Song Lyric Sunday : Summer

The very  talented  Helen at  This  Thing called  Life One Word  at a Time  told us  that : The theme for Song Lyric Sunday on June 19th is “Summer“.  Pick a song that makes you think of summer, that has the word in the title or lyrics, or pick one of your own that has nothing to do with the theme.  We’re all open to sharing and listening to new, amazing music.  Most of all, just enjoy the process.

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So which  song is  most  evocative  of  summer  in my  mind ? Well  there  are  many  in fact  too numerous  to  mention. So I  closed  my eyes  and  let  my  mind  slip off to  wherever  as  I thought  of  summer. The  first  song  that  entered  my  head was  Summer  Breeze  , and it was not  the Isley  Brother’s   version  but  the  beautiful  Seals  and Croft version I  was hearing. The  song  takes  me back  to 1972  the  year  after  I  got  married. Happy  carefree days.

So  here  we are  please  enjoy!



See the curtains hangin’ in the window
In the evenin’ on a Friday night
Little light is shinin’ through the window
Lets me know everything’s alright

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind

See the paper layin’ on the sidewalk
A little music from the house next door
So I walked on up to the doorstep
Through the screen and across the floor

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind

Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom
July is dressed up and playing her tune
And I come home from a hard day’s work
And you’re waiting there, not a care in the world

See the smile awaitin’ in the kitchen
Food cookin’ in the plates for two
Feel the arms that reach out to hold me
In the evening when the day is through

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind


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Read more: Seals And Crofts – Summer Breeze Lyrics | MetroLyrics


Not the A to Z April Challenge : Xanthopyll

Xanthopyll  lights  life  with  hues  yellow

Golden  blasts to lowly  mellow

Crowds of Sunflowers reach  for

The sun filling them with

Xanthopyll so gold

Yellow lights my

Life . Mellow





Just Jot It January: If We Were Having Coffee: Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Hello  everyone  I am so  sorry  that I am so late ! I can see you are  all enjoying a chat, some cake , a  warming  fire  and  a delicious beverage!  It  has been a really  busy  and not  really  fun day. The  husband  who is  still not fully  well  has  decided  that  the decorating  can wait  no  longer. So  it  has been a day  of  shopping, stripping  ( calm down !  wallpaper stripping) filling, feathering  and  other  technical  terms ! So finding  a few  minutes  to  get  here  to chat  with all  you lovely  guys  has been  difficult  to say the least!

Coffee Cat

Anyway, Hello  and  welcome  come in it is lovely  to see you all here again. The fires are lit  the cushions are plumped up and  we have  the coffee and tea on  the go  and the cakes and sweets are all set out.  We  have  tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

If we were having  Coffee: I would ask  you what  has been going on in your world this week, has  anything  deeply affected  you, have  you need a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry  on or  just  needed someone  to make  you laugh! If  yes  feel free to talk it out  here  with us. We will all help if  we can.

I have been spouting out  my  personal pain  lately , although  this past week I have tried to be positive, so If we were having coffee: I  would have to say  sorry  but if  I do not  let it out  here or rather in my poetry I think I would  go mad!

Okay  moving on  If we were having coffee: I would have to tell you about  a whisper  that I have heard about  that is growing into a roar!

A Thousand Voices Speak For Compassion

I heard about it first  on TanGental’s page here   and also on Gene’Os page  here . The idea  is to get 1000 bloggers on the same day to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement etc.? (Date to be decided.(it’s suggested 20th February 2015) We could call it 1000 Voices For Compassion.Who’s in? I really  would  like to be  but I need to think really  hard  about  what  to write about  but I am  going to think about it  and I am going to take part … If  anyone  has any  suggestions I would  be very grateful to hear them!

If were were having coffee: I would  ask you if  you would like another drink to warm you  up  here  move nearer to the fire ! I do not  envy  those of you who  in places  where  you have arctic temperatures, I really do not know  how you cope. Right  now  it is 2 degrees here  and is set to drop to minus  2 degrees ! I can here  you giggling  especially those of you  who are experiencing  minus 23!

