Song Lyric Sunday: I ‘ll name that tune in five!

Jim Adams.

Hi it’s Sunday and time for Jim Adam’s Song Lyric Sunday. This week our prompt is Songs with recognizable intros suggested by Clive from Take It Easy.

Our middle son was born in 1975 which puts him in the perfect age group for Brit Pop and boy did he and his mates embrace it when it exploded on to the scene. Verve and Oasis….They all travelled around following their hero’s…. They walked the walk, talked the talk sang the songs and danced the dance oh! Yes they had the haircuts!

Anyway I got to like the music too …..I had too to survive! Anyway 1997 Verve released Bitter Sweet Symphony and I loved it. I only have to hear those amazing strings on the intro to be cast back to the days of Brit Pop look alikes filling the house with music blaring.

I do think the intro is magic and definitely is up there with the most recognisable tracks like Ticket to ride, Layla, Chains and many many more.

A an aside a few years back middle son told me he and some friends were going up North to see Richard Ashcroft, having not listed properly I replied, ” That’ll be good, were you at school with him” ….he’s still laughing at me!

Bitter Sweet Symphony” is a song by the English rock band the Verve, from their third studio album, Urban Hymns (1997). It was produced by Youth and released on 16 June 1997 by Hut Recordings and Virgin Records as the album’s lead single.

“Bitter Sweet Symphony” is based on a sample from a 1965 version of the Rolling Stones song “The Last Time” by the Andrew Oldham Orchestra. The Verve added strings, guitar, percussion and vocals. They obtained rights to use the “Last Time” sample from the copyright holder, Decca Records, but were denied permission from the Rolling Stones’ former manager, Allen Klein. Following a lawsuit, the Verve relinquished all royalties and the Rolling Stones members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were added to the songwriting credits. In 2019, after Klein’s death, Jagger, Richards and Klein’s son ceded the rights to the Verve songwriter Richard Ashcroft.

The music video features Ashcroft walking down a busy pavement in Hoxton, London, bumping into passersby. It was played frequently on music channels and was nominated for several awards. The music video was nominated for Video of the YearBest Group Video, and Best Alternative Video at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Bitter Sweet Symphony” reached number two on the UK Singles Chart, and stayed on the chart for three months. It was released in the US in March 1998 by Virgin Records America, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was named Rolling Stone and NME Single of the Year and was nominated for Best British Single at the 1998 Brit Awards. In 1999, it was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. “Bitter Sweet Symphony” is considered one of the defining songs of the Britpop era.

The Verve songwriter Richard Ashcroft heard the Andrew Oldham Orchestra version of “The Last Time” and thought it could be “turned into something outrageous”. The Verve sampled and looped four bars, then added dozens more tracks, including additional strings, guitar, percussion and several layered vocals from Ashcroft. Ashcroft said he imagined “something that opened up into a prairie-music kind of sound”, similar to the work of the Italian composer Ennio Morricone, and that “the song started morphing into this wall of sound, a concise piece of incredible pop music”. He likened the use of the sample to the golden age of hip hop: “To take something but really twist it and fuck it up into something else. Take it and use your imagination.”

The strings that open “Bitter Sweet Symphony” are not sampled; they were arranged by Wil Malone based on the melody in the sample. Malone expanded on the melody to add “bounce” and “jump”. The strings were recorded in Olympic Studios, London, and performed by a group of 24 players. Malone instructed them to “make the strings tough, determined, not pretty, not to make them poetic”. He observed that the song is built on a single chord, and likened it to Arabic music.

“Bitter Sweet Symphony” was produced by Youth at Olympic Studios. According to Youth, Ashcroft initially recorded a version with the producer John Leckie but had decided not to proceed with it; Youth persuaded him to record another version. Youth said: “It was only once we’d put strings on it that he started getting excited. Then, towards the end, Richard wanted to chuck all the album away and start again. What was my reaction? Horror. Sheer horror. All I could say was, I really think you should reconsider.”


Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, that’s life
Tryna make ends meet, you’re a slave to money then you die
I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down
You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet, yeah

No change, I can change
I can change, I can change
But I’m here in my mold
I am here in my mold
But I’m a million different people
From one day to the next
I can’t change my mold
No, no, no, no, no
(Have you ever been down?)

