chances  of  that!

Some  photos  of  our day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After  more  walking  we  found a lovely  coffee  shop  and  had a  cuppa  and  slice of  cake! We both  had  a  wonderful  time  and  we popped in to  see Mother in  law on our  way  home, she is  still doing  well!! Though  very  concerned  about  her  Lymphoma!

If we were having  coffee : Tuesday  I was  at  the  gym  but  I  had  decided  not  to  go  early  so  I  missed  my  gym buddy! Then  after  that  we  went  over  to  see  Mother in law  ( hereafter  to be  known as  MIL ) . Wednesday L, my  gym buddy  and  great  friend , and I  went  to  our  Pilates  class  which  was hard  work  as  ever  then  we had  coffee  and  a long  catch up! Then  again over  to  check out  MIL.

Thursday  I had  to  go  and  see  a  specialist , I have  been  having  a  lot  of  stomach  troubles  and  I  am  now  being  sick  a lot. I  have  had  all types of  exams and  finally  I  had  an ultrasound  scan  which  showed  that  I  have  a  lot  of  debris  in  my  gallbladder ………. I  was hoping  that  they  might  remove  my  gallbladder  well  after  three minutes  of  prodding  I  was  told  that  the  gallbladder  was  not  bad  enough  to remove……… What?  do  Drs   have  Xray  enabled  fingers …how  did he  know  from  poking and  prodding  me?? Apparently  all  the pain  and  sickness  and  discomfort  is  referred  pain  from my  back!  (  spine  now  curved  after  breaking  back  )…….. Yes  okay   so  I  suppose  I  just  have  to  get  used  to  that  all  too now!  Hey  Ho!   In  the  evening  we had  MIL over  to us  for  dinner .

If we were having  coffee : I would  tell you that on Friday nothing  much  happened , apart  from  washing , ironing   and  cooking. Saturday  core  class and  then over  to  see  MIL with  middle  son!

Today,  Sunday  we Have  MIL  over  for  dinner  again. As  you can  see it has  been a MIL week.

If  we  were having  coffee :  I would  have  to  apologize and  ask  where  my  manners   are  can  I  get  you  more  coffee,  tea, something  to  eat  or  an alcoholic  drink?

Well  Having  finish JuJoJan  organised  by  Linda G Hill  at  Life in  Progress February  has  brought us  Love Is In Da Bog  organised  by  Just fooling  around  with Bee  Imaagine  a whole  week  done  already!

I must  dash  now  loads  to do. Sorry  if I  am not  commenting as  much  but my like  does  mean a lot I promise. I shall be back  to  normal as and when.

If we  were  having  Coffee:  I would  have  to  say  we  are  all  sill  waiting  patiently   for  our  dear  Paul  Curran   to  rejoin us here at  the  coffee  share   but  until he is  well enough  and up  and  running again  we  shall  have  to  bide our  time!

For  now  everyone  Be  well  and  happy!

If we were having Coffee Original idea  from parttimemonster.

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gen’O’s Love  you  all


Love is in Da Blog, Stream of Consciousness Saturday Finger

Just Fooling around with Bee says: Saturdays, of course, are fully in the grip of “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” over at Linda’s “Life in Progress”. Now this year I have not asked Linda to cooperate even though I thoroughly enjoyed it last year.

Bee says  she  loves Stream of Consciousness writing, and therefore, she  us just to write about whatever your Subconsciousness offers you about love. Or not, if you prefer to “just” follow Linda’s prompt. Then just head over and take part there. Or combine both. Up to you. Entirely!

LindaGhill  says : Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “finger.”  Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

The pingback and  rules for SoCs

Pingback  for  LoIsInDaBl  and  rules

Bee’s entry

So  we  have  fingers  and  love ……………… maybe  we  could combine them?


Fingers gently creeping up  your spine

Inspiring feelings so divine

Now hot,now cold taking

Greedily hold of  you

Ecstasy  pulses

Round your body


What does tomorrow hold

A finger bearing  a band of gold

Now together to grow old.











Love is in Da Blog: Loved Blogs

Just Fooling around with Bee says: Fridays will all be about blog love. Celebrate a blog or just a post, that you love. That can be one of yours or someone else’s. It can be a blog love or just a blog you love. As long as you give it some credit and share it with us it will be fine! This is also a great possibility to use the WordPress reblog button.




OMG!  This  has  got  to be  the hardest post I have  ever had  to write there  are  so many  blogs  that  I  truly  love ….. where  to  start.

I Just  do not  want  to upset  anyone ! Okay  please  take  this  as  read  I love  you  all. I think I have  come  to look upon  you all as  sisters  and  brothers.  But  for  the purpose  of  Love is in  Da Blog I  shall have  to pick my  segregate sister Jean Tubridy  at Social  Bridges

2dde980 Jean  is a wonderful  person as  soon as I  started  to  follow  her  I  found  we had a lot in  common not only our  Irish  Heritage ( Jean being  wholly  Irish  and  me on my  father’s side) but the things  we like  and believe in. The poets we love and our affection for old abandoned buildings.

She  lives  in Waterford Ireland  and  swims in the  sea  at  her  beloved  beaches  near  to her  home most days  and  when she doesn’t  she  walks  the handsome Sam  along  the beaches of  Waterford, Tramore and Annestown and  not  to  forget   Mount Congreve Gardens.

There  are  so many of  Jeans  posts  that  I  love  and  found  solace in. This  is  one beautiful post.

Going  to  the bar please  read  here

and  another   from more  recently Being  a good  looser   please  read here 

All I can say  is  Jean thank  you, you have  helped  me  more  than  you can ever  know !

Please  everyone  do visit  her  blog  you will not  regret it ! Visit  here 



lynzrealcooking_1437679285_83Also  I have  to mention   Lynz  at Lynz Real Cooking    especially her Memories of my life   she is  the bravest woman I know ( well virtually  know! )

1f059c4c2e24469b13a2b3ad0d1c646dAlso LindaGHill a life in progress  another  brave  and talented  woman

Here is  one of  her stories  Boy Series   sorry Linda  I  do not  have a  real  photo of  you !



Not forgetting  the  lovely Lisa  at Lucy’s  light  and  underground  energy another great  friend! Read  this one  Black velvet scrapeBlack velvet scrape



p1030476Then last  but  not  least   Geoff Lepard  at Tangental he  feels  like  a brother  and  uncannily  shares  memories  that  so  easily  could  be mine!! and  here is  his latest  post read here 



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The Cheesesellers wife

Anything and Everything, but mostly poetry

Silver Threading

Writer, Poet, and Book Reviewer ~ Join Me, as I Look Back, Look Forward, Look Around, and Look Within…


Writing to Discover My Self In the World

Karen Stephen aka Doc Flamingo

Author ~ Psychologist ~ Corsica Enthusiast

A Delectable Life

The little and large things making my life delicious!

like mercury colliding...

...moments of unexpected clarity

Everything I Never Told You

lucidity in shadows- poetry from a hand that writes misty.

Paul Militaru

Photography Portfolio


An eccentric blogger with a pen and a thousand ideas


frightfully wondrous things happen here.

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

I have Malignant Melanoma, my son had Testicular Cancer

Vivid Harbor

Where Karma Blossoms

Mark Bialczak

What will I write about next?

Words across the Oceans

Lover of poetry, books, music, art & exploring of life!

Jeff J Janson Photography

Photographs of Edmonton, Alberta

The Whispering Pen

Sharing my experiences one haiku at a time.

The Curious Archaeologist

Looking at past and present, from odd & unusual angles


Rock On....

Embracing Beyond Home

Matthew Heartsound

meticulous mick

Throwing out some shapes


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