#writephoto: Geometric.


Last week in K.L. Caley’s #write photo we lef the ladies in the brigg of a Galleon surrounded by superstitious sailors and a bemused Captain and a rift in time to seal. Let’s see what happens next.

The Galleon.

At about 3am a storm hit and the ship started to roll and pitch violently. Gail woke up feeling sick and needing to pee! Morgarna was fast asleep and Gail hesitated to wake her up! But as the ship was being thrown about so violently she decided to wake her anyway. ” Morgarna” she said “I’m scared and I need to pee”
“There’s a bucket over in the corner use that” Morgarna did not sound best pleased to be woken but Gail decided her need to pee was greater than Morgarna’s temper.
“I can’t see a thing ” Gail moaned feeling around for the bucket. With a sigh Morgarna took a torch out of her bag and shone it over to the corner. Gail shot across and grabbed it , hoisting up her dress she quickly relived herself… Oh! Thank goodness she thought to herself that better now I need to sick… She promptly was all over the floor.

As the night went on the storm got worse and the sailors were struggling to keep the ship afloat. The men were getting fearful for their lives and superstitious as they were they decided that the storm was the fault of the two female stowaways below in the brigg.
As the time approached 4.30am there was still no sign of the storm abaiting in fact it was worsening.
The men were getting ugly and the captain decided that he’d have to do something before the men took matters into their own hands and he’d lose face.
“Mr Smith” he shouted above the noise of the wind, waves and creaking ship, “Mr Smith, bring those two witches up here and be quick about it, the bow is taking a real battering”
“Aye Captain” Smith shouted as he headed down below.
Morgarna was ready and waiting for Smith she had her bag one of her shoulder and she had hold of a deshevelled and grubby Gail with her free hand.

Back up on deck by the flickering flames of the torches Gail was looking decidedly green. More ghostly than she had ever looked as a real ghost. Morgarna who had applied some make up while waiting for Mr Smith was looking absolutely ravishing.
The men were by now getting more and more scared of the storm and their imaginations were running riot, they were baying for blood.
They wanted Gail thrown into the sea and for Morgarna to be stripped and tied to the main mast as appeasement to the sea gods who were whipping up this storm.
Morgarna hissed in Gail’s ear…. I know you feel rough but just follow my lead and all will be well.

The Captain raised his voice above the storm and the men’s shouting.” “Hold fast all of ye!” He bellowed, pulling himself up to his full size, ” we will sort this out , but first make sure everything is battern down and stop the noise I can’t think “
Gail was feeling wretched and scared looking over to Morgarna who winked at her and said telepathically, so only Gail could hear, “it’s fine trust me! ” “Okay” Gail replied trying not to scream out, as frienzied hands ripped her clothes off leaving her naked.
The Captain cut the ropes around Morgarna’s wrists and said …are you ready to be strapped to the mast, my beauty?”
Morgarna looked him in the eye… He melted to her will just look at me she said …turning to the others who were now ripping the clothes from her back. She again said “look into my eyes”…. There was a silence and all the sailors were frozen in time.
Morgarna raised her hand and pointed to the barrels where she, Gail and the sailors had entered the ship. Chanting in an ancient tongue she sealed the time rift. Once sure the rift was sealed she moved across to Gail and took her hand …” Right leave all your clothes on the deck , here next to mine. Picking up her skimpy designer knickers she threw them up at the mast were they stuck tight. “That will give them something to ponder! ” She laughed, even Gail saw the funny side. They stood there for a second or two both stark naked, apart from Morgarna’s bag they had nothing to cover their modesty.

The anomaly arrived and they jumped. The second they did the sailors all awoke and the storm ceased .
The captain and the men all stared around, they were becalmed, the witches were gone all that was left were two piles of clothes and a something rather pretty but scanty stuck to the mast. And what had looked like two rather pert bottoms disappearing from view. ….

