New Year New Hope


And now we stand on the brink of the New Year. Exposed,open hearted, eyes wide hiding our fear.

Take that first step into no man’s land be brave and strong I am here at hand. Who knows where tomorrow will take us. Will it be joy or will it be sorrow or will the monotony shake us?

The leap of fate can for no man wait so come lets fly before it is too late.


Happy New Year to all my dear friends who are kind enough to visit my site again I thank you all. willow with love. xx

I saw, I saw him crash and burn

I saw the horror

I saw the horror I saw it all. I saw his face as his ship did explode I saw in my mind I could not scream but I felt ripped apart as I watched his ship implode.

I begged him not to leave me I begged not to go now I must spend my days alone out here on the Rim looking out to Io. I hate to see the suns rise I no longer want their rays. I can’t bare to think what they will say, I shall spit on their words of praise.

When they learn he is dead I shall be pushed away to the side they will not want to be reminded of death I don’t care I will hide. I will find a freighter or a skyhopper  and blag my way aboard I will find he who killed my lover and him no mercy will I afford.

Alone at the rising of the suns

For now I shall keep my silence I shall grieve in silence and hide my living hell. I shall wait for the news to break, I shall no one tell. They must never know I have powers, not know I have  the sight. I am clever though and I shall find an excuse to explain why I dislike the light , why I dance in shadows and rejoice in the night.

So for now alone on the edge awaiting the dawn here on the outer rim of Orion I watch the light arrive on Caprica with the morn. From here I see far beyond the horizon the endless night skies to where they reach down to frozen lands where endless snow flies.

He flew his ship around Io as he watched for ships from Jupiter below.No point in praying  for his safe return and  without him for me there is no life I know.No point in praying for him to return again for in my mind’s eye I saw the second his ship was struck,I saw him crash in flames.

Mary and Jo Part19

Where are those three wise men, I hear you say where are those three kings are they not coming to pray. Yes they have been busy checking their star charts to see what they say.

Stars have warnings

They must arrive in January on the fifth day. Now as it happens it is a good thing you see, for they have not been well enough to leave the hotel as they have upset tummies!

Now don’t you forget them because you will see they will arrive safe on the day pre decreed! They will bring their presents fit for a new king. The the new order of life can begin.

Death has a rest ( a short one)

Death being entertertained by Hope and the New year

He was tired, he was taken unaware.  Death was exhausted it had been a heavy year. He was not sure at first but their gentle voices confirmed his fears . Here was Hope and the New Year , yes and they were seeping  love and kindness he felt weak at the knees and close to tears.

Come ,they said, and sit with us you look so tired and gaunt he knew they would not be denied their chat, they would not be put off by a nasty taunt. Feeling strangely grateful, not a feeling he knew well, he took the weight off his bony feet which as usual hurt like hell.

Walking on those cobbled stones played havoc with his joints  it must be how a ballerina feels after dancing years on points! They lit a fire because he looked cold,  Death hated to admit it but he was frozen to the bone and feeling so very old. Well what use is a thin cowled cloak in minus zero. For goodness sake he was not a super hero.

New Year, tiny, innocent and fresh eyes wide and her smile too, dressed in green was she ever to be able to cope with the coming 12 months of mess.She was so beautiful and so close to her friend Hope who was plump now, and hassle free this end of the year their predecessors had not long left, Old Mother time and Hopelessness. But right now he was happy to sit for a while and bask in their warmth it was like a sweet caress.

It has been such a busy year, his three brothers, War, Famine and Pestilence had been very busy and as ever it was his job to collect the souls was enough to make you dizzy. So many shootings and knifings , gangs and young people doing dreadful things it almost pained him ..wait was that an emotion swing!!

This will not get the dead collected he said as he bade them good night and headed off to London Town to collect a sixteen year old lad from a street fight. Sad he muttered as he helped the lad from the gutter. Was that a tear he asked himself, shocked. No it was rain his tear ducts long gone and never unlocked .

