Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.#writephoto. Carved.

This is my entry for Sue Vincent‘s Thursday photo prompt #writephoto.

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The stones stood in a ring an ancient ring, older than time. The stone in the middle was called the cauldron, it had this name not only for its shape but because of it’s history.

The cauldron was where the witches of old would mix their magic, a magic made stronger by their numbers and their beliefs.Nature their mother had carved the centre out for them.

Rachel and Lisa approached the cauldron carrying the herbs and potions Lisa had gathered up on Rachel’s return to the castle.

Lisa had Hope strapped close to her chest and well hidden under her cloak to all intents they looked like a woman and a large dog/ wolf. They had left the castle a week before and travelled a dangerous road.

Rachel stopped and looked ahead, she felt uneasy as if evil was surrounding her. “Look at the sky Lisa” she whispered.”Why is it that colour it does not look natural.”

It was not a normal sky the colours were too harsh too intense. Lisa took a deep breath and replied,”No that is the reflection of war, fire and blood. The war had started, Calador was attending the great Elf council, Mathew and the crows were with the Vampires. Corvo brought Lisa news of Mathew every other day.

Mathew still being undetected apart, the news was dark. Humans being slaughtered, and tortured. The Werewolves were also on the rampage , soon there would be few humans left if some power did not come to their aid soon.

Who knows the outcome, nothing was carved in stone,yet.

You can read the whole story so far here at The Vampire , the Witch and the Werewolf.

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Dark.

This is my entry for Sue Vincent of Daily Echo’s #writephoto Dark.

This week I wanted to do a poem so I hope it fits in okay.

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The Dark.

The dark fell covering everything

Crushing silence, no birds sing

The Vampires amassed in evil

Their leaders owned by the devil.

The Werewolf sleeps in sanctuary

Soon she’ll wake.Her path to see.

War is here it can be felt in the air

The five races have to prepare.

The Witch and Elf have Hope in their care.

The humans have no idea.

The Dwarfs are no longer here.

What will become of them all

Now that the Dark is about to fall.

You can read the rest of the story so far at The Vampire, the Witch and the Werewolf.

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt Dusk #writephoto

My entry to Sue Vincent of Daily Echo#writephoto Prompt. Dusk.

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As dusk gave way to night so Mathew joined the throng of young Vampires on the shore. He blended in well even though he was hundreds of years their senior. Settling in among the crowd he closed his mind to their jubinle chatter, opening it to hear the words of the Old Ones.

Again Mathew found himself standing on the beach looking out to sea with the silver moonbeams dancing out to the horizon. Thankfully he thought to himself he was not alone and in anguish as he had been on previous occasions.

The atmosphere was relaxed he could feel the confidence and foolhardiness of youth all around him. Luckily he had all his senses honed and ready for the slightest hint of danger. Suddenly a black pair of wings flashed past his face, he was just about to grab at the crow when it turned and looked him in the eye and told him that Roman and the elders were coming this way and to take cover.

At that second a young female grabbed at the crow, Mathew flicked her out of the way grabbing the crow and whispering in her ear, “you do not want the crow” she smiled and turned away. Mathew threw the bird into the air, just in time to see the Old Ones coming his way. Quickly Mathew melted into the crowd, hiding his thoughts from Roman.

As the Old Ones past Roman lifted his hand and all four of them stopped without a word they scanned the crowed beach. “There is something” said Roman, “I can’t place it … I can feel it though” Q the darker of the two female elders waved a gloved hand at him, “It is excitement” she said “Come on” she said “We need to mobilize our troops”

Roman sniffed the air, took two steps towards Mathew before Q angrily shouted at Roman to “Come on!”

The Old Ones moved to the dunes to oversee and address the gathering. From this vantage point Roman thought for a fleeting second he saw a crow in the sky, he dismissed the thought. Looking out on all the Vampires from all four houses he felt a feeling he had forgotten excitement.

This was the eve of the war.

You can read  the  whole story  so far  at  The  Vampire  the  Witch  and  the  Werewolf

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt . Between.

This is my entry to Sue Vincent of Daily Echo‘s Thursday Photo Prompt,#writephoto.

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As Rachel slept the warmth from the fire warmed her bones. She floated through space and time. Alternatively floating above the frozen land outside the sanctuary,in which she lay, and passing through deep dark and warm recesses of the earth.

Eventually she found herself walking through a field of rape seed. Golden and bright leading up to a hill green and verdant, lush against a blue sky. Cut through the center of the sea of yellow was a path that lead up to the hill, at least two miles away in the distance.

Looking down Rachel saw her legs and feet, she was in her human form, she was a child. Voices came to her, her parents and her sister. They were calling to her to join them where they were hiding in the sea of yellow.

Picking up speed she began to run, she felt her body changing, she felt a fear and an exhilaration, it was new to her. She looked across to her parents and her elder sister to see them… They were wolves, beautiful wolves. Looking down she saw that she too was a wolf.

