Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Pants.

This is my entry to LindaGHill of A Life in Progress. This we have our brand new badge from J-Dubs.

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  Pants, an Acrostic Tanka.

Pants he quietly said

Awaking feeling half dead

No please not again

Taking drugs will stop helping

Silently he starts to weep.

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Guess

This week LindaGHill of Life in Progress  has given us the word Guess, to do with as we choose the only stipulation is we enjoy.

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       GUESS : Acrostic TANKA

Guess what I love you

Undoubtedly I really do

Every thoughts of you

Sooner rather than later

Surrounded by love we’ll be.

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday, on Sunday. High and Low.

I am still struggling to keep up and I am running late. So apologies done let’s get on before the next disater arrives! 

This week our prompt from LindaGHill of Life in Progress is to use the words High and Low.

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The above image was kindly lent to me by Dale Cooper57 thanks.ūüôÉūüėČ, It’s a great blog do visit!

Now quickly my entry. Off the top of my bubbling head!

High and Low.

High above and out of sight

A lowly angel surveys the night

Below people scramble here and there

Self obsessed for others not a care

Lowely angel Frank  is so upset

His high hopes of humans are never met.

Down below the devil smerks

He is happy to see his plan works.

Another angel soon will fall

Eventually he will have them all

Above on high the father, does know

He will prevail and keep the devil low.

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday : Limb

This week LindaGHill of Life in Progress has given us the prompt word Limb  for our #SoCs. 

So here we go. Rules and Pingback Here

To risk life and limb is to do something very dangerous .

To go out on a Limb is to go the extra mile to finish a job or help as someone.

The limb on a tree is a branch.

The limbs on animals are arms and legs. 


Image from Pixabay

To go out on a limb

Is never a sin

To help someone out 

Feels good no doubt.

Photo from Pixabay

As squirrels run free

On the limbs of a tree

Skittering and playing

The trees limbs swaying.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday. 22/07/2017

This week’s prompt for LindaGHill of Life in Progress is to write your #SoCs is to use the two words  Sealing and Ceiling, use one or both but enjoy. Rules and Pingback Here

I do hope you are feeling better Linda and that your vertigo has passed.


Romeo and Juliet Tanka

Kiss sealing their fate

Their love was never allowed

In death together

They sadly reached the ceiling

Now there is no more feeling.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Book title.

Good grief it’s Saturday again and time for LindaGHill of Life in Progress, Stream of Consciousness Saturday! The  Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‚Äúbook title.‚ÄĚ Take the title of the book you‚Äôre currently reading or the one sitting closest to you when you‚Äôre ready to write your SoCS post and base your post on the title only. 

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Well what can I say, the book nearest to me and which I intend to read very soon is Buster and Moo  by the one and only Geoff LePard.

Buster and Moo

Which one is who

Is this fiction or is it true? 

I need to read Buster and Moo.
A dog framed by faces

Such a clever cover

Excitement I feel and my heart races

It’s my next read, can be no other!


Now there is also another book I want to mention which is also on my next read list and that is the  Magician’s Curse by the one and only Linda G Hill , yes our wonderful hostess. 

You can buy it here

On Kindle and in paperback:

Amazon US

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia

and Amazon where ever else you are in the world, as well as

Kobo worldwide.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Ick.

This week LindaGHill of Life in Progress is busy preparing her book for publishing! And looking after her boys and visiting her mum in hospital! Phew just thinking about it is making me tired!! 

Right this week our SoCs  our prompt is “ick” find a word with “ick” on or use it on it’s own whatever you do have fun.

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Dick and his Chick


Quick shouted Dick

I am going to sick

Okay said his chick

Whipping out a bowl .. slick!

This is nasty Dick

Said his chick

I don’t need this …..ick!

Help I feel sick

Moving her hair with a flick

Happy aim in the bowl, slick

Too much to drink hick

Never again they agreed …Tick


Lost his keys in the thicket did Dick

His candle burnt down to the wick.

He came home through the snicket

How did he open the lock,well he picked it.

Greeted by his chick

She said you are thick

I love you but you get on my wick

Stream of Consciousness Saturday. OooohAaaah,

This week LindaGHill is so busy she has enlisted the help of Dan Antion of No facilities to run our SoCs prompt. Now it turns out he is as hard a task master as our Linda. 

