Just Jot It January: Mendaciloquent

THIS IS  PART  OF  LINDAGHILL’S  JUST JOT IT JANUARY .  Today 27th January the  prompt is Mendaciloquent and it is  brought  to  us  by   Coralee at Musefully Mendaciloquent.


She  looked and  him with  her  huge innocent  eyes. He  had  her  now, trapped in his gaze, licking  his  lips  with his  silver  tongue he  began.

“Come”  he  said “a little  closer let me  take in  your  ample curves  and  charms.” As she  moved in  she  felt him  sliding up  her  inner  thigh, around her  waist. He  nestled  his head  in her  bosom and looked  straight in to  her eyes.

“Try this”  he  said  offering her  the  wondrous red sphere. ” Look at it’s beauty  see how it catches  the  sun’s light. Magical and  wondrous . You must  try  this  it  will do  you no  harm  it will set  you  free.”

Oh! this  was  all so  strange she  had never  felt like  this, parts of  her  body were  pulsing  and  thumping   she felt  so strange. It never  felt like  this  when her  partner  touched  her. He  with  the  silver  tongue  and  silver  voice was  making her  feel  strange  and  though  she  new it  was wrong  she  liked to  listen  to his  voice, she wanted  to  eat that  which  he  held!

“Come” he said  try  this  it  will make  you  feel  so  good, you  will see  everything  clearer you  will  fly  you  will know  all  there is  to  know. Her  eyes  widened  and  she  felt  strange unknown  feelings  coursing through  her body  she  wanted  to  cry, scream,  laugh  yes,  yes  she wanted  more.

“Come”  he said  try  this  you  will love it  and  nothing will ever  be  the same. Surely  you cannot  doubt  me  would I  harm  you?” he was  whispering  in her  ear  his  hot breath on  her  neck  making her  tingle.

“But” she said” The  Other  One  told us  never to  touch  this  fruit , never  never.” Her  voice trailed off  as he  gently  pressed  the  sweet smelling  fruit to  her  mouth. She  felt  a longing, a hunger  things  she had  never  felt before.

“Come”  he said  “He  only  wishes  to  deprive  you  of  all this ecstasy, go  on  try it  you  will never look back.” She  thought  about  the  One  and  she  tried to resist  but  he  was  saying  such  wonderful  things in her  ear  she  want  them  she  needed  this  feeling to  go on  to get  better,  she  wanted  more  more  ….. her  breath  was  catching in  her  throat  and  she could not keep still.

She  bit.  Her  world  exploded all this  things  rushed  at  her  and she did  take flight  her  body  made  her  scream and  groan it was  wonderful ……………….. then it  stopped  more  she wanted  more.

He with  the  silver  words  and  silver  voice smiled  at her  and  said ” Here  take  this  and  go  and  share it  it  with  your  man …All  will be  well, all  will be  good  believe  me  I  know  what I am  doing, would I lie  to  you  you. Go find  your  man  share  this  wonder!”

She went in  search of  her man  but  she felt  empty.  New  feelings  she had  never  felt before  were  flooding  into her head. She  felt  naked  and  ashamed   but  she  did not  know  what  these  feeling  were. She  covered  herself  with  leaves .

She  stood in  a  clearing  shaking  and  called Adam, Adam come  and  try  this  it is  beautiful …..she  was  afraid . She  heard   Mendaciloquent laughing.

The  rest  is  History…. Believe  me  ?





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  1. quiall
    Jan 27, 2016 @ 18:05:49



  2. dalecooper57
    Jan 27, 2016 @ 20:14:47

    Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


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