Happy Mother’s Day.

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK so I would like to wish all mums anywhere in the world a very happy mother’s day.

I was spoilt my eldest son drove an hour and a half journey to meet hubby, hubby’s 98yr old mother to buy me dinner and bring me some chocolates. In fact the traffic was so bad it took him over two hours but he made it, he even bought his Nan chocolates too.

My youngest son met me Friday with his youngest son for coffee and he bought me a bouquet of flowers.

My middle son is popping in after he finishes work tonight.

So this year I have been really spoilt. I appreciate that because some years things have not been so smooth.

Sometimes I think we can expect too much of these “Days” Mother’s, Father’s, and Grandparent’s . They are all man made after all. So that the card makers, confectioners, florists and restaurants can make money.

We need to celebrate eachother every day, love, forgive and kind at all times.

My mum and Dad are both dead and I miss them so. I often feel the need to talk to them.

So where ever you are, love your friends, family especially Mum and Dad they will not be there forever.

Song Lyric Sunday. 31/3/2019.

Care of Jim Adams at NewEpicAuthor: This week’s prompt is Recorded, Jukebox, DJ, Radio.Well this is so hard to pick just one so I am going to pick more than one.

Firstly from 1984 Queen and the fabulous Radio Ga Ga.

Radio Ga Ga”



I’d sit alone and watch your light
My only friend through teenage nights
And everything I had to know
I heard it on my radio

You gave them all those old-time stars
Through wars of worlds invaded by Mars
You made ’em laugh, you made ’em cry
You made us feel like we could fly


So, don’t become some background noise
A backdrop for the girls and boys
Who just don’t know or just don’t care
And just complain when you’re not there

You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour
Radio, radio

All we hear is “Radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga”
All we hear is “Radio ga ga
“Radio blah blah”
Radio, what’s new?
Radio, someone still loves you

We watch the shows, we watch the stars
On videos for hours and hours
We hardly need to use our ears
How music changes through the years

Let’s hope you never leave, old friend
Like all good things on you we depend
So, stick around ’cause we might miss you
When we grow tired of all this visual

You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour
Radio, radio

All we hear is “Radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga”
All we hear is “Radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga”

All we hear is “Radio ga ga
Radio blah blah”
Radio, what’s new?
Someone still loves you

Radio ga ga
Radio ga ga
Radio ga ga

You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour
Radio, radio
Lyrics from A to Z

Then Robbie Williams and Rock DJ. This is a brilliant song and a great dance record.
Me with the floorshow
Kickin’ with your torso
Boys getting high
And the girls even more so
Wave your hands if your not with the man
Can I kick it?
(Yes you can)
I got
You got
We got everybody
I’ve got the gift
Gonna stick it in the goal
It’s time to move your body
Babylon back in business
Can I get a witness?
Every girl, every man
Houston, do you hear me?
Ground control, can you feel me?
Need permission to land
I don’t wanna rock, DJ
But your making me feel so nice
When’s it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you’re keepin’ me up all night
Singin’ in the classes
Music for your masses
Give no head
No backstage passes
Have a proper giggle
I’ll be quite polite
But when I rock the mic
I rock the mic
You got no love, then you’re with the wrong man
It’s time to move your body
If you can’t get a girl
But your best friend can
It’s time to move your body
I don’t wanna be sleazy
Baby just tease me
Got no family planned
Houston, do you hear me?
Ground control, can you feel me?
Need permission to land
I don’t wanna rock DJ
But you’re making me feel so nice
When’s it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you’re keeping me up all night
I don’t wanna rock, DJ
But you’re making me feel so nice
When’s it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos your keeping me up all night
Pimpin’ aint easy
Most of them fleece me
Every night
Pimpin’ ain’t easy
But if you’re sellin’ it
It’s alright
Come on
I don’t wanna rock, DJ
But you’re making me feel so nice
When’s it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you’re keeping me up all night
I don’t wanna rock, DJ
But you’re making me feel so nice
When’s it gonna stop, DJ?
Cos you’re keeping me up all night

Lyrics from A to Z

And finally the theme to Juke Box Jury shown from 1959 to 1967. The theme is Hit and Miss by John Barry. It was the first really UK pop show. Previous show were modelled on the US. shows of that genre. Read about Juke box Jury here.