Morgarna and Gail landed with a gentle bump…. Merlin had for once taken the precaution of preparing a soft landing for them and also provided towels.
“Hot baths prepared for you both and dinner is in the oven” Merlin said making a show of averting his eyes as the ladies wrapped themselves up in towels.

Sitting round the table later clean and smelling sweet Morgarna and Gail were finishing their meals when as he filled their glasses Merlin announced ” We’re going on an Italian trip ladies how do you fancy Florence?”
Morgarna pushed her empty plate away and lit a cigarette “When ” she asked eyeing him suspiciously.
“Tomorrow morning?” He replied.
“And you’re coming too Merlin” Gail intervened .
“Yes I am coming too”
He took a file off of the chair next to him and opened it up revealing photos and notes , one photo stood out it was of a building bin front of a church whose exterior walls are all geometric black and white patterns.


“Ah! The Baptistery of St John’s” said Morgarna flicking her ash on her plate.
“I wish you would not do that ” Merlin started then stopped her face brooked no nagging.
“Look Gail , Florence, have you been it’s beautiful you’ll love it.”
” Woow ! No I haven’t it looks ace! ” She replied finishing her wine.
“Anyone for pudding?” Merlin asked.

Early the next morning they all stood in the garden Gail had a suitcase.
“What’s that for” asked Merlin.
“Well ” Gail replied ” I want to look the part of a tourist and you won’t let me have one of those tardis bags so I have packed a small case”
Morgarna and Merlin looked at eachother both had the hint of a smile on their faces .
Merlin pressed a button on his mobile and the anomaly appeared and they were off .

They landed in the garden of a nice hotel in Florence…”Are you ready ladies I’ve booked us rooms ?” Smiled Merlin as he lead the way to the hotel reception….

Two songs to lift our spirits.

Well good afternoon everyone, I feel like raising spirits today …. Not Bacardi, I shall leave that to Morgarna , though at the moment she may have to make do with Dark Rum.

Right I am sliding off piste here. I want to actually raising our spirits as in realising we are all special we are all heroes . I know many of us have problems, illness, mental and physical, money worries of many kinds, relationship problems and everything fate wants to throw at us.

So here is today’s lesson coming to us straight from our Sam Ryder. Two songs both with wonderful messages for all of us.

I am a mountain and down in the valley is all that I’ve overcome”

Below is the story of one of the young dancers from Sam’s video like all the others she has a disability and over come it.

The video is up lifting as are the lyrics so do have a look at them if you can’t make them out.

Rough seas might pull me under and
Dark clouds might dim my days
But there’s always bright tomorrows when
I close my eyes and say
“Remember how you’ve made it through the fire
Remember how you’ve come so far
An unstoppable force of nature
Yeah, that’s what you are”

I know all that I have lost
Has given me the purpose of
Conquering my pain through love
I sing this hymn to rise above

I am a mountain
And down in the valley below
Is all that I’ve overcome
All that I’ve overcome, woah
I am a mountain
And down in the valley below
Is all that I’ve overcome
All that I’ve oh-oh-overcome-ome
I’m a fighter, it’s like I was born to be one

[Verse 2]
Whatever life may throw, I’ll pass the test
Whatever fate might dream upon me next
I’ll stand with my head to the sky
Unshaken by thunder and winds and the tide

I know all that I have lost
Has given me the purpose of
Conquering my pain through love
I sing this hymn to rise above

I am a mountain (Ah, yeah)
And down in the valley below
Is all that I’ve overcome
All that I’ve overcome, woah
I am a mountain (I am a mountain)
And down in the valley below
Is all that I’ve overcome
All that I’ve oh-oh-overcome-ome (Alright)

I am a mountain (Hey)
And down in the valley below
Is all that I’ve overcome
All that I’ve overcome, woah
I am a mountain
And down in the valley below
Is all that I’ve overcome
(It’s all that I’ve, all that I’ve, all that I’ve, all that I’ve overcome)
All that I’ve oh-oh-overcome-ome (Yeah)
Oh-oh-overcome-ome (It’s all that I’ve overcome)
Oh-oh-overcome-ome (It’s all that I’ve overcome)
I’m a fighter, it’s like I was born to be one

Lyric Genius written and co-produced by Ryder along with Jimbo Barry and Lewis Allen. 