If we were having Coffee: I would like  to welcome  back Deborah  at Container Chronicles who  joins us  doing her own” If  We Were Having Coffee” post. Do visit  her  she has been away  for too long  and it is so good to have  her  back!

Also  I have to say to Sheri De Gorm  I hope  wordpress has  not done  anything to our  coffee chat in the garden, we have moved indoors though!!

Well If we were having Coffee: I will thank  you all for coming  and I hope  you can forgive  my tardiness! If  you get a chance  send  me  some prayers  or  good vibes  whatever  your preference. That things  here  may improve  instead of  getting worse  week by  week. All I want  is  to be a happy  united  family  again… after all the Newbie  is growing  so fast  and we are missing so much. …sorry ‘nough said.

Will  you have another  cuppa, ah!  you will go on! This  little video  is  with a nod of  the head  and a wink to  my  dear friend Jean at  SocialBridge she will understand!

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gene’O’s

This post is part of Just Jot It January hosted by Linda G Hill.

Thanks for tuning in and if you want to join, feel free to click on the link and start jotting!



Happy Days

What to do what to say
Could my cares of blown away.
The sun is happy in the sky of azure blue
It is warming all we see and do.


The birds are singing the lizards run
We are having breakfast in the sun.

Voices chatting accent’s new
All discussing where and what to do.


Cappuccino, espresso even tea
And of course (brown water) americano for me.

Charming hosts fabulous food
Such beautiful room and furniture nothing brash or crude.


So relaxed and happy too
It all seems too good to be true .
I wish I could take it home
Never a again to feel sad or alone.


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The sun is setting on sea and on the  land with gentle care.Just look at all this beauty there must be a God out there.  The last of the sun’s rays dance upon the waves as night approaches along the rocks and in the caves.

Draw a spiral in the sand, sadly it will disappear when the sea meets the land. From the centre spreading out the circles swirl  making patterns on the shore. Like the spiral of time spreading out from creation or maybe before.

The centre of the pattern is like a good deed when it is born the goodness spirals out to touch all of those in need. Skip, hop jump take care of the spirals please there are thousands and thousand of wishes here.Treat them with respect  to future happiness they are the keys.


She came in on the midnight hour looking warn and weary like a wilted flower, tired bedraggled sloven and bereft of any power.

Rain had washed her make up off and she looked half her age, her hair hung limp and wet there was a nasty taste in her mouth and her belly was full of rage.

Peeling off her soaking clothes letting them fall to the floor through the house naked she walked oblivious to all, her soul in bits she could feel no more.

She crept into the shower and let the water run, hot hot hotter then she took the scrubbing brush she must undo what had been done. So she let the water run and run.

She closed her mind to all that had run before she bent her head and stared at  the chipped tile on the floor. So tired, so tired and in such pain do it right do it wrong it is all the bloody same.

photo credits google images

What to do, she did not know she had to sort things this she did know. Slowly the water was turning red and there was whirling in her head .

Sagging knees she clutched her belly she tried to move but she had turned to jelly.

The sound of water was calming the warmth of the water was too, yet the pain was alarming……..

Sometime later the water ran cold she awakes and shivers and realizes she must move, she must get a hold. Where is her mum she needs some help then she remembers with a whelp.Crawling up she stops the water , dries herself off and looks in the mirror to see if she has altered.

Dressed again she makes her way down stairs moves the wet clothes that are hers, still in the house no one stirs. Leaving the house the rain has stopped she almost flies to the grave yard to retrieve what she has dropped.

Her nerve is running out as she approaches the warden’s shed she is pain and light in the head.Opening the door she slips inside there where she left it her bundle she spies. Picking it up and holding her breath she unwraps the smelly blanket .

Silence…………..she touches the face the lips, she lifts the tiny hands and kisses them suddenly a a movement a wriggle she holds her breath and then a cry ….. The answer to all her wishes.

Photo credits google images

Lifting the little bundle up full of such relief that God , thank God this could so almost of ended in grief. Taking in a deep breath as that awful pain returned, it was really hurting now and she was quite concerned.
There was nothing for it, the one thing she  really did not  want to do. With a shaking hand she picked up her mobile ………. Hi Mum I really, really  need you She was very frightened no idea what to expect  but with him in her arms now she had no regrets!

