Sue Vincent’s #writephoto. Clouded.

This week’s prompt ~ for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto. Clouded. Written Earlier this year.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a landscape of green moorland and hills, with a pool of water near rocks in the foreground and a heavy bank of white cloud rolling in and masking the horizon.

The hills rolled on forever, dark foreboding. Clouds rolling in from the west carring rain or worse snow, she could smell it. The whole of the land was shrouded in fear. It had been days since she had seen another living being of her kind and she could not dismiss the feeling that she alone.

There was no way out she had tried. The hills became too steep, the river too fast and the boarder along the eastside too heavily guarded by humans. There was no escape while she was in this wounded condition. Eventually she would run out of places to hide and they would find her.

Slowly she turned and padded back to the cave, she would have her pups in a few weeks and by the time they were grown and strong enough she would be able to lead them out of this place . Her strength would have returned and her wounds healed.

For now this was her prison and her sanctuary , she was safe for now how ever clouded her future .


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Maddona and Child

Mary and the child. The picture !

And so the boy was a year old , and what a beauty he was to behold. Olive skin like his mothers and father’s and dark knowing eyes, a gentle knowing child who smiles constantly and hardly ever cries. To touch him was a joy, to see him watching life unfurl around him, such a knowing boy.

Where did you get that picture asked Joe as he came through the door, it is so unusual I have never seen anything so exotic before.I know said Mary it is so very different that is why I chose it. So different to us yes, yet the love is there to be seen and boy knows, Joe,he chose it.

Three days now Joe and he will be one a whole year old. A year of love and happiness brought to us by our son, he has taught us so much, just like Gabriel foretold.  . Do you remember the hotel and how everyone helped we stayed in the porter’s room, the visitors we had.  How relaxed it all felt.

Shall we have a party for our beautiful boy to thank so much for bringing us such joy.

Remembering the day



Last year I rewrote the Christmas story set in modern times and I hope some of you enjoyed watching how the story unfolded with help from the most unexpected places and strange visitors.

This is their story a year on the baby has brought them so much joy. Mary has just hung a new painting.




The Lady with the trolley

Fear is nasty fear is unkind it sneaks up on you when you least expect . It is all the things you do not want around you, pain, loneliness deep regret.

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Today as I walked the streets of my town I saw a sight a vision, a flash of fear. There she was struggling along , proud she does not need your help or pity dear. She was young once like you she loved, danced, screamed in anger and in ecstasy. She learned, taught brought forth children and fought the world for them to be free.

Fear is nasty fear is unkind it sneaks up on you when you least expect . It is all the things you do not want around you, pain, loneliness  and deep regret.

What secrets does she hide. Once tall, slender and straight  does she regret the the ravages of time and tide.What knowledge dances in her eyes she must hate this body she trapped in while her mind still flies.

Fear is nasty fear is unkind it sneaks up on you when you least expect . It is all the things you do not want around you pain, loneliness deep regret.

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Or does she, as I hope, wear a real smile when she remembers time gone by.Her life, her loves what made her tick . What made her laugh what made her cry. Was she a hard task masker was quick in business was cunning was she slick.

Fear is nasty fear is unkind it sneaks up on you when you least expect . It is all the things you do not want around you pain, loneliness deep regret.

Why did she bring out fear in me today. Why was I loathe to stop her why was I afraid of what she had to say. Her knowledge is power it is strength she could of taught me  much if I had talked to her at length.  I was wrong, I made a mistake today I should of stopped her I should of listened, if only I had heard what she had to say.

Fear is nasty fear is unkind it sneaks up on you when you least expect . It is all the things you do not want around you pain, loneliness deep regret.



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The sun is setting on sea and on the  land with gentle care.Just look at all this beauty there must be a God out there.  The last of the sun’s rays dance upon the waves as night approaches along the rocks and in the caves.

Draw a spiral in the sand, sadly it will disappear when the sea meets the land. From the centre spreading out the circles swirl  making patterns on the shore. Like the spiral of time spreading out from creation or maybe before.

The centre of the pattern is like a good deed when it is born the goodness spirals out to touch all of those in need. Skip, hop jump take care of the spirals please there are thousands and thousand of wishes here.Treat them with respect  to future happiness they are the keys.

