It’s been a long day.

It’s been a long day, a three hundred and seventy odd miles round trip. Left home at 9am and 8.15pm return.

We lost a very dear friend in this last fortnight. Today was his funeral and we had to travel to Devon to attend. It was a long day, a sad day and also a celebration of our dear friends life. His coffin entered to Tina Turners Simply the best, we were invited to sing Westlife’s You lift me up and There is a green hill far away (Hymn) and after two very poignant eluegies he left us to Always look on the bright side of life. Which sums him up perfectly.

So that’s why I have not posted or hardly commented today it’s not that I am ignoring you guys I have just been otherwise involved. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow. Love to you all. I am so tired I am off to bed. Normal service resumes tomorrow.ūüíú

Sorry Everyone.

I really thought I was on top of things, I did . Yet I am really struggling it’s like wading through mud. I feel so low and truly I don’t know why.

Yet again I have deleted every thing in my in box …I hate doing that because it makes me feel I am binning so many wonderfully written and thought out posts.

But the black dog is lurking in the corner. I can’t fight it I am exhausted.

I just need a break , I don’t know how long. A day, a week a month who knows. Please remember I do love you all and I will be back as soon as whatever it is has gone, or whatever I have lost comes back . I came back too soon. ūüíú

A Sorry Etheree.



hate to say

I deleted

all your mail today.

As much I love to

read your posts. A break right now

Is what I need the most. So please

Be patient, I will be back ready

To post and read your blogs and comment back.


OOPS! I’ve Done It Again

Hi¬† everyone! I¬† made¬† a¬† real pills¬† of¬† my¬† review¬† of¬† Geoff Lepard’s¬† latest¬† book Apprenticed¬† To¬† My¬† Mother. atmm-kdp-cover.jpgI¬† have¬† corrected¬† it¬† now¬† so¬† to¬† whoever¬† has¬† already¬† read¬† it¬† please¬† go¬† back¬† and¬† read¬† again¬† so I¬† can¬† do¬† Geoff¬† justice¬† ( He¬† was¬† in¬† the law¬† you know). Read¬† it¬† here¬†

This¬† is¬† why¬† I¬† am not¬† a¬† book reviewer…… I¬† do have another¬† review¬† to¬† write¬† lets¬† see if I¬† can¬† make¬† a better¬† fist of¬† that¬† first time around !


The Escapist Colouring Club.

Okay I know I had a month off due to just not being able to keep up …what a wimp! I know, I know but in another world….

So I am only six day late but I now truly intend to keep up. Here is my latest project.

I know it is not started yet but I am on the job … Apologies to all who have been slaving away with their crayons, pencils, pens or even paintbrushes.

Part of The Escapist Colouring Club with Linda.

Merry Christmas to you all

I  wish  all my  lovely  friends  and  followers  here  on  wordpress a  very  happy Christmas   may  you  all be  blessed  with  a  happy  time.

Yule¬† tide¬† is¬† upon¬† us¬† and¬† today¬† is¬† it’s¬† eve. My¬† life is¬† is¬† still in¬† flux¬† and¬† try¬† as¬† I¬† may¬† I¬† cannot¬† seem¬† to¬† cope¬† with¬† things. I¬† am¬† doing¬† my¬† best¬† to¬† read¬† your¬† blogs¬† but I¬† ¬†am¬† still struggling¬† to¬† keep¬† up¬† with¬† posting¬† myself. I¬† am¬† getting¬† there¬† slowly though…. Hope¬† for¬† me¬† yet !¬† Below¬† is¬† a¬† little¬† Christmas¬† ¬†poem¬† and¬† some¬† Christmas¬† music.

Thanks  for  all your  patience  I  love  you  all!

Black, black  the  sky,  cold the  winds  blow

Across  the  sand  by  the  light  of  the  stars progress was  slow.

She  was  slight  but with  child. Tired  and  near  her  time.

They  had  had  to travel  though,   the  census to  sign.

They arrive late after many  days  travel and  there  was no place  to stay.

She was  too tired  to  chide  her  man for his  incompetence


Her time  was near,  she  urged him  to  find  a place  she could lay.

He found  a  stable bare and  full of   the  animal’s  stench.

He  did his  best  to  make  her  comfortable  as  she  began  her  labor

She  was  so young  and  a virgin  she  knew  not  what  was happening

Finally  a  child  was  born  as  promised a  boy to  the  world a savior.

