The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan 2022 Daily Prompt – Jan. 8th

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Hi! Welcome to the Daily 2022 Just Jot it January Prompt and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for SATURDAY, JANUARY 8th.

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “In the.” Start your post with the words “In the” – that’s the prompt! Enjoy!

Badge by Shelley Krupa.
jusjojan© LindaGHill

In the afternoon yesterday , 1.45 actually, I was on the phone to my eldest son, when suddenly there were huge black things floating infront of me. I kept try to brush them away, they were like huge cobwebs then for good measure silver flashes appeared from top to bottom of my periveral vision.

I could not concentrate on the phone conversation as the lights and cobwebs were so distracting. In the beginning I could not work out what was happening then as I relaxed I realized it was my left eye. This continued all afternoon and evening, at about 17.30 I rang my optician and asked for an appointment, she said what was the problem I told her. She advised me to go as soon as possible to the eye casualty. The earliest I could go was this morning. So I spent the evening wearing dark glasses and I have to admit worrying.

This morning we were up at dawn and off to the hospital after sorting Ruby. I was there at 8.30am the department opens at 9am. I was first in and was triaged , an eye test, then drops to anesthesise my eyes, followed by a test to measure the pressure in my eyes then drops to dilate my pupils. After a while I saw the Dr and her trainee they did loads of tests and even gave me more drops the put a special lense in my left eye to do a deeper test.

In the beginning I was scared when she told me I had had a P V D. Apparently this is an age related thing ..a Posterior Vitreous Detachment. This when the Vitreous ( a jelly) at the back of the eye breaks away, and we then see black floaters infront of our eyes. The light flashes are the vitreous pulling at the retina. It’s age related. Today every thing is okay, although rather disconcerting. The Dr said to just keep an eye on things … keep an eye 👀🤣🤣🤣🤣. But to watch out for the light flashes getting worse or suddenly lots more floaters as that could mean trouble, detached retina. So any problems I was to return to the eye casualty immediately.

Apparently this can go on for weeks months or even years???? I told her this was rather disconcerting because the floaters seem huge she told me that my brain will soon compensate for these and they will not bother me as much.

In the beginning I was very worried since seeing the Dr I feel better, though because of the drops my vision is very blurry so forgive me if I am late reading posts or comments today.

So in the end, for now all is well that ends well. 💜

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS October 23. 2021

Badge by Shelley Krupa.

Our host, Linda G Hill said “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “body parts.” Pick a body part and talk about it. Make sure to leave a comment below or put a disclaimer at the top of your post if its NSFW! There are people who participate in SoCS and love to support others, but not every one will want to read about private parts. Have fun!”

Back in 2018 we had a similar prompt about organs you can find it here . Did you know that the Skin is the largest organ of our body. The skin is made up of three main layers: the epidermis, dermis and subcutis. I may be digressing here but I would say that an organ is a body part, wouldn’t you? So that’s my SoCs pick and I am going with it.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and includes associated organs and derivatives of the skin such as hair, nails, glands, and specialized nerve endings. One square centimeter of skin contains approximately 70 cm of blood vessels, over 100 glands, and well over 200 sensory receptors!  For this reason, it is virtually impossible to find an area of the skin that is insensitive to sensations of touch, pressure, heat, cold, pain, or vibration.

Skin serves the primary function of protection. It also cushions internal organs and serves as the first line of defense from infection and injury. It is waterproof, stretchable, and capable of repairing itself. 

Here is a little off the cuff Acrostic Poem.

Sensitive to touch ever growing
Keeping supple millions of cells flowing
It’s our cover and warmth re-
Newing itself constantly.

Song Lyric Sunday: Human Connections.

Jim Adams

It’s Sunday again and time for Jim Adam’s Song Lyric Sunday, today is October 17, 2021. The prompt this week is – Communication, Information, News, Telephone suggested by Di of pensitivity101. Brilliant choice Di.

I picked Telemiscommunications because it is about s couple trying to share news, information and to communicate on the phone….and due to the state of all our lives today failing!