What the second song is about in Sam’s own words .

This is a song for the hope seekers & the faith keepers. The ones who foster the dream and keep its fire burning regardless of the knock backs, the almosts, the falls & the failures.”

Fought & Lost”
(feat. Brian May)

Congratulations on your jubilation
Our hearts are breaking underneath all the applause
This devastation is of our own making
But we’ve never tasted this much bitterness before

And everybody falls
But some of us are born to fight, and fight, and fight some more

So, we will see you here
Same time, same place, next year
And you may win this battle but you’ll never win the war
Better to have fought and lost than never fought at all

Go take a bow
Your audience is waiting
We’ll take the shadows since the limelight isn’t ours
We wanted it so bad
Gave it all we had
Oh, but wanting, it doesn’t always make it yours

This time was ours to lose
But fortune favours those who ride the storm and make it through

So, we will see you here
Same time, same place, next year
And you can take this battle ’cause we’re gonna win the war
Better to have fought and lost than never fought at all

So, here on the same ground
When the tables have turned around
Oh, and your tears fall as your world is crashing down
I hope, when you see me
You remember that feeling
Oh, ’cause we’ve both seen the world from both sides now

And everybody falls
And life will tear you down to show you what’s worth fighting for

Oh, we will see you here
Same time, same place, next year
And you may win this battle but you’ll never win the war
Better to have fought and lost than never fought at all
Better to have fought and lost than never fought at all

Ato Z Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by: Tom Howe, Jamie Hartman and Sam Ryder
Vocal: Sam Ryder 

HAVE A Great Day all of you and remember we are mountains.

K.L.Caleys #writephoto: Ripple.

As Gail and Morgarna jumped last week , Gail went home to the house and Merlin, but Morgarna was sent off on another job without any instructions or message from Merlin …. that guy is on very thin ice!


“Where’s Morgarna” asked Gail as she landed back in Merlin’s lab.
“Ah! I had to send her on a little errand “
“Without even giving her a warning?” asked Gail throwing her arms up in indignation. “No wonder she gets the hump with you! I certainly would! Just what is so important that you have sent her off with absolutely no warning or back up? “
Merlin stood up and closed his laptop, he suddenly looked bigger and actually scarier than Gail had actually seen him before.
“Are you questioning me Gail?” he started to say only to be interpreted by Gail
“Yes Merlin I think you are actually taking advantage of her better nature and patience!”
At that Merlin laughed and returned to his normal self he replied, “Morgarna has patience and a better nature ….you could have fooled me”

Morgarna sat at the desk and lit a cigarette, looking around she found a half full ashtray and on further inspection of the room she found a drinks table, so Morgarna being Morgarna fixed herself a brandy. Walking back to the desk she spotted the pieces of paper strewn about on the desk top. The story looked familiar and she read the first two pages she realised she was reading a story of note. She noticed that the name of the protagonist of the story was just a question mark. Then she spotted many names on another piece of paper….all had either been crossed out or had a question mark by the side of them.
Pouring herself another Brandy she took up some more story and then it clicked. Leaning over the jacket draped over the chair she saw a white handkerchief in the inside pocket. Pulling it out she saw the monogram on it was B.S.
A huge smile light up her face and before she could help herself she was fishing about in her bag looking for her lipstick . It was Vampire Red and she took an empty sheet of paper and wrote, ‘My name is Count Dracula of Transylvania.’
Lighting another cigarette Morgarna admired her handy work, the blood red lipstick sprung out from the page and delighted her. “I think my job here is done ” she smiled to herself.

It was getting dark as Morgarna finished her drink and stubbed out her cigarette, she lit the candle on the desk , it shone it’s light on to the name Dracula. She heard voices in the hallway on the other side of the door, as the handle turned she hid behind the curtain and held her breath.

