The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 3, 2023

Hi everyone it Saturday and Linda is here with our Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Badge by Shelley Krupa..

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “left alone.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Garbo in Inspiration.jpg

Garbo in Inspiration (1931)

Greta Garbo famously said I want to be alone

image from Tenor

Sometimes I just want to be left alone to do my own thing. I want peace and quiet all on my own . Sometimes I just crave peace.

Last night hubby messed with my phone
How I wish he’d left it alone.
Now it’s being so picky
Even doing this post is tricky.
I am not a happy bunny
No none of this is funny.
I need to sign into everything
It’s all getting under my skin
In a bad mood now
I just might pick a row
Like a dog without a bone
How I want to be left alone.


#writephoto: Gondola.


Today our three time travels land in Florence but end up somewhere else completely! What’s going on?

This is part of K.L. Caley’s #writephoto: Gondola.

After checking into their rooms the three of them went to a little trattoria Merlin knew for coffee and a discussion about why they were there.
They sat dunking their biscotti in delicious coffee. Merlin opened his record bag and took out a folder… Some tickets fell out onto the table. “Oh!” Squealed Gail , “what are these?”
These are our tickets for the Cathedral, Duomo Museum, and Baptistery Tour. I have booked it for this afternoon.”
Gail was so excited , “are we going on a guided tour oh! wow Merlin you are spoiling us.”
Morgarna choked on her coffee,put her cup down and then lit a cigarette, “Calm down lady, Merlin never does anything without there being a reason!”
Gail looked at Morgarna and helped herself to one of her cigarettes and lit it….”Is that true Merlin do you have an ulterior motive?”
Merlin coughed and trying to change the subject said “Do you ladies have to smoke you know how much I hate the habit!”
Gail went to put her cigarette out but Morgarna stopped her, “Yes we bloody do, now what’s the catch here?” Morgarna scowled.
Merlin shifted in his seat looking uncomfortable then clearing his throat he said.
“Well yes there is a problem here , there are strange goings on at the Baptistery.”
“I knew it” Morgarna said raising an eyebrow brow at the waiter and requesting a bottle of Cabinet-Savenogn and three glasses.

While Morgarna and Gail did the tour Merlin slipped away from the others and walked the exterior walls checking for time fractures and space anomalies. It was a pleasant afternoon not too hot or crowded, and he was enjoying the beautiful decoration of the outside walls of the building. He was particularly interested in it’s three sets of artistically important bronze doors with relief sculptures. The south doors were created by Andrea Pisano and the north and east doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti. Michelangelo dubbed the east doors the Gates of Paradise. These were the doors he was particularly paying attention to.
After circling the building several times he found the tiniest of cracks in the space continueum. He checked and checked again and yes there was a tiny space portal …from the reading on his machine he could see it was small and no time was involved. It was definitely there though…. The second in a week, and it was growing.

When the tour was finished the ladies joined Merlin at the east doors .
Gail was full of the sights of the tour especially the dark, which is divided into a lower part with columns and pilasters and an upper part with a walkway. She could see that those who had built it spared neither trouble nor expense in decorating the baptistery. The walls were clad in dark green and white marble with inlaid geometrical patterns. The niches are separated by monolithic columns of Sardinian granite. The marble revetment of the interior was begun in the second half of the eleventh century. Gail was just besotted by it.
Morgarna and Merlin decided to let her talk herself out and decided to ake plans over dinner.

Sitting outside a very plush Ristaunté in one of the squares Merlin explained what he had found .
“Are you sure it’s a definite space portal it sounds so tiny…not like the one at the dig which was definitely a time and space portal.” Morgarna asked.
“Yup definitely it obviously won’t go far but we cannot let it stay there a child or even an adult could slip through the portal. So ladies if you are ready we need to go and deal with it now. “
Finishing her wine and stubbing out her cigarette Morgarna got up to go followed by Gail and Merlin.

When they got back to the Baptistry the place was dark and empty. Merlin led the way around the building to the East Door. He soon found the portal. He checked around the square to see that there was no one watching them when he was sure they were alone he said ” Right ladies through we go ” he said, for once actually leading the way.
They all had to bend down and almost crawl through the invisible rift..
“This isn’t like the one from the Dig to the Galleon” Gail said.
“Nor the one from the fort from summer to winter !” Replied Morgarna.
Merlin chimed in..”No it’s the smallest one I have ever seen!”

After what seemed Iike hours crawling through cobwebs, dust and huge drops on either side they finally arrived at a turning…in front of them they saw a crack of light. They all hurried towards the light.

With a collective sigh of relief they all emergered to the most unexpected sight.