The warm sun, the scent of the rape, the voices of her sister and parents, this was the memory of her very first transition in to a warewolf.

As Rachel drew close to her family she saw the sky darken, the field of yellow turned grey and began to either and die. Rachel slowed, she knew what she would find, this was not just the day of her first transition, it was day her life changed and became dark forever. The day the Vampires came and killed her family leaving her trapped between.

You can read the whole story so far here at The Vampire , the Witch and the Werewolf.

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto : Shrine

This  is  my  entry  to Sue Vincent’s Thursday  Photo Prompt. #writephoto.

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The  Shrine 


Rachel  and  Mathew  stood  in  the  moonlight. Mathew  looking  serious  said  to Rachel  “I  do  not  want  to  leave  you  but the  Witch and  Caladore  are  here to protect  you.” Rachel  bristled at  his  words  “I need  no one  to  protect  me  thank  you ” She  almost  growled  her  eyes  flashing  yellow  with  anger. Mathew’s  face  softened  and  he actually  laughed … “No”  he said   ” I can  see  that my  love . Can I  ask  at least  that  you  all look after each other?” Rachel’s  face  soften as  she  asked “And  who is  going  to  look after  you  amid  those  Vampire’s?  Surely  Roman  will sense  your presence immediately.” Moving  closer  to  her  Mathew  took  Rachel into  his  arms  and  said  “I shall be  one  of  hundreds, I will keep a  low  profile  and  stay  with  the young ones . Roman is  a vain  creature who  takes  little  note  of  those  he  considers   beneath his  notice.” Rachel  was  not  truly  reassured  but  because  she  knew  nothing  she  could  say  would  change  his  mind   she  smiled . They  kissed  and  said  their  farewells and  then  Mathew  was  gone, off into  the  bitter  winter  beyond  the  castle  walls.

For a  few  moments  she  watched  him  go  then  she  morphed  in to her  Werewolf self. Slowly  she  turned  and  padded out  of  the  castle  garden and  into  the  cold. The  moon was full and  every bone and  and muscle  in her  body  was  tingling in  the  silver moon magic. Feeling  her  blood  lust  rise  and  for  once  deciding  not  to  deny  it  she  headed off into  the  night  at  speed  she had  not used in ages. Oh! it  felt  good  to be  out  on  the hunt  on her own, the  wind in her face  and  cold heightening  her senses.

Lisa looked  across  the  table  and  asked Caladore  where  had Rachel  gone. “Look at  the  moon ” Caladore  smiled “Ah! replied  Lisa  she is  off on  a hunt. She has  not  been out on  one  since  she  left  to  find  Mathew.”  Caladore  replied “Well then she is overdue answering  the  call of her  nature. ” then with a  wry grin he added “More  supper  for us!”

Finding  themselves  alone  with Hope  in  the  castle  for  the  first  time  they  settle  the  baby  and  then spent  the  evening  and  the  night  happy in  each others  arms.  At the  first  rays  of another  enchanted  summer  morn  they  wrapped  Hope up  and  went  again  to  the  edge  of  the  castle garden  boundary to  where  the  the old  shrine  stood.  Lisa  asked  Caladore  had  he  ever  seen  this  shrine  before . He  nodded , “we have one  outside  our  Great  Hall which is  exactly  the  same. ”  Lisa was mystified ” Why  do  you have  one  there ” she  asked . “can  you  explain  what  these  carvings  mean, and  who is  that  man there ” Asked Lisa  pointing  to  the  head  of a  man  above  three  swans.

“Slow down” said  Caladore  “One question at a time , lets  sit down and I shall explain as  best I can”  Lisa sat next  to Caladore wide eyed. Taking  a  deep breath  Caladore  started  to  explain.  ” Many years  ago  before  even our our  present  history  was  set down in  stone  and  then paper  our  two races  were one.” Lisa Looked  shocked , she went  to speak  but Caladore  continued. “All was  as it  should  be  until  Elsenor the Great  fell in love  with  three sisters. He was truly  bewitched  by all three of  them and  could not  choose  who  to  marry and  have  as  his  Queen. These  three  Elf Witches  also  were deeply  in love  with  him. ” Caladore  stop  talking  while  he  accepted  a  drink  from Lisa. Taking  a  deep draught  he continued. ” The situation was  desperate, seemingly  there was no answer. Then Elsenor’s brother Brownin , who was  jealous of  his  brother’s  standing  and  rank decided  to  cause  mischief. Brownin  went to  the mother of  the three Elf Witches  and  asked  her if  she  could  solve  his  brothers  problem  for him . Unfortunately  for  all involved  this  Witch  was herself in  love  with Elsenor and  madly  jealous  of  her  daughters. ” Again  Caladore   stopped  to  take a  draught  of his  drink  then he carried on.  ” This  evil Witch  cast a spell  that turned  all three of  her daughters into  swans who  could  only  live if  they stayed on the lake  outside  Elsenor’s  great hall. Brownin  then, at  the  witches  suggestion  tempted  each  swan  from the lake so  that  they  died. Elsenor  died of  a broken heart at  the loss of the beloved  sisters. Brownin  became  the  Head  of  the  Great  hall of  Elves . He told  the  elders  that  the  Witch  has  turned  her  daughters  into  swans  and  they  bewitched him  into  luring  them to  their  deaths… thus causing  Elsenor  to die of  a broken heart!