From outside  came  a gentle  light  and  the  sound of  singing.

People  came from far  and  wide, rich  and  poor bringing  gifts

No one  knew  why  they  came  but  come  they  did

All  saw  the  beauty  of  the  family and  felt  their  sorrow lift.

Waving to you all.

Hi everyone, since our return from the sun I have been hit hard by the blues. 

It’s not so much the lack of sun more the fact that everything I ran away from, to relax, is all still here but more of it and bigger. 

So I don’t feel I  can cope. I shall be doing my best to catch up on all my commitments. Twittering  Tales, A Month With Yeats,Thursday Photo Prompt, Cosmic Photo Challenge, Colleen Chesebro Weekly Poetry Challenge, Sacha Black’s writespiration,Ronovanwrites plus I need to catch up on all your posts and comments. 

Be patient, I will be back , tomorrow or next week. I miss you all I will be back.

Please if your pray say one for me, if you don’t then send me a kick up the bum to get me moving .ūüíúūüíúūüíúūüíúūüíú

Image from Pixabay

Say a little prayer

Hi ¬†everyone ¬†I ¬†have ¬†to ¬†apologize ¬†to ¬†everyone ¬†who usually ¬†visits ¬†Paul ¬†Curran’s ¬†and my ¬†“If ¬†we ¬†were having ¬†coffee” Because ¬†they ¬†were ¬†not¬† published ¬†this ¬†week. Well I ¬†am going ¬†to ¬†put ¬†Paul’s ¬†post today ¬†or ¬†tomorrow ¬†but ¬†mine ¬†will have ¬†to wait ¬†until ¬†the weekend.

Saturday  morning I received a phone  call  from one of  my  sisters telling  me  that  our second  eldest  sister  who  has  been in  hospital  since  April,  was  so gravely  ill  that  the medical staff caring  for our  sister   wanted us  all to visit her immediately. So from all different parts of  England  we  set  off , four of us  went immediately  and  another four  set  off early  Sunday  Morning. We  have  all been  to visited  her  over  the months  but  she lives  so far  away  from us . We all wish  she  was  close enough  for  us  to  visit  daily but  that is not  the case.

When  we  arrived  Saturday  evening  we  were  so  shocked as  things  did not  look at all good. Oxygen masks, nose tubes and all sorts of machines, one machine is basically a respirator. All  sorts of  cannulars  in her  arm  for  taking  blood and  such.

The specialist in charge of our ¬†sister was very honest with us and said that things are in the lap of the gods. He spoke to us again yesterday and said she has a drug resistant bug in her chest bone and inflamed lungs. They really do not know exactly ¬†what to ¬†do but are trying a small dose of steroids in hopes they can ¬†help. If the steroids don’t work there is no more that they can do. Today ¬†one of ¬†my sisters who ¬†was ¬†able ¬†to stay ¬†longer ¬†has ¬†told ¬†me that M is having difficulty with the liquid food they are giving her and ¬†that ¬†she is looking ¬†worse . All we can do is pray.

I am praying  for her  and if  any of  you  would like to  ask  your  God  to  help  her  I would  be so  grateful.

Ciao! to you all!!

Dear  all  the  wifi  has  been  abominable this  week  and  I  cannot  keep  up  with  the  emails, so  I  am reading  what I  can  and liking   but I  just  do nt  have  time  to  comment! Sorry !!

I love  you  all!!unnamed

If we were having Coffer : Apologises for abscence


Hello everyone If we were having Coffee: I would welcome you all and be so pleased to see you. I have to say that although I am here to greet you I am not actually able to stay. Everything is prepared for you and I hope you are all ready to enjoy Coffee Cake and chatting.
This week and next week Paul is holding court at¬† Mark‘s post.
Everything is ready for you in the garden. Please enjoy.

If we were having  Coffee: I would ask  you what  has been going on in your world this week, has  anything  deeply affected  you, have  you need a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry  on or  just  needed someone  to make  you laugh! If  yes  feel free to talk it out  here  with us. We will all help if  we can.

coffee2.jpg (1200√ó797)

Well what  do  you  think  shall  we  chance  it . Now  as  always  we have  tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.
If we were having coffee: I would say how much I regret not being able to join you all. I also want you to know that I am following everyone even if I am slow in commenting I will be back to normal after the 11th.


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