Thursday photo prompt: Choice #writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a winter landscape, with trees by a stream and rough stepping stones across it.


The woman stood and looked upstream. It was cold but it was February. It was cold but not the cold of the war. That gnawing cold that the Vampires had spread across the world. That winter that had lasted a decade and been the destruction of so many and so much.

Lisa pulled her cloak around her tighter against the cold and the memory of that long cold and bloody time. She felt so alone so many close to her gone, Mathew ripped to pieces by his own kind, Rachel valiantly fell holding back the hordes of Vampires with so many of her kind. There were so few of the werewolves left now. Faye had been the hardest to take,she had betrayed them but had repented as she died… Something no other Vampire had ever done.

Those ten years and the five after had been hard, lonely years. Lisa felt her age, though her body still looked like that of a young woman. Shaking her head she cleared her brain of all the horrors she had witnessed.

Suddenly voices from behind her brought her back from her memories. She turn to face Calador and Hope approaching her. Calador showing the signs of the fifteen years she had known him, and Hope blossoming into a beautiful young woman. A smile lit up her face and her eyes showed her true magic she was a saviour, Hope by name and nature.

Looking at Hope as she hopped across the stepping stones towards her Lisa knew the choices she had made were the right ones.


This is part of Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Challenge.

This is part of my continuing my story ‘Vampires the Witch and the Werewolf’ you can read the story so far here.


Thursday photo prompt: Choices #writephoto

a solitary figure on a beach against a wide ocean.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a solitary figure on a beach against a wide ocean.

Small choices.

Not long he’d said, I did ask if he could be more specific. He was very nice about it but just couldn’t say. Months, weeks or days…he didn’t mention years.

I really don’t know why I am writing this down, there is no one to read it.

I don’t feel sad, how could I, the sea looks so beautiful with sun glinting on it. This beach is so peaceful, it’s warm and safe.

God, I am so tired, I need to sleep, I wonder if I will wake up again.

It’s funny I am not in any pain… I wonder if it will stay like that. No I am not afraid , well a little, maybe.

Oh! Hello dog, your beautiful are you on your own.

No it’s okay she’s no bother I love dogs. No I don’t live here …

Pardon, me, yes I would love a coffee, thank you.

This is part of Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.

Thursday photo prompt: Decisions #writephoto

Looking at the signpost of life

Unsure which way will be right.

Will I finally find the light

Or slip further into night.

Here at the side of the road

Suffering from emotional overload.

Straining hard to see a sign

Which route could be mine.

Darkness encases my soul

Hinders my path, hides my goal

In the lonely hours of the night

It is hard to focus on anything bright.

Should I take the easy path

Remain with known home and hearth

Maybe I should spread my wings

Open my heart to higher things.

Deep inside I truly know

My way is set I must follow.

An echo of a rainbow appears

Clearing all the misted years.

The choices are still there .

Signpost clear for me to see

Follow the truth and be free.


This is part of Sue Vincent of The Daily Echo, Thursday Photo prompt. #writephoto.

One Liner Wednesday : Dignitas.


“I  was  thinking  of  joining  Dignitas  but  I  think  the  fees  is  too high !”


“If  that is  the case  mate and  you are  quibbling  at  the price, you  are  not ready  to  die ”


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Stream Of Consciousness Saturday. Imformation

The  darkness was complete  and immediate as  was  the  silence. I  was  suddenly  alone  and  cold  so  cold. “This  way ” said  a  soothing  but  firm voice ,  I  could not be  sure  if  it was  a male  or  a female but  I  wanted  to  comply  and  at  once.

There  was a long  dim corridor with  innumerable doors stretching  to infinity and  yet  somehow  I  was  walking  along  with  the  gentle  presence, at  ease just  as if  I was  strolling  through  the  fields  near  home. After  a  while  we reached a  brightly  lit  office  the  walls  were  rainbow  coloured  and  covered  with monitors showing   a myriad  of  information not  unlike  a  CCTV control  room.