Well, I’ve never prayed but tonight I’m on my knees, yeah
I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah
I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now
But the airwaves are clean and there’s nobody singin’ to me now

No change, I can change
I can change, I can change
But I’m here in my mold
I am here in my mold
And I’m a million different people
From one day to the next
I can’t change my mold
No, no, no, no, no
(Have you ever been down?)
I can’t change, oh, no
I can’t change, oh

‘Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, that’s life
Tryna make ends meet, tryna find somebody then you die
I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down
You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet, yeah

You know I can change, I can change
I can change, I can change
But I’m here in my mold
I am here in my mold
And I’m a million different people
From one day to the next
I can’t change my mold
No, no, no, no, no

I can’t change my mold
No, no, no, no, no,
I can’t change my mold, no, no, no, no
It’s just sex and violence, melody and silence
It’s just sex and violence, melody and silence
I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down
I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down
Been down
Ever been down
Ever been down
Ever been down
Ever been down
Have you ever been down?
Have you ever been down?
Have you ever been down?

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Keith Richards / Mick Jagger / Richard Ashcroft

Bitter Sweet Symphony lyrics © Abkco Music Inc.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 19, 2022. Morning.

Hi everyone it’s time for LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday again. While she is having a pyjama day, watching snow and nursing her sore Covid booster arm we have our prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “morning.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Badge by Shelley Krupa..

Morning Greeting

Morning breaks with a crash
The earth awakes in a flash
What’s the story? morning glory.
Dry and warm or cold and haary
Greet the day with open arms
Drink morning tea the brew that calms.
Flora, forna and critters have survived
The night, all glad to be alive.
So we start another morning
Thankful for another dawning.

Throwback Thursday # 64 Spaces and Places.

Maggie is again, stepping in for Lauren this week. Today we are going to amble around through the places of our youth.

This week’s prompt is: Spaces and Places

Did you grow up in an urban or a rural environment?

I grew up in an urban area, London born and bred.

How would you describe the geographic area where you lived?

One the boarders of W5 and Middlesex. Lots of houses ,shops and even then traffic. There was a large park across the road, it was part of the Rothchild estate.

West Ealing Woolworths 1960s

West Ealing 1960s photo from

Was it mostly buildings or mostly trees?

Mostly buildings but it was a “leafy suburb”

Four seasons, or always warm or cold?

We had four seasons and often in one day!

What about the place in which you resided? Was it a house, an apartment, a mobile home, a boat, or something else?

© willowdot21

We lived in a terrace council house with three bedrooms, one bathroom a tiny garden out the back there was a kitchen with a coal hole, a front room and a backroom and just inside the door was a pantry.. it was mostly full of family and friends. The photo above is of it as it looks now so slightly different to how it really was.

Did you like it and do you miss it now?

I did it was home and I do sometimes miss it but it’s more the people that made that home that I miss.
I don’t miss the winters they were so cold we had ice on the inside of the windows!

What about the bedroom you had in the home? Did you share it with someone or did you have it all to yourself?

Mainly I shared it with three sisters, multiple cousins and the occasional waif and stray who was staying over. We did actually have the largest room in the house because there were always more of us!

If you shared, with whom? How was the space decorated?

I answered this above…how was it decorated?

Mainly my sister’s chose how to have it doe but it was not decorated often.
I remember once my sister Frankie suggested we cut adverts and coloured pictures out of fashion magazines …we pasted them on to a long wall and made a huge collage it looked amazing…I was about eight at the time and I thought it was so cool. Very like the wall in the photo below.

Photo by Brett Sayles on

Another time she got Dad to build window seats and she upholstered them with red and cream regency stripes and she bought deep blue flock wallpaper with her own money and she hung that up herself too. My two older sisters left home by the time I was 5 so I don’t remember their tastes. Not long before I left home to get married , my brother’s and all but one sister had left home so I got a small room to myself. I decorated it orange and purple.
I also painted a mural on my white wordrobe doors

When you did family activities at home, in what room did you spend your time?

In the room we called the back room. It was the livingroom really. We only had fireplaces downstairs in the front and back rooms so we all huddle round the fire in winter.

What did you do together? TV? Cards? Board Games? Reading?

All of the above. Though we did not get a TV until I was thirteen.

Did your friends’ living situation seem similar to your own?

Yes , some were better and some were worse

Did you prefer to be at your friend’s home or did you prefer your own?

I liked both.

Did your friends like to hang out at your house?

Yes it was always busy.

What kind of school did you attend?

A convent school.

Large or small? Religious or secular? Public or private?

Medium and Religious.

Did you attend church, synagogue, temple, or some other religious facility? If so was it large and ornate, or small and homey? Did you feel comfortable there?

We attended Catholic church our parish church was small and comfy.
Some of the other ones we attended were much bigger and ornate. I did not like them as much .

Did you have a hang out spot? Skating rink? Mall? Burger joint? Bowling alley? Friend’s house?

We didn’t have shopping Malls then, but all the others yes except the ice-rink but usually spent more time in the park or garden.