Telemiscommunications” is a song by Canadian electronic music producer Deadmau5 and English singer Imogen Heap. It was released on March 12, 2013 by Ultra Records as the fifth single from Deadmau5’s sixth studio album Album Title Goes Here and the seventh single from Imogen Heap’s fourth studio album Sparks. The song is an electropop ballad whose lyrics depict a dysfunctional phone conversation.

Work on “Telemiscommunications” began after Deadmau5 emailed Heap. According to Deadmau5, the two never met in person, and only sent two emails and made two phone calls to one another during the making of the song.

Below is the explanatory video of how the song and video were put together. I really think it so interesting.

(with Imogen Heap)

Hey babe, how’s your day been?
No, you first..
Oh.. what? The delay’s quite bad
Yeah, sorry..
Where are you, I can’t really hear you
A taxi distracted..
Anyway you.. You were saying?
Wait, uh..
Now they’re waving me over
Can I call you back?
Yeah, everything’s fine
Why am I.. I don’t know why
I probably just need sleep
It’s been a busy week
Sorry, I’ve got to go
So, ok.. bye

This is just so unlike us
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch
Contact versus tele-miscommunications

Plan foiled
The sirens pass by
Kids screaming
The longest public announcement
Reach check-in, finally got through
Running for a flight, shoes off
You’re calling voicemail
In joke, group laughter
Closing scenes in a meeting
Angel (angel) why didn’t you tell me?
One second, someone needs directions
Can’t you see I’m on the phone?

This is just so unlike us
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch
Contact versus tele-miscommunications

So unlike us (unlike us)
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch
Contact versus tele-miscommunications

Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?
(kiss kiss)
Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?
(kiss kiss)
Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?

Source: Musixmatch

And of course there’s always this song too. No explanation needed.

Happy Sunday Everyone. 💜😂💜

Never ignore a scratch, the dangers of Sepsis. Part 2.

The night of 24th/25th July.

The nurse set up my first drip and hoisted my arm up and got me into bed. I was in a very strange position but I could put up with that. She said she was sorry that I could only have two pillows as she had another patient coming in later and she didn’t have enough to go round. It was already 11pm and I wondered what time the next patient was coming in.

I was offered painkillers but as much as my hand and arm hurt I refused the prescription painkillers but I accepted paracetamol. I had to explain that I had been addicted to Tramadol and Gabapentin ( I have broken my back twice and had been addicted to painkillers…another story) so paracetamol it was….it didn’t help but there was no way would I take anything stronger.

I couldn’t sleep, there was so much going on, people taking my temperature, blood pressure at different times, changing my drip. The the other patient arrived that was all a flurry.

I couldn’t sleep for the pain and I couldn’t use my phone as the battery was low and I had brought nothing with me , not even a charger.

Me in a fetching hospital gown, lol, don’t I look a mess

I did eventually fall asleep but then the dreams started. One in particular, I was outside talking to a Dr when I fell back and everything went black, felt a strange floating sensation as I drifted into the sun, I remember thinking don’t let me die please. I woke up to find a nurse standing by me. I didn’t tell her about my dream but I decided not to go back to sleep as the dream was so scary. A long painful night.

Thursday 25th July.

As always with hospitals they come round early with tablets, then breakfast, I ran the gauntlet of the tablets again, but after explaining again I got away with just paracetamol 😁.

More blood pressure temperature and drips it all busy. I had a headache still but I felt that the drip was working. A trainee Nurse and the ward sister arrived and ask if I would mind the young nurse taking my blood. I agree but almost immediately regret it. I concosole myself that she has to learn somewhere. I end up with a spectacular 6 inch bruise because she nicked a vein .

The doctors come round and checked me out they were pleased with the results of the blood test, the infection has halved, not gone but moving in the right direction.

The doctor’s decided that I can go home with a massive dose of antibiotics and a sling to keep my arm elevated. But before I can go home I have to have two more I. V. Drips. The day passes I do not feel at all well but I am relieved to he going home later.

At 3pm my youngest son arrives to visit me just as the sister is giving me my antibiotics, 3x150gms of Clindamycin 4x a day. I am feeling so tired I just want to get home. So my lad takes me home.

It was hard getting in the car with the huge sling on but I just wanted to get home.

I was so glad to get home, to rest. I was so grateful to have all my fingers, toes and limbs. I rested and finally after about four sleepless nights I got some sleep.