They had been crawling through the night and now in the light of dawn the had arrived in Venice! Standing there they saw gondolas anchored outside some beautiful but old buildings surrounded by green water.
Gail rubbed her back and asked, “Why couldn’t we have used the Anomaly and jumped it would of been much quicker?”
“Because ” said Merlin ” we had to go through the rift to seal it!”
“Oh! I see” said Gail sighing and not seeing at all.
Morgarna said “okay who’s for breakfast I am starving and I need a ciggie! We can sort all this out later. Merlin what have you forgotten? “
Merlin thought then with a wave of his hand he sealed the rift from this side.
“Right let’s have breakfast and a break before anything else happens”.

#writephoto: Geometric.


Last week in K.L. Caley’s #write photo we lef the ladies in the brigg of a Galleon surrounded by superstitious sailors and a bemused Captain and a rift in time to seal. Let’s see what happens next.

The Galleon.

At about 3am a storm hit and the ship started to roll and pitch violently. Gail woke up feeling sick and needing to pee! Morgarna was fast asleep and Gail hesitated to wake her up! But as the ship was being thrown about so violently she decided to wake her anyway. ” Morgarna” she said “I’m scared and I need to pee”
“There’s a bucket over in the corner use that” Morgarna did not sound best pleased to be woken but Gail decided her need to pee was greater than Morgarna’s temper.
“I can’t see a thing ” Gail moaned feeling around for the bucket. With a sigh Morgarna took a torch out of her bag and shone it over to the corner. Gail shot across and grabbed it , hoisting up her dress she quickly relived herself… Oh! Thank goodness she thought to herself that better now I need to sick… She promptly was all over the floor.

As the night went on the storm got worse and the sailors were struggling to keep the ship afloat. The men were getting fearful for their lives and superstitious as they were they decided that the storm was the fault of the two female stowaways below in the brigg.
As the time approached 4.30am there was still no sign of the storm abaiting in fact it was worsening.
The men were getting ugly and the captain decided that he’d have to do something before the men took matters into their own hands and he’d lose face.
“Mr Smith” he shouted above the noise of the wind, waves and creaking ship, “Mr Smith, bring those two witches up here and be quick about it, the bow is taking a real battering”
“Aye Captain” Smith shouted as he headed down below.
Morgarna was ready and waiting for Smith she had her bag one of her shoulder and she had hold of a deshevelled and grubby Gail with her free hand.

Back up on deck by the flickering flames of the torches Gail was looking decidedly green. More ghostly than she had ever looked as a real ghost. Morgarna who had applied some make up while waiting for Mr Smith was looking absolutely ravishing.
The men were by now getting more and more scared of the storm and their imaginations were running riot, they were baying for blood.
They wanted Gail thrown into the sea and for Morgarna to be stripped and tied to the main mast as appeasement to the sea gods who were whipping up this storm.
Morgarna hissed in Gail’s ear…. I know you feel rough but just follow my lead and all will be well.

The Captain raised his voice above the storm and the men’s shouting.” “Hold fast all of ye!” He bellowed, pulling himself up to his full size, ” we will sort this out , but first make sure everything is battern down and stop the noise I can’t think “
Gail was feeling wretched and scared looking over to Morgarna who winked at her and said telepathically, so only Gail could hear, “it’s fine trust me! ” “Okay” Gail replied trying not to scream out, as frienzied hands ripped her clothes off leaving her naked.
The Captain cut the ropes around Morgarna’s wrists and said …are you ready to be strapped to the mast, my beauty?”
Morgarna looked him in the eye… He melted to her will just look at me she said …turning to the others who were now ripping the clothes from her back. She again said “look into my eyes”…. There was a silence and all the sailors were frozen in time.
Morgarna raised her hand and pointed to the barrels where she, Gail and the sailors had entered the ship. Chanting in an ancient tongue she sealed the time rift. Once sure the rift was sealed she moved across to Gail and took her hand …” Right leave all your clothes on the deck , here next to mine. Picking up her skimpy designer knickers she threw them up at the mast were they stuck tight. “That will give them something to ponder! ” She laughed, even Gail saw the funny side. They stood there for a second or two both stark naked, apart from Morgarna’s bag they had nothing to cover their modesty.

The anomaly arrived and they jumped. The second they did the sailors all awoke and the storm ceased .
The captain and the men all stared around, they were becalmed, the witches were gone all that was left were two piles of clothes and a something rather pretty but scanty stuck to the mast. And what had looked like two rather pert bottoms disappearing from view. ….

