#writephoto: Galleon.


After helping a young soldier and his loyal “explosive sniffer dog” pass from one life to the next Morgarna and Gail were hoping for an uneventful jump home. As usual there is no accounting for circumstances of the time and space continueum especially if Merlin is involved. So they jumped but not home … No they ended up on a archiological dig.


“Hi babes how are you guys?” Merlin was in the kitchen drinking coffee with his fingers crossed behind his back”
“Oh! Fine as your asking a tad blown away perhaps!?” Morgarna replied gritting her teeth. ” Gail and I were ready for a nice break…. Why are we here Merlin”
“How are my chickens ” asked Gail…there was silence and then Merlin replied, they are well and I am on my way out to feed them in a second” Merlin said crossing more fingers.
“Okay why are we here, it’s obviously not for our health!” Morgarna lit a cigarette and wondered where she could get a hot coffee.

Morgarna and Gail sat outside on the grass by the refreshments caravan that had been set up for the archiology volunteers sipping coffee. “So what did Merlin have to say about us being here?” asked Gail as she tucked into a huge bacon bap dripping with brown sauce.
“Well it appears that there is a time tunnel at this site and we need to find it and close it up A.S.A.P. otherwise there’ll alsorts of mayhem caused! “
Gail wiped her face and her jeans which she had spilt brown sauce on and replied.” Well then you had better have that cigarette then then we can get cracking. “
Morgarna lit her cigarette and smiled at Gail “You know me so well girl, then fishing in her bag she pulled out a small square device with three lights on it , blue, green and red. This Gail is a neat little time tunnel / wormhole/ rift finder Merlin has only just modified it.”

Later armed with trowels and scrapers they mingled in with the students and archologists Morgarna surruptitously checking the area with the T.T.W.R.F. As the day went on Gail found she was really interested by the excavating and got just as excited as everyone else when anyone turned up a small find.
The sun was going down when Morgarna signalled to Gail that she had found the rift.

“We can’t seal it here it looks as if we need to go through and seal it from the other side. ” Morgarna told Gail.
“How can we do that without causing a stir, someone is bound to spot us disappearing. ” Gail looked around at all the people milling around.
“Yes” Morgarna knodded we’ll have to wait until they all knock off for dinner”

It was midnight and the only light was from the moon, a couple of guys were sitting guard on the dig after all the fresco that had been found was amazing and they really didn’t want any halfwits breaking in and spraying graffiti all over it.
Gail threw some stones to the side of them to distract them for a second while she and Morgarna slipped in behind the dust sheet.

Once inside Morgarna got out the T.T.W.R.F scanning the wall to make sure the had the right place.
She just got the three lights sincronizing when three wide eyed and slightly worse for wear sailors appeared through that very spot.
Without missing a beat Morgarna grabbed the loudest an whispered in his ear. ” Not tonight me hearty, no your comming with me..”
The noise of this meeting bought the the two guards in but they just found an empty room with just an echo of footsteps.

“Well Simon there’s no one here , time for a cuppa and a biscuit I think ” then turning away they both left, missing a slight shimmering on the wall which vibrated for a moment then firmed up and settled.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a galleon out at sea..

It was a beautiful day as the five of them emerged onto the deck of a Galleon. Looking behind her Morgarna could just see the white cliffs of Dover.
Looking around Morgarna could see that they were back in the 16th century and on board an Elizabethan Galleon.
The three sailors were sobering up …they were confused they had stumbled upon a rift in time, accidentally slipped through it into the future…then been herded back to their own time by these two strange women… One in black and looking for all the world like a beautiful and dangerous witch!
Morgarna read their thoughts. Quickly she waved her hand gently took hold of their minds.
“You have not left this deck, you found us hiding behind the barrels and we will be good help for the cook and gengeral help around decks.

A small crowd had gathered around them now, a tall man was striding toward them.
“What’s this he demanded banging his cutlass against a mast to draw attention from the crew who were getting very excited and unruly at the sight of two women. “What have we here Mr Greg, women? two of them indeed. ?”
“Aye captain, two stowaways”
“What am I to do with them , they aren’t known for their good luck for any crew! Are they and they are no good for pleasure as there are not enough of them to go around.”
Gail drew closer to Morgarna and took her hand. This did not go unnoticed by the crew…
“It okay Gail, I can handle the situation just don’t show any more fear, we are okay I promise you.”
Taking a deep breath Gail smiled at all those around her.
The captain was speaking again, “Mr Smith, take our uninvited guests to the brig and lock them up.”
A huge giant of a man came along and picked Gail and Morgarna up one under each arm. Gail took Morgarna’s lead and they both kicked up a fuss.

Gail was not impressed with the brig and started to complain , Morgarna cut her short. “Would you rather be out there pray to that lot of tars? At least here we are safer and under lock and key .”
Gail thought about this and agreed they were safer for now. “How can we seal the rift” she asked Morgarna.
“I have sealed the end at the dig, I did that as we left , and I shall seal this end as soon as we next go up on deck. Don’t worry it’s all in hand and the C.O.TA.S is signalling our exact coordinates in time and space to Merlin . Once he sees the rift is sealed he’ll send the Anomaly for us to escape. So take it easy girl .. it might be a long night. Here ” Morgarna said handing Gail a warm cloak from her bag.
“Oh! Thanks” said Gail smiling and cuddling into the cloak. ” I do love that bag , can I have one?” she tentively asked .
Morgarna lit two cigarettes and handed Gail one as she replied .”NO!”

This is part of K.L.Cakey’s #writephoto: Galleon.

#writephoto : Fresco

This week Morgarna and Gail are still helping Paul and his dog Sam come to terms with their traumatic end. Apologies for any repetition.


Morgarna had explained everything to Paul but she could tell he really was still very confused.
“Okay I can see this is not working …I think the best thing I can do is take you back to Hellmand and let you see what happened, that way you’ll see with your own eyes and you can then relax.” Getting up Morgarna took her C.O.T.A.S. and called Merlin. A minute later the anomaly arrived and they all including Sam jumped.

