This Tuesday, the day after Easter Monday, is the first of the month so this week it’s poet’s choice..

I chose a Double Etheree to explore the two sides of Easter.

© willowdot21

In one day.
April through May
Spring, Summer,Autumn.
It’s all so magical .
When you’re hunting Easter Eggs.
In the garden or in the park.
Filling your Egg basket before dark.
Happy Easter Everyone, he’s risen.
Died so
We may live.
He washed away
Our sins and for that
We are truly grateful.
Joy to the world we are saved.

He rose and left an empty grave.
No one saw him go but he saved us.
Be blessed he is risen for all of us.

Photo by Italo Melo on Pexels.com

Part of Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka Challenge.

April 1: Flash Fiction Challenge: Swift Passage.

April 1 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a swift passage. You can take inspiration from any source. Who is going where and why. What makes it swift? Go where the prompt leads!.

I wrote this in honour of Sue Vincent. You can read her beautiful blog here.

The candle flickered her spirit left. Free from earth’s tethers and life’s pain she breathed again. Across the night sky lit by stars she flashed around the planet spreading love as she went. 

Alighting on her Moors, her spirit’s home. The stones welcomed her with love, they knew her worth. Cold winds could not chill her just carry her wisdom. 

Behind she left us grieving, family and friends alike. Her legacy will last forever as will the hole she left in our hearts. My last email to her said “sleep well.” Sue’s passage after death was swift to bliss.

Charli’s Carrot Ranch 

One-Liner Wednesday. 30th March 2021.

This is part of LindaGHill’s One-Liner Wednesday.


This is part of Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka. This week I chose a traditional Senryu.

SENRYU IN ENGLISH: Traditional 5/7/5. A Senryu is written about love, humor, a personal event, and should have irony present.

Sue & Ani ©Alethea Kehas.

A beacon of light
You touched my heart and my soul.
You left way too soon

The above photo was taken by Alethea Kehas.

Farewell to Sue.

© willowdot21

“I like you” Sue said when we met for the second time, “your even shorter than me.” Sue always spoke her mind.

Like everyone who knew her I will miss Sue dearly. It was not as this day was not expected but still it was a heart stopper when I actually saw the words in print.

Sue was many things, Mother, Grandmother, loving partner, carer, teacher, friend, author and a supporter and light to us all.

We have lost a beautiful light, a beacon from our lives. Sue touched us all. I can’t believe it’s only six months since September when Sue got the news that she was terminally ill. Like many, family and friends I baulked at the inevitable selfishly I could not accept what Sue not only accepted but also embraced . She was angry, as we all would be. Amazingly she said she had too much work to finish. Too much life to live.

© SueVincent.

Sue had visits to Oxford, days out with Ducks and Grandchildren and she worked, boy she worked so hard, books written and published, books reworked and republished. Christmas Dinner prepared and eaten, cakes and mince pies prepared. If minded Sue was an unstoppable force.

I emailed Sue daily, she probably got fed up with me but I just wanted her to know I was there for her. The last email , that I sent was last night and simply said , “Dear Sue sleep well” and I put Peace as the subject. I really mean that Dear Sue sleep well. Where ever you are now in your new realm be at peace.

Sue, I don’t want to but it is time to say goodbye as you spread your wings and move to the next part of your journey. You will live forever in my heart …not only mine but many others too. You will be immortal in our memories.

With love to Stuart, Nick Alex and the girls not forgotting The Small Dog Ani.

Another feather flutters
A candle is lighted
A soul with with loved ones united.
At last there is no pain
You are free to soar again.

© willowdot21

© willowdot21

Never forgotten.💜🦋

Sue’s blog is here.

Life to Match.

image from here

Life is like a match. It bursts into being, full of promise and light. It grows then at it fullest and brightest it dies, returning us to the dark..

Birth is painful it is bloody, it is spectacular, it is after conception, the start for everybody. Pushed from the darkness into the light screaming and kicking you get handled by gloved hands under bright light.

Then like the flame as it takes hold the young brain sucking in knowledge. Like the match it needs oxygen as much as it can hold.