Morgarna and Gail landed with a gentle bump…. Merlin had for once taken the precaution of preparing a soft landing for them and also provided towels.
“Hot baths prepared for you both and dinner is in the oven” Merlin said making a show of averting his eyes as the ladies wrapped themselves up in towels.

Sitting round the table later clean and smelling sweet Morgarna and Gail were finishing their meals when as he filled their glasses Merlin announced ” We’re going on an Italian trip ladies how do you fancy Florence?”
Morgarna pushed her empty plate away and lit a cigarette “When ” she asked eyeing him suspiciously.
“Tomorrow morning?” He replied.
“And you’re coming too Merlin” Gail intervened .
“Yes I am coming too”
He took a file off of the chair next to him and opened it up revealing photos and notes , one photo stood out it was of a building bin front of a church whose exterior walls are all geometric black and white patterns.


“Ah! The Baptistery of St John’s” said Morgarna flicking her ash on her plate.
“I wish you would not do that ” Merlin started then stopped her face brooked no nagging.
“Look Gail , Florence, have you been it’s beautiful you’ll love it.”
” Woow ! No I haven’t it looks ace! ” She replied finishing her wine.
“Anyone for pudding?” Merlin asked.

Early the next morning they all stood in the garden Gail had a suitcase.
“What’s that for” asked Merlin.
“Well ” Gail replied ” I want to look the part of a tourist and you won’t let me have one of those tardis bags so I have packed a small case”
Morgarna and Merlin looked at eachother both had the hint of a smile on their faces .
Merlin pressed a button on his mobile and the anomaly appeared and they were off .

They landed in the garden of a nice hotel in Florence…”Are you ready ladies I’ve booked us rooms ?” Smiled Merlin as he lead the way to the hotel reception….

Dan The Owl Man.

A blogger I much admire, Dan Antion of No Facilities, told me he’d like to take the quiz on Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge. I encouraged him to have a go and said I would write a Tricube or two for him .

It turns out he is an Owl. Which apparently makes him :

A loner, the owl spirit animal represents vision, freedom, and independence. The owl can inspire you to unlock your full potential and discover your unique talents. If the owl resonates with you, it is likely you enjoy working on your own and value your independence

The Owl

Using hands
You create

Stand alone
You inspire
And you teach

Your hands are
Your best tools
No one’s fool

You see life
And beauty
In dead wood

Your inner
Eye sees all
Carving out

So unique
Those hands can
Craft words too.

#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 322, 5/30/2023: Spirit Animal Poetry. Hummingbird.


短歌 火曜日

This week’s challenge is to find your Spirit AnimalTake the quiz at Colleen’s blog. HERE

Well I took the Quiz and I am a Humming bird.


“In most cases, the hummingbird spirit animal is a messenger of joy, love, and good luck. This mighty little bird is also a symbol of beauty, playfulness, and resilience. Those with the hummingbird as their spirit animal tend to be happy. They’re joyful people who love life and all of its challenges”

So if I am to write about the humming bird and it’s spirit I will need a delicate for so I have chosen to write to Tricubes.
Here are the rules of Tricubes:

  • Each line contains three syllables.
  • Each stanza contains three lines.
  • Each poem contains three stanzas.

So we’re talking cubes in mathematical terms (to the third power). No rules for rhymes, meter, etc. Just three, three, and three.

© willowdot21


Wings busy
I bring luck

Yet so fast

And beauty
Giving strength.


So tiny
Mighty yet
So gentle

Always fleet
Catch the eye
Never caught

Spreading joy
Willow Wisp.


Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 464 CREATURE and Happy.

Just as the earth spins
A creature of habit I
Rejoice with the season’s turns

Haiku Challenge
Ronovanwrite’s .


A river runs through lest we forget.

My home city London

all photos © willowdot21

We celebrate our war heroes in November but we know and respect Memorial Day.

The Bloody Tower.

Pouring out of Poppies
Tower of London 2014 © willowdot21

On realizing my eyes opened wide

Each poppy was a soldier that had died.

I was so  shocked to see

The pouring out of red running into a sea.

Rows and rows  growing into a river

Tumbling  from the window pouring on forever.

Each one was a mother’s son, a  husband or a brother

Such sacrifice displayed for all to see , cousin, uncle even lover.

I humbly prayed for God  bless them all

Each soul represented  by a red poppy growing tall.

Such a sacrifice for  what gain

They  said  a war like that  would not come again.

Sadly  now we know the great They lied.

For  along came world war 2  and more people died.

War goes on and never stops, no matter how we try

It will always raise it’s ugly  head and more men and women will die.

This is part of Terri Webster Schrandts Sunday Stills.


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