What Day is it Anyway? Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Why is Linda hosting this post.

She said.”Because if you’re like me and stuck at home already, or if you’re going to be like me soon, the days of the week are going to be hell to keep track of. We have a wonderful community here on WordPress, and I’m sure many people are feeling nervous and/or isolated. I want to make sure every one of us has somewhere to congregate and someone to talk to.

Why am I writing this post ? Because it’s day Seven since we have been told by Bossa to stay home and socially distance ourselves. We are all in different circumstances and yet we are all in the same boat.

Okay I am a day behind but, yesterday was a really busy one..mm so what day is it anyway?

Woke up between 5am and 6am with cramp, tried to get back to sleep then the sickness started, I was up by seven fifteen no point in trying to sleep. The sickness in the morning usually passes after I get up and move around. I have had it now since I broke my back the second time, ten years ago. Let Ruby out to do her business, she is always delighted to see me. It a beautiful day again, sun in the blue sky.

Hubby got up and when checked his phone he found two worrying emails, about Ruby’s food. Our firm of choice is in Germany. They said that they had our order but could not say when it could be dealt with. The other was our fall back choice and their email said that they were closing their site for four days as they could not cope with orders. Action was needed Ruby needs food!

feed me ! © willowdot21

So we rang the local pet food retailers and luckily for us we found our nearest outlet had two bags of not quite Ruby’s food, she has a delicate stomach and has Royal Canin light. They only had the Royal Canin joint care but that will do, we can’t be picky, so hubby dashed off only stopping to dress and clean his teeth! Luckily he got two bags for Ruby fingers crossed we have nearly two months of food for her. Hopefully her order will arrive by then .

Food for Ruby secured we took her for walk, to our quite place. It’s so erie walking around an empty woodland .

© willowdot21

We got back and I did my usual checks on family and friends. Hubby did a morning’s gardening and I hoovered and washed all my floors and did some cooking.

Then a lady who lives near who is blind as is her partner rang. She wanted some shopping and her gas topped up. As it was important we sorted that out for her. I have to say it was rather stressful as not all people are not keep the proper social distancing. So we got them sorted out, though they also did not seem to grasp the idea, that we were going to leave the food on the door step and post the gas card and key back through their door.

They have a list of phone numbers of young healthy people who are ready and waiting to help. I know this might sound mean but hubby is in the wrong age group to be out in shops and I am not far off it either. We must look after ourselves as well. I don’t want either of us to get the virus, I don’t want anyone to get the virus. We will help anyone if we can but we are not going to put ourselves at unnecessary risk again. We will shop once a week and exercise Ruby, apart from that we will do as asked and stay in. When we shop we can pick up for others if needed. But no more risk taking when people have help on hand but are too proud to ask for it.

Early evening we cooked some meals for the freezer, we make a good team when we try. Then we had steak and salad for dinner. We were exhausted mentally and physically. Middle son, rang a few times, and eldest son rang a couple of times he is still shopping in small shops. I am afraid I lost it with him, and told him he is at risk! To get out and stock up at a big store then I can relax…..a few rude words! He rang later and said it was all done, sorry and I can stop worrying. ….okay I went over the top but he’s one of my boys!

Our middle lad who has been sent home from work for 12 weeks because he is at risk, found out today his and his colleagues have to take a drop in pay and shift allowance that is happening to a lot of people.

The youngest lad who has two children and has been working from home for a while, told me he had printed leaflets offering help and giving his phone number. He said he goes out each morning to see if anyone has put a leaflet out, signalling a request for hope. He has already had some phone calls.

After dinner I whatapped a friend who is on her own, we had a video call and it cheered us both up. It’s the little things that help a lot. So reach out and talk to friends and family.

Be safe out there.

This is part of LindaGHill’s #WDIIA

Twittering Tales #52 – 3 October 2017

This week’s Twittering Tales from Kat Myrman of Like Murcury Colliding is a scary one for me…..

Let’s see what I can do with it.. with my eyes closed and my fingers crossed!!

