Thursday photo prompt: Fall #writephoto

This is my entry for Sue Vincent‘s Thursday Photo Prompt.

This week the prompt word to go with the photo is Fall.

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The Fall.

Her eyes snapped open, how did she come to be here. Taking a deep breath she fought the confusion in her mind to discover her last journey. As her breathing slowed she took in her surroundings.

This was a beautiful place, colours, sunlight and the soft splash of a waterfall. She looked down, it was, certainly a long drop with sharp rocks at the base.

In a flash memories of the last week flooded into her already overloaded brain. The fight, the pain, the banishment the overwhelming grief and guilt.

How had it started, she asked herself, immediately giving herself the answer, that the beginning was no longer important but how it was to end.

Suddenly the surroundings began to shift , they were coming she had to act now and quickly, no time to jump to another space or moment it had to end.

Closing her eyes she leaned forward into a fall. The last thing she felt was sunlight and water, the last sounds she heard were birds and the breeze.

She felt a thud, blackness and blissful peace.

Thursday photo prompt: Conflagration #writephoto

This is my entry for Sue Vincent of Daily Echo Thursday Photo Challenge. #writephoto.

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As they neared the summit Tom said our goal is just another fifty miles. We should see the city lights just over the next ridge.

Though hopeful the lads, who had been marching for five days now since their Chinnook had been shot down, were tired.

Tom the oldest and most experienced soldier reached the summit first. His heart sank, he had managed to keep these lads alive all this time and for what?

One by one the the five other soldiers joined him at the top of the ridge. “What the #### ? ” They exclaimed, Jared, the youngest asked ” what’s going on Sir?”

Before Tom could answer they saw a huge aircraft of sorts flash across the the city. It dropped its payload “drop” shouted Tom, knowing as he did it was useless they were all dead.

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Shelter.

My entry for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto Shelter.

If anyone is missing my Werewolf/Vampire/Witch saga I shall try to carry on next week.

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Shelter is halfway up the hill

Reach it while there is light still

I have run so far yet not escaped

The blackness in which my life is caped.

Shelter is within my sight

The monster I must fight.

He leaves the bushes and heads for me.

No escape is all I see.

His tallons sharp rip out my heart

I cannot fight I don’t know where to start.

I cannot reach the shelter yet

But I know it’s there, I won’t forget.

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt Dusk #writephoto

My entry to Sue Vincent of Daily Echo#writephoto Prompt. Dusk.

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As dusk gave way to night so Mathew joined the throng of young Vampires on the shore. He blended in well even though he was hundreds of years their senior. Settling in among the crowd he closed his mind to their jubinle chatter, opening it to hear the words of the Old Ones.

Again Mathew found himself standing on the beach looking out to sea with the silver moonbeams dancing out to the horizon. Thankfully he thought to himself he was not alone and in anguish as he had been on previous occasions.

The atmosphere was relaxed he could feel the confidence and foolhardiness of youth all around him. Luckily he had all his senses honed and ready for the slightest hint of danger. Suddenly a black pair of wings flashed past his face, he was just about to grab at the crow when it turned and looked him in the eye and told him that Roman and the elders were coming this way and to take cover.

At that second a young female grabbed at the crow, Mathew flicked her out of the way grabbing the crow and whispering in her ear, “you do not want the crow” she smiled and turned away. Mathew threw the bird into the air, just in time to see the Old Ones coming his way. Quickly Mathew melted into the crowd, hiding his thoughts from Roman.

As the Old Ones past Roman lifted his hand and all four of them stopped without a word they scanned the crowed beach. “There is something” said Roman, “I can’t place it … I can feel it though” Q the darker of the two female elders waved a gloved hand at him, “It is excitement” she said “Come on” she said “We need to mobilize our troops”

Roman sniffed the air, took two steps towards Mathew before Q angrily shouted at Roman to “Come on!”

The Old Ones moved to the dunes to oversee and address the gathering. From this vantage point Roman thought for a fleeting second he saw a crow in the sky, he dismissed the thought. Looking out on all the Vampires from all four houses he felt a feeling he had forgotten excitement.

This was the eve of the war.

You can read  the  whole story  so far  at  The  Vampire  the  Witch  and  the  Werewolf

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Sanctuary.

This is my entry for Sue Vincent’s Thursday’s Photo Prompt Sanctuary.



Rachel ran, ran as she had not run for months, the moonlight urging her on and she giving her blood lust free range for once looked magnificent. By midnight she had killed and disposed of a huge bear and was having her normal internal fight. The werewolf in her craved a human but the tiny but strong human part of her was fighting the craving.