Friday 26th July.

I slept in and got up late and rested with my arm propped up and took my tablets. Our middle son came to visit and cheer me up.

I also was sent lovely flowers from my sister in law and youngest son and our eldest son rang up to check on me too.

I couldn’t sleep very well as the finger was still very painful.

I spent the whole night awake in pain worrying that things were not improving.

Saturday 27 July

Much the same as Friday.

Sunday 28th July

No sleep and the same as the day before. We had mother in law round so I put on a brave face.

Monday 29th July

Much the same again, I finish the antibiotics, I decided to be brave and went with hubby to walk our lovely dog Ruby, my huge sling raised a lot of eyebrows and questions. We had a laugh and a joke with the other dog walkers and it did give me a lift. But I was still in pain. The finger was going down now which was a good sign.

Still had trouble resting or sleeping.

Tuesday no change again but kept myself busy doing what could but getting tired very easily. Still painful.

Wednesday day 30th July

Saw another doctor who said there was still infection in the finger so she gave me another course of the same antibiotics.

Thursday 1st August

The skin on my finger stared to die and peel off. It was leaving the finger red raw and stinging.

Then some of the yellow poison and dead skin fell off.

Not nice but I am just showing you what happened.

Friday 2nd August

Hubby took Ruby and me out to cheer me up which it did. I was still in the sling but my finger was so sore we decided to get some light tubular bandages to protect the finger. It would be lighter than the sling, less hot and sticky and would keep all the dead skin in one place.

This was a brilliant move the lightweight bandages are a real boon.

From 3rd August to 10th (today)

There has not been much change but the skin is flaking off of the whole finger now and it is still sore and throbs occasionally. There is still a deep red patch where the original wound was but I am keeping it clean, dry and covered plus letting the air get to it when I can.

I am keeping a close eye on it and if there is no improvement next week I shall be going to see the Dr again.

I do know that these two posts have not been fun to write or no doubt to read but I think it is very important to let you all know how dangerous it can be to get even a tiny scratch on your finger. Please all of you be vigilant 💜

This is part 2 of Never ignore a scratch, the dangers of Sepsis. You can find Part 1 here.

Never ignore a scratch, the dangers of Sepsis. Part 1

16th of July

Just a normal day, I was busy doing housework and enjoying the warm weather. Midmorning I was sorting the washing, off the line, on to the clothes horse, off the clothes horse into the airing cupboard, out of airing cupboard put away or iron.

Nothing dangerous there. Yet there was, as I hung an item of laundry over the wooden slatted shelves in my airing cupboard I caught the middle knuckle of the middle finger on my left hand.

Shit bags, that hurt, I washed it cleaned it put a plaster on because it bled and I was doing white laundry.

Thereafter I changed plasters. and kept it clean.

This is a photo taken the next day, the scratch is so small if you did not know it was there you just would not see it. In fact it is just luck that the photo has my hands in it because I was unaware of what was brewing.

It was just a normal week, Pilates , coffee with a friend , a trip to Reading nothing special, nothing out of the normal but inside me things were not normal at all.

Saturday 20th July.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up when my finger brushed against the a kitchen cupboard, it was really sore, it made me jump. I looked at it nothing out of the ordinary, just a tiny scratch with a tiny flap of skin, nothing to write home about. So I cleaned it again and put a plaster on it.

In the afternoon we took Ruby for a walk and met my friend Natalie and her family, I have mentioned Natalie before she is blind and has a guide dog. The puppy walkers who had looked after her guide dog Quala while she was in training were visiting her and we all had a chat and again I noticed my finger was sore while shaking hands.

Sunday 21st July

I noticed more that my finger was sore but as with most Sundays we have mother in law round for dinner so, just got on with things. The finger was now sore but still looked okay normal.

Monday 22nd July

I had a Drs appointment about something totally unrelated and as the finger had played me up in the night I decided to ask her about my finger too. I did and she had a look at and said “yes it does look a little swollen, just keep an eye on it and come back if you are worried” Well as we all know it is almost impossible to get an appointment with a Dr, but hey ho!

We took Ruby for a lovely wood land walk that afternoon.