Good bye to Mum

photo credits google image

She leaves no footprints in the sand as from the sparkling sea to the dunes she walks, a bouquet of seaweed in her hand. Eyes so bright are aquamarine set in the most beautiful face you have ever seen. Lips so red like a healthy heart expose gleaming teeth when in a smile they part.

Sitting in the dunes she waits and watches stars in the sky letting her mind relax. Breathing in the scene while inside her heart zooms and flies.

Then in the moon light she sees him coming, ahead of him their young son running. She rises and runs to greet them. Once year she comes here to meet them.

Man and child stop at the shores edge they have come to throw her a red rose as on that night the man had pledged. Ten years now since on a whim she had taken that fatal midnight swim. She had not meant to hurt any one she only wanted to have some fun. They had been partying late that night and no one noticed her get cramp, no one realized her plight.

He had not noticed until too late that she was struggling, he tried to reach her but he could not challenge fate. So no matter how he tried, how he fought, she was lost and she died. So in reverence and in love each year on this night when the moon is up above. He comes to stand on this spot, this beach, sometimes, as now with his son and with their love and loss they honour on this beach.

Gently now she hugs and kisses, tells them how they have been missed. They can only feel the breeze they cannot hear her blessings and her pleas. Tired so tired on the sand she kneels watching them, unable to tell them how she feels, she cannot make them understand. Weeping gently she watches as they throw her roses in to the sea. Her beautiful boy and her man  who had been true to her and the best father he can.

Then walking up the beach she sees a woman coming into view a splinter in her heart, hurts anew. The woman smiles as she draws near causing in the wife’s heart a shard of new fear. Sitting watching the two become a three, she realizes what it is she sees. Her husband has finally found someone to love him and who is a friend, already to  their son.

It is as if a burden has been lifted she can finally rest. Her husband and her son have found someone  who can give them happiness.

photo credits google image

Smiling now she watches them talking as they watch her roses float out to sea. Tired she feels so tired sitting on the sand watching them she realizes that her soul is at last free.

Looking out into the sun set she hears a voice calling her home. Time to rest now knowing her husband and her son are safe now in the love that with this new woman has grown.

Gently as reaches the horizon the three on the beach watch the last rays of the sun, all three know that she is resting now they know her love for them will go on may her spirit rest now at last, good bye to Mum .

Journal For Poetry Challenge#20/05/2012

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Without Death, Bloodshed and Suffering

Without death, bloodshed and suffering wars are never won
And only hatred and grief survives when the fighting is done
And war heroes honoured in every war street parade
By war men the memories of war not allowed for to fade
The politicians the praises of the war dead do sing
Their politicizing of war for sake of power not an honourable thing
For God, Flag and Country and National Pride
Far too many good young people in wars have died
one war leads to another war as the wise one did say
And millions for patriotism in wars with their lives do pay
For the sake of war the war men create us against they
And for the love of a flag the young and brave die in wars today
And on Remembrance Day the war men parade up and down
In a show of patriotism through the streets of the town.

Francis Duggan

Francis Duggan

(1946 – Present) I have been penning stuff since 1973 have written up to nine thousand individual pieces which can be seen on various online poetry sites, I was born and raised in Millstreet Co Cork Ireland and I have been living in Victoria Australia for the past twenty three years………. Francis Duggan.


This modern poem is timeless it could refer to any war! It says all the things I have said in the months since January. The tears I have shed whilst researching this challenge are witness to the fact that no one wins in war. No one , no person, no country, no religion, no sect nothing and nobody wins,only the politicians and the arms makers ………….. They win hands down every time .

Politicians plot scheme and win, our young people in the armed forces are maimed and killed, sacrificed on the altar of their greed ( the politicians greed that is). Then the truth is sanitized and  the politicians brush things over! We never learn, it has been this way since the beginning of  mankind and I see no changes yet . willow.


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Poetry Challenge #7 is to create a journal of links and your reactions to poems by established (living or dead poets.) Details are here.  Example response is here. Mr. Linky for Challenge #7 is directly below:

Their Ships have Souls

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I must of fallen asleep for when I awoke I was in a castle keep. As I looked out the windows to my delight I saw my pet crows out in flight.

I just could not believe my eyes I had missed them so. They are my close confidants on Jupiter since I’d been left alone they had grown so very close.

I did not know this place this weird and lonely mountain range the grey sky heavy with snow and my dearest crows here all of this is strange.