Stopping in a clearing Rachel got the scent of something she craved almost as much as human, Vampire! It was close and it was female and the way she felt right now she could easily take her on. Standing stock still and sniffing the air she located the Vampire. Slowly and silently she crept up to a line of trees, fully aware that she was in the open and at a disadvantage she went carefully and stealthily . As she entered the wood she saw ahead of her a female Vampire bathing in shallow looking pond. Rachel felt a shudder of sheer want pass through her . Closing in, moving silently. The Vampire, at first unaware that she was not alone, suddenly felt Rachel’s hot breath on her neck. In a flash she rounded on Rachel. They stood fang to fang Rachel on the shore the Vampire in the water.

In a flash the Vampire lept out of the water and landed in the snow behind Rachel, who turned on her heels and lunged at her victim. Biting the Vampire in the stomach she was spurred on by the taste of fresh blood. The Vampire let out a scream of anger and dug her nails deep into Rachel’s back. Rachel flicked the Vampire off of her back and pounced on her. The Vampire was trying to bite into Rachel’s neck but Rachel was high from lack of real prey for so long. Biting deep into the Vampire’s chest, Rachel was soon covered by the blood oozing out covering her face and fur. Quickly she ripped out the Vampire’s heart and ate it then just to make sure she ripped off the Vampire’s head , then she quickly lapped up as much blood as she could before the Vampire and her scarlet blood turned to ashes in the snow.

Rachel felt elated she arched her back and throwing back her head she howled at the moon loud and long. As she turned to leave the wood she froze, on the wind she could sense and yes, smell Vampires, at least three of them. As she fought madly to clear her mind of moonlight and blood she saw a strange domed building on the far side of the clearing . She ran for the door she had no idea why she was heading to the building… she just felt drawn towards it. Halfway across the clearing to her grateful amazement it started to snow heavily covering her paw prints. As she reached the door her luck was still holding and it was open. As she slunk inside the door closed silently behind her.

Outside she heard the Vampires arrive. They spent what seemed like hours trying to open the door but failing. Walking into the gloom she saw light and felt warmth coming from a fire at the far end of the circular room in which she stood. The fire drew her in and she approached , all the time looking at the writing on the wall above the fireplace.

“This is Sanctuary to all but Vampires”. Feeling exhausted Rachel curled up in front of the fire and slept.

Outside the Vampires tried to enter the Sanctuary without any luck and searched for their sister…in vain. Just before dawn they left to seek shelter.

You can read the whole story so far here at The Vampire , the Witch and the Werewolf.

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto : Shrine

This  is  my  entry  to Sue Vincent’s Thursday  Photo Prompt. #writephoto.

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The  Shrine 


Rachel  and  Mathew  stood  in  the  moonlight. Mathew  looking  serious  said  to Rachel  “I  do  not  want  to  leave  you  but the  Witch and  Caladore  are  here to protect  you.” Rachel  bristled at  his  words  “I need  no one  to  protect  me  thank  you ” She  almost  growled  her  eyes  flashing  yellow  with  anger. Mathew’s  face  softened  and  he actually  laughed … “No”  he said   ” I can  see  that my  love . Can I  ask  at least  that  you  all look after each other?” Rachel’s  face  soften as  she  asked “And  who is  going  to  look after  you  amid  those  Vampire’s?  Surely  Roman  will sense  your presence immediately.” Moving  closer  to  her  Mathew  took  Rachel into  his  arms  and  said  “I shall be  one  of  hundreds, I will keep a  low  profile  and  stay  with  the young ones . Roman is  a vain  creature who  takes  little  note  of  those  he  considers   beneath his  notice.” Rachel  was  not  truly  reassured  but  because  she  knew  nothing  she  could  say  would  change  his  mind   she  smiled . They  kissed  and  said  their  farewells and  then  Mathew  was  gone, off into  the  bitter  winter  beyond  the  castle  walls.

For a  few  moments  she  watched  him  go  then  she  morphed  in to her  Werewolf self. Slowly  she  turned  and  padded out  of  the  castle  garden and  into  the  cold. The  moon was full and  every bone and  and muscle  in her  body  was  tingling in  the  silver moon magic. Feeling  her  blood  lust  rise  and  for  once  deciding  not  to  deny  it  she  headed off into  the  night  at  speed  she had  not used in ages. Oh! it  felt  good  to be  out  on  the hunt  on her own, the  wind in her face  and  cold heightening  her senses.

Lisa looked  across  the  table  and  asked Caladore  where  had Rachel  gone. “Look at  the  moon ” Caladore  smiled “Ah! replied  Lisa  she is  off on  a hunt. She has  not  been out on  one  since  she  left  to  find  Mathew.”  Caladore  replied “Well then she is overdue answering  the  call of her  nature. ” then with a  wry grin he added “More  supper  for us!”

