Song Lyric Sunday : Different/ Same.

Hi everyone it’s Sunday again and time for a prompt from Jim Adams for Song Lyric Sunday and this week it’s : July 26, 2020 – Different/Same

The first song that sprang to mind was ,The Same Old Song . By the Four Tops. Then I thought no let go for old Rodders

It’s the Same Old Song” is a song recorded by the Four Tops for the Motown label. It was released in 1965 as the second single from their second album. Written and produced by Motown’s main production team Holland–Dozier–Holland, the song is today one of The Tops’ signature songs, and was reportedly created—from initial concept to commercial release—in 24 hours. It reached No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 2 on the Billboard R&B chart. It also reached number 34 in the UK.

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Of course I chose Rodders. Sir Roderick David Stewart CBE (born 10 January 1945) is a British rock singer and songwriter. Born and raised in London, he is of Scottish and English ancestry. Stewart is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 120 million records worldwide. He has had nine number-one albums in the UK Albums Chart and his tally of 62 UK hit singles includes 31 that reached the top ten, six of which gained the #1 position. Stewart has had 16 top ten singles in the US, with four reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He was knighted in the 2016 Birthday Honours for services to music and charity.

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“It’s The Same Old Song”

You’re sweet (you’re sweet) as a honeybee
But like a honeybee stings
You’ve gone and left my heart in pain
All you left (all you left) is our favorite song
The one we danced to all night long
It used to bring sweet memories (Sweet memories)
Of a tender love that used to be

Now it’s the same old song
But with a different meaning since you been gone
It’s the same, same old song
But with a different meaning (Since you been gone)
And it breaks me up to hear it

I, oh I, sentimental fool am I (Sweet memories)
To hear an old love song and want to cry
But the melody keeps haunting me
Reminding me how in love we used to be
Keep hearing the part that used to touch our hearts
Staying (Together forever)
Darling (Breaking up never)

(Now it’s the same old song) Can’t bear to hear it
(With a different meaning since you been gone)
Oh, it hurts to hear it
It’s the same old song
But with a different meaning since you been gone

Precious memories keep a-lingering on
Every time I hear our favorite song
Now you’ve gone
Left this emptiness
I only reminisce the happiness we spent
We used to dance to the music (We used to dance to the music)
Make romance to the music (Make romance to the music)

Now it’s the same old song
But with a different meaning since you been gone
Now it’s the same old song
But with a different meaning since you been gone
I, oh, I can’t bear to hear it
It’s the same old song
(But with a different meaning since you been gone)
Ooh, it breaks me up to hear it)
It’s the same old song
But with a different meaning.

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And now for something completely different. I’m different. By Randy Newman.

Randall Stuart Newman (born November 28, 1943) is an American singer-songwriter, arranger and composer known for his Southern-affected singing style, early Americana-influenced songs (often with mordant or satirical lyrics), and various film scores.[5] His best-known songs as a recording artist are “Short People” (1977), “I Love L.A.” (1983), and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” (1995), while other artists have enjoyed more success with cover versions of his “Mama Told Me Not to Come” (1966), “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” (1968) and “You Can Leave Your Hat On” (1972).

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“I’m Different”

I’m different and I don’t care who knows it
Somethin’ about me
It’s not the same, yeah
I’m different and that’s how it goes
Ain’t gonna play your goddamn game

Got a different way a walkin’
I got a different kind of smile
I got a different way a talkin’
Drives the women kind of wild
(Kind of wild)

(He’s different)
And I don’t care who knows it
(Somethin’ about him)
It’s not the same
(He’s different)
And that’s how it goes
(And he’s not gonna play your gosh darn game)

I ain’t sayin’ I’m better than you are
But maybe I am
I only know that when I look in the mirror
I like the man
(We like the man)

I’m different and I don’t care who knows it
Somethin’ about me
Not the same
I’m different and that’s how it goes
Ain’t gonna play your goddamn game

When I walk down the street in the mornin’
Blue birds are singin’ in the tall oak tree
They sing a little song for the people
And they sing a little song for me

(He’s different and he don’t care who knows it
Somethin’ about him
Not the same
He’s different and that’s how it goes
Ain’t gonna play your gosh darn game)

I’m different and I don’t care who knows it
Somethin’ about me
Not the same
I’m different and that’s how it goes
Ain’t gonna play no boss man’s game

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Author: willowdot21

Female, wife, full time mother and Grandmother. I am not as happy go lucky as I used to be but I am still bubbling along on simmer! I have three handsome sons all grown and flown.The youngest married with a beautiful wife and two sons of his own. Eleven years ago I was working, running a home, driving and socializing then bang in a split second all that was gone. I had an accident at home. I broke my back, not for the first time, I had broken it 10 years previously as well. Unfortunately this time I had broken it really badly and it was truly messed up so I had to have two operations. I was told before each operation that the outcome could mean I spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. Still as some guy once wrote "I am still standing " yes "better than I ever was " not quite but with the help of a walking stick and as long as I do not stand or sit in one position for too long, I am still standing! Update I no longer use the walking stick . I had lots of friends before the accident but when things like this happen, you loose most of them. Their lives move on and mine stood still and so they left me behind ...I know that is just the way life is but it hurt and always will. Then I looked around and saw those who were still there for me, these friends are the roses in my garden they need to be tended well. They are the diamonds in the dust, I will of been married 50yrs plus this year . Pain and boredom are my enemies now, I have to find different ways to approach life, use my pain befriend it almost...yer right , well that is what they tell me at the pain clinic ROFLMAO ...... if only I could! I have found an outlet for my fears, frustrations and night terrors . I have started writing poetry if that name can be applied to my writing. I hope I do not come over as a moaning winger. I hope I am past all that. I also hope that you might see how the poetry is moving from very dark through the grey and hopefully in to light ?? I need to update this a little here. I have worked very hard over the years since my accident, I go to the gym regularly, I have a Pilates class and a core class once a week . The guys at the gym and my Pilates teacher cajoled, teased, bullied and encouraged me to abandon my walking stick! :) My back is no longer straight it is C shaped because of the injury and I have lost two and a half inches in height but my Pilates and Core teachers have helped me to stand up as straight and as strongly as possible. Pain and depression are still hanging on my arm but I have weapons to use against them and if I say so myself I cope well. I have made lots of new friends, real diamonds. I am also very grateful for all the support and help I have encountered here on Wordpress. Hugs and welcome to everyone who visits.

39 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday : Different/ Same.”

      1. Enjoying a day chilling with a book, then a bit if gardening when the weather permits!
        How are you? 💜💕

      1. and her take on The Queen (God save our gracious……. Me!) and the general on the tank with all those medals plus his other personas. Great comic genius, sadly missed.

  1. It has been a long time since I heard “It’s the Same Old Song”, but it is the first time I heard Newman’s “It’s Different”. Both are quite nice.

  2. These are great! I’d’ve gone with The Four Tops on “Same Old Song,” but it’s the song, right? The only Randy Newman album I had was “Sail Away,” which was him at his earliest and most sardonic…

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