Bram Stoker.

image from Wikipedia

The door opened and a rather handsome bearded gentlemen entered he took his jacket from the chair and was about to leave when he saw the red writing…. The name Dracula. ” That’s it , that’s it ” shouted the man in a cultured Dublin accent, “Dracula, count Dracula of Transylvania ! Florence, Florence” bounding back toward the door he left, the piece of paper in his pocket.
Morgarna could hear voices all over the house now so she opened the window and ……wafted off into the night doing her best vampire impression as she went.
As Bram crossed the hall he saw a dark figure dressed in a black cloak suddenly jump into , well who knows what and disappear …. He shook himself as his wife came down the stairs…” What is all the shouting about my dear?” She asked.
Bram smiled his most disarming smile and replied I have thought of the name of the main character of my new book my love”
“Well then husband you had better tell me all about it over dinner”
As the headed to the dinning room Bram had his fingers crossed behind his back!

Morgarna landed in the back garden of the house for the second time that week only this time Merlin was there with a large Bacardi and Coke in one hand a lighted cigarette in the other. Gail was standing on the patio dishing up stew from a huge pot!
Taking the drink and cigarette from Merlin she called to Gail “what’s on the menu hun? I am starving”
“We thought you would be” said Merlin.
Morgarna flashed him a killer look …
“Ouch” he said to himself.
“It’s Irish stew in honour of Mr Stoker but with a twist!”
“What’s the twist ?” Asked Morgarna sniffing the aroma.
“A bottle of Shiraz laughed Gail”

After dinner Merlin left the ladies to chat and went back to his lab. Once Morgarna was sure he was busy she put her finger to her lips and beckoned Gail to follow her. Then popped into the kitchen where Morgarna retrieved Merlin’s car keys from the key safe.

Once out of earshot Morgarna drove like a demond, screeching gears and breaks hitting curbs and lamposts …Gail was a bit screechy too at first then Morgarna reminded her, one, she was already dead two, that Morgarna is immortal and three Merlin was a shit and deserved everything he got!

Gail fell asleep eventually as Morgarna drove up north singing at the top of her voice.

Morgarna stopped the engine and the silence woke Gail. …
“Where are we she asked…. Just some Scottish Loch Gail isn’t it beautiful”
Gail had to agree it was beautiful. So
peaceful with calm blue skies, and such deep still waters.
Gail looked at the car the paintwork was dented and scratched, there were cigarette burns all over the dashboard and the leather seats. “Oh! Morgarna what have you done…..” Gails voice tailed off as Morgarna took the keys out of the ignition and tossed them into the loch…. “Oops” she laughed grabbing Gail’s arm and casting a spell that whizzed them back to the house.
“Coffee” she asked Gail smiling, Merlin popped his head around the kitchen door , “good morning ladies your up early, any coffee going?”

Back at the Loch a very sad and damaged BMW was being checked over my two young police officers. The loch was still and silent but just by the waters edge there was a huge ripple


PART OF K.L.CALEY’S # writephoto Ripple

Love is in Da Blog: Day 26.

Hi everyone today is Day 26 of Bee Halton’s Love Is In Da Blog. The prompt is choose your own.

Love Is In Da Blog 2023 banner

Now I love a good Bollywood movie or video, I don’t need to know the meaning of the words or the songs I can guess … I love it all so much 💓💓

Chammak Challo” is a song performed by Akon and Hamsika Iyer, and composed by AkonGiorgio Tuinfort as well as music director duo Vishal–Shekhar (Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani) and by Gobind Singh, as a part of the soundtrack for the 2011 Bollywood film Ra.One. It is Akon’s first musical collaboration with Indian artists. There are four other versions of the song in the album, including a remix by Abhijit Vaghani, another remix by DJ Khushi and an international version sung solely by Akon. The song, along with the rest of the soundtrack, was officially released on 21 September 2011. However, the song faced controversy when the rough version was leaked on the Internet on 31 May 2011.