Finding  themselves  alone  with Hope  in  the  castle  for  the  first  time  they  settle  the  baby  and  then spent  the  evening  and  the  night  happy in  each others  arms.  At the  first  rays  of another  enchanted  summer  morn  they  wrapped  Hope up  and  went  again  to  the  edge  of  the  castle garden  boundary to  where  the  the old  shrine  stood.  Lisa  asked  Caladore  had  he  ever  seen  this  shrine  before . He  nodded , “we have one  outside  our  Great  Hall which is  exactly  the  same. ”  Lisa was mystified ” Why  do  you have  one  there ” she  asked . “can  you  explain  what  these  carvings  mean, and  who is  that  man there ” Asked Lisa  pointing  to  the  head  of a  man  above  three  swans.

“Slow down” said  Caladore  “One question at a time , lets  sit down and I shall explain as  best I can”  Lisa sat next  to Caladore wide eyed. Taking  a  deep breath  Caladore  started  to  explain.  ” Many years  ago  before  even our our  present  history  was  set down in  stone  and  then paper  our  two races  were one.” Lisa Looked  shocked , she went  to speak  but Caladore  continued. “All was  as it  should  be  until  Elsenor the Great  fell in love  with  three sisters. He was truly  bewitched  by all three of  them and  could not  choose  who  to  marry and  have  as  his  Queen. These  three  Elf Witches  also  were deeply  in love  with  him. ” Caladore  stop  talking  while  he  accepted  a  drink  from Lisa. Taking  a  deep draught  he continued. ” The situation was  desperate, seemingly  there was no answer. Then Elsenor’s brother Brownin , who was  jealous of  his  brother’s  standing  and  rank decided  to  cause  mischief. Brownin  went to  the mother of  the three Elf Witches  and  asked  her if  she  could  solve  his  brothers  problem  for him . Unfortunately  for  all involved  this  Witch  was herself in  love  with Elsenor and  madly  jealous  of  her  daughters. ” Again  Caladore   stopped  to  take a  draught  of his  drink  then he carried on.  ” This  evil Witch  cast a spell  that turned  all three of  her daughters into  swans who  could  only  live if  they stayed on the lake  outside  Elsenor’s  great hall. Brownin  then, at  the  witches  suggestion  tempted  each  swan  from the lake so  that  they  died. Elsenor  died of  a broken heart at  the loss of the beloved  sisters. Brownin  became  the  Head  of  the  Great  hall of  Elves . He told  the  elders  that  the  Witch  has  turned  her  daughters  into  swans  and  they  bewitched him  into  luring  them to  their  deaths… thus causing  Elsenor  to die of  a broken heart!

The  elders  cast out  the  Witch and  also  every Witch Elf  from  the  race  leaving  only  the pure  Elf  females able  to stay thus  dividing  the Witches from  the  Elves  forever. ” Pausing again  Caladore  could  see questions  building  up in Lisa’s  mind.  “But ” said  Lisa “Elves  and  Witches  get  along  now ..don’t we .” “Yes indeed  we do”  smiled  Caladore.  “We have  learned  that  that  there  is  good and  bad in  every  race  now”

But  asked Lisa “You  have not  explained  about  the  shrine  yet? ” Caladore  smiled “I will now  if  you are  ready. ” The  Witch  was  so furious  at  Brownin’s  betrayal  that  she  turned him into  a huge  stone , she  then had  a  stone  mason  carve  the  face  of  her  beloved Elsenor  onto  the  front  of  the  shrine  and  beneath  him  three  swans, her  daughters. Finally  she had  the  mason  carve out  the place  where  Brownin’s face  would of  been and  there  she had  a  candle placed . ”

Lisa  walked  across  to  the  shrine and  ran her  fingers over  the  carvings….” there  are  no  bad  vibes  coming  from  this  shrine” she  said. “No ” answered  Caladore “This  one is  a  copy, the  original  shrine is  the  one  outside  our great  hall. There it  stands  and if  you  touch it  you can  still feel Brownin’s  trapped spirit’s  agony, you can  sometimes at  night hear his  screams! ”

You can read  more  the of whole story  story  so far here 







You can  read  the whole  story  so far  here 

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Challenge : Distant.

Part of Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Challenge , #writephoto. Thank you Sue for another fabulously atmospheric photo I swear that you travel time and space to get them! So this week the prompt is Distant.

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I am continuing my story ‘Vampires the Witch and the Werewolf’ you can read the story so far here.



Roman stood on the shore of the lake and looked to the distant mountains. Covered in a winter’s snow of his making . He was strong , the strongest he had ever been in the aeons of his existence. Half a mile away at the tower the other three Ancients stopped feeding and saw through his eyes. The dark waters, the standing stones, on the far shore rose the mountains majestic in the nights light.

