Twittering Tale #128 – 19 March 2019 – Pug in a Blanket

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Azriel was missing, Mike and Gabe had searched hi and low to no avail.Satan was enjoying watching them.The Big Man had located him. Sitting on the bed at flat 23, swaddled in a blanket. OMG she’s cute Dave I love her so much. Azriel cringed at the word she. Satan was having fun.
(280 Characters)

  • This is part of Kat Myrman of Like Mercury Colliding’s Twittering Tales.

    Twittering Tales #127 – 12 March 2019

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    What a sight, even on a dark wet night like this. The express pulled in to the station .The hiss as she braked was deafening. Mason scanned the passengers as they disembarked filling the place with bustle. Then he saw her smile, Emerald. Everything else just
    (279 Characters)

    This  is my  entry for Kat Myrman of Like Mercury Colliding Twittering Tales 

    Twittering Tales #26 – This Is It – 5 March 2019

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    A Sign From Above

    Gab returned the tools he had borrowed from Joseph. Mary smiled and offered him a cuppa. Gab enjoyed tea and a chat with the big man’s mum.
    Meanwhile Satan was stunned who had dared to put up that dodgy sign at the entrance to his domain. Gab smiled at Mary, was the tide turning?
    (280 Characters)

    This is my entry for Kat Myrman of Like Mercury Colliding. Twittering Tales

    Twittering Tales #125 – 26 February 2019

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    Art Jim.

    Art Dealer:”What do you mean it’s art. Do you think I came down on the last train. The colour is all wrong too white the lines too crisp. Just too clean it’s been done before. Dirtier unsanitary even where are the dirty clothes? Have you anything original”
    Artist: “A cow or a pig”

    (Without title  280 Characters)

    This is my entry  for Kat Myrman of Like Mercury Colliding Twittering Tales.

    Twittering Tales #122 – 5 February 2019 – It starts with one word…

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    Blowing away the dust I saw an old typewriter. There was a piece of paper with five words upon it. Bending down I read. ‘It starts with one word.’
    I typed in a word and so it began.

    (180 Characters including: It starts with one word)

    This is for Kat Myrman of like Mercury Colliding Twittering Tales.

    Twittering Tales #121 – 29 January 2019

    This is my entry for Kat Myrman of Like Mercury Colliding. Twittering Tales

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    Hearts and Stars.

    He was delighted, that last beating must of worked. At last she was being wifely. The smell was delicious. She gave him a plate of cookies. He ate them all to her delight.”Bastard” she thought as she waited for the poison to work. Her bags packed and ready in the car.
    (269 Characters)

    No apologies for the video you don’t need to watch it.

    Twittering Tales #120 – 22 January 2019

    This is my entry for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales.

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    Queen of the Road
    Soon, she told herself, I will escape. She’d got her HGV licence two weeks ago. She was longing to tell her awful boss to stick his job, to sick his slimy hands and leud suggestions.
    As soon as she got the result of her interview. She’d walk out of here and be Queen of the Road.
    (278 Characters)

    Twittering Tales #119 – 15 January 2019

    This is my entry for Kat Myrman‘s of Like Mercury Colliding prompt for Twittering Tales.

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    Someone had to stay up all day and night to keep the fires hot. It was so important that the alixier was maintained at 275 F. Douglas was tired of breathing life into dying embers. This job was far beneath his potential. He was a mighty dragon, sadly enslaved to a vain witch!

    (278 Characters)

    Ps. Now we all know what happened to Puff the Magic Dragon AKA Douglas.

    Twittering Tales #118 – 8 January 2019.

    This is my entry to Kat Myrman of Like Mercury Colliding fame’s Twittering Tales.

    Trouble in heaven and hell.

    Satan hated January, Dry, Vegan, Veggie, No Smoking month! Those humans were always so good at the start of the year. Nevermind come February and the smiles would be wiped from Gabe and the guys upstairs faces. Back to drinking, gluttony and good old St. Valentines debourchery.
    (278 Characters)

    Twittering Tales #117 – 1 January 2019

    This is the first Twittering Tales of 2019. Thank you Kat for hosting this for another year.

    Trouble in Heaven

    George the parrot was back. Michael and Azriel fed the errant bird.
    Gabriel arrived, delighted to see his pet. “I wander where he has been” he asked. George looked him in the eye and said. “Gabe’s a twit Gabe’s a twit”Gabriel was furious.In the distance Satan cackled. God coughed.
    (280 Characters)

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