Photo by Bruno Cervera on Pexels.com

Landing on the hot sand was a pleasant sensation for Gail she had not liked the snow at all as she’d been dressed for the beach.
They were standing by the side of the road they could see an army convoy approaching, walking towards them was a man carrying what looked like a child, he was praying quietly to himself. Paul went to make a move towards him.
“No point” snapped Morgarna, no one can see, hear or feel you.” Paul stopped short and looked at her. ‘We are only here to watch.” She added.

The driver of the armoured car at the front of the convoy stopped, from the lorry behind a young man wearing jeans and t-shirt jumped down to the road. Pushing his sunglasses up with his middle finger he walked up towards the man holding the child. “Salam alaikum” he called and smiled as he approached the man.
As they watched the passenger door of the armoured car opened Paul and Sam got out and followed Rashid.
Watching, Paul was fidgeting, but Sam seemed restful and relaxed.
Rashid was asking the man about the child…. The man was sweating profusely and shifting from foot to foot. He was definitely on a high…
Rachid knew the guy was stressed. He sensed rather than saw Paul approaching, taking off his sunglasses he looked straight at Paul
and slowly, very slowly he ran his left hand over his jet black hair.
“That’s it that’s his sign for danger” said Paul to Gail “he’s warning me ” …
Gail watched as Paul, on the road, made several flapping movements with his hand.
The driver of the vehicle watching through binoculars saw this and understood. He put his arm out of his window , first he did a thumbs down the a gun signal followed by two fingers and finally a backwards motion.
The vehicle at the rear of the convoy started to reverse the other vehicles followed suit. The second vehicle in the convoy was a Foxhound, out of its two front windowd two soldiers appeared guns trained on the man with the child.

Morgarna lit a cigarette as she watched Paul walk up and stand alongside Rashid, his arms outstretched offering to take the child.
The man was shaking and Paul and Rashid were stock still. The man suddenly dropped the child…. Paul and Rashid saw there was no child just a bundle of clothes. Paul and the man were eye to eye, Paul shouted at Rashid “run” while he stared at the man who had tears running down his face. His tunic had opened slightly and Paul could see the suicide vest and the man’s sweaty hand on the device’s trigger.
Rashid started to back away, Sam moved towards the man and lay at his feet.
Paul held the man’s gaze willing him not to move.
Back at the Foxhound both soldiers hand the bomber in their sights, and waited their signal.
Rashid had turned now and was sprinting back towards the convoy. Paul said to the man you don’t have to do this you really don’t.

Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) MOD 45155791.jpg

Foxhound Army Vehicle

Rashid was almost back at the convoy when the two soldiers got the signal to fire, they both aimed at the head of the bomber. Unfortunately for Paul and Sam the man depressed the trigger seconds before he was hit in the head.
An earth shattering explosion took the two men and dog out! Paul watched open mouthed as he, Sam and the bomber were blown to pieces, there was blood and body parts all over the place.
Looking towards the convoy he saw Rashid was safe and in one piece .

“You saved Rashid ” Gail said gently.
Paul took Gail’s hand and said to her and Morgarna, ” thank you ladies ….what happens now?”
Morgarna smiled and said you saved Rashid , he went home to his family and he is still alive. He and his wife have a photo of you and Sam in their house…
“What about the bomber” Paul asked “He has gone to his end, his destiny”
Gail looked askance but Morgarna motioned to her not to say anything !
Paul looked at Sam , “Oh! You beautiful boy you have been so loyal to me ” He bent down and hugged Sam who licked him and wagged his tail. Then turning to Gail and Morgarna he asked “what happened to us? “
“You were flown back home together, buried together and your family celebrated your beautiful partnership.” Morgarna touched his arm… Now you and Sam need to go!”
“Where?” asked Paul .
Gail smiled, “this way over here ” A door with a huge rainbow on it had appeared, Gail smiled there a special concession for you two , you are both going through the rainbow door together. Neither of you have to wait for the other. “

After Gail had seen Paul and Sam through the door and had a glimpse of them crossing fields towards a group of people and dogs he seemed to know she turned to Morgarna and asked.
“Why the snow, why the fort?”
“Last thoughts” Morgarna smiled “he was so hot and nervous, his mind had taken him back to a winter of his childhood when his family had visited the fort one New Year “…..
Gail was just about to say more when the Anomaly appeared and they jumped.

Fresco, For visually challenged writersthe image shows a beautiful, vibrant painted frescos on an otherwise dilpadated building

The two landed bump in what looked like an excavation. There was a protective roof above them and they were standing in front of a beautifully vibrant painted fresco in an otherwise dilapidated building.
“What now Merlin” Morgarna hissed as her C.O.T.A.S. started to ring

This is part of K.L. Caley’s #writrphoto. Fresco.

K.L.Caley’s #writephoto : Fort.


This week’s story is sensitive so I apologize in advance ….but I feel it is a relevant story… It will conclude next week.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows battlements, a strait of water, then a large fort


Deciding to stay paddling for a while she carried on alongside the prints in the sand until the paw pints turned up the beach away from the sea. Eventually Gail came to some battlements which formed part of a large fort overlooking a strait of water.
Gail followed the paw prints up the steps to the walkway and looked to see if there was any sign of the creature who had made them .
There was a door to the right and she could not resist, she pushed it open and went inside.

It was dark cold and damp inside after the heat of the afternoon. There was a damp musty feel to the place which made her shiver. Moving forward Gail began to hum …more and more of late she’d found a good hum always lifted the spirits.
There was a door ahead of her and she reached for the handle, as she did she felt a shudder as a young man in army combats ran straight through her and out of the door hot on his heels was a dog. The young man left the door ajar and so Gail followed him into the sun……. But it wasn’t sun it was snowing and it was night. Gail looked along the pathway edged by the fortifications and saw the young man just up ahead , he had a Labrador on a lead. Looking at his uniform Gail could see he was equipped for dessert combat and the dog had a stab proof vest on similar to the soldier’s body armour.
He turned in her direction and that was when he saw her!