Where did you typically go on dates (if you dated)? Movies? Out to a restaurant? At home watching tv? Library? Gym? Dances? Clubs? Mall?

The park, at friends houses, or our houses we didn’t do much that cost money because we didn’t have much to spare.

What kind of place did you live in when you first moved away from home.

When we got married we bought a two bedroom maisonette , basically a down stairs flat with a huge garden. We had our own front door into a front garden. It looked like a semi detached house but it was four maisonettes.

Was it a big adjustment or were you ready to strike out

Yes it was a huge adjustment, I was only 17 years and had gone from the family home.
At times I was scared and wondered what had I done…. But on the whole I was ready.

Describe your first place.

The pictures below is a photo of our first how it is now. Sadly we don’t have any photos of it when we lived there. We lived in the downstairs maisonette. We had a tree and crazy paving out the front.

Out the back we had a huge narrow garden of about 60 yards. With apple trees, pear tree, and plum trees. There was also a pond. Under the pond was a disused WW2 air raid shelter… Full of water from the pond.

If you open the door you found yourself in a small hallway under the stairs, the living room was to your left and was the shape of a thrupenny piece.,old money, with a fireplace, two doors and a bay window quite a challenge to arrange furniture.

Then going through the secon door there was another square hall to the left was bedroom , to the right a small hall off of which was the bathroom and our bedroom, the kitchen was across the hall from the lounge. We were very happy there. Over 51 years ago .

© willowdot21

One-Liner Wednesday. Indeed.

Part of LindaGHill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 298, 11/15/22 #Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt


This challenge explores Ekphrastic poetry, inspired by visual art or photographs. David provided the photo for this month’s challenge:


I have chosen to do a Tanks, hopefully less words more meaning.

“Ukrainian Figurines” by Kirill Shevchenko (Groder) Image by Кирилл Шевченко from Pixabay

We stand together
United in heart and voice
Music lifts us up
Surrender is not a choice
We are a choir of hope

This is part of Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka Challenge

Ronovan Writes Sijo Wednesday Poetry Challenge #36. Use FREE as your inspiration this week.

© willowdot21

A kiss, hug or we cuddle, mean so much to me, especially as they’re free
No price for sunrise or sunset fresh from God’s palette
Mother Gaia gives all her gifts and fruits free, how do we repay?


Night Or Day? #WordlessWednesday #Photography

© willowdot21

Part of Hugh’s Wordless Wednesday.

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 436 EMPTY and Revive.

Running on empty
Autumn is almost quite spent
Yet earth will revive

Haiku Challenge


K.L.Caley’s #writephotoUpsiszing.

It all happening this week and that’s why Morgarna and co are running late …never mind here we go! So back to pick up where we left them all last week.

For visually challenged writersa tiny crab next to a giant shell

Upsizing – Image by KL Caley

“So how are we going to get into the Castle” asked Gail as Merlin set her down .
“Don’t you worry my dear I have a plan.” Merlin waved his hand and just out of nowhere two beautiful horses appeared one white and one black both with fine reins, bridels, saddles and full, plush saddle bags.
“Way to go” Screamed Gail, “not bad for the guy who said no random magic?”
“This is not random magic magic this is much needed magic. If we are to get into the castle and rescue Morgarna we need to appear wealthy and well connected. Which horse would you like Gail or should I say the lady Abigail “
Gail looked at the two horses and said “Oh! My full name get you! …can I have the black one please he looks so fine and those eyes they are so deep. “
Merlin raised an eyebrow and the saddle on the black stallion became a fur clad sidesaddle fit for a lady. Gail let Meriln help her up onto the horse, ” can you ride Gail” he asked?
“No” Gail replied, Merlin put his head to one side smiled, ” you can now and well, he’s called Bayard he responds well to all commands. “
Gail shook her head as she turned Bayard round as Merlin mounted Drifter.
“Merlin this is amazing I feel one with Bayard he is a wonderful animal, hey Bay, can I call you Bay, let’s fly!”
Merlin laughed, and nudged Drifter “come now to the castle. “

Early afternoon a farmer was on his mobile talking to his wife. “Honestly I was only out of the cab for five minutes when I heard it being driven off, I chased it but it was really flying. Yes hun report it to the police but I doubt they’ll do anything about it…. yes! We might get a crime number, true , true.

Put the kettle on I need a break!” he half laughed as he hung up and headed off back towards the farmhouse.