Good bye to Mum

photo credits google image

She leaves no footprints in the sand as from the sparkling sea to the dunes she walks, a bouquet of seaweed in her hand. Eyes so bright are aquamarine set in the most beautiful face you have ever seen. Lips so red like a healthy heart expose gleaming teeth when in a smile they part.

Sitting in the dunes she waits and watches stars in the sky letting her mind relax. Breathing in the scene while inside her heart zooms and flies.

Then in the moon light she sees him coming, ahead of him their young son running. She rises and runs to greet them. Once year she comes here to meet them.

Man and child stop at the shores edge they have come to throw her a red rose as on that night the man had pledged. Ten years now since on a whim she had taken that fatal midnight swim. She had not meant to hurt any one she only wanted to have some fun. They had been partying late that night and no one noticed her get cramp, no one realized her plight.

He had not noticed until too late that she was struggling, he tried to reach her but he could not challenge fate. So no matter how he tried, how he fought, she was lost and she died. So in reverence and in love each year on this night when the moon is up above. He comes to stand on this spot, this beach, sometimes, as now with his son and with their love and loss they honour on this beach.

Gently now she hugs and kisses, tells them how they have been missed. They can only feel the breeze they cannot hear her blessings and her pleas. Tired so tired on the sand she kneels watching them, unable to tell them how she feels, she cannot make them understand. Weeping gently she watches as they throw her roses in to the sea. Her beautiful boy and her man  who had been true to her and the best father he can.

Then walking up the beach she sees a woman coming into view a splinter in her heart, hurts anew. The woman smiles as she draws near causing in the wife’s heart a shard of new fear. Sitting watching the two become a three, she realizes what it is she sees. Her husband has finally found someone to love him and who is a friend, already to  their son.

It is as if a burden has been lifted she can finally rest. Her husband and her son have found someone  who can give them happiness.

photo credits google image

Smiling now she watches them talking as they watch her roses float out to sea. Tired she feels so tired sitting on the sand watching them she realizes that her soul is at last free.

Looking out into the sun set she hears a voice calling her home. Time to rest now knowing her husband and her son are safe now in the love that with this new woman has grown.

Gently as reaches the horizon the three on the beach watch the last rays of the sun, all three know that she is resting now they know her love for them will go on may her spirit rest now at last, good bye to Mum .

A Little Time for Luxury

Little treats

Nothing lasts forever nothing was wrote in stone. Certain little treats make life better when you stand alone.

Sitting quietly thinking letting life go by enjoying being pampered relaxing and letting your thoughts fly.

Watch the buffer flying making all surface smooth your feet have been oiled and massaged and all blemishes have been removed.

Firmly and deftly the brush strokes are applied the base coat and the undercoat the colours grow a pace.

  Once the toes are finished the fingers are the next for loving care. The hands are gently massaged and the nails are shaped and varnished, they look so fair.

It is not a big thing in the scheme of things it is rather small but with with your nails shaped and painted you feel ten feet tall.

I Look Forward to being back soon.

I will be back soon.

I am afraid I shall not be around for the next few days due to circumstances I have to enter and stay in the real world. I say real world who is to say this is not real world.

Either way I have to depart for a while. I shall miss you all but I shall be back soon so please forget me not! I leave my pixie sister here to watch over you.


Bollywood Dreams

Sparkling eyes flashing gold

I am spell bound by Bollywood, the beautiful women the dashing men. The music , the dance oh! the dance if only.  So I have written what I hope are expressions of that.


Sparkling eyes , flashing gold and ankle bells

Gyrating hips red temptress lips

Stomp stomp shift arms up lift wiggle.


Oh!  colours blue and red

Huge brown eyes say come to bed

how does she do that move of her head.


Faster now they move boys and girls

Twisting, turning side to side

Painted feet twinkling toes  brown legs glide


The Boys make their move

The girls reply they are in the groove

Hidden meanings all to prove


All my dreams

Henna painted hands and jet black hair

Fantastic saris  sway and flair

Rings on fingers bells on toes

Golden chain from ear to nose

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