“Hello” he said, “do you know where we are “
“Well not really but I was on a beach in England on a hot sunny afternoon when I followed what I assume was your dogs paw prints in the sand” Gail stopped to see if the young soldier had anything to say but he just stood still looking at her. “I followed the prints through from the otherside of that tunnel” she said pointing to the door behind them.
Suddenly he found his voice and he smiled at her. ” Well I was in Hellmand province we were travelling through a village when a man ran out into the road carrying an injured child.” He stopped and rubbed his side and then stroked the dog, “that’s so strange” he said.
“What is?” Asked Gail.
“Well, err, no let’s stick to the facts for now. We stopped and our interpreter Rashid jumped down to speak to the guy. I got this feeling that things were not right so I got out of the armoured car and walked up the road to see what was occurring!” … suddenly he sat down on the pathway and the dog nuzzled him. “Sam, here follows me everywhere, he’s a very clever dog his job is to sniff out explosives.”
Gail walked across and sat down next to the soldier. “So this is Sam” she said stroking the platinum Lab, who licked her and wagged his tail. “I am Gail ,so who are you?”
“I’m sorry where are my manners my name is Paul and I am so confused. I was in Hellmand and now I am here.”
Gail smiled and said “well if you continue your story we might work out what is happening to you.”
“Yes! I walked up the road towards the two men and the child in arms with Sam at my heels. As I got close Rashid signaled to me to stop. He turned towards me and signalled danger. Sam suddenly moved forward and I could tell he was sensing explosives . I signalled back to the others to withdraw then I shouted to Rashid and asked was there a problem. As the vehicles moved back Sam and I joined Rashid. I went forward and put my arms out to take the child. Just then Sam lay down at the man’s feet , I screamed at Rachid to run! “
Paul stopped and fought to catch his breath. Gail put a reassuring hand on his chest and gently asked him to carry on.
Paul shuddered then continued. ” All hell let loose, the man threw the child, which I could now see was a bundle of rags, to the ground and I saw the suicide vest he was wearing, he looked me in the eyes, Gail, and I knew we were dead. I felt Rachid run past me and I prayed that he could get far enough away from the blast to survive.”
Taking another deep breath Paul, continued. ” The man and I held eye contact for at least a minute I saw he had the trigger device in his hand I willed him not to active it …… One of the guys back at the convoy obviously had a clear shot and I felt the bullet whistle past me, too late because he’d triggered the the device and the whole world exploded. I remember flying and hearing Sam cry out too. Then we were falling fast then thud into black nothingness. I felt like I was lost in a blizzard “
Gail looked at Paul and Sam and she felt tears burning in her eyes.
Paul stood up and looked out to sea then he turned to Gail who was sitting with Sam’s head on her lap and said “I am dead aren’t I, and Sam too, we were blown to pieces weren’t we? Where are we and what happens next?”
Gail looked at Paul and said, ” I am not sure where we are but I am pretty sure that I am here to get you and Sam to where you are meant to be. “
Paul looked at Gail and said, I am scared, I am so grateful that you are here but I feel I have to stay here until I know what happened to Rashid and the others in the convoy .”

Back at the house an alarm was going off in the lab Merlin was in the library looking at star charts while Morgarna had just jump back from Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool… Looking a tad dusty.
“What’s that alarm for Merls isn’t it the one you fitted to Gail to let us know if she got into problems?”
Merlin was by her side immediately, ” it is lets see what the problem is.”

Morgarna landed at the fort and went through the tunnel out into the snow and the night. She found Gail, Paul and Sam looking out to sea.
“Morgarna” Gail was supprised to see her standing there. ” What are you doing here?”
“Merlin and I picked up your alarm… We all have one so who ever is back at the house can make sure we are okay.”
“I didn’t know that “
” Well it’s a good job we do your stress readings were off the scale my girl. Right cigarette anyone, and I have whiskey and lemonade. I have been back to Hellmand province 2007 and I found out exactly what happened. Paul , are you ready to hear the outcome? …….

THIS IS OF K.L.Caley’s #writephoto: Fort.

K.L.Caley’s #writephoto Flags and Footprints.

Well Morgarna, Merlin and Gail have had a very busy fortnight….not as busy as mine though so here we have a two fa one!


Well all had been quiet for a few days after their return Avril the chicken seemed to behaving normally apart from a huge appetite for feed! Merlin and Morgarna were keeping a close eye on the chicken for any abnormalities but so far she seemed to be very much a chicken, she had not grown anymore since their return and Gail absolutely loved her.
“Do you think it was just a blip finding that egg” Morgarna asked Merlin, they were sitting in the lab checking Avril’s DNA,
” Well” Merlin replied ” she looks like a chicken, eats like a chicken and has the DNA of chicken…. I’d say yes she’s a chicken “
Morgarna’s drained her coffee and lit a cigarette…” Well for now we’ll just have to accept she’s a chicken but we’ll just have to keep an eye on her! “
Merlin was about to answer when Gail poked her head around the open door.
” Can you two come out into the garden I have something to show you both!”

Merlin did not look too pleased but Morgarna couldn’t help but laugh, “What the, where did these come from? “
There were eight chickens and a cockerel running around in the garden, well to be fair in a huge wire fenced chicken run!
Gail was smiling ear to ear and holding Avril in her arms. “I have got these guy and girls as company for our girl ! “
“Did you not think to ask ” Merlin’s eyes flashed angry.
“Well I did but I knew what your reaction would be. Look I will be looking after them and we will get lots of eggs ….they won’t be any bother to you honestly! “
Merlin threw his arms up in the air and turned to walk back to the lab muttering as he went. ” You may as well get some pigs, sheep, a cow or two and a goat!”
Gail’s eyes lit up and she opened her mouth to speak but Morgarna winked and put her fingers to her lips and Gail took her meaning!