And here is show .. from the 60’s very British.😉

This is brought to as part of Song Lyric Sunday hosted at NewEpicAuthor.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 30/19 .

Doh! Dough.

SoCS badge by Pamela,

Doh! I was so busy yesterday I missed my personal deadline for Stream of Consciousness Saturday . Yes LindaGHill said : “Your challenge for this week’s #SoCs is Doh! / Dough. Use one use both but make sure you have fun”

Well what can I say Doh! accompanied by either hitting yourself on the head, embarrassment or annoyance is a perfect exspleitif first coined by Homer Simpson.

Dough on the other hand can be two different things. The original meaning of the word is what you make when making bread , you need to knead dough when making bread or doughnuts. Which reminds me doughnuts are Homer Simpson’s favourite food intact I think they are part of his staple diet, if not his staple diet!

The other is a more modern use for the word dough and it refers to money. As in “You need to work to earn the dough” or “that costs a lot of dough!”

Just a thought do you remember the Pillsbury Doughboy. The Pillsbury flour company made numerous adverts staring the cute dough boy who was always being poked and prodded by a human finger. The adverts spanned 1965 to 2017.

And now an Acrostic poem about and spelling Dough.

Don’t forget to knead the dough

Or your loaves will not grow

Unless you put the work in

Get it right or your bread will be thin

Happy bread will sell and dough you’ll win.

Who Could Organise A P*!*-Up in a Brewery?

Buy your tickets before they go up to full price . Go on you know you want to . 💜💜

viaWho Could Organise A P*!*-Up in the  a Brewery?


Guess That Art III! Alien meets Predator meets Tangled?

Ron of Ronovanwrite’s has set us another art conundrum.

He says: “If you don’t know who this one is instantly, then you very likely won’t figure it out. Let’s just say the artist isn’t well known by us lay people for this kind of work. I liked it a lot. ”

Well I had a couple of guesses but suggested Picasso. I was wrong.

Ron also said : “Write a piece of poetry or even a post. If you create a post, link back to here or even put your link in the comments, just like with the Haiku Challenge. Or you can simply share your poetry in the comments”

Well recognised or not this is a very haunting image. I have written a poem . I look forward to finding out about this intriguing piece of art.

Guess that art 3

Trapped and struggling to be free

The dark wages war inside of me.

Caught in a Forrest of terrors

Distorted by a thousand mirrors.

It fights itself, it fights me

In it’s eternal struggle to flee.

Blind and mute, completely lost

Striking out, I pay the cost.

It’s arms and legs carry knives

Hate and passion fill it’s dull eyes.

The path is set no hope for me

I dare not set the darkness free

Thursday photo prompt: Bright #writephoto


This is my entry for Sue Vincent’s of Daily Echo. #writephoto. Bright.



All the dark

Now in our lives

Mother Nature brings

The spring to bring us hope

A leafy dell centred bright

Shadows form shade under the trees

The warmth of the sun lifts our souls.

Bluebells and green grass sooth our troubled souls.

Hélène Vaillant’s WHAT DO YOU SEE? MARCH/26/2019

Photo prompt March 26 to April 1, 2019

We all know that most but not all religions have a lot to answer for. In times gone by bullying and misusing the poor the weak and the young. These days sexual abuse is regularly uncovered, in schools and parishes where the priests (by any name) of all religions are held up as good and to be trusted.

This is now being revealed as rubbish they can be as deviant, cruel and evil as the next.

So to the good ones out there I apologize and thank you for your good works. To the evil abusers and bullies mascarading as pious may you burn in hell for eternity.


The bells of evensong chime

Brothers come together at this time

They meet in prayer and silent contemplation

Giving thanks to God for the safety of their Nation.

God is on our side they say

Yet that was never true, least of all today.

Their world falls apart about their ears

They close their eyes to all their fears.

Brothers you have lost your way

On the young, poor and weak you can no longer prey.

Your leaders speak of apology

But your victims can’t break free

Their lives blackened, they despair

Whilst you move on without care.

Beware those of you who have sinned

Your names are carried on the wind.

God in heaven sees all your misdeeds

No wonder the sacred heart bleeds.


This is part of Hélène Vaillant’s what do you see challenge.

One-Liner Wednesday.

If I hear one more word about Brexit I shall explode.


Wordless Wednesday Cake.

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