As he watched Hope and New Year set off on their path he sighed a huge sigh he wanted to laugh he knew they would be old,haggered and changed this time next year. Reassuring his charge that all would be well, what? he felt another emotion was that fear, again it has been hovering over his head getting ever so near.So he took the boy who hardly had lived while Hope and New Year took Pandora’s Box and opened the lid.

Death on his weary way.

He fights beyond Io

Alone at the rising of the suns


Alone on the edge awaiting the dawn here on the outer rim of Orion I watch the light arrive on Caprica with the morn. From here I see far beyond the horizon the endless night skies to where they reach down to frozen lands where endless snow flies.

I count the suns, one, two, three they light the pitch black but they will not light me. I quickly slip back into the cave I shall no longer walk under the suns until he returns, the one I crave.

He flies his ship around Io as he watches for ships from Jupiter below. I pray for his safe return for without him for me there is no life I know. I will him safe I will him the victor may his ship zoom and fly in hails of photons and skim through firestorms along the the event horizon I wave my fists at the climbing suns I beg them return him to me the loss I feel in my blood as it runs in my veins………… Return him I beg them please I scream or do I just  implore in vain.

I am The Christmas Fairy

I am the christmas fairy

I am the Christmas  fairy what on earth has happened to me I am lost and fallen from the Christmas tree. I am alone and frightened only dark do I see my beautiful wings and my party dress are all black what has happened to me.

I was tired of watching, I no longer wanted to see the sadness inside of those humans …….. no it seems it has all fallen on me. They were all here for a while full of laughter and smiles or so it seemed but I could feel all the torment underneath  was that really their Christmas dream.

The room was lovely and my tree was a wondrous sight  they all pretended to be happy but I heard what they whispered to each other when they were in bed at night. Why, they should of been happy with the ones they loved, but three wished they were with someone else, two lucky souls had each other so they felt they were above the petty undertones. The last is the one who’s pain took me she stood alone hoping wishing praying to God for joy just every day coping.

Why suffer so why pretend, why is love and caring so unkind so bitter in the end. Why put yourself through it why try then wait for the phone that does not ring and cry. They will say it was great they will say it was the best and you all know, it was a mess. The pain in each soul is just out of control. All it needs is for humans to to speak the truth to reach out an touch with love that was theirs when they were young and their parents had youth.

I saw him the black dog in the corner he was restless ready to pounce and he did he ripped out their souls he took every ounce. No amount of decoration or cuisine can sate that dog’s appetite for depression, he is always lean and mean.

Why lie

Why did I let them in why did I look deep into their pain. I am lost in this dark place with that black dog face to face will I ever escape will I ever rise and see the light and feel the warmth of love or will  it forever be lies.

I am the Christmas  fairy what on earth has happened to me I am lost and fallen from the Christmas tree. I am alone and frightened only dark do I see my beautiful wings and my party dress are all black what has happened to me.

Mary and Jo part18

Dove of peace

Coora, coora said the dove I bring light and I bring love. Such was the light that fell around it lit each pebble and grain of sand on the ground.

It was strange the Hotel Delph usually a place of wealth, had shepherds and sheep and ordinary folk  streaming towards it an appointment to keep.

Mares and Jo bathed in gentle light resting in the gazebo after a busy night. Swaddled tightly in his  arms Jo held his baby for now safe from harm.

Jo holds his son

Here within this baby’s heart is the blessed grace to give us a brand new start. All the people strangers to one another,  had all had the call to come and greet the new Child here with his father and mother. The Dove descends and  comes to rest near where these new parents have made their nest.

gentle angels

Gentle angels from heaven above look down upon this scene of tender love. Stragglers come from far and wide, the Ox, a dog a cat and many others beside. They all have gifts to give to this child who as a man will die so we can live.

A small group hover outside embarrassed by their pride, they have nothing to bring to give to the baby king.A beautiful angel approaches them and asks why they wait , they explain they no gift . The Angel bids them their hearts to up lift their love for him is an ample gift.

Annya  and Irene cannot believe their eyes they delivered this babe and heard it’s birth cries is this really where they work with all this light and people here how transformed this mean courtyard does appear.

Still some way off along the road our three wise men near with their precious load, of gold, frankincense and myrrh to worship a the baby’s feet and gentle Jo and Mares to meet.