This is part of 🐝’s Love Is In Da Blog.

K.L.Caley’s #writephoto Camel.

After her Nautical adventures through time Morgarna is off on another solo adventure!


As she touched the door she was surprised to hear Kate Bush singing ..was it Kate Bush or a recording? As she turned the handle the music got louder and there she was in a smoky room light by a swinging light …….

Morgarna looked around it was like she was in a 1980s night club and people were all in fancy dress. Well at least she would not arouse any suspicions as to why she was there!
“Well” she thought, lighting a cigarette “I may as well have a drink.” The barman finished serving the guy in front of her and then looked her in the eyes, “Well sweety what can I get you” Morgarna smiled flashing her eyes at him and replied, “A Bacardi and Coke please” then telepathically she planted the thought in his head that she had a tab behind the bar.
“What brings you here tonight” the barman asked soaking up her thoughts and her stunning figure.
“My feet, hun my feet!” They both laughed at that then he moved away to serve someone else.
Morgarna looked inside her bag and found a cryptic note from Merlin. “When you find the starshine door go on through and find the ship of the desert.”

As Morgarna was just finishing her second drink she noticed a woman with a long cloak just like the door dark blue with gold stars, she was also wearing a matching witches hat, from which lusterous black curls were escaping.
Jumping off of the bar stool she followed the figure as the woman weaved her way through the people on the dance floor, as Morgarna got closer she could hear the woman singing ….” ja, ja Babooshka, babooshka, babooshka ja, ja
Babooshka, babooshka, babooshka ja, ja Babooshka, babooshka, babooshka ja, ja”
Morgarna reached forward to try and catch her but the woman slipped through a door on the far side of the room.

The door lead into a dark passage way lined with doors Morgarna listened and heard a door open at the end of the hall! Hurrying forward she saw the tail end of the cloak disappearing through the door in front of her. Pushing the door open Morgarna stepped through in to complete darkness and nothingness. As she fell she could hear music..
“What is this all about?” she asked out loud as the wind rushed past her getting hotter and hotter. Then suddenly her fall came to an abrupt end as she hit the bottom.

It was hot , really hot and so bright after the smokey club. Cupping her eyes with hand Morgarna saw the woman mounting a white horse before Morgarna could say anything the woman rode off her cape like a sail behind her.
Looking in her bag she fished out her sunglasses and put them on, ” that’s better”she sighed. Moving forward she tripped over something on the ground which was actually sand. Looking down Morgarna saw it was woman’s hat . “That’ll do nicely thanks” Morgarna said picking it up and putting it on. “Where’s the sea” she asked herself looking to the horizon… No sea oops this be desert and it’s deserted!”

Well it was getting late , the sun was going down and Morgarna new that very soon all this heat would be gone and it would be very cold and dark! Making the most of things Morgarna followed the horse prints before winds of made the shifting sands dance. She had a quick look around …no one was in sight so she stepped off and flew, much faster than walking…and anyway there was no Merlin here to nag her! She covered a fifty mile stretch to an oasis where she could see the woman and her horse setting up camp…. The woman, still singing softly to herself.

As darkness fell Morgarna took a warm fur cloak out of her bag and draped it over her shoulders. Snapping her fingers she cunjoured up a roaring in fire, delved into her bag and got out some food. Later as she was having a cigarette and a Bacardi the woman in the blue cloak walked up to Morgarna’s fire and asked, “May I join you?” motioning to the carpet Morgarna was sitting on.

“I hoped you would follow me Morgarna, I do need your help and when I spoke to Merlin earlier he said he’d get you to help me.”
Morgarna looked at her and couldn’t resist saying, “You look a lot like Kate Bush”
“Yes that has been said before!”
“So what’s your problem?” Asked Morgarna lighting a cigarette and offering the woman one , she accepted and handed Morgarna a coffee.
“My name is Zephra and I am an Egyptian Queen …only a minor one but queen all the same , but my story is long and it’s been a long day. Tomorrow is an early start , we are joining the camel caravan if you are going to help me.”
Morgarna finished her coffee and asked, “What about your horse?” asked Morgarna.
“He’s sorted he’s a spirit horse and I have sent him back home.”
“Right said Morgarna you can explain while we travel. Time for a rest then!”.