Later that afternoon Morgarna was sitting in the conservatory sipping a very nice Shiraz she helped herself to at the hotel . She was watching Gail introducing Avril to the new arrivals and was glad to see that they were actually all getting on quite well. She was just on her way to get a refill when she heard the C.O.T.A.S. ringing in the lab. She filled her glass and wondered in to see what was happening.

Merlin ended the conversation as Morgarna came in and put the C.O.T.A.S down on the top. “I’ve got a job for you Morgs it’s Leonardo he’s woken up in a Taverna in Tuscany right now! “
Lighting a cigarette Morgarna said “I bet he’s been fiddling with the time continum again, we should of confiscated his time machine! ”

“I know he’s such a pain but we need to get him back he’s right in the middle of painting the Mona Lisa and she get annoyed if she’s kept waiting.” Merlin looked at Morgarna with his pretty please eyes and she blew smoke in his face and grimaced ” Not much choice is there, will you keep a close eye on those chickens I don’t want Gail upset”
Merlin stifled his coughing and nodded in the affirmative! ” I’ve replenished your bag for you! ” He said handing it over.
Morgarna took it and thought to herself …I’ll just make sure everything is in there before I go he’s let me down before. When she was satisfied Morgarna threw her bag over shoulder and went off to say goodbye to Gail and Avril and the new chickens. Seconds later the anomaly arrived “Chow Bella look after those chickens” said Morgarna as she jumped.

Morgarna landed in an alleyway filled with tables and chairs, flags of many nations were fluttering above. A sign in front of her read Trattoria.


The alleyway was silent and empty, except for four people frozen in time, which was very strange because it was a beautiful evening and the place should of been absolutely buzzing.
Walking up to the Trattoria Morgarna opened the door and went inside. It was also totally deserted, no sound no people. Turning on her heels she went back out into the alley and headed up towards the main street. Reaching the corner she was knocked back by the noise and bustle , locals and tourists at the bars and restaurants everything was as it should be on a summer evening in San Gimignano , behind her silence and stillness.
Right she thought to herself let’s get this mess sorted. Taking her cigarettes and lighter out of her bag she lit one and returned to the Trattoria.

Leonardo was sitting in the kitchen drawing on the table and humming to himself. He looked up as Morgarna entered, “Oh! Bellisima how wonderful to see you , you’re looking very sexy!” He reached out to touch her hips but she slapped him back “Don’t you Bellisima me you rogue what are you up to now”
Tilting his head to one side and grinning he replied ” honestly I am not up to anything. I was trying out one of my inventions when everything went black , then the whole world flipped then turned sideways and I ended up here.”
“Okay but where are all the people that were here ….” Morgarna looked out of the window, then back to Leonardo, “exactly what were you doing when this happened. “
“Well I was trying to reverse time and see if I could shift it at all.”
Morgarna thought for a second then took her mobile and rang Merlin.

Seconds later the anomaly arrived and grabbing Leonardo by his arm she jumped taking him with her … shouting “No Morgarna”
They landed back in his rooms , which were totally ram packed with confused people who as far as they knew had minutes before been sitting in the late afternoon sun enjoying food, drink and good company.
With a wave of her hand everyone in the place was suddenly asleep in a huge heap on the floor.
“Right Leonardo tell me, without touching anything exactly what you did!

Morgarna and Leonardo had jumped back to the house and they were sitting in the Lab with Gail and Merlin.
“So” Merlin said ” let me get this straight you time shifted sideways and took everyone , barr four people back to your studio? “
“Yes Merlin my friend that’s exactly what happened! Can you fix it?”
Merlin was not in a good mood and his eyes were burning into Leonardo.
“I have told you before don’t mess with things you don’t understand… I am running out of patience! You have your place in history, no one can take that from you! But if you carry on I will erase you completely myself! “
Leonardo looked like a sulky child but he did agree to behave and hand over his paperwork and time machine to Merlin. So Merlin and Leonardo went back to San Gimigarno, Merlin reversed the time flip, he wiped everyone’s mind, they all finished their evening believing they’d had the best night of their lives! The rest of the town went on totally unaware of what happened in the alley. Meanwhile Morgarna went back to Leonardo’s time and took all his writings and his time traveling mechine. So by midnight all was well everyone back where they should be and the flags gently fluttered.

Merlin and Morgarna were sitting in the garden watching the chickens, ” you know since the cockle arrived the girls, even Avril have been laying”
“No ” replied Morgarna did that start while I was away?”
Merlin nodded , ” yes indeed ”

“Where is Gail Merlin “
“I gave her the car she’s having a day at the beach.”


It was a beautiful day and Gail was happily walking along the beach , her feet in the cool clear water the sun shining down , she felt happy she felt at peace.
Then she saw paw prints in the sand and she decided to follow them …..

This is part of K.L.Caley’s#writephoto Flags and Footprints.

K.L. Caley’s#WRITEPHOTO – Crossing


Morgarna woke early and sat on the balcony of her room watching the sunrise and listening to the sea rolling in on the beach. Reaching into her bag for her cigarettes and lighter she brushed against the box with Gail’s egg from the beach in she felt movement. She lit her cigarette and reached back into the bag and pulled out the box, it was definitely moving.
Carefully she lifted the lid and looked inside.

