Running for life.

Running for  Life

Step after step I drag myself through the rain

Blind to all around me , my  mind closed to the pangs of pain.

Fear, hatred and panic screaming in my head, loathing coursing in my veins.

Step after  blooded step, I run and yet it is gaining.

I stumble and fall , legs and arms grazed I crawl no point in complaining.

Hot breath on my neck I shudder in fear I smell his rank sweat as he draws near.

I feel his claws scrape at my flesh, I loose a scream of primal fear.

Ripping at my dress and  hair I run for my life, to look over my shoulder I don’t dare.

No choices left to me, naught I can do . I stand and face the beast  for death I prepare.

Eyes red as the devil, pure evil it seems, closing on me, my worst of dreams.

Caught in his clutches, mercy is not on the cards, so  I beg for divine intervention.

His nostrils flaring, baring his fangs letting me live is not his intention.

Finally all I can do is fall on my knees and pray , why must this horror be my last of day.

Suddenly after a thunderous noise a white flash as lightening  carved him in half God be praised.

Broken and bleeding I lay in the mud,my life slipping out of me no fight left no more……..


If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after he’s dead, then maybe he was a great man.


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Stream Of Consciousness Saturday. Imformation

The  darkness was complete  and immediate as  was  the  silence. I  was  suddenly  alone  and  cold  so  cold. “This  way ” said  a  soothing  but  firm voice ,  I  could not be  sure  if  it was  a male  or  a female but  I  wanted  to  comply  and  at  once.

There  was a long  dim corridor with  innumerable doors stretching  to infinity and  yet  somehow  I  was  walking  along  with  the  gentle  presence, at  ease just  as if  I was  strolling  through  the  fields  near  home. After  a  while  we reached a  brightly  lit  office  the  walls  were  rainbow  coloured  and  covered  with monitors showing   a myriad  of  information not  unlike  a  CCTV control  room.

Entering  the office I  was immediately  struck again  by  a calm  restful feeling, a beautiful  person rose  from  the  desk  and  again  I  could not  determine what  sex  they  were. “Please  take  a seat , I  have  made  you a  one shot  black  American,  Ethiopian Blend, black. How  you had  the patience  to  order  that  every time   you  had  coffee out  is  beyond  me! ” Then  they  smiled  at  me, such  a  smile I had  ever  seen. I smiled  back  and hope it  pleased  them  as  much  as  their  smile  pleased  me.

I tried  my  coffee it  was  perfect. “Now” the  being  behind  the  desk  said , “You  have  a decision  to make, the  biggest  and most important  decision  ever. Please  think  hard  about  my  next  question  there is no need  to make  an immediate  decision you must  think  hard  as  there is no  changing  your  mind  once  the  decision  is made. ”

Sitting  there  sipping  my  coffee I  felt  calm and  relaxed yet  so tired. I looked  at  the   being  and  spoke  for  the  first  time ,”what  is  the  question”  I  was  a little  shocked  by  the  sound of  my  voice,  it was  strange,  as if  it  did not  belong  to  me . Reaching  across  the  desk  this  beautiful  being  touched  my  hand  and looked into  my  eyes  and  said.” You  are  on  the  cusp of  life  and  death , frozen  in  time . You  are  dead but officially  so,  yet. The  question is  do  you  want  to  die  now  and  cut  ties  with  everything  you hold  dear or  do  you  want  to  stay  here.”

I  should of  been  shocked,  I should of  been  galvanized  into action….. but  I was not. “Do you remember  what  happened ” asked  the being, here  let  me help you with  some information” waving  a hand over  my  head I  saw it  all. I  felt  the  pain  the  distress as I  fought  with  myself , I saw  the  wall I  felt  the urge  to  drive right into it . I saw  the dark  deserted  road  and my  car  smashed into the  wall and I saw  me in the  car  all bloodied  and still.” Can I  go  back , like  that  what lies  ahead  of  me ” The  being  smiled  I  cannot  answer  that , that is privileged information  . You  can  choose  to live  or  you can choose  to  die. Your  place set  you  either  take it  sooner or  later .” they  finished on a smile.

Seemingly  an eternity  passed as  I  thought  about  my  options, I  sat  there oblivious  of  the monitors or  the  being  moving  around  the  office. There  was no  rush  or  urgency , no  pressure. ” I do not feel ready  to  come here yet” I said , a fear  and hopelessness grabbed  me  as  the  words  left  my  mouth. Taking  my  hand  again  the  being  whispered “One of us  will help  you along  and  more  than that I  shall not  tell”

It  came  to me in a flash  I wanted  to  go back  suddenly  it  was  so important   and it  was all I could  do not  to leap  from the chair. The being  must of  read  my  mind , “Are  you  sure”  they  asked  me. “Yes , Yes I  am , never  more so. I replied.

The  darkness was complete  and immediate as  was  the  silence. I  was  suddenly  alone  and  cold  so  cold. Then  there  was a light  and  the car  was  creaking . “We have  got a  live one  here  ” Shouted  a strong  and capable  voice  I check  her life  signs  take  down the  information…………

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Today’s  music  theme  was picked  by  Maddie and she  has  chosen Death  and Rebirth.