As the sun rose the next morning, a long camel train arrived at the oasis. Morgarna and Zephra joined the other traders and travelers. The two women turned a few heads but no one raised an eyebrow. Well not until Morgarna started moaning that the camels gait made her feel sick! A man’s voice down the line called out …”they are not called the ships of the desert for nothing love!”


This is part of K.L.Caley’s #writrphoto Camel

Love Is In Da Blog: Day 6.

Good morning I am a day late with day six of Bee Halton’s Love Is In Da Blog. The prompt was : A Folk Love Song from your tweens.

Well I was a older than what I consider my tweens I was tween twenty and thirty when this song was first popular but group were around in my tweens so hopefully it counts. The song is a traditional English Folk song and it’s great to sing along with or dance to!

All Around My Hat by Ste

The song “All Around my Hat” is of nineteenth-century English origin. In an early version, dating from the 1820s, a Cockneycostermonger vowed to be true to his fiancée, who had been sentenced to seven years’ transportation to Australia for theft and to mourn his loss of her by wearing green willow sprigs in his hatband for “a twelve-month and a day”, the willow being a traditional symbol of mourning. The song was made famous by Steeleye Span in 1975, whose rendition may have been based on a more traditional version sung by John Langstaff. Information Wikipedia

The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan 2023 Daily Prompt – Jan. 14th

LindaGHill said :”Welcome to the Daily 2023 Just Jot it January Prompt and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for SATURDAY, JANUARY 14th! Well, so far, so good. I’m doing pretty well keeping up with the prompts this year by staying ahead of the game. There’s something to be said for taking the pressure off by being prepared. “

 Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 14th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “once upon a time.” Start your post with “Once upon a time,” then write whatever comes to you, whether it be fact or fiction. Have fun!

Once upon a time


Image Found  Here 

Once apon a time there was a young prince, named Bonniface. His  family  had  reigned over  their  kingdom  for  a  thousand  years!! Sadly the  present  king ( Bonniface’s dad) was   not  the  best  with  the  royal  purse  and  right  now  the  kingdom  was  deeply  in  the  red!  The  King  and  Queen  after much deliberation  decided  Bonniface should  marry Princess  Precious  from  the  the  kingdom  next  door  but one.

Well  that  was  not  so  bad  she  was  quiet  a  looker! So  it  was  a light  and happy  heart  that  he  set  off to meet  Precious. All went well on his arrival until after dinner whilst having   drink out on  the palace  veranda  that  Precious  showed  her  true  colours.

She  told  Bonniface   that  if  he  wished  to  marry  her  he  had  to carry  out  some  quests  for  her, to  prove  his  worth.

Poor  Bonniface   had  spent  the  last  two  years, getting  water  from  the  Well of  Life, crystals  from the  Mountains of  Doom and  three  scales  from a  living  dragon (  boy  that  was hard!) and  now  he was  supposed  to  getting  a  lock  of  hair  from a fairy!

Night  was falling  and  Bonniface  was hungry  and  so  was his  horse. As they  rounded  the  bend  Bonniface  saw  tiny  twinkling  lights  up  ahead. Ah!  he  thought  perhaps  there is  a chance  of  shelter  and  food, his  horse  (  who I  have  not  introduced  yet, named Jet, due  to his  colour) thought  exactly  the  same .

Nearing  the  lights the Prince  and  horse  were  amazed  to  see  that  they  were  surrounded  twinkling  fairies! They  were  really  so  enchanting  and  beautiful. The  Prince stood  stock  still  and  opened  mouthed. The  tiny  and  beautiful  faires  danced  all around  him. All  the  warnings  he  had  been  given  about  this  sort  of  thing totally  disappeared from his  mind  and  he  forgot  the rain and  the  tiredness  and  smiled !