Gail picked the phone on her bedside table , it was Morgarna…. “You’d better get over to my room Gail there’s something here you need to see! “
Throwing on the white Towling dressing gown and slippers provided with the room she puttered off to Morgarna’s room.
Opening the door she was amazed to see a little chic running around the room.
“Oh how gorgeous ” squealed Gail as she bent down and scooped it up.
“It’s a chicken, and amazing that it’s alive , well a mystery really because it’s hatched out of a stone cold egg! Abandoned on the beach?”
Gail stopped cooing at the chick for a second and asked ” Can I keep it, I mean it will die on its own and it’s so cute” she flashed her huge eyes at Morgarna.
“Okay but you have to look after it properly! I am having nothing to do with it! ” Said Morgarna crossing her fingers behind her back …..she had a strong feeling there was something not quite right .
“Yes I will ” replied Gail busily making holes in the box so the chicken could breathe. “Can I put it in your bag Morgarna while we are at breakfast?” asked Gail. Morgarna sighed and opened her bag for Gail to dropped the box in .

Merlin met them in the dinning room and while Gail got herself fruit, nuts and yoghurt Morgarna filled Merlin in on the chick that had hatched from egg. “That’s very odd let me see it” Melin said as he took the box from Morgarna…. “Well” he said “that’s not a newly hatched chic is it “
Looking in the box Morgarna replied ” Now more like a couple of days old I’d say”
They both looked at eachother.. then said as one “Guess we’ve found our problem”
“Okay we may as well enjoy breakfast” Merlin announced as Gail returned “who fancies a full English?”

As they landed back at the house after jumping through the Anomaly Morgarna said ” we need to check on your chic Gail. There is something not quite normal about it”
Gail took the box from Morgarna and opened it , to her suprise a fully grown chicken burst out and landed on the muddy path and wondered off across the muddy garden path.

The Dinosaur – Image by KL Caley

“What the F××k?” exclaimed Gail. Merlin got out the E.R. and checked the chicken over.
“Well ” said Merlin… “The chicken is a chicken but someone or something is messing with Nature! “
“I suppose we’re going to have to sort this out”said Morgarna adding “it’s egg -stremely urgent, something is obviously hatching something”
Gail was off over the garden chasing the chicken “I’m calling her Avril ” she shouted over her shoulder. Merlin and Morgarna looked at her and both raised their eyebrows….”mm Avril the chicken”

THIS IS PART OF K.L.CALEY’S #writephoto. The Dinosaur.

K.L Caley’s #writephoto: Egg.

So last week Morgarna ran out of patience with Merlin and trashed his beloved BMW… He’s not a happy Easter Bunny!


Merlin stood and watched as the lowloader as it disappeared into the distance with his beloved and battered BMW on the back. He was not best pleased and could feel his temper rising. It would cost a fortune to have it towed back to his garage and have it fixed….
Of course he could have used magic to fix everything but he had given a solemn oath only to use magic in certain circumstances. ….the same oath Morgarna had taken but she didn’t hold it as solemnly as he did.
Damn he thought I could do with a drink…..!


Back at the house Gail was worried, “Won’t he be very angry when he gets back?”
“Yes indeed he will but in all honesty I have righteous anger on my side because he has been taking the Mickey out of me for months, now it’s time he realised I won’t be taken for granted! “
Gail turned to open the oven and took out a casserole, “ummmm! That smells really good what is it” Morgarna felt hungry just from the smell.
” It’s a Venison casserole, I am hoping it will appease Merlin … I hate it when you two are at odds”

Later after they had wined and dined and Merlin rang the garage to check on his car things were peaceful on the surface. Morgarna was sitting in the garden having a cigarette, watching the stars wrapped in cloak sipping a double Bacardi and coke.
Gail had stacked the dishwasher and closed the door, Merlin stuck his head around the kitchen door…”Are you up for a trip to the seaside ” he asked smiling that disarming smile that Gail fell for every time.

Morgarna looked back towards the house to see Merlin and Gail waiving from the french windows!
“Have you finished your drink Gail called to her we are off to the Durasic Coast, are you up for that…. I’ve got your bag here . It is amazing it’s not even heavy!”
As Gail finished speaking Merlin dialed up the anomaly, Morgarna had to run to jump with them !

As they landed the fading light of late afternoon was all around . “Hey” said Gail “it was eight o’clock when we left”
“Time and space Gail, time and space” said Merlin. ..
“Why are we here asked Gail lovely as it is I have learned you never do anything for no reason.”
“No Merls always has a hidden agenda , dontcha Babes” Morgarna laughed pushing Merlin over onto the sand.
“This is Lulworth Cove , where the dinosaurs walked and left their bones behind. There’s actually 185 million years of geological history in the rocks on this beach. If you look around you will fossils and pieces of amber people actually come here to collect them.” Merlin said as he picked himself up and brushed himself off.
Gail did not need telling twice she was off bent over looking at all the stones on the beach…. In her jeans and cropped top and her hair in a bright floral scarf she looked so at home.

Morgarna tilted her head to one side and looked at Merlin, “Why are we here Merls,it’s been several hundreds of years since we stood here in very different circumstances….”
“Yes true but I am hoping we could have a quiet break, the three of us and relax and I could try and make amends for being uncaring about you of late”…..
At that point Morgarna who had just lit a cigarette started choking! After about thirty seconds she regained her cool took a deep breath, blew smoke in Merlin’s face, ” you are admitting that you were not fair to me, Oh! Sweety you do care.” Finishing on another choking fit ….she waved a hand at him and said ….”go on carry on!”
“Well honestly that was the plan but just as I started setting the Anomaly for the Carribbean ” Morgarna started choking again, Merlin smirked and continued, ” You really should give up that filthy habit it’s not doing you any good “
“Merlin you shit your my filthy habit and you are definitely not doing me any good….the Caribbean my arse we’re here at Luworth ???” At that point she stopped and took her flask out of her bag and had a large drink!
Seizing his chance to finish Merlin continued…” I was going to take us to Antigua but just as I set the coordinates I got some odd readings from here and well I just have to answer a call you know we must!”
Morgarna was just about to turn the sand that Merlin was standing on to quicksand when Gail’s voice distracted her!

