Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Woodland.

It is  Thursday  and once again  it is  time  for  Sue Vincent’s  of  Daily Echo,  photo Challenge #writephoto.  Woodland .

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The  crow  circled  above  the  Witch’s  Castle, confused  by the  fact  that it  was  summer  within  the  castle  walls  and  deep  bleak winter  everywhere  else.

Finally  he  took  the  plunge  and  landed  on a  windowsill  under  a  beautiful  red  rose. He  tapped  at  the  window  pane  until  Caladore  opened it  and  let  him  in. “Well Corvus  what  have  you  seen  and heard.” He  asked  looking  deep into  his  bright  eyes. Corvus  cleared  his  throat  with a  deep  “caw” and  then  proceeded  to  tell Caladore  and  Lisa  what  he  had  seen. Mathew  and  Rachel joined  them  at  the table, Rachel’s  eyes  wide  with  fear and  interest.

Corvus  told  them  of  the  gathering  of  all  the  Vampire  Houses  and  how  the  the  four Ancients  were  laying  their plans  for  war. “The  sky  turned  black  with  hundreds  of Vampires  all arriving  at once. ” He  told  them , “I have  left  my  most  trusted  brother  to  gain  knowledge  of  their  plans.” Will he  be unnoticed ” asked  Mathew , secretly  surprised  that  he was  having  a  conversation  with  a crow!

“He  will indeed”  answered  Corvus  “they  are  not  interested  in  us. To  them …to  you  normally, we  are just  birds, hardly a worthwhile snack! ” Mathew looked across  to Caladore  and  said “It  has  begun” Caladore nodded  sagely, “Yes  we need  to  gather  troops  and  make  plans. ”

Lisa removed  some  meat  from  the  stew  pot  and  put it on  a  plate  and  offered  it  to  Corvus  who  after  his  long  and  cold  flight  ate  greedily. Rachel  reached  out  to  Corvus, who  dodged  her  hand  and  moved  around  to  the  other  side of  the plate. He  eyed  her  cautiously…..” I  don’t  want  your  meat ” smiled  Rachel “I just  wanted  to  stroke  you  I  have  never  had  the chance  to  speak  to  one  of  your  kind before. ” Corvus  thought  for a  moment and  the  replied “Well I  have  never  been one  for  conversing  with  Werewolves  either” Rachel  wasn’t  sure  but  she  thought  she  saw a  twinkle  in  the  crows  eyes.

Caladore  took  some  maps  from  his  bag  and  showed  them  to Corvus, “Can  you show us  where  this  gathering  took place ” he  asked  the  crow . Corvus  obliged and  showed  the  the  road  to  the  beach  near  the  tall tower.

Rachel  could  feel  the  sun  going  down  and  the  pull of  the  full moon  was upon  her. While  the  Elf  and  the  Vampire  made their  plans,  Lisa  and  Rachel  walked out  to  the edge of  the  castle  boundaries where  there  was a  small piece  of  woodland. It was  calm  and warm  there  in  the  light of  the  setting  sun . A haven, a spot of  piece  caught in  late  summer  on  the  inside  of  the castle  garden  walls, while  a  freezing  blizzard  raged on  the outside.

Lisa  and  Rachel  sat  watched  the  dying  rays  of  the  sun  playing  along  the  ground  Hope  was sleeping  soundly  strapped  to  Lisa’s  chest  and  as  the last  of  the  sun@s rays  faded  so  Rachel’s  body  elongated  and  became  hirsute  and  in minutes  she  was   beautiful  werewolf .

Lisa laid  hope  down  at  Rachel  paws  and  smiled  at  how  the  baby  stroked  at  Rachel, she  knew  how  much  Rachel  was  still grieving  for her  lost  child. As  it  grew  darker  Corvus  flew down  to  woodland to  tell  the  Witch and  Werewolf  he  was  now  off  on  a  mission  to  ask  the  Elf elders  for  help  in  persuading  the  humans  to  join  their  side in  this  coming war.

Rachel got  to  her  four paws  and  picked up  Hope in  her  mouth  and  she  and  Lisa  returned  to  the  castle. As  they  walked  away  a  few  flakes  of  snow  fell on  the  woodland  and  from under  the  wall a  thin line  of  ice  began  to  spread  toward  the  castle, unseen and as yet and un-felt.

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Just Jot It January. Day 25, Prediction.

Today is day 25 of Just Jot it January. Our prompt for today is Prediction brought to us by Dar at Darswords if you have not been to Dar’s blog yet do visit you will enjoy.

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Image from Pixabay

The maiden saw it coming

Like the mists off of the sea

A low persistent drumming

Striving to be set free.

She warned, no one took heed

Banging doors she shouted

We’ll all be washed away

Her words they all just doubted.

She told them it will be here soon

Then came the deadly quiet

The tides reacting to the moon.

The sky was black as night.

The sea simply disappeared

A deadly silence fell

The townfolk froze in in fear.

All trapped under a spell.

I told them the maiden wept

But no one did believe.

As in the giant waves swept.


I saw it coming, I had to leave

It’s devistion was my prediction.

I live on, still for them I grieve

Their memories my affliction.


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