Loveuary. Day 9. Forbidden Love.

The  lovely  and  talented Ritu  of has set us all off on Loveuary. I for one am excited with the task. What is love? We shall find out as the month goes on.

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Today is  Day 9  of  Loveuary. Shall we  talk  about  forbidden  love. Sadly in this  world there is  still a lot of prejudice. To  be Gay in  many  parts  of  the  world is  not only  illegal   but  also  downright  dangerous. I  shall not  name  these  countries as sadly  there  are  so many.

Also  in some  countries  it is  very  dangerous  to  have  an  adulterous  affairs…. usually  women  come off  worse, even being  stoned  to  death while  the  men  sometimes unpunished  or  maybe  flogged . Also  there  are  honour  killings , we  all know  about  these  too  so I  do  not  want  to dwell on  these  either  .

The  Nonet Forbidden Love  is  a new Poem,  Butterflies  of  Love, is  a poem  I  wrote  in 2015

Forbidden Love  A Nonet 

We walk in  shadows  away from  light

Hidden we belong  to  the  night .

You can never hold  my  hand

A love  like ours is  banned.

People  must not  know

I love you so


Is our



Butterflies of  Love 

On no man did she depend

Rather to herself true

She turned inward to befriend.


Tiny butterflies of love

Escape from heaven

Ecstasy pure as  the dove


Unspoken their lust did rise

Such joy forbidden

Taboos blown to wind and skies





One Liner Wednesday:Adams Advice

One  for  all of  us bloggers/ writers.

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”
Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt



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Wordless Wedneday, Shop Window In French Village



Loveuary,Day 8. Loved Friends.

The  lovely  and  talented Ritu  of has set us all off on Loveuary. I for one am excited with the task. What is love? We shall find out as the month goes on.

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Today  is  Day  8 of Loveuary and  I  am  going  to  talk  about  friends. I am  not  sure  where  to  start on  this  subject  because  I  have  found  so  many  wonderful  and  supportive  friends  on line. They have  supported  me  through  some  really  terrible   times in  my  life, times  my  dear, dear  blogging  friends  I  do  not  think I  would of  survived  without you all!

I am  not  going  to  mention  any of  you  by  name  for fear of  missing  anyone  out   but  I  really  do  think  that  you know  who  you are. You  have helped  me come  to terms  with  so many  things, physical pain, mental pain, family  problems you have also  joined me in  my  minor  and major victories, and  joys , becoming  a grandma  then  having  that  snatched away  from me… now  being  allowed  back in. Through  thick  and  thin  you have  supported  and  helped  me. I  was  so  delighted  to meet  you  all at  last  years  Bloggers Bash. I am really  looking  forward  to seeing  you  all again  this  June! So  I wanted  to make it  clear  from the  beginning  that I  truly do  value  you  all so  much.

In the real  world  as opposed to the Blogospher I am  very  lucky  to  have  a  small but  very  strong  circle  of  friends. There is  my  dearest ex sister in law  who I have known since  I was 13yrs  and  she was 15yrs, ( 50 years of  friendship ) we have  carried  each other  through  really  dark  times  and incredibly  happy times  too. I  shall never  be able  to  list  the  things  she  has  done  for  and helped  me  with and  I  hope  I  have  done  the same  for her.

I have  two other  very  close  friends V and L  and  I have  know both of  these  for  decades too. We have  brought our children  up  together , been out  to  work  and  now  we are  retired… young  retired  of  course!! We always  enjoy each other’s  company  and  meet  as often  as  we can. We phone  often  and  if  there  has been  a lapse of  time  for  any  reason  we  immediately  pick up  where  we left off.

These  three  women  are  my  run to  people  when I  need help and  I  am the  same  for  them. Our  ears, shoulders and hands  are  always  there  to  support each other.

I do have  many  acquaintances some of  who I  though  were  close friends but  I  had a rude  awakening  after  breaking  my  back  for  the  second  time. I had  to   have  three operations, and  then  learn to  walk  again.    Suddenly  they  all dropped  away , those  who  stayed  in touch  like  the  three above  are  my  true  friends… like  you  my  dear  blogging  friends, my  “Diamonds In  The Dust”.  Here is  the  poem I  wrote  with  that  in mind    back in  2011.


Diamonds In The Dust.

      Not always there in person but always by your side

         To always lend that helping hand. To be a loving special guide.

       To understand when no one does to place in you their trust.

      When all is lost and all are gone they are the diamonds in the dust.


     Money’s lost and you’ve missed the bus, there is just one you can phone.

     When you can talk and you can walk they’ll discretely drop you home.

     They’ll pick you up and hose you down and make sure you are sober.

   To find the shoe that you have lost all stones they will turn over.

  They help you out asking for nothing in return, they are the diamonds in the dust


  To smile with you and delight in your pleasure and celebrate your minor wins

 To share the moments that you treasure they defend you when all others bin you.

True to you they always stay no matter if you are far away,

With them it is never  “Out of sight,out of mind” they don’t forget they

Are always kind those diamonds in the dust.


 So when you stand alone without a helping hand. Hope is gone and all seems lost.

The ones who never left your side, who always waved your banner still stand for you at any cost.

So remember as you sieve your life. The good the bad all the damn strife.

As you separate the wheat from the chaff, as they blow away in a winds gust.

The ones that stay and never sway are the diamonds in the dust.




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