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Through All Life’s Turmoil…

I love this video and what it has to say more everytime I see it! Way to go here come the comeback!!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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Through all life’s turmoil…
and it’s resultant pain…
there is One who can help us…
to turn our pain into our gain.
For the pain that we endure…
is like a thorn in our side…
but it becomes the catapult…

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K‚Äôlee and Dale‚Äôs Cosmic Photo Challenge. Fungi

This week Dale has pick us a moist prompt! So what’s the word for this week’s K’LEE’S and DALE’S Cosmic Photo Challenge! Well it’s Fungi.

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The trees where I walk the dog are as you see are “Scary Ents”


Song Lyric Sunday: 17/9/17 

This week Helen Vahdati has asked us to pick a song about Fortune Telling / Predicting the Future.

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Well to do that I am going back in time to 1966 .  The group Hard Times and the song The Fortune Teller.  

Lyrics from: genius.com

Went to the fortune teller
Had my fortune read
I didn’t know what to tell her
I had a dizzy feeling in my head

Then she took a look at my palm
Said, “Son, do you feel kind of warm?”
She looked into her crystal ball
Said, “You’re in love”

Said “How could that be so?”
I’m not passionate with the girls I know
She said when the next one arrives
You’ll be looking into her eyes

I left there in a hurry
Looking forward to my big surprise
The next day I discovered
That the fortune teller told me lies

I hurried back down to that woman
As mad as I could be
I told her I didn’t see nobody
Why’d she make a fool out of me?

Then something struck me
As if it came from up above
While looking at the fortune teller
I fell in love
So how is that Helen, Backwards to look Forward. Happy Sunday everyone.

Retail Therapy.

Ewe New Shoes And Bag.

the heart is heavy

Please visit the blog and comment and support her. ūüíú

My Blog

So sad to witness the gradual loss of memory…how to do familiar tasks..worrying about time to do things, inability to settle to watch and follow TV programmes……the heart is heavy that sees these things.

Looking through a pile of unopened mail, birthday cards addressed to me for tomorrow I saw one addressed to Teresa Collins and Family!! what is this I wonder, then realised it was the card purchased today by husband John. He asked me to go with him to the shop and then asked me which one I liked……So sad to think he could no longer do this simple task without my help..my heart is heavy and there is nothing I can do.

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K’Lee’s and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge. A Clockwork’d Orange

This weeks ¬†challenge the ¬†K’Lee¬†and ¬†Dale’s¬†Cosmic ¬†photo ¬†Challenge ¬†this ¬†week ¬†was ¬†chosen ¬†by ¬†K’lee and ¬†his ¬†random ¬†choice ¬†was¬†A Clockworked ¬†Orange .¬†So ¬†not ¬†being ¬†very ¬†clever ¬†I ¬†went ¬†for ¬†the ¬†obvious and ¬†the ¬†simple.


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One – Liner Wednesday

We were approaching the closed level crossing gates. My husband switched lanes to turn left. ¬†“Don’t we want to go straight on I asked? “. Er! No!

Wordless Wednesday. Cupboard love.

Writespiration #132 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 37: Sequal.

This week Sacha has really decided to test us out! Our Challenge is to re read the end of the last book we have read and write the first 52 Words of it’s sequal.! 

The last Book I read was   to Evil . By Sacha Black you can buy it here.

It is the best How to book  I have ever read.

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           13¬ĺ Steps To Nerddom.

 I have helped you create the perfect Villain let’s see if I can set you on the road to creating the perfect Nerd!   Don’t under estimate your nerd they can often  be the backbone of your story. Villains and heroes are all very well but your nerd is vital to any plot.

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