Roman was planning his next move. From every point of this world Vampires were heading to join him . Every single House was bound to answer an Ancients summons and was headed this way. Roman could feel the quickening surging through him. The other three felt it too and the urge in them grew, their poor victims who had been tied up and fed upon for a couple of days were now pounced upon and their blood was drained out of them .

The humans in the villages and towns saw the sky turn black as the Vampires flew towards the tower , the Werewolves also saw them and began to join up with other packs …. It was plain to see that evil was spreading and fear was infectious among the humans who had the most to lose.

The world seemed to be shrinking as evil gathered and could be seen darkening all horizons. The distance between light and dark was shrinking , the dark was winning. War was no longer a distant threat.

Roman called to the other ancients to join him to greet the arrivals. They immediately left the tower and flew to his side, stopping only to pick up a poor unfortunate woman on her way home. Roman famished and highly aroused bit into the jugular of the of the woman …. a fleeting glimpse of Fay came to him writhing in ecstasy as he rode her. Unfortunately for his victim he stopped feeding and threw her to the ground where he forced himself inside her. The more she screamed in agony the harder he thrust . After he came, he sucked her dry , as her last breath left her, he cursed her for being a mere human as he wanted more his lust was not sated.

Morgan, a female Ancient smelt the broken body “I smell a baby…” she said , “No” said Roman “I have had it’s blood ” he snapped, wiping his mouth with his handkerchief.

Before anymore could be said the first of the Vampire Houses arrived, they darkened the night , blotting out the moon. They assembled on the shore in front of the four who were to be their generals. All of them beautiful and deadly dangerous.

As more Houses arrived a black crow took off from a nearby vantage point and flew off into the night, unnoticed, towards the Witches castle …………

Sue Vincent, weekly photo challenge. Luna.

This is my entry  for Sue Vincent of Daily Echo Thursday Photo Prompt. #writephoto.

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Outside of the old castle walls, Faye looked up to the moon every fibre of her body bristling with expectation and excitement. 

The war had started and Roman had promised to be with her within the month.

Calidore had waited until he had sensed that the female Vampire had definitely gone and then he said to Lisa, “I need to be sure I can trust the werewolf” Lisa told him he could and that she, Lisa, trusted her not only with her life but that of Hope’s as well. 

So Rachel,Lisa and Calidore sat at the table and Calidore told them of what his people and the Dawfs had learned in the last few months.  Lisa was amazed to find out that Calidore knew and respected her husband.

It appeared that the Dwarfs and the Elves had decided that the affairs of Men, Vampires and Werewolves were becoming too evil for them. The Elves of the Ruling House and Dwarfs of the Great Council had decided to withdraw, leaving twelve trusted warriors to help the few good among the warring factions to survive.

Calidore had volunteered to help Lisa, one of the few Witches left, because he had fought with her husband Mark against the Vampire’s.  Lisa asked him if he had seen her husband die. It turned out not only had he been there, but Mark had breathed his last in Calidore’s arms. Infact he had asked Calidore to protect Lisa and the then unborn Hope.

Out on the plains below the castle the night was lit by a nearly full moon, it was so cold that the moonlight looked even brighter reflected by the unearthly and ungodly snow.

Fay went in search of her brother wondering whether to tell him of  the plans Roman had for the witch, her brat and his werewolf lover. Maybe she mused she should say nothing yet. Let things run their course, Mathew would surely choose her she was his sister after all and blood was thicker than water ( filthy stuff). 

Calidore sat in a chair by the fire while the witch and werewolf selpt. He spoke softly to Hope, telling her of her father. He felt the great sense of unease in the child… He managed to relax and sooth the baby off to sleep with his singing.

Rest child we have a huge task ahead of us he thought as he watched her sleep. 

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt: Signs

This week’s prompt from Sue Vincent of Daily Echo  is Signs.

I wrote a Tanka then reversed the verse  which though no longer a Tanka still flow and made sense… I hope. 

The reverse idea comes from micketalbot

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Bleached white by the sun

Then on green felt ‘proudly’ hung?

Killed by man alone

Why display this in your home

A sign man still has to grow.


A sign man still has to grow

Why display this in your home

Killed by man alone

Then on green felt proudly hung

Bleached white by the sun.

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt, Fading.

Fading, part of Sue Vincent’s #writesistion.

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Silver rays of evening sun

Light our homeward  path

Waves upon the deserted prom

Dance at feet, making us laugh.
The ending of another day

Full of sea, sand and fun.

Retrace our footsteps at play

Home to tea our happy day is done.

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