Lets  start  with Shakespeare’s Sister  : The  video  shows  the  fight  between  life  and death….. who  will win!



The Morrígan (“phantom queen”) or Mórrígan (“great queen”), also written as Morrígu or in the plural as Morrígna, and spelled Morríghan or Mór-ríoghain in Modern Irish, is a figure from Irish mythology who appears to have been considered a goddess, although she is not explicitly referred to as such in the texts.

The primary themes associated with the Morrígan are battle, strife, and sovereignty. She sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors, and in the Ulster Cycle she also takes the forms of an eel, a wolf and a cow. She is generally considered a war deity comparable with the Germanic Valkyries, although her association with a cow may also suggest a role connected with wealth and the land.

She is often depicted as a trio of individuals, all sisters.[1][2][3] Although membership of the triad varies, the most common combinations are Badb, Macha and Nemain,[4] or Badb, Macha and Anand; Anand is also given as an alternate name for Morrigu.[5] Other accounts name Fea, and others.[4]   you can read  more  here 

I have  written  two  poems  about  The  Irish  Goddess  of  Death  and Rebirth  Morrigan



Oh! the beauty of Morrigan  the phantom Queen.

Goddess of War and Sex  the most enchanting woman you have seen.

Secretly  she flies with ravens and crows

She is  happier in their company than that of any man she knows.

Riding her white steed across the sky at night

She will find a hero and bind him to her tight.

By the joys of sex she will empower him and be he knave or king

With the memory of her love he will surge into battle and he will win.

Through the seasons the crows carry her name she has shapes times three .

Which one will she chose to show which one will she be.

A crone at the village fair

Making jewellery for the young maids to  wear in their hair.

A comely maid in spring may make a young king’s heart sing.

His soul to her is lost she will sate his lust.

Then  empower him and he in battle will win.

The Tripple Goddess

Then will come the day when she will ensure he has to pay.

A woman in full bloom all curves and charms

Will welcome the knight into her arms

And teach him things he could never have known.

He will awake to find her flown

Leaving feathers on the pillow. Outside his window he will hear the harsh crow song.

All men who have been visited by her will triumph at their cause ,

Then at their death bed she will return and the mystery’s of life she will unravel then his life she will pause.
The old the young the one carrying new birth .And so the three in one travel this earth

Spreading their magic along their way

Crows and ravens by night and a woman by day.

Morrigan phantom Queen

Goddess of War and Sex  the most enchanting woman you have seen.

Secretly  she flies with ravens and crows

She is  happier in their company than that of any man she knows.

Written  by  willowdot 21  January  2013
Morrigan Nightmare of the rebirth  of  the dead.


Dark and stormy full of dread

On the grey waters  black of heart and dress of red.

Sullen feeling filled her soul

As the wind whipped up her dress and let fly her hair black as coal.

In the sky  over head weaved her Raven broad of wing and sharp of eye

Black and shiny against a grey unholy sky.

Waters broke about her feet,

Icy cold but to her sweet.

She is the rebirth of the dead

She is the one on which all darkness is fed.

Slowly as the thunder clashed

She turned to face me and an evil light in her eyes flashed.

Reaching out her hand to me

She gently cooed that she had come to set me free.

Relinquish all of you that is good give in to me

Relax, release I am here to set you free.

No I screamed I will not bow to you, I am not such easy prey

Here I stand and here I shall stay

Do what ever you have come to do.

Angry now she motioned to her raven down,

He swooped at speed. So fast was he and noisy too.

His warning screech I did not heed

In he came with talons long and beak razor sharp on my face to feed.

my eyes so bright

That was how I lost my sight,

It was wrench from me that dark grey night .

Still I was steadfast I stood my ground

Though her raven ripped at me and threw my flesh all around.

I would not give into the dead

I uttered every prayer I had ever said.

Finally in the cold light of dawn

I found myself on the shore lost and forlorn.

Pained and I could see no more.

Dark and stormy full of dread

On the grey waters  black of heart and dress of red.

Sullen feeling filled her soul

As the wind whipped up her dress and let fly her hair black as coal.

written  by  willowdot21  March 2012


Then of course  Michael  Jackson   made his  fabulous   video  not  quite  death  and  rebirth  more  death  and undead!





Then  there  is  the  death and  rebirth  of  the  season, shown here  beautifully   By  Vivadli  and his  fabulous Four Seasons.


Life  cycle  of  the  Rose of  Jericho  Resurrection Plant


Finally  my  favourite  Imogen  with  the  Dewarists , Minds  Without  Fear. I  don’t  k now  why  but  the  song  and  video  reminds  me of  rebirth and  you have  to have  death  to have  rebirth  don’t  you!



Please  check out  the  other themists.

What is the point?

photo credits google images

Sadly dancing in the fields they sway the once golden Sunflowers of yesterday. Their glowing glory stripped away standing forlorn all splendour gone today.
I think that l have never seen a sadder sight then glorious sunflowers died turned to green.
As in life and love as we have seen nothing lasts nothing is truly evergreen.

Even that which we think is set in stone is not, no it is over blown. The churches need as much care as my poor sunflowers growing there.
What point is there me grieving, no point at all life will go on all deceiving.

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