So this week’s prompt is ooooh aaaah, to be used as one or separately! Also as he likes bonus points Dan is going to award them if you start and finish with one or both! ūüėĪ

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Ooooh! I thought as I was walking home

Look at those glorious flowers fully grown.

Brightening up a dowdy building

Bright colours and petal wielding.
I had to stop and capture the scene

Fabulous flowers tall and serene.

Memories of childhood days

When in our garden they’d dance and sway.
Ooooh glorious Holihock I love you so

May you always thrive and grow

You make my heart beat so

Each time I see you I say Ooooh Aaaah! 


Stream Of Consciousness Saturday,International Fairy Day.

Linda of ¬†Life ¬†in Progress ¬†said ¬†:¬†Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‚Äúrain/rein/reign.‚ÄĚ Use one, use them all, use them any way you‚Äôd like. Have fun!

So ¬†here ¬†we ¬†go ¬†and ¬†as ¬†it ¬†is ¬†International ¬†Fairy ¬†Day , check out ¬†Colleen Chesebro’s ¬†Blog ¬†at ¬†Fairy ¬†Whisperer¬† I ¬†am ¬†doing ¬†the ¬†Stream ¬†of ¬†Consciousness Saturday ¬†with ¬†a fairy ¬†story.

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Rain , Rain ¬†it ¬†had ¬†rained ¬†everyday ¬†of ¬†this ¬†wretched ¬†journey ¬†so ¬†far. Prince Bonniface ¬†was ¬†wet ¬†through ¬†cold ¬†and ¬†very ¬†very ¬†bad ¬†tempered! The ¬†reins ¬†kept ¬†slipping ¬†in ¬†his ¬†hands ¬†and ¬†his ¬†horse ¬†was playing ¬†up … no doubt ¬†as ¬†fed up ¬†with ¬†the rain ¬†as ¬†the prince ¬†himself ¬†was.

Now ¬†his ¬†family ¬†had ¬†reigned over ¬†their ¬†kingdom ¬†for ¬†a ¬†thousand ¬†years!! Sadly the ¬†present ¬†king ( Bonniface’s dad) was ¬† not ¬†the ¬†best ¬†with ¬†the ¬†royal ¬†purse ¬†and ¬†right ¬†now ¬†the ¬†kingdom ¬†was ¬†deeply ¬†in ¬†the ¬†red! ¬†The ¬†King ¬†and ¬†Queen ¬†after much deliberation ¬†decided ¬†he ¬†should ¬†marry ¬†Princess ¬†Precious ¬†from ¬†the ¬†the ¬†kingdom ¬†next ¬†door ¬†but one.

Well  that  was  not  so  bad  she  was  quiet  a  looker! So  it  was  a light  and happy  heart  that  he  set  off  to meet  Precious. All went  well until after dinner whilst  having   drink out on  the palace  veranda  that  Precious  showed  her  true  colours.

She  told  Bonniface   that  if  he  wished  to  marry  her  he  had  to carry  out  some  quests  for  her, to  prove  his  worth. So this  is  where  we  came in at  the  top  of  the  story. Poor  Bonniface   had  spent  the  last  two  years, getting  water  from  the  Well of  Life, crystals  from  the  Mountains of  Doom and  three  scales  from a  living  dragon (  boy  that  was hard!) and  now  he was  supposed  to  getting  a  lock  of  hair  from a  fairy!

Right, now  you  know  why  Bonniface  is  wet , tired and  completely  fed  up !  Night  was falling  and  Bonniface  was hungry  and  so  was his  horse. As they  rounded  the  bend  Bonniface  saw  tiny  twinkling  lights  up  ahead. Ah!  he  thought  perhaps  there is  a chance  of  shelter  and  food, his  horse  (  who I  have  not  introduced  yet, named Jet, due  to his  colour) thought  exactly  the  same .

Nearing  the  lights, Prince  and  horse  were  amazed  to  see  that  they  were  surrounded  twinkling  fairies! They  were  really  so  enchanting  and  beautiful. The  Prince stood  stock  still  and  opened  mouthed. The  tiny  and  beautiful  faires  danced  all around  him. All  the  warnings  he  had  been  given  about  this  sort  of  thing totally  disappeared from his  mind  and  he  forgot  the rain and  the  tiredness  and  smiled !

A beautiful  soft  voice  from  behind  him made  him spin  round .