When Merlin and joined Gail she was really excited… “Look at this isn’t it beautiful’ she exclaimed. She was pointing to lone egg surrounded by sand and seaweed. It was indeed beautiful. “Can I take it from the beach ” Gail asked like a child.
“I don’t see why not here I have a box and some tissue in my bag , put it away so you don’t brake it. It’s stone cold so no danger there’s anything in it! “
Gails eyes lit up “I love your TARDIS bag, can I have one “
Morgarna and Merlin, both as one, said “No”

A little later Merlin announced that he’d booked a nice hotel and that there was a great chef there and all the sea air had given him a huge appetite. So off they went they were all sitting in the bar having drinks before dinner, Gail had put the box with the egg in it, into Morgarna’s bag for safety.
As they went into dinner something in the egg in the box in Morgarna’s bag began tapping out of the shell……


K.L.Caleys #writephoto: Ripple.

As Gail and Morgarna jumped last week , Gail went home to the house and Merlin, but Morgarna was sent off on another job without any instructions or message from Merlin …. that guy is on very thin ice!


“Where’s Morgarna” asked Gail as she landed back in Merlin’s lab.
“Ah! I had to send her on a little errand “
“Without even giving her a warning?” asked Gail throwing her arms up in indignation. “No wonder she gets the hump with you! I certainly would! Just what is so important that you have sent her off with absolutely no warning or back up? “
Merlin stood up and closed his laptop, he suddenly looked bigger and actually scarier than Gail had actually seen him before.
“Are you questioning me Gail?” he started to say only to be interpreted by Gail
“Yes Merlin I think you are actually taking advantage of her better nature and patience!”
At that Merlin laughed and returned to his normal self he replied, “Morgarna has patience and a better nature ….you could have fooled me”

Morgarna sat at the desk and lit a cigarette, looking around she found a half full ashtray and on further inspection of the room she found a drinks table, so Morgarna being Morgarna fixed herself a brandy. Walking back to the desk she spotted the pieces of paper strewn about on the desk top. The story looked familiar and she read the first two pages she realised she was reading a story of note. She noticed that the name of the protagonist of the story was just a question mark. Then she spotted many names on another piece of paper….all had either been crossed out or had a question mark by the side of them.
Pouring herself another Brandy she took up some more story and then it clicked. Leaning over the jacket draped over the chair she saw a white handkerchief in the inside pocket. Pulling it out she saw the monogram on it was B.S.
A huge smile light up her face and before she could help herself she was fishing about in her bag looking for her lipstick . It was Vampire Red and she took an empty sheet of paper and wrote, ‘My name is Count Dracula of Transylvania.’
Lighting another cigarette Morgarna admired her handy work, the blood red lipstick sprung out from the page and delighted her. “I think my job here is done ” she smiled to herself.

It was getting dark as Morgarna finished her drink and stubbed out her cigarette, she lit the candle on the desk , it shone it’s light on to the name Dracula. She heard voices in the hallway on the other side of the door, as the handle turned she hid behind the curtain and held her breath.

Bram Stoker.

image from Wikipedia

The door opened and a rather handsome bearded gentlemen entered he took his jacket from the chair and was about to leave when he saw the red writing…. The name Dracula. ” That’s it , that’s it ” shouted the man in a cultured Dublin accent, “Dracula, count Dracula of Transylvania ! Florence, Florence” bounding back toward the door he left, the piece of paper in his pocket.
Morgarna could hear voices all over the house now so she opened the window and ……wafted off into the night doing her best vampire impression as she went.
As Bram crossed the hall he saw a dark figure dressed in a black cloak suddenly jump into , well who knows what and disappear …. He shook himself as his wife came down the stairs…” What is all the shouting about my dear?” She asked.
Bram smiled his most disarming smile and replied I have thought of the name of the main character of my new book my love”
“Well then husband you had better tell me all about it over dinner”
As the headed to the dinning room Bram had his fingers crossed behind his back!

Morgarna landed in the back garden of the house for the second time that week only this time Merlin was there with a large Bacardi and Coke in one hand a lighted cigarette in the other. Gail was standing on the patio dishing up stew from a huge pot!
Taking the drink and cigarette from Merlin she called to Gail “what’s on the menu hun? I am starving”
“We thought you would be” said Merlin.
Morgarna flashed him a killer look …
“Ouch” he said to himself.
“It’s Irish stew in honour of Mr Stoker but with a twist!”
“What’s the twist ?” Asked Morgarna sniffing the aroma.
“A bottle of Shiraz laughed Gail”

After dinner Merlin left the ladies to chat and went back to his lab. Once Morgarna was sure he was busy she put her finger to her lips and beckoned Gail to follow her. Then popped into the kitchen where Morgarna retrieved Merlin’s car keys from the key safe.

Once out of earshot Morgarna drove like a demond, screeching gears and breaks hitting curbs and lamposts …Gail was a bit screechy too at first then Morgarna reminded her, one, she was already dead two, that Morgarna is immortal and three Merlin was a shit and deserved everything he got!

Gail fell asleep eventually as Morgarna drove up north singing at the top of her voice.

Morgarna stopped the engine and the silence woke Gail. …
“Where are we she asked…. Just some Scottish Loch Gail isn’t it beautiful”
Gail had to agree it was beautiful. So
peaceful with calm blue skies, and such deep still waters.
Gail looked at the car the paintwork was dented and scratched, there were cigarette burns all over the dashboard and the leather seats. “Oh! Morgarna what have you done…..” Gails voice tailed off as Morgarna took the keys out of the ignition and tossed them into the loch…. “Oops” she laughed grabbing Gail’s arm and casting a spell that whizzed them back to the house.
“Coffee” she asked Gail smiling, Merlin popped his head around the kitchen door , “good morning ladies your up early, any coffee going?”

Back at the Loch a very sad and damaged BMW was being checked over my two young police officers. The loch was still and silent but just by the waters edge there was a huge ripple


PART OF K.L.CALEY’S # writephoto Ripple

K.L.Caley’s#writephoto. Desk.