The  elders  cast out  the  Witch and  also  every Witch Elf  from  the  race  leaving  only  the pure  Elf  females able  to stay thus  dividing  the Witches from  the  Elves  forever. ” Pausing again  Caladore  could  see questions  building  up in Lisa’s  mind.  “But ” said  Lisa “Elves  and  Witches  get  along  now ..don’t we .” “Yes indeed  we do”  smiled  Caladore.  “We have  learned  that  that  there  is  good and  bad in  every  race  now”

But  asked Lisa “You  have not  explained  about  the  shrine  yet? ” Caladore  smiled “I will now  if  you are  ready. ” The  Witch  was  so furious  at  Brownin’s  betrayal  that  she  turned him into  a huge  stone , she  then had  a  stone  mason  carve  the  face  of  her  beloved Elsenor  onto  the  front  of  the  shrine  and  beneath  him  three  swans, her  daughters. Finally  she had  the  mason  carve out  the place  where  Brownin’s face  would of  been and  there  she had  a  candle placed . ”

Lisa  walked  across  to  the  shrine and  ran her  fingers over  the  carvings….” there  are  no  bad  vibes  coming  from  this  shrine” she  said. “No ” answered  Caladore “This  one is  a  copy, the  original  shrine is  the  one  outside  our great  hall. There it  stands  and if  you  touch it  you can  still feel Brownin’s  trapped spirit’s  agony, you can  sometimes at  night hear his  screams! ”

You can read  more  the of whole story  story  so far here 







You can  read  the whole  story  so far  here 

Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto

The Eye

 This is week’s Thursday Photo  Prompt from Sue Vincent and part of my on going story.

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The Eye

Slowly but purposely  the tall figure approached them. As he grew closer the were astonished to see that underneath his cloak he had a long mane  of glorious red hair. He greated them with a smile, his beautiful green eyes open and kind.

“Rachel, Lisa, I have been searching for you both for weeks.” He said bending down as he spoke … He was unusually tall for an elf.  Taken aback by firstly his appearance plus the fact that he knew their names the women were silent.

Lisa spoke first, ” Who are you elf and what is your business with us?”  “Ah” he replied with a chuckle, “I  am here to help you. May I suggest?”  He asked, “that we walk as we talk, it is truly cold out here!” 

Rachel eyed this elf and growled. The elf reached out to her but she was not happy and  flashed her fangs at him.  “Please” he said ” My name is Calidore and I am here to help.”

It was getting dark  and Lisa was worried about Hope who though asleep was very cold. So she spoke to Rachel telepathically, telling her she had heard of this green eyed,flame haired elf. Rachel was also cold and tired so she  drew herself in and lead the way back to the witches tower. 

After a few minutes Rachel felt the basket being lifted from her back. Momentarily she thought to argue but his green eyes relaxed her. 

The four of them travelled in silence happy to be nearing scantuary and warmth.  Though Lisa and Rachel did not voice it to each other they both felt safe in the company of this elf.

As they approach the moat which surrounded the tower they saw the reflection the bridge  made in the water. For all the five realms to see a sign.  Calidore smiled there you see my green eye has arrived before me. 

They entered the tower to find Fay waiting for them, a fire lit and water on the boil. Rachel morphed back to human form covering herself in a green cloak. She was pleased to see Fay back and eager to introduce her to Calidore. 

Hope squirmed in Lisa’s arms, not quite understand the signs she decided to feed the babe… The second Hope latched on to her mother’s breast she tried to warn her of Fay’s duplicity. Lisa was getting mixed messages from Hope nothing made complete sense.

Fay looked at Hope, writhing at her mother’s breast as if in terrible pain . Smiling she looked at the bracelet Roman had given her to seal her thoughts away from the present company and to confuse the baby! 

Fay walked across and touched the baby’s head. Hope let out a huge scream and vomitted all over Fay. 

Fay changed her clothes as she watched Lisa settling the child in her basket. Fay looked across to where the baby lay . “I know you are the only one that can hear me, or even knows the war is as good as won but as you cannot communicate with any of them I will let you live, for now. Fay then left saying she was going to find Mathew and bring him back to meet their guest.

Calidore suggested they talk, he knew the Lisa and Rachel were to be trusted but he could not trust the female Vampire however beautiful and kind she appeared to be.

Hope squirmed in her basket furious that she could not warn her mother or any of them that Fay was the enemy.

You can read the rest of the story here.

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