I noticed that my finger was really playing up and since the morning it was beginning to look very angry. I mentioned it to hubby who was as concerned as I was. I couldn’t sleep that night my finger hurt so much.

Tuesday 23rd July

In the morning we were up early and drove to a near by walk in centre we were there by 7.45am it opens at 8am. We waited, at 7.58am a lady announced that she was sorry but she could not allow the walk in centre to open as only one of the four nurses for that shift had turn up and she had no doctors!?

Hubby and I both dialed our surgery while heading for our car, hubby got through at 8.14am he handed me the phone, when I got through I asked to see a doctor, all appointments were gone, why did I need to see a doctor the receptionist asked. I explained, I had a red and swollen finger and a new symptom my hand was going red. …she thought and then said she had one last sit and wait appointment that afternoon. I took it. As the day went on it just got worse and worse.

Okay I was getting a headache now and I was tired because I hadn’t slept properly since Saturday.

I saw the Dr, who took my blood pressure and temperature , fiddled with my finger and gave me a prescription for antibiotics and told me to keep an eye on it. I pointed out the spreading redness he said keep an eye on it and come back if it got worse. While I waited for my prescription I wandered how to manage getting an appointment the next day if I needed it and hoped the antibiotics would work.

Wednesday 24th July

No sleep, at breakfast we could clearly see a red line creeping up my arm.

See how small the scratch is, as it began to go yellow.

Hubby walked Ruby early as he had to take his mother to the hospital for a check up for her pacemaker so we decided we’d make a decision on his return.

I was by now not feeling too good so I spent the morning sitting in the sofa with feet and arm up. My friend came round and she was concerned and she suggested we mark my arm with a pen to see if it spread any further.

Hubby got home after 2pm after a short discussion we rang 111 who after listening to my symptoms told us we needed to see a doctor within two hours.

We decided that after the experience of the previous morning there was no point going to the walk in centre, we decided to ring our GP. Surgery and tell them what the nurse on 111 had said. Luckily they said we could come straight down , which we did .

The doctor called us in and at first seemed unimpressed but when he looked at my finger and the red line shooting up my arm his attitude changed.

He again took my temperature and blood pressure , the blood pressure was high. He then rang the hospital while we sat and listened, he told them what was happening and they said to come straight in and they would be waiting. Then as we left the Dr said , don’t eat or drink anything, they may be operating. This scared us both.

So we drove the 12miles to the hospital …. It was scary.

We arrived at A & E and told them we were expected, after a wait I was called in to triage. The asked a few questions took blood and put in a cannula into my arm, and put a hospital I.D. bracelet and rang the orthopedic team , who said they were on their way. Then it was back to the waiting room .

That above is the good arm!

After what seemed like an age, but was not really, three doctors arrived, and I thought I wonder if that is the team for me. It was and they called me through.

They checked me out and we really nice and calming and up beat. I did not like all the talk of operations. I was sent for x-rays which were painful because the radiographer had to manipulate my hand which made me want to cry…. But I didn’t.

After the xray the team of three were back and told me that they were admitting me as I needed 24hrs of I.V. antibiotics and they were going to make a sling for me as I was going to have my arm elevated for the next 24 hours as well.

Then they made sure where the pain was, eventually they decided they need not operate immediately . They explained that sepsis not only gets into the blood it gets into muscle and bones as well. So they decided antibiotics and elevation first.

So while I am waiting for a bed they doctors fitted me with huge sling ….and then we wait for hed. My finger and hand hurt!

It was getting late and I was very tired, there was a very strange woman sitting next to us rambling on. Then four police arrived with a very drunk and very abusive prisoner who was causing all sorts of aggrevation.

At length a nurse came along and said that there was a bed on orothpedics and they were waiting for me to start my drip. I was taken by wheel chair up to the ward, hubby came too. We were greeted by two lovely nurses who helped me get settled in.

I told hubby I would be fine and sent him home. The nurse fixed up my drip and hoist my arm up on the same pole as my IV.

Hubby had to get home because our Ruby was being looked after by our neighbours and hubby had not eaten since the morning.

For that fact neither had I . The nurse brought brought me some coffee and toast. So began a very , very long and strange night. .

More to come, tomorrow.