Entering  the office I  was immediately  struck again  by  a calm  restful feeling, a beautiful  person rose  from  the  desk  and  again  I  could not  determine what  sex  they  were. “Please  take  a seat , I  have  made  you a  one shot  black  American,  Ethiopian Blend, black. How  you had  the patience  to  order  that  every time   you  had  coffee out  is  beyond  me! ” Then  they  smiled  at  me, such  a  smile I had  ever  seen. I smiled  back  and hope it  pleased  them  as  much  as  their  smile  pleased  me.

I tried  my  coffee it  was  perfect. “Now” the  being  behind  the  desk  said , “You  have  a decision  to make, the  biggest  and most important  decision  ever. Please  think  hard  about  my  next  question  there is no need  to make  an immediate  decision you must  think  hard  as  there is no  changing  your  mind  once  the  decision  is made. ”

Sitting  there  sipping  my  coffee I  felt  calm and  relaxed yet  so tired. I looked  at  the   being  and  spoke  for  the  first  time ,”what  is  the  question”  I  was  a little  shocked  by  the  sound of  my  voice,  it was  strange,  as if  it  did not  belong  to  me . Reaching  across  the  desk  this  beautiful  being  touched  my  hand  and looked into  my  eyes  and  said.” You  are  on  the  cusp of  life  and  death , frozen  in  time . You  are  dead but officially  so,  yet. The  question is  do  you  want  to  die  now  and  cut  ties  with  everything  you hold  dear or  do  you  want  to  stay  here.”

I  should of  been  shocked,  I should of  been  galvanized  into action….. but  I was not. “Do you remember  what  happened ” asked  the being, here  let  me help you with  some information” waving  a hand over  my  head I  saw it  all. I  felt  the  pain  the  distress as I  fought  with  myself , I saw  the  wall I  felt  the urge  to  drive right into it . I saw  the dark  deserted  road  and my  car  smashed into the  wall and I saw  me in the  car  all bloodied  and still.” Can I  go  back , like  that  what lies  ahead  of  me ” The  being  smiled  I  cannot  answer  that , that is privileged information  . You  can  choose  to live  or  you can choose  to  die. Your  place set  you  either  take it  sooner or  later .” they  finished on a smile.

Seemingly  an eternity  passed as  I  thought  about  my  options, I  sat  there oblivious  of  the monitors or  the  being  moving  around  the  office. There  was no  rush  or  urgency , no  pressure. ” I do not feel ready  to  come here yet” I said , a fear  and hopelessness grabbed  me  as  the  words  left  my  mouth. Taking  my  hand  again  the  being  whispered “One of us  will help  you along  and  more  than that I  shall not  tell”

It  came  to me in a flash  I wanted  to  go back  suddenly  it  was  so important   and it  was all I could  do not  to leap  from the chair. The being  must of  read  my  mind , “Are  you  sure”  they  asked  me. “Yes , Yes I  am , never  more so. I replied.

The  darkness was complete  and immediate as  was  the  silence. I  was  suddenly  alone  and  cold  so  cold. Then  there  was a light  and  the car  was  creaking . “We have  got a  live one  here  ” Shouted  a strong  and capable  voice  I check  her life  signs  take  down the  information…………

This  is  part  of  Lindaghill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Today’s  prompt is : “information.”  Use it as your theme or use the word itself – it’s all up to you. Enjoy!

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The Crossroads of my life

Here I stand at the door once more as I have before and no doubt I will once more,

here on a threshold of time I see several paths of life entwine. I do not think it matters

which I choose for no whatever I do, somewhere along that road I will loose.

Time is laughing as it always does  it has no worries or choices unlike the likes of us.

It does not toil or fall in grief it does not have to search and beg for relief.

It can mock us from afar for our lives to it matter not a bar.

The hand of fate, times closest friend  is always there to trip us up and our roads to bend.

The two of them will have their fun and make sure we all pay in the end!

Praying at the crossroads of my life , may God help me cope with the

misery and the strife.


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