The red chess pieces encircled Morgarna and Gail, the electrical buzz was louder than ever and the pieces grew even larger as they circled around Morgarna and Gail. The two women’s hands were so tightly entwined that they were white from lack of blood!
“Louder Gail! ” Morgarna hissed “take your cue from me, we have to make this work!”
As they chanted louder so the red chess pieces encircled them glaring at them, the buzzing grew to a creshendo and the blue chess figures started to fly around their heads…..this was all truly scary and even Morgarna felt rather threatened!
“Louder, Gail we must defeat them ” Morgarna shouted feeling her powers were being drained and her concentration was slipping.
Gail thankfully was getting her second wind and as her voice rose she felt so much power within her. Her eyes shone and she felt so empowered.
“Hold on Morgarna,” she said telepathically ” I have this and I have power enough to share.” With those words just leaving her mind she pushed what she saw as a bright white light towards Morgarna.
Morgarna’s eyes shot open a renewed power shone out of her!

The noise and the buzzing were at their zenith and all the chess pieces were either encircling Gail and Morgarna or flying around randomly hitting off of walls and ceilings at ridiculous speeds
Suddenly the lights went out it was pitch black.The buzzing stopped and every chess piece, red or blue was stopped dead in its tracks .
Morgarna took a deep breath and with all her might shouted the exorcism rights commanding the polagiest to vacate this place. The buzzing started again, and the spinning started up again like a devilishly evil carousel. Morgarna and Gail raised their voices even more and as one they both lifted their left arms and pointed to a spot where the wall should of been.

Slowly a chink of light appeared.and grew until it was a door of golden light. Slowly and making much fuss a huge stream of darkness was leaving all the chess pieces and forming a single entity above their heads the screaming and the buzzing was deafening, the blackness was fighting to escape the golden light which was now reaching out and engulfing the dark dragging it towards the door.
The struggle seemed to last an eternity all the while the girls chanted louder and louder then suddenly with a huge BANG! the dark was dragged kicking and screaming through the door which slammed shut then opened a little!

Silence! Gail and Morgarna sat exhausted on the chess board surrounded by giant pieces laying at all angles. The buzzing had stopped and the lights were back on there was nothing moving…”peace” said Gail getting up and heading to the door, she just put her hand on the handle when Morgarna said, “not yet wait” reaching into her bag Morgarna pulled out Merlin’s E.R. standing up she scanned the room not forgetting the painting. The E.R. peeped loudly at the edge of the chess board Morgarna bent down and saw the blackness slithering towards her she looked across to Gail “are you wearing your locket or your crucifix today?”
“Both” replied Gail.
“Excellent give me the crucifix quick”
Gail handed Morgarna the chain and cross and she scooped up the blackness and flicked it through the door… She gave the room a final sweep the said to Gail, ” that’s it shut the door!
Gail did , as she took her crucifix back she noticed a blister on Morgan’s hand….”what’s that” she asked looking alarmed.
“Oh! that’s nothing really” smiled Morgarna I am slightly allergic to the crucifix. ” Winking as she spoke.

After they had tided up the cellar they went back upstairs to have a cigarette and a drink or two at the bar. They met some interesting guys who bought them both more drinks… Morgarna was just about to suggest they got a room when the Anomaly arrived and much to Morgarna’s annoyance they jumped.

The Desk– Image by KL Caley

Morgarna landed in what looked like a drawing room. It was late afternoon and the last rays of the day were streaming through the window. At one end of the room was an old fashioned mahogany writing desk and chairs. Papers were splayed on the desk and a jacket was slung over one of the chairs.
There was no sign of Gail she was on her own again! “What the …. Is that turd Merlin playing at now” she thought… another situation for her to sort, no warning, no information no back up…. suddenly Morgarna felt weary….. really she thought…as she sat down at the desk ….I don’t get weary. I need a cigarette!


K.L.Caley’s #WRITEPHOTO – Chess.

Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt! This week Morgarna and Gail have to return to sort out a poltogiest they missed while sorting thousands of souls caught in a Chandelier… What can I say shit happens!


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a red and blue chessboard with gigantic chess peices on it.


Morgarna and Gail were sitting in the kitchen eating bacon sandwiches and drinking coffee when Merlin crashed in. “Ladies I have problems showing up back at the house we visited last week! I have some really strange readings emanating from there.” As Merlin finished speaking he pinched half a bacon sandwich from Morgarna’s plate.
“Oi! Put that back I was enjoying it” Morgarna shouted lashing out at him.
Looking her straight in the eye Merlin replied, “just looking out for your waistline babes you don’t want to spoil your figure do you?”
Gail’s eyes grew like saucers as she watched Morgan’s face …….”Oh! My ” she thought, ” that did not go down well!”
Morgarna took a sideswipe at Merlin as he ducked out of the kitchen.

“Okay” Morgarna said as she entered the lab “what’s the problem with the house then?”
“Well it’s the painting”
Morgarna cut in there, wagging her finger. “We told you there was something odd about it ..did you listen, did you hell! Hang on didn’t you notice any problems on the E.R. I thought you checked the dining room out thoroughly? “
“I did Morgs but obviously whatever this is hid itself well.”
“Well it’s no good fussing about the whys and wherefores Merlin what’s the problem? “
Merlin bit his lip as Morgarna lit a cigarette and took a drag, then he carried on ” I think you should take Gail with you this time, it’s another spirit that we need to cross over and this time it’s a poltergeist so it could be tricky! “
Merlin called through to the kitchen and asked Gail to join them both.

Later after they had discussed the matter and formed a plan Gail and Morgarna jumped back to the 1930s.
They arrived in the garden at about 6pm just as the light was fading. “Excellent timing the guests will be getting dressed for dinner and all the staff will be busy either preparing clothes or food”
They went into the house via one of the side doors and headed down to the cellar.
As they went further down the stairs the temperature dropped dramatically and they could hear a strange humming sound.
“What’s that noise? ” Asked Gail
“The electric metres ….poltogiests love electricity and feed off of it” Morgarna replied “they love water and lay lines too and I bet your bottom dollar there are all three hereabouts!” Morgarna replied lighting a cigarette.