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday. Imformation

The  darkness was complete  and immediate as  was  the  silence. I  was  suddenly  alone  and  cold  so  cold. “This  way ” said  a  soothing  but  firm voice ,  I  could not be  sure  if  it was  a male  or  a female but  I  wanted  to  comply  and  at  once.

There  was a long  dim corridor with  innumerable doors stretching  to infinity and  yet  somehow  I  was  walking  along  with  the  gentle  presence, at  ease just  as if  I was  strolling  through  the  fields  near  home. After  a  while  we reached a  brightly  lit  office  the  walls  were  rainbow  coloured  and  covered  with monitors showing   a myriad  of  information not  unlike  a  CCTV control  room.

Entering  the office I  was immediately  struck again  by  a calm  restful feeling, a beautiful  person rose  from  the  desk  and  again  I  could not  determine what  sex  they  were. “Please  take  a seat , I  have  made  you a  one shot  black  American,  Ethiopian Blend, black. How  you had  the patience  to  order  that  every time   you  had  coffee out  is  beyond  me! ” Then  they  smiled  at  me, such  a  smile I had  ever  seen. I smiled  back  and hope it  pleased  them  as  much  as  their  smile  pleased  me.

I tried  my  coffee it  was  perfect. “Now” the  being  behind  the  desk  said , “You  have  a decision  to make, the  biggest  and most important  decision  ever. Please  think  hard  about  my  next  question  there is no need  to make  an immediate  decision you must  think  hard  as  there is no  changing  your  mind  once  the  decision  is made. ”

Sitting  there  sipping  my  coffee I  felt  calm and  relaxed yet  so tired. I looked  at  the   being  and  spoke  for  the  first  time ,”what  is  the  question”  I  was  a little  shocked  by  the  sound of  my  voice,  it was  strange,  as if  it  did not  belong  to  me . Reaching  across  the  desk  this  beautiful  being  touched  my  hand  and looked into  my  eyes  and  said.” You  are  on  the  cusp of  life  and  death , frozen  in  time . You  are  dead but officially  so,  yet. The  question is  do  you  want  to  die  now  and  cut  ties  with  everything  you hold  dear or  do  you  want  to  stay  here.”

I  should of  been  shocked,  I should of  been  galvanized  into action….. but  I was not. “Do you remember  what  happened ” asked  the being, here  let  me help you with  some information” waving  a hand over  my  head I  saw it  all. I  felt  the  pain  the  distress as I  fought  with  myself , I saw  the  wall I  felt  the urge  to  drive right into it . I saw  the dark  deserted  road  and my  car  smashed into the  wall and I saw  me in the  car  all bloodied  and still.” Can I  go  back , like  that  what lies  ahead  of  me ” The  being  smiled  I  cannot  answer  that , that is privileged information  . You  can  choose  to live  or  you can choose  to  die. Your  place set  you  either  take it  sooner or  later .” they  finished on a smile.

Seemingly  an eternity  passed as  I  thought  about  my  options, I  sat  there oblivious  of  the monitors or  the  being  moving  around  the  office. There  was no  rush  or  urgency , no  pressure. ” I do not feel ready  to  come here yet” I said , a fear  and hopelessness grabbed  me  as  the  words  left  my  mouth. Taking  my  hand  again  the  being  whispered “One of us  will help  you along  and  more  than that I  shall not  tell”

It  came  to me in a flash  I wanted  to  go back  suddenly  it  was  so important   and it  was all I could  do not  to leap  from the chair. The being  must of  read  my  mind , “Are  you  sure”  they  asked  me. “Yes , Yes I  am , never  more so. I replied.

The  darkness was complete  and immediate as  was  the  silence. I  was  suddenly  alone  and  cold  so  cold. Then  there  was a light  and  the car  was  creaking . “We have  got a  live one  here  ” Shouted  a strong  and capable  voice  I check  her life  signs  take  down the  information…………

This  is  part  of  Lindaghill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Today’s  prompt is : “information.”  Use it as your theme or use the word itself – it’s all up to you. Enjoy!

After you’ve written your Saturday post, please link it here at this week’s prompt page and check to make sure it’s here in the comments so others can find it and see your awesome Stream of Consciousness post. Anyone can join in!

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