You see the blue and yellow of the flame grow in strength as it follows its aim. As we grow, we learn and we store the lessons that will form us more and more. Reaching out to light the world  doing all we can to live the life you know is right.

dicarded and forgotten

Like the match we reach our zenith gold and blue with smoky edges but only for seconds does that last. How soon our very best is past. Try as we may to keep the light, like the match are loosing it fast. So tailing down to nought but heat like the match we are thrown on the scrap heap. At best we end up all alone or, I shudder at the choice , in an old people’s home.

Sad as I am to be alone, don’t throw me in an old peoples home. I once had so much to share I am still in here please have a care.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 13, 2021.Day,Week, Month,Year,

Badge by Shelley Krupa.

Linda said that this week is an anniversary–the start of lockdowns and the acceptance of the Pandemic–for most people around the world. She’d like to suggest something different for this week’s SoCS. We don’t have to do it. You can just choose one of the prompt words and run with it as you always do. Linda said she might do that herself. But it might be interesting to see not just how everyone has coped, or not, over the last year, but to share our common experiences as a way to connect, to feel a little less alone, perhaps. Basically, talk about our last year whether stream-of-consciousness style or not. Or, if we’d rather not, talk about any time period your heart desires. Without further ado!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “day/week/month/year.” Use one, use them all, use them any way you’d like. Enjoy!

I used songs and videos a lots to describe this past pandemic year. They helped me cope and take it all in. The first one to strike me was Andrà Tutti Bene by Cristóvam. It seemed to say it all, the fear, the stress and separation.

The first I heard of this new illness was late November, news coming out of China of fast spreading virus that was killing people in far off Woohan. In late January I wrote my poem The Plague you can read it here I posted it February. So March came around and it was beginning to bite shortages in shops especially toilet rolls yes really toilet rolls. What was so frightening was we kept seeing the news from Europe, especially Italy and Spain.

image Pixabay.

We had a Carribbean holiday booked for March, that was cancelled the day before we went due to covid. In a way I was relieved. Then the Lockdowns started.

It was confusing.

Life then became groundhog Day! At first hubby did all the shopping because he wanted to protect me he bravely carried on doing that until November when we decided to get all our shopping delivered, we still have our shopping delivered.

We’d walk Ruby twice a day we would drive to woodland twice a day and she’d have a lovely walk. We drove 4miles to the woods because they were deserted unlike the park near us which was and still is full of people, on bikes, runners and people who didn’t seem to care about social distancing.

Hubby’s mother fell ill in April , it was covid on the brain, she was taken into hospital. May the first was her 100th birthday hubby was invited into the covid ward so he could celebrate her birthday with her.

Empty corridors, closed wards, wonderful staff and Mother in law confused but doing well. Sadly hubby’s brother and his family caused so much grief for my hubby, refusing to let him in his mother’s house to get clothes for her, his brother was staying there. He refused hubby entry threatening him with the police, his daughter even threatened to kill my husband! They said he had been on a covid ward and could not go near them! …he didn’t want to we had to social distancing.

Well it all got worse. Then hubby’s mum was allowed home, hubby was banned from going over to see her. Sadly she went down hill again and went back into hospital. She died of Covid on the 3rd/4 th June. Then I fell ill. You can read about that here if you wish.

Hubby’s brother and sister let hubby do the whole probate and will and sell his mother’s house with even more threats and nastiness. Thankfully now we never need to speak to them again.

Two poems from those hard months.

A Desparate Sonnet.

The Madness of Wills.

The months went by in a blurr I got used to my Cholosectomy drain and bag it was with me until the end of November when I had my gall bladder and the offending stones taken out.

We walked Ruby, we clapped the NHS every Thursday until we were told to stop. …

We are all very thankful to the NHS and all our frontline workers and first responders , that is not reflected in government’s latest “payrise” to them.

Below the window posters I made.

Then we had Captain Tom Moore. He walked up and down his garden to raise money for the NHS at the age of 99yrs, he died this year at just over 100yrs Tom’s Story Here.

Our Grandchildren have grown up a whole years worth and apart from a few 15 to 30 minute socially distanced visits where they stood on their doorstep and we on the pavement we have lost that year.

above photos sent to us of our grandchildren..

Our boys too have had it hard, our eldest has had to work from home the entire time and has missed his social life and office life dreadfully. He has lost weight, and got very depressed at times . We keep in touch by video and phone.