There in front of ¬†him ¬†was ¬†the ¬†most ¬†beautiful ¬†Fairy Prince, blonde ¬†hair, ¬†blue ¬†eyes, red lips ¬†and ¬†equally ¬†as ¬†tall as ¬†himself. ¬†Bonniface ¬†was ¬†smitten . “Prince ¬†Bonniface I ¬†assume” said ¬†the ¬†silver tongued ¬†Fairy Prince, ( I ¬†do ¬†mean ¬†he ¬†had a ¬†silver ¬†coloured ¬†tongue). ” I ¬†have ¬†had ¬†my ¬†eye on ¬†you ¬†for ¬†several ¬†months ¬†now” ¬†The ¬†Fairy ¬†Prince ¬†smiled ¬†and ¬†bowed ¬†very ¬†low ¬†taking ¬†a ¬†good ¬†look ¬†at ¬†the ¬†bedraggled ¬†Bonniface ¬†as ¬†he ¬†straighten up. Bonniface ¬†was ¬†still dumbstruck.

Well ¬†the ¬†Fairy ¬†Prince ¬†persuaded ¬†Prince ¬†Bonniface ¬† to ¬†stay ¬†for ¬†dinner ¬†and ¬†for decency’s sake ¬†I ¬†shall not ¬†mention ¬†what ¬†happened ¬†after ¬†dinner ¬† but ¬†boy ¬†it ¬†was ¬†hot and ¬†Joy ¬†reigned¬† supreme!

In ¬†the ¬†morning ¬†the ¬†Fairy Prince ¬†invited ¬†Prince ¬†Bonniface ¬†to ¬†stay ¬†with ¬†him ¬†forever, apparently ¬†if ¬†he ¬†stayed ¬†he ¬†would ¬†become ¬†a fairy ¬†too ¬†and ¬†be ¬†married ¬†to ¬†the ¬†Fairy ¬†Prince. It ¬†took ¬†Bonniface ¬†a ¬†split ¬†second ¬†to ¬†weigh ¬†up ¬†the ¬†pros ¬†and ¬†cons ¬†of ¬†life with the ¬†Fairy ¬†Prince ¬†or ¬†Princess Precious…… Yup ¬†he ¬†stayed ¬†and ¬†he ¬†and ¬†the Fairy ¬†Prince lived ¬†happily ¬†ever ¬†after. Well I ¬†say ¬†happily ¬†ever after ¬†they ¬†did ¬†have ¬†their ¬†ups ¬†and ¬†downs ¬†and ¬†Bonniface ¬†found ¬†himself ¬†in ¬†the ¬†body ¬†of ¬†a ¬†frog ¬† more ¬†than once ¬† but ¬†he ¬†and ¬†his ¬†Prince ¬†never ¬†slept on ¬†an ¬†argument and ¬†they always ¬†made up ¬†before sunset . They ¬†had ¬†lots of ¬†fun ¬†and ¬†glorious sex ¬†and ¬†Bonniface ¬† never ¬†had ¬†to ¬†go ¬†on ¬†anymore ¬†quests!

Jet  became a unicorn  and  was  very  popular  because   he  was  the only  black  unicorn in existence!

Prince Bonniface’s ¬†parents ¬†suddenly ¬†came ¬†into ¬†money ¬†and ¬†his ¬†younger brother ¬†Bob ¬†became ¬†the ¬†next in ¬†line ¬†( ¬†Bob ¬†was an accountant ¬† so ¬†the ¬†kingdom was in ¬†safe ¬†hands)

Princess Precious, well after  a  year or  two  decided  that Bonniface was  not  coming  back so  she  married  Prince  Rufus  of  some  other  Kingdom and  after  an uneasy  start  they  fell in  love  and  she  become  half  decent !

I ¬†won’t ¬†say ¬†they ¬†all ¬†lived ¬†happily ¬†ever after ¬† because ¬†let us ¬† get ¬†real ¬†no one ¬†does ¬†not ¬†even in ¬†real ¬†fairytales. ¬† But ¬†these ¬†guys ¬†above ¬†made ¬†a ¬†pretty ¬†good ¬†fists of ¬†it!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Sign

This is my entry for LindaGHill’s #SoCs prompt. This week’s prompt is Sign. 

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Sign here he demanded

Do so and no more will be said.

Sign he shouted if you want your children fed.

Sign quick, sign fast or be dead.


Image Found Here

It’s a sign they all

Recognised it was as such

It made them stand tall.

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