A beautiful  soft  voice  from  behind  him made  him spin  round .


Image  Found  Here 

There in front of  him  was  the  most  beautiful  Fairy Prince, blonde  hair,  blue  eyes, red lips  and  equally  as  tall as  himself.  Bonniface  was  smitten . “Prince  Bonniface I  assume” said  the  silver tongued  Fairy Prince, ( he really did have a  silver  coloured  tongue). “I  have  had  my  eye on  you  for  several  months  now”  The  Fairy  Prince  smiled  and  bowed  very  low  taking  a  good  look  at  the  bedraggled  Bonniface  as  he  straighten up. Bonniface  was  still dumbstruck.

Well  the  Fairy  Prince  persuaded  Prince  Bonniface   to  stay  for  dinner  and  for decency’s sake  I  shall not  mention  what  happened  after  dinner   but  boy  it  was  hot and  joy  reigned  supreme!

In  the  morning  the  Fairy Prince  invited  Prince  Bonniface  to  stay  with  him  forever, apparently  if  he  stayed  he  would  become  a fairy  too  and  be  married  to  the  Fairy  Prince. It  took  Bonniface  a  split  second  to  weigh  up  the  pros  and  cons  of  life with the  Fairy  Prince  or  Princess Precious…… Yup  he  stayed  and  he  and  the Fairy  Prince lived  happily  ever  after. Well I  say  happily  ever after  they  did  have  their  ups  and  downs  and  Bonniface  found  himself  in  the  body  of  a  frog   more  than once   but  he  and  his  Prince  never  slept on  an  argument and  they always  made up  before sunset . They  had  lots of  fun  and  glorious sex  and  Bonniface   never  had  to  go  on  anymore  quests!

Jet  became a unicorn  and  was  very  popular  because   he  was  the only  black  unicorn in existence!


image  found  here 

Prince Bonniface’s  parents  suddenly  came  into  money  and  his  younger brother  Bob  became  the  next in  line  (  Bob  was an accountant   so  the  kingdom was in  safe  hands)


Image  found  here 

Princess Precious, well after  a  year or  two  decided  that Bonniface was  not  coming  back so  she  married  Prince  Rufus  of  some  other  Kingdom and  after  an uneasy  start  they  fell in  love  and  she  become  half  decent !

I  won’t  say  they  all  lived  happily  ever after   because  let us   get  real  no one  does  not  even in real  fairytales.   But  these  guys  above  made  a pretty  good  fists of  it!


This is a rewrite of a post I did in 2017.

The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan 2023 Daily Prompt – Jan. 7th.

To find the rules for Just Jot it January, click here.

Our host LindaGHill said. “Welcome to the Daily 2023 Just Jot it January Prompt and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for SATURDAY, JANUARY 7th! I’m scheduling this early so as not to get caught in the trap of being overwhelmed this year. Let’s see if I can keep up my resolution to be organized until the end of the month. Ha!”

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “out of the box.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think “out of the box.” Enjoy!

Today my poem can be read three ways, the bold print, the ordinary print or as one poem including all print.

Pandora’s Box.

image from Pixabay

Don’t open the box they told her

Please be careful they implored

Keep it shut it is bad they inferred

Evil in it lurks their warnings she ignored

Suddenly all thatwhich was good

They said would up and die

Did happen. She’d not done as she should

The evil was out  all she could do was cry.


Badge by Shelley Krupa..

K.L.Caley’s #writephoto part one of a catch up post Morgarna, Merlin and co have not been sleeping. Part 1.

Morgarna had a very rough time coping with being robbed if powers and incaserated in a lonely freezing garret but as always nothing lasts forever.


