Terza Rima Day 9 Life.

This Month Kat Myrman has suggested a new theme for the daily poem—the Terza Rima, writing one stanza each day.
A terza rima consists of stanzas of three lines (or tercets) usually in iambic pentameter. It follows an interlocking rhyming scheme, or chain rhyme. This is where the middle of each stanza rhymes with the first and last line of the following stanza. There is no set length to this form, as long as it follows

I shall be joining Kat Myrman and Jane Dougherty in this challenge.

Life… A Terza Rima,

I was teased but it didnt hurt, as I said it was my choice

No one was unkind no tears burned me

Quietly my flag of independence I unfurled and hoist.

Installment 9 of Life for this month’s Terza Rima Daily Poem Challenge, one tercet at a time.

Just Jot January : Day 9: Coffee.

Today is Day 9 of Just it January. Today’s prompt is Coffee and it is given to us by Barbara. Don’t forget to visit her blog it is a lovely place.

Rules and Prompts here

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Coffee Tanka

You caress my throat

With  luxurious warmth

Lifting my spirits.

So black, thick and inviting

You lighten the darkest days.


Loveuary. Day 9. Forbidden Love.

The  lovely  and  talented Ritu  of butIsmileanyway.com has set us all off on Loveuary. I for one am excited with the task. What is love? We shall find out as the month goes on.

Link to Ritu’s post
Link to rules and prompts


Today is  Day 9  of  Loveuary. Shall we  talk  about  forbidden  love. Sadly in this  world there is  still a lot of prejudice. To  be Gay in  many  parts  of  the  world is  not only  illegal   but  also  downright  dangerous. I  shall not  name  these  countries as sadly  there  are  so many.

Also  in some  countries  it is  very  dangerous  to  have  an  adulterous  affairs…. usually  women  come off  worse, even being  stoned  to  death while  the  men  sometimes unpunished  or  maybe  flogged . Also  there  are  honour  killings , we  all know  about  these  too  so I  do  not  want  to dwell on  these  either  .

The  Nonet Forbidden Love  is  a new Poem,  Butterflies  of  Love, is  a poem  I  wrote  in 2015

Forbidden Love  A Nonet 

We walk in  shadows  away from  light

Hidden we belong  to  the  night .

You can never hold  my  hand

A love  like ours is  banned.

People  must not  know

I love you so


Is our



Butterflies of  Love 

On no man did she depend

Rather to herself true

She turned inward to befriend.


Tiny butterflies of love

Escape from heaven

Ecstasy pure as  the dove


Unspoken their lust did rise

Such joy forbidden

Taboos blown to wind and skies

Image found  here 




NaPoWriMo, Day 9 Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Today is Day 9 of the NaPaWriMo . Today’s prompt is to write a poem inspired by noir novel. Circa 1930’s though 1940’s


The Red Hot Chilli Pepper


Stride turned his collar up against the rain and tipped his hat over  his face.

Will it ever stop raining , will the sun ever shine again.

Better get after that woman or she will soon disappear without a trace.

Quickening his steps to match the lady in red’s they hit the subway to get a  train.


She was a looker tall and slim and dressed to kill,

to move as fast as she did in those shoes  was an amazing skill.

She was looking behind her now so he lit a cigarette and checked out a window nearby.

Satisfied she moved on, the train arrived  they both got on he avoided her eye.


The carriage was full of the usual flotsam and jetsam scrambling  home after work.

Looking out the window on the cold dull afternoon. Stride  found his mind wondering

how many murders and crooks were here, how many con men and jerks.

As he watched the smoke from his cigarette curl and furl he was lost in his pondering.



Why was he trailing this red hot chilli pepper, simply to make her husband feel better?

Her husband a stressed out over worked man needed to know if she  had a unfaithful plan

and hired him to follow her, watch her and find out if she thought  he was enough of a man .

OH!  she was up and making a move, he’d nearly missed  her leaving the train.

Looking around the platform he suddenly saw, bobbing above the crowd, her fine feathered  hat.

Leaving the subway at 42nd and main  and got carried along in the crowd all umbrella-ed against the rain.


She stopped off at a liquor store and bought a bottle of Bourbon  she look excited and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Her pace quickened and her face flushed she was getting excited he could feel the  sense of something  being ignited.

Dipping out of the rain she entered the slick hotel she booked in and took the lift, he headed to the stair well.

He’d seen which floor the lift had stopped so he took the stairs. He felt that strange twinge , he too was getting excited.

He saw her enter the room and she had left the door open. Camera in hand he entered and into his arms she fell.


They did not waste a minute in the dark and dingy room his hands soon found her and her buttons.

Her coat hit the floor, her dress and his trousers too, his hands ran over her lingerie silky and new.

He shoved her against the door and took her right there. They were almost eating each other just like gluttons!

He tingled as she stood there naked except for those shoes, smiling  coyly she  whispered, “now what can we do?”

Stride did not need asking twice he whipped her off her feet and had her on the bed in trice!



The christened the carpet , the bath  and the sink ,  against the wall, over the desk then finished with a drink.

They just could not get enough, it was so exciting all this clandestine stuff!

“Tell me” she asked, running her nails up his thighs, getting things moving again and doubling his  size.

“What  will be the story that my husband will hear, what did you find when you followed me here ”

Stride,  trying hard to concentrate, after all ,right now he had a lot on his plate.

He took a deep breath and managed to say” I’ll tell him you behaved excellently all day.”


Leaving the hotel they went their separate ways.Feeling lighter than they had for many a day.

Stride lit another cigarette and took in the view, it was amazing he felt shiny and new.

Back to the office he went all of his stresses and trials felt spent!

It had even stopped raining now that was new,  the moonlight gave the city a silvery hue.

As he entered the office she was there draped over a chair

Hello darling husband shall we christen this desk here!!       🙂



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