Song Lyric Sunday: Lily of the Valley

This  weeks   Song Lyric  Sunday , inspired  by Helen Espinosa  at  This thing  called  life one word at a  time   is  The  Lilley  of  the Valley   by  Queen.

Rules  and Pingback.

I have  always  loved  Queen from  the very  first time I heard  them sing The Seven Seas Of Rye. I have  every  single  Album  they  ever made  and  my  one  huge  regret is  that I never  saw  them live!

queen_sheer_heart_attackLily  of  the Valley  is  off of  their  Sheer  Heart Attack  Album :

Sheer Heart Attack was the third studio album by British rock band Queen, released in November 1974. It was produced by the band and Roy Thomas Baker and distributed by EMI in the United Kingdom, and Elektra in the United States.

Why do I love  this  track  so much? It reminds  me of  my life … I am forever  searching  high and low! I never  find  the  answers.


“Lily Of The Valley”

I am forever searching high and low
But why does everybody tell me no
Neptune of the seas
Have you an answer for me please
And the lily of the valley doesn’t knowI lie in wait with open eyes
I carry on through stormy skies
I follow every course
My kingdom for a horse
But each time I grow old
Serpent of the Nile
Relieve me for a while
And cast me from your spell and let me goMessenger from Seven Seas has flown
To tell the King of Rhye he’s lost his throne
Wars will never cease
Is there time enough for peace
But the lily of the valley doesn’t knowWritten by  Freddy  Mercury

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: Worktops, hospitals, Parliament,and Newbie


Coffee Time


If we were having Coffee: I would  remind  you  that  there  are lots of  other  coffee mornings  all shared  and organized  By  Diana  and  Gene’O  over at,Part time monster


Do join in

Come on  in  it is nice  to  sit  and  have a  chat  after  all  the  hustle  and  bustle  of  the past  few days.   I  can  still entertain  you  all  with tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

If we were having coffee: I would have  to  say  what a busy  week  this  has been, Monday  we had  our  new  worktop  along  under the  kitchen window  by  the sink replaced. Either  hubby  I  had  to be  there  while  the  workmen  were  as  we  wanted  to  make  sure  that  the  work  was  done  properly! As it  certainly  was not  the first time. It  was an unadulterated mess! So Monday  we  took no  chance.

I had a  scan  at  11am  so hubby  stayed   with  the  workmen  and  son number two  took me  for  my  scan. When we  got  back  hubby  had  to  go  and  take  his  mother  to  another hospital  for  an  afternoon  appointment so I  was on  workman watch!

Well  the  worktop is  done  now  and I  would  say it is  a near  perfect  as it can  get!





If we were having  coffee: Tuesday was  busy too the  gym  shopping  and housework  all go ! Wednesday  was  the  new Pilates  with my  friend L . We are  finding  this lesson  very  hard  but  excellent  too  as  the  teacher  is  very  very  good. In  the  afternoon hubby  and I  attended  the  funeral  of  the  wife of  our  next door neighbour . She  was a lovely  lady  and  she  will be  missed.

Would  anyone  like  another  coffee or  some  cake  or  even  something  stronger.

If we were having  coffee: I would  say  that  Thursday  I had  to  go  to see  the Dr  about  my  scan results. No  hard  or  fast  news  apart  from  the  fact  there is a problem  with  the gallbladder  which may  necessitate an operation  and a  possible  abnormality  with  my  kidneys…. the  Dr  is  arranging   for  me  to  see  a specialist   about  both. ..OH!  yes  she is  also  sending  me  for  physio  for  my  kne which  I seem to have  damaged.   OMG  I  am falling  to pieces

If we  were having  Coffee :  I would  tell Friday  we went  to London  for a  visit  to  the Houses  of Parliament  ….

We left  home  at  13.20pm   we  walked  to  the station  in  what I can  only  describe  as  wet  rain! We  refused  to let  this  dampen our  spirits  though  because  we  were both  very  excited about  the  visit ! Hubby  should  of  gone  to  the houses of  Parliament   when he was a young  lad  at  school but  for whatever  reason  he  missed  the  visit …. Then  we  had an appointment  to  go  in October  last year   but  my  sister  was on  the  danger list  and  so  we missed our  visit. My  sister  sadly  died.