Behind me I hear a noise, it makes jump I turn around to greet my mother. She is pleased that I knew she was there, to teach me to use my gifts she had taken care. Why is she here  I ask though my heart is glad to see her face  I have missed her since she passed on to a better place.

‘Come’ she bade me ‘we have not much time,the others are waiting  you are now part of the sisterhood divine’. I approached a table long, it was surrounded by faces I knew, sisters, my ancestors I could not help myself I silently called my favourite crow to my side. As she gently alighted on my shoulder the relief I could not hide she made me bolder.

I took my place at the bottom of the table, I was the youngest there looking at the company gathered here to judge the power I was just not able.

Photo Credit

The eldest present then arose and cried I have seen the future, I have seen the enemy I have seen the end, all of the races of man had died.

She then shared her vision with us all it was as if the door of hell was opened and I had to steady my crow to stop her fall.

Sweat as cold as ice enveloped me I was appalled and terrified at what I could see.My hands were taken from both sides my mother and grandma gave me strength I sighed the whole sisterhood joined with me and show me more of that I did not want to see.

Once more I awoke but this time back on the ship with vessels all around silently through space endless dark and cold we forged along to meet the enemy to behold the vision I had just seen……………… I tell you now I was less than keen.

Eternity’s Shore.

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Standing in the foothills of tomorrow eternity my only friend one foot in the future the other in the nether end.

Sunset finds me chilled and lost without my coat. I can see into the future clearly but the present is nipping at my throat.

Everyone I know is gone now they ran toward the light leaving me lost and lonely surrounded by endless night.

Gravel under my feet ripping at my skin I’d like to make it to the fountain of youth and dip my toes right in.

The wind is whipping up my hair and whistling in my ears. If I had a silent tissue I would wipe away my tears.

The sky turning golden and all the birds have taken flight. I really have no choice left but to stand and face the night.I do not know what awaits me but it will not be good I am sure. Freezing, tired and lonely  on eternity’s shore.

Mother Nature speaks

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Can you hear me son can you hear my voice. Can you hear me daughter can you catch my words before you have no choice.

Did you read my emails do you check them out.I have phoned you many times, the fact that I have tried to warn you is not doubt.

Did you read my letters son did you read and weep. Have you received my postcards  daughter. They did not have the answers that you seek.

I carved it on the gate posts and  the walls.I have hire out huge bill boards with letters 20ft tall!

I have screamed and I have shouted. I have made an almighty fuss but no one is listening is there no one out there who wants to put me first.

Photo credit

Mother nature’s weeping, mother nature full of pain you  have not been listening to her you have let her down again. The blooms are out in winter and summer flowers bloom in spring the snow falls in summer and sometimes in spring. You are heading for another drought your reservoirs are almost dry but there are still leaks from the mains out in the streets and I am asking why!!

The animals all suffer and fauna and flowers too it is starting with the the smaller things but soon to suffer it will be you. This beautiful green planet that you live in  is drying up like dessert have you not noticed a thing.

I have warned you till I horse and dropped hints as large as Tsunami and Earthquakes I am getting so tired and you just ignore me have any idea how sad that makes me.×712.jpg

Stop all you selfish clambering and look at what you are doing. You are melting my ice caps and heading for rack and ruin! I can only do my best like any loving mother can but your are not just naughty children you are the race Human.

So hear my voice and listen good this is your only chance to save my life and enhance yours to stop my final deaths’ dance.



Dream not of today,yesterday is still here the future is what you fear, dream not of today that is what the wise men say. Fear not for yesterday it is gone it has picked up the things you should of done , scooped them up like a thief and then made off at a run.

Dream not of today waste not your time on dreams you need to be out there stacking up the hay. Reach not too hard into your future it is not yet come, why make panic for yourself of things you can know, nor will be done.

Dream not of today though you may think that it is here to stay. Hold not on to that which cannot last however tight you cling to it. Or run your best,you can not out run time no matter your efforts to be fast, you will just fail like all the rest.

Dream not of today, dream not of what there is no chance to change. Look not too far back for that is all done and gone, let it waft off on the breeze as the fading notes of a song. The future too right now has no claim on you. Live for the moment make the most of life is what you need to do.

Dream not of today.  Above you see the lily as it was in bud and as it is now open and beautiful living, and then to the future the fading bud oozing life. Dream not of today waste not your present take hold of life and what it is giving.


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