Merlin carefully carried Morgarna into the house where he gently woke her up. She was not in a good mood and a little surprised to be back at the house…” What took you so long I felt like I was dying in that cold and dirty garret!”
” You were not too easy to find babes you were off the radar for a while there! How are you feeling now Morgs”
“Absolute rubbish Merl’s but I can feel my powers returning and boy that’s really good, I felt really vulnerable, I can’t imagine how those mortals must feel…so unsafe!” With that Morgarna sprung up and announced that she was off for a bath and just vanished.
“What have I told you about inappropriate use of Magic” Merlin asked the void she’d left.
“Just testing that my powers work, and a little.bird told me you’ve not been quite the stickler lately! “

Later a much refreshed and more confident Morgarna emerged looking her normal stunning self.
Gail was in the kitchen cooking up a whirlwind and John was happily watching her completely spell bound by the machinery and the amazing smells.
Merlin and Morgarna sat in the lab huddled over the computer discussing the next step they needed to take to deal with the shapshifting entity.
“We may not need to go back Morgs, right now he’s in our time zone is
and I believe I have located his home planet. We need to get him sorted and returned before he causes more problems.
We need to return to the cemetery and the Volts were Annette and her father are buried”
Morgarna agreed, ” We’d better take John with us too.

“I’m coming too” insisted Gail I need to see this one through to the end! “
“Okay” said Merlin “but it won’t be all excitement!”
” Are we jumping or driving, Merl’s?” Morgarna asked.
“Time is of the the essence, right now I think we should Jump and so they did.

Reindeer – Image by KL Caley.

As they landed in the cemetery they found themselves surrounded by a thick fog, in the distance they could see a herd of reindeer 🦌” Oh! How festive” Morgarna trilled.

“Come we need to get things sorted out ” replied Merlin pointing his mobile at the distant deer, ” those are just deer so we had best get on.”
Are you ready for this John , are you ready to meet your love Annette again?” Asked Gail . “Yes indeed I am. I miss her so ” said John.
As Gail and John headed towards the church and the crypt ….. Merlin and Morgarna headed in to town, the ghosts who had witnessed the the Entity taking the young man’s body described him.
They had seen the entity enter one of houses in the street just outside the cemetery.two houses with matching doors, railings and winter decor.

“Well ” Merlin got his phone and ER. out and pointed them at the doors, then after looking at the reading he
continued “It’s in the lit up house”
“Are you certain” asked Morgarna “I’d of thought that he’d be hiding in the dark one…..I’d of put money on it!”
“We said Merlin that’s probably what it wants us to think , but it’s definitely in the lit up house.”
Silently Morgarna and Merlin went into the house using a skeleton key that Merlin had in his pocket. As they stepped inside they were shocked to find themselves in a pitch black hallway in a pitch black house?

Neighbours – Image by KL Caley.

This is part of K.L.Caley’s #writephpto Horizon.

Happy Christmas Everyone.

I wish all my lovely friends and followers here on wordpress a very happy Christmas may you all be blessed with a happy time.

Yule tide is upon us and yesterday was it’s eve. No doubt you have all been very busy. Well it’s time for you to sit down and have a break. So let’s all raise a glass to eachother and shout Happy Christmas.

Below is a little Christmas poem and some Christmas music.

Thanks for all your patience I love you all

It’s A Miracal

Black, black the sky, cold the winds blow

Across the sand by the light of the stars progress was slow.

She was slight but with child. Tired and near her time.

They had to travel though, the census to sign.

They arrived late after many days travel and there was no place to stay.

She was too tired to chide her man for his incompetence

A Miracle

Her time was near, she urged him to find a place she could lay.

He found a stable bare and full of the animal’s stench.

He did his best to make her comfortable as she began her labor

She was so young and a virgin she knew not what was happening

Finally a child was born as promised a boy to the world a saviour.

From outside came a gentle light and the sound of singing.

People came from far and wide, rich and poor bringing gifts

No one knew why they came but come they did

All saw the beauty of the family and felt their sorrow lift.

Image from Pixabay.

Love and kindness is for every day , not just for Christmas.




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