The Entity ( let’s call him Bill) had just arrived in town he dumped the tractor in the middle of the high street and made straight for the cemetery.
He was looking for Merlin and it wasn’t to wish him a good day.
Bill decided to take the body of a young man who was taking a short cut through the cemetery. Oh! He thought to himself this body is much better fed than the last one.
Reaching down ‘Bill stuck his hand into the earth and pulled an young but very dead infantry man from his grave by the war memorial. He breathed into the skeleton and immediately it morphed into a
ghostly version of who he had been.
“Merlin, where is he ? I need to know, is he in the crypt….is he hiding from me?” He ended on a roar!
The young ghost looked him straight in the eye and said “No sir he’s gone back in time to search you out!”
Bill threw the soldier down with such a force that he was immediately burried again.

As evening fell Merlin and Gail arrived at the castle they approached slowly and sedately. “Remember Merlin whispered you are Lady Abigail and I am your Uncle Morten and we are on our way to meet your betrothed the Earl of Gloucester. Let me do most of the talking ” As they approached the drawbridge Merlin called out in answer to the customary “Who goes there?” from the watch! Lord Morten of Friedrichburg and my neice the Lady Abigail we are en route to meet my neice’s betrothed in Gloucester.”
“Halt” came the reply .

By now Annette’s Father was enjoying his meal, wine and looking forward to taking one or maybe two of his many serving wenches to his bed! Happy in the knowledge that for the piffling price of his daughter’s life he now had the the promise of eternal life from the strange wizard ( the entity known as Bill) who had visited him a fortnight ago.
One of his servants came to his side and whispered in his ear, “My Lord, there a two people at the gate”
“Who the Devil are they?” He asked.
“Lord Morten of Friedrichburg and his neice the Lady Abigail”
“What do they look like ?”
“Rich sir very Rich”
“Well don’t keep them waiting! bring them up, hurry and bring them up”

Upsizing – Image by KL Caley

Up in the garret Morgarna had fallen into an uneasy sleep and was dreaming.
She was clean and warm and floating around in clear warm water. Ahead of her she saw a tiny crab next to a giant shell.
“Hello little chap what are you up to?”
“Chapess if you don’t mind, and I am house hunting,”
“Really” asked Morgarna with a smile the first one she’d managed since her capture.
“I love house hunting, did I tell you we’ve just bought a great new house? Now I am not sure you’re after this one here it’s way too big for you…what’s your name? You’ll be rattling around like a marble in there! I am Morgarna “
“Well Miss bossy boots Morgarna , my name is Chrustina I don’t care what you think I am upsizing!”
“Okay Miss Chrustina shall we investigate “
While Morgarna’s body lay cold and dirty in the windy garret her mind was relaxed and warm and she had a friend of sorts. ….
Down in the main hall of the castle Merlin and Gail made their grand entrance. Gail looked across to Merlin and asked telepathically “Can you feel her Merlin, I can and she’s in pain!”
“I can and I can see where she is too, up in the garret tower. John the real John is in the dungeon. ” Merlin smiled at Gail.. “now remember I am Lord Morten , your uncle and you are Lady Abigail. “
“Time to sort things out Merlin?” Gail asked and Merlin nodded……

PART OF K.L.CALEY’S,#writephoto: Upsizing.

Throwback Thursday: Then And Now .

Here I am late again for Throwback Thursday Maggie and Lauren’s challenge. This week is Maggie’s turn and she said. ” I’m back to ask you to do a little time travel with me. Today, think back on the kid you were, the you that many consider your authentic self.

This week’s prompt is: Then and Now

Think about yourself as a child and tell me :

Were you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

This is a hard one really because in all honesty I was outwardly an extravert when intruth I was a very insecure introvert trying to cope .

Did you have a boisterous or a more reserved personality?

Again I am a bit of both. If I feel uncertain or frightened I babble, giggle and talk rubbish loudly, all the time knowing I should shut up.

I am the one in the front hand over my mouth….I still do that now! © willowdot21.

Were you more confident or did you tend to be insecure?

As I say I was so insecure I put on a huge show of being confident to hide my insecurities….. My eldest son does the same even now.

Were you social or were you more of a loner?

I was social but could bea loner if I needed to.

Were you a good listener or a good talker?

I was and am a good listener.

Did you like school or dread it?

I dreaded school. I hated it.

Did you like the outdoors or did you prefer staying inside?

I liked both but hated to out in bad weather. Still do.

Did you have deep thoughts about the world, the universe, etc., or did you only see as far as where you lived?

I have always worried about the world and it’s future.

Image from Pixabay.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I really don’t think I ever knew. Now I wish I had been born in the future and that I was a starship pilot.

Looking back, how did you fare as an adult?

I think I have done okay.

© willowdot21

Are you still that same person or have you changed?

I am still the same person.

If you changed, was it a dramatic shift or just slight changes?

Slight if any.

Did you end up in the profession you thought you would?

No I never got to be Starbuck or Morgarna.

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