So  we  were determined  that  hubby  would  make it  third  time around! We  arrived  at  Waterloo and  took  the  short  walk  to Westminster where  we met  by  security  and  and armed policemen ( I still  cannot  get used  to armed policemen  though  by  now I  should be used to them.)


Palace  of Westminster late  afternoon

The  above  photo  is of  the  Houses of  Parliament, late  afternoon  from  the  far  side of Westminster Bridge. Why  have  I called it  Palace of Westminster , because  that is  what it is  read here.

We were early  as our  tour  was  at  16.35 pm  so  we  went to  the cafe  and  had a  coffee! Then we  went into  Westminster  Hall  and  soaked up  the  atmosphere and  buzz.

Our  tour guide  was  called Anna  and  she  was excellent, we  went  through  the  central lobby, and  along  the  voting  corridors… read  here . Then  we went to see  the royal  robing  rooms  that  the  Queen  uses  to  dress  for  occasions of state  .

Then  we saw  the Lobbies  and  then  finally  both  Houses  of  Parliament , the  Commons  and  the  Lords. Unfortunately  we  were not allowed  to take  any  photos of these .

It was an amazing  tour  and  we  learned  so  much  about  our  Parliament   and  the  buildings  which had  been a Royal place. The  tour lasted  about  an  hour  and a half. Then  we  walked  along  the  river  back  towards  Waterloo  and  the Festival Hall. We had  dinner at Pizza Express then  walked  back  to Waterloo  Station to  catch our train home. We had had a great  day  out!


The Hammer Beam roof of Westminster Hall


The  front entrance, the window is  for  the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.



Next  four  photos  are  taken in  St Georges  Hall.



We walked along  the  River  to  have  dinner and  saw  the London Eye


All that was left of Dinner


Waterloo Station


One  last look  at  the Westminster Hall

If we were having  coffee  : I would  tell  you  that Saturday  Core  Class was still  as hard  as  last  weeks!  When I  got  back  from  class  I  visited  our  new  neighbours  to meet  their  new  Puppy  Inca who is  an  adorable  female  Labrador Puppy. My  friend  Stan ( Jean’s  beautiful dog ) will love  her! Visit  Jean’s  and  dare I say  Stan’s blog  at  Socialbridge

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meet Inca.

Then we  had  a visit   from  our  eldest son.

Would  you like  another  cuppa  or  something  to  eat! 5030603-moravian-poppyseed-curd-and-jam-cakes-and-a-cup-of-coffee-stock-photo

If we were having Coffee : I would  tell you that today Sunday we are meeting up  with  the  our  youngest  son  and his  wife  and  the Newbie  to  celebrate  our  son’s  birthday. We are  taking  the  hubby’s  Mum. Unfortunately  our  middle  son  has  to  work  and our  eldest  has a prior  arrangement  that  he  cannot  get out of. It  will be lovely  for  the  rest of us to be  together  though.  We are really  looking  forward   to  Lunch out….. and  the Newbie of course!

If we  were having coffee : I am amazed  to  say  that  we  are  almost into  the last  week of  Just Jot it  January , organised  by  LindaGHill   it  has  been amazing  and I have  met  some really  great bloggers.jjj-2016.jpg

If we  were  having  Coffee:  I would  have  to  say  we  are  all  sill  waiting  patiently   for  our  dear  Paul  Curran   to  rejoin us here at  the  coffee  share   but  until he is  well enough  and up  and  running again  we  shall  have  to  bide our  time!

For  now  everyone  Be  well  and  happy!

If we were having Coffee Original idea  from parttimemonster.

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gene’O’s
Love to you all

Just Jot It January: Compelled.

THIS IS  PART  OF  LINDAGHILL’S  JUST JOT IT JANUARY .  Today 24th January the  prompt is  Compelled  and it  was suggested  by  me  willowdot21.




She  had  him utterly  and  totally  compelled

Within her hand his  beating heart she  held.

She only  needed  to  look in his  eyes  and he  knew  damn well

He  was  hers, utterly , totally  and  completely  compelled .


He abandoned all else , work ,friends, family  cast aside

She  stripped him bare, he had  nothing  left to hide.

He gave her his all, walked on  glass,laid down his life

He’d not leave her side begged her not cause him strife.


He was addicted,needy, lusting  for her, under her  spell

No good  for anything  else  he  was completely  compelled.

She  sucked him dry  and used him up.She dragged him  to hell

He was lost, hopelessly  compelled broken and lonely … under her spell.





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