Just for now we watch this strange, strange scene the farm animals, and the insects all clearly seen, mix and mingle with family pets and lots of humans lets not forget. This must truly be the Messiah for in every soul here tonight burns a fire of love and truth and sacrifice …the cats are just ignoring the mice, no pushing no shoving all is calm like the baby’s breathing in Jo capable arms.


Thank you so much to  ,      and  for presenting me with this award. I am very grateful and honoured to receive it.

So in order to make this award official I’m to tell you seven random facts about me.? So okay.

I have absolutely no scholastic diplomas, not a GCSE, Alevel or University Graduation.

I am well used to showing one emotion whilst experiencing another.

I miss being at work.

I love animals.

I always try to help others

I am always walking on egg shells

I never truly relax.

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Mary and Jo part17

Irena arrived first

Irena got there first a huge smile on her face, she was so happy to be doing her real job, even if it was in a strange place. She could not believe the sight that met her eyes, there was a cat and a dog and the lady from up the way and doves covered the skies.

Well she thought we can’t move her now she will have to give birth here in the gazebo! It felt so good to be wearing her blues again, Jo was flapping quietly rubbing Mares’ back pretending he was in control…. but that was all in vain!

Annya arrived she almost hurdling the bushes, how are things going she asked Irena, who smiled replied you have made it for the  pushes. So between the three of them a little babe was born. It was strange it took all night but some how it did not not seem long

Annya cool and calm

Mares seemed so calm , in fact she was serene, Annya was amazed and told Irena for a “first time mum” she was the calmest she’d ever seen. There seemed to be so many people there,angels people later said, with golden flowing hair and bright rings around their heads.

The pets from up the road and the lady too, and some shepherds arrived with their sheep they all wanted to be there too. It all seemed so surreal Oh! was it a dream.Here in the gazebo with doves and sheep and things!! The star above the hotel began to burn so bright it turned the scented garden and gazebo into a haven of light.

At last the babe is here

And so the babe is born. This the first day of the new dawn. This child has come to lead the way to take us to a better day.

The shepherds brought their sheep as gifts to the young king and his parents in love to keep. Josh has bought his friendship band he placed it in the baby’s hand. The children offered up the paper chain they had made with Mares and she in turn has kissed them all and blown away their cares.

On their way towards the hotel Delph  in a limousine our three wise men are approaching fast they want to warn Jo again and fast.

But for now all is light and all is love as the star shines down from heaven above, born for us this day our saviour to wash our sins away.

Homeless at Christmas

Homeless at Christmas

I hope it won’t snow this Christmas it one of my biggest fears it was so bitter last year even thinking of it makes me shudder and shed a tear.

They won’t be eating Turkey with all the trim unless they find a charity shelter and they can get in. The people at the shelters are angels from up above they give their time and plenty love. They really are saviours they really do so much good. They give warmth and comfort and Christmas dinner and even  Christmas pud.

OH! why are they out here I hear you say there are lots of reasons, have you got all day. Dave got made redundant the bills he couldn’t pay so the bank stepped in and took his home away. His wife could not stand the B&B that the social offered them so she took the children off to live with her mum so Dave won’t see them again.

Jen, she was cheeky girl always having fun staying out late and playing up in the end it got too much for her mum! After a big row one night  in the summer she asked Jen to go, so she is struggling along out here now,when your homeless it is amazing how fast your friends all go.

Rob well his story is very sad, it all started with his drinking then he discovered drugs he became violent and everything turned bad. He fell out with his mothers boyfriend who told him he had to go and then threw him out into the January snow.

The reasons are legion you can take your pick, from parents who can’t cope to addictions that make you loose all hope,parents or family who beat you, family who will not stop at a touch they want you to give them way too much.

This may all seem morbid this may all seem too sad I hate to tell you all, things can be so very, very bad. People young and old see their hope and dreams unfold and vanish in clouds of smoke as they end up on the streets lost and without hope.

So enjoy your Christmas parties, your families and your Yule tide fare but as you raise a toast remember the homeless ones out there .



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