Our middle son was furloughed and had to take a massive paycut on return to work. Also he caught Covid after returning to work. He was very ill with it over Christmas, he was had the paramedics out twice,was in hospital over night and we could not visit him . We took food round to him Christmas day and waved through the window to him. Christmas was hard this last year. We saw no one in person .. thank goodness for zoom, what’sapp and Skype.

Our youngest son also has had a year of working from home, he has a wife and two children so he is in a better position company wise than the other two boys who live on their own. The children have found it hard in the lockdowns especially the eldest one who misses his school friends. Again, no Christmas no birthday parties it’s so hard on the children. They are back at school now. The younger one was at nursery most of the time as nurserys did not close this lockdown?

Our daughter in law and son have done a sterling job of homeschooling this year. In January our son had an office lodge built in his garden so he can work in peace.

I am not going to mention all the terrible and stupid, selfish and not playing by the rules that some of our government have committed over this past year…it’s taken me long enough to write this and I have written but SoCs so forgive typos, and timeline blips!

So a year later here we are hopefully coming out of lockdown number three. We have lost a lot but in a way we have gained so much. I just hope that there is not another surge of covid. I hope everyone behaves or we will be back into Lockdown number four.


This is part of LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 48: (FORTUNE) in the B rhyme line.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image
You may, if you wish, make some kind of link between the Haiku Challenge prompt of (FOOL and Head) and here is my Haiku. This week’s Décima Challenge is FORTUNE in the B rhyme lineThis means you could write a haiku post using the prompt words. Then do a Décima post using this week’s prompt uniting the two with a common message.
The 2 CHALLENGES are SEPARATE but can be combined if YOU CHOOSE to do so. This week I do.

Image from Pixabay.

Here I’m trapped in this lonely place
Tied and bound to dance to their tune.
Hope gone, a soldier of fortune.
It’s me, not you here at God’s grace.
Fear creeping at relentless pace.
Morphious brought as injection.
This place spreads dread as infection.
Keys jangle in the dead of night.
Wings being clipped no hope of flight.
Give out the pills like confection.


This is part of Ronovanwrite’s Weekly Décima

Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 47: (START) in the A rhyme line.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image
Hi, it’s time for Ronovanwrite’s Weekly Décima. You may, if you wish, make some kind of link between the Haiku Challenge prompt of (ACHE and Ease) here is mineand this Décima Challenge of START in the A rhyme lineThis means you could write a haiku post using the prompt words. Then do a Décima post using this week’s prompt uniting the two with a common message.
The 2 CHALLENGES are SEPARATE but can be combined as I have chosen to do again.
Image from Pixabay.

Midas Ache.

She was left wanting from the start.
From her first breath she was needy.
Misunderstood and thought greedy.
So much emptiness in her heart.
She kept this secret, being smart.
Relationships, never lasted.
Through feasting times she fasted.
Try as she may she was
Sadness and pain from her soul flowed.
Hopes out of the waters blasted

The Story Sofa.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Here I am with open arms

Oblivious to all your charms.

Here I am, the one you need

I’m always up for a midnight feed!!

I am on hand for a cosy rest in front of the fire, Sit with me in winter and  watch the snow fall as the flames grow higher.

I am here for you, in spring

Sit with me and listen to the Thrush sing.

Early morning late at night

I keep your secrets as you grow older

I am here for you when you need a shoulder

And encourage you to climb a gigantic life boulder!

I excel at family  gatherings 

Christmas, Easter, Birthdays Weddings.

Usually I get tarted up when special visitors come to sup!

Always in need when there are babies,

Good for cuddles and sometimes a lot more too!

I  will not say what  that’s about .

I shall not disclose what you get up to when everyone’s out!

Such comfort can found in my arms.

For weary heads with physical or mental qualms.

I never nag or boss you. I am always here when your day is through.

I stand here for you when you’ve had enough.

I’ve been with you good and bad

Shared your grief  when you’ve been sad.

Seen you laugh  loud and free

And kept the secrets you’ve given me.

Then one day comes a bolt out of the blue I am of no longer any use to you.

I am banished shoved aside

No longer wanted even though I held your side.

Cast aside for versions new

Image google

Now, how ungrateful can you be !

After all these years you abandon me??

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