The cellar was absolutely freezing actually it was -4c so Morgarna reached into her bag and pulled out two heavy fur lined cloaks and handed one to Gail, who gratefully put it on . “How does that bag actually work?” asked Gail wide eyed.
Morgarna laughed, “Not unlike any hand bag really, stuff goes in, stuff comes out the only difference being…”
“Magic” interrupted Gail.
“No science” Laughed Morgarna. ” “Time and space displacement, not unlike the TARDIS in your beloved Dr Who”
“Wicked ” giggled Gail, “your bags a tardis can I have one? “
“No” replied Morgarna then she raised her hand to silence Gail, who was about to argue.

As they entered the cellar Morgarna felt along the wall and found the light switch. She could hear the electric buzzing away so she gingerly flicked it on . They were greeted by the sight of a red and blue chessboard set on a wooden floor with gigantic matching chess pieces on it. The walls where of hewn stone and the small barred windows made the place look like a castle dungeon…. Which made Morgarna shudder.

“Morgarna, are you okay?” Gail was shaking her and looking very concerned. “Morgarna”
“Yes Gail , sorry I’m okay I was back in that dungeon where that alien entity tried to steal my powers….sorry I am okay now.” She lit another cigarette and leant against the wall. That’s when they noticed the painting turned in to face the wall showing only the back.
“There it is” said Gail … ” I can feel it’s pain, it’s seeping out and leeking into these chess pieces… Look they are moving around to face us… Morgarna we are surrounded! “


Morgarna and Gail stood back to back surrounded by the red chess pieces… The blue were just standing in their places murmuring Morgarna could just about make out what they were saying ” help us we are so tired , please let us go!”
Morgarna felt cold and hot all at once and then the chess board began to spin.
Gail and Morgarna linked fingers and began to chant Morgarna stubbed out her cigarette this was time to concentrate this spirit meant business!

This is part of K.L.Caley’s #writephoto Chess.

K.L.Caley’s #writephoto: Chandelier.


Entering the dining room Gail and Morgarna caused quite a stir ! Both in their flapper dresses and their bobbed hair, Morgarna was delighted she could smoke and squealed with delight when Merlin handed her a beautiful black and silver cigarette holder… “Here babes complete the part!” He smiled. They were greeted by the head waiter, a very tall and handsome man who lead them to a beautiful table over by the far wall. Above the table there was large crystal laden chandelier with a rather creepy portrait below it.


Gail was delighted by the whole affair, the high tea with champagne was a whole new world to her ! As were the beautifully dressed people on the dance floor.
“What is this” she asked wide-eyed ” Everyone, even the orchestra look so posh”
“It’s a tea dance Gail” replied Morgarna, sitting back and enjoying a smoke.
A young man made his way up to the table and asked Gail to dance , she was so excited and readily agreed.
Once the young couple were on the dance floor Morgarna lent across to Merlin and asked “Okay Merlin why are we here and it’s not by chance, so what’s the story?”

“Really babes I just wanted to treat you to a little luxury and I couldn’t have left Gail out could I?” Merlin ended with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders.
Morgarna nearly choked on her scone… “Last time we had a cream tea you lumbered me royally why would I trust you now….Babes? “
Merlin smiled, “Another glass of bubbly, and I will come clean when Gail gets back .”

“So is it the painting?” Asked Gail looking at it…. “It’s rather dark isn’t it?”
“It is indeed dark but no it’s not the painting the problem is the chandelier.”

Morgarna lit a cigarette and pushed back her chair “yes she said I can feel it ….there is something really not quite right about it Merlin and you sir know exactly what the problem is! “
Gail stopped pouring herself another cup of tea and shivered. ” I feel it too every one of those crystals is a trapped soul, I can hear them screaming for help.”
Merlin said “Yes ladies we really have got a job on here.”
“Well” said Morgarna “I guess we just need to set them free, some of these have been trapped for hundreds of years! “
Merlin smiled and nodded as he added, “And I knew this is just the job you’ve always longed for mil-lady” he finished with a grin and a bow, offering Morgarna his hand.
Morgarna stubbed out her cigarette, gave a squeal of delight, lifted her skirt and pushing Merlin’s hand aside she climbed up on to the chair!

The entire dinning room was suddenly stunned into a shocked silence as Morgarna champagne bottle in one hand and chandelier in the other swung around from the chandelier her skirts revealing silk stockings and suspenders and thankfully for all present a pair of satin knickers… luckily not one of Morgarna’s commando days!

After a few minutes as Gail jumped up and down excitedly there was a creaking from the ceiling, as the rose cracked and the chandelier fell to the floor and smashed into a thousand pieces. Morgarna had leaped clear! Then Merlin waived his hand and a white light filled the room, all the tea dance guest were frozen in time as thousands of souls and spirits escaped from the crystal shards on floor. They all looked so grateful to finally be free. Morgarna chanted a spell and a door in the far corner of the room opened and Gail ushered all the souls towards the door.

After an hour all the souls had gone through the door and Merlin had swept the room with the E.R. to make sure no soul or spirit had been overlooked. The dinning room was completely restored to its glory! Merlin had magically repaired the chandelier and it was back in situe, Morgarna had wiped all the guests memories, some would say gratefully, of her antics.
The anomaly arrived and Merlin, Morgarna and Gail jumped!
As they left Morgarna clicked her fingers and everyone woke up and carried on where they had left off. All where left wondering why the tea was so cold?

Later that evening when all the guests were either in their rooms or gone home, there was a quiet thud as the painting beneath the chandelier slide down the wall and hit the floor.
In the morning the maids were confounded by the dark black goo running down the wall onto the carpet. ……

This is part of K.L.Caley’s #writephoto: Chandelier.



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