Song Lyric Sunday. Computers and Telephones.

Jim Adams

It’s Sunday December 19, 2021 Our prompt from Jim Adams for Song Lyric Sunday is : lyrics associated with electronic communication devices (pagers, iPhone, Android, fax machine, computer, TV) suggested by Amy Braun, ai welove music aisasami.

Okay Everyone, yes everyone know I am totally enamoured with Imogen Heap. Over the years her music has delighted and inspired me, she even gave me encouragement whilst I was relearning to walk. Yes she answered an email I sent her.

Anyway I digress, back to the prompt, the song I have chosen is Me the Machine by Immie. The song is all about Immie being one with her computer, her gloves and music!

A blip in the algorithm
A break in the clouds
Soft circuits, jumping
Soft circuits, jumping
The pin codes of happiness
Access denied
I’m switching to manual, switching to manualOh, share a scent of that sweet summer breeze
A love for a squeeze
How can you teach me these things
Me, the machine can dreamAn acquaintance with benefits
A work in progress
Downloading romance, downloading romance
Relationship asterisk
This footnote’s in plain text
Marking your words, marking your wordsStage one, initialize moments of time
To wine and dine with neurons that know how to love
Oh me, the machine can dreamI can’t do everything
And I’ll get over it
I can’t do everything
And I’ll get over it
I don’t wanna be everything!
I just want to feel
A part of itOh, share a scent in a sweet summer breeze
A laugh or a squeeze
How can you teach me these things
Me the machine, me the machine (can dream)
Me, the machine can dream
Me, the machine can dreamSource: LyricFind

I shall let Immie tell you how the song was written, made and performed and all about her gloves.

This video is how the gloves have moved on!

Of there has to be a bonus track and that is Telephone by the glorious Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce. Words in video.

Telephone” is a song recorded by American singer Lady Gaga for her third EPThe Fame Monster (2009), the reissue of her debut studio album The Fame (2008). The song features American singer Beyoncé. The song was written by Gaga, Rodney JerkinsLaShawn Daniels, Lazonate Franklin and Beyoncé. Inspired by her fear of suffocation, Gaga explained that the lyrics preferring relaxing on the dance floor to answering her lover’s phone call are a metaphor, the phone calling her representing the fear of not having worked hard enough to succeed. With the track succeeding her fifth single from The Fame, “Paparazzi“, the duet additionally embodies a fear of being suffocated and trapped by the media. Originally, Gaga wrote the song for Britney Spears, who recorded a demo. Musically, “Telephone” consists of an expanded bridgeverse-rap and a sampled voice of an operator announcing that the phone line is unreachable. Beyoncé appears in the middle of the song, singing the verses in a rapid-fire way, accompanied by double beats. The song received positive reviews from critics who frequently noted “Telephone” as a stand-out track from The Fame Monster. It was Grammy-nominated for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals in 2011. “Telephone” charted in a number of countries due to digital sales following the album’s release, namely in the United States, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden and Hungary. The song was particularly successful in Europe where it reached the top of the charts in Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the single sold 7.4 million digital copies worldwide in 2010 alone, making it one of Gaga’s best-selling singles.

Happy Sunday Everyone 💜

Song Lyric Sunday: Human Connections.

Jim Adams

It’s Sunday again and time for Jim Adam’s Song Lyric Sunday, today is October 17, 2021. The prompt this week is – Communication, Information, News, Telephone suggested by Di of pensitivity101. Brilliant choice Di.

I picked Telemiscommunications because it is about s couple trying to share news, information and to communicate on the phone….and due to the state of all our lives today failing!


Telemiscommunications” is a song by Canadian electronic music producer Deadmau5 and English singer Imogen Heap. It was released on March 12, 2013 by Ultra Records as the fifth single from Deadmau5’s sixth studio album Album Title Goes Here and the seventh single from Imogen Heap’s fourth studio album Sparks. The song is an electropop ballad whose lyrics depict a dysfunctional phone conversation.

Work on “Telemiscommunications” began after Deadmau5 emailed Heap. According to Deadmau5, the two never met in person, and only sent two emails and made two phone calls to one another during the making of the song.

Below is the explanatory video of how the song and video were put together. I really think it so interesting.

(with Imogen Heap)

Hey babe, how’s your day been?
No, you first..
Oh.. what? The delay’s quite bad
Yeah, sorry..
Where are you, I can’t really hear you
A taxi distracted..
Anyway you.. You were saying?
Wait, uh..
Now they’re waving me over
Can I call you back?
Yeah, everything’s fine
Why am I.. I don’t know why
I probably just need sleep
It’s been a busy week
Sorry, I’ve got to go
So, ok.. bye

This is just so unlike us
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch
Contact versus tele-miscommunications

Plan foiled
The sirens pass by
Kids screaming
The longest public announcement
Reach check-in, finally got through
Running for a flight, shoes off
You’re calling voicemail
In joke, group laughter
Closing scenes in a meeting
Angel (angel) why didn’t you tell me?
One second, someone needs directions
Can’t you see I’m on the phone?

This is just so unlike us
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch
Contact versus tele-miscommunications

So unlike us (unlike us)
Cut back to horizontalisms
If we could win just one small touch
Contact versus tele-miscommunications

Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?
(kiss kiss)
Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?
(kiss kiss)
Did I tell you I loved you today?
Did I tell you I loved you today?

Source: Musixmatch

And of course there’s always this song too. No explanation needed.

Happy Sunday Everyone. 💜😂💜

One-Liner Wednesday. Hanging on the telephone.

After ringing and quequing to make an appointment ( for a telephone consultation, it’s like getting hen’s teeth to get an actual appointment) the One-Liner ” please hold your call is important to us, we will be with you as soon as a receptionist is free” repeated every sixty seconds really does not ring true.

It took one hour and fifteen minutes on two phones to get through!

Part of LindaGHill’s One-Liner Wednesday.


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