Pushed away at home and at school

Always treated as the class fool.

He grew up happy in his own space.

He was a hit, and now wears a happy face.

Rules and Pingback Here.

Arrows and Nails

Life sends arrows and nails

We dodge and swerve, rant and rail

No point in wearing ourselves out

Arrows will rain however much we pout!
I cannot change what will be

My heart breaks you see

Each time an arrow or nail

Pierces there’s not point to rant or rail.

FoFanFeb : Two days in a life.

Hi I  know I do not often just talk to everyone,  yet it has been known. Maybe I am frightened  to be me in case I am not good enough  or just plain boring. But tonight here goes!

Yesterday I was out all day  shopping for my , as yet unborn grandchild. I went with a friend  luckily or I would of just bought one of everything I saw ! I was like a child in a sweet shop. Anyway after much thought  and lot of visits to lots of shops  we ended up in the shop  we started in  and bought  a “Baby grow bag” yup  it is  called a “baby grow bag” It is actually  a sort of sleeping bag  that does up at  the neck and the bottom! 2.5tog  would  you believe  then I bought a pair of navy trousers 6mths to 9months … honest, a navy  and white  knitted hoody , a navy and white hoody with a red lining, two bibs that match the grow bag and a first pair of shoes!

Shopping for the unborn newbie

Shopping for the unborn newbie

It does not look much  but it was bought with love and care , hopefully it will not be the last things I will buy. The funny thing is shopping has  never been something that I enjoy  but yesterday I really enjoyed myself.


Today has been a really strange day I am still way behind  with all your amazing posts  but I do promise I am wading through them and will read all of them!

This morning started  well but then while my hubby was out on his walk I hear a terrible commotion  in the garden. The Magpies were going berserk. I rushed downstairs  and into the kitchen looking out of the window I saw  that the sparrow hawk had a pigeon and was viciously attacking it.

I charged out into the garden shout at the hawk to “get ” but it was not afraid of me . I ran right up to it and  stamped  the ground. The darn  bird reared up at me and arched it’s wings over the pigeon.  I tried  for about 5mins  to save the pigeon. Then exhausted upset and crying I had to give up. At  some point the sparrow hawk left leaving behind a seriously wounded pigeon  on the lawn. ( the picture below is taken from the net to show you all what it looks like)

Hubby returned , he has a great love  of all animals  and really  he should  of been a Buddhist, honestly  he would not knowingly harm a fly. He was horror struck , we did not know what  to do for the best. Unfortunately the bird was not dead, I say  unfortunately  because  it must of been in great pain. “What shall I do” ask hubby well I told I knew what we should do but neither of us was capable of doing that.

We  ended up covering it with a box to protect it and help it rest and maybe recover. Then our middle son came round for a visit and we had coffee and I cooked him some breakfast, while I was doing that  the sparrow hawk returned  , swine, looking for it’s meal. Thank goodness  we had it protected under the box.

After much discussion and searching on Google ( by Hubby) it was decided  to box up the pigeon put the box in the old cat carrier  and take it to a bird rescue  center near us. ( it actually said ‘we are bird friendly’ I had to go to town to do a few things  so hubby went on his own .

When I got home from town I found hubby  and middle son deep in discussion .  The lady at  the rescue had  said  she would give the pigeon some painkiller ( thank goodness) and then take it to the vets.  It was all dependent on if the wounds would heel . Hubby gave them the cat carrier, they seemed delighted about that and he also gave them a donation.  He said there were lots of birds there including a large Raven  who had  been a hairs width from his ear at one point! So we can ring in a week or so to see if our guy survives. I like to think that as he survived a prolong attack, being under a box for a couple of hours , being handle  and then driven to the rescue  and he was still alive I think the little guy  will make it. I think he wants to live.

So it is fingers crossed that pigeon survives, and fingers crossed I have not bored  you all to death or sleep. Tomorrow is another day starting with Pilates and hopefully  sometime  to spend on wordpress.  Be well be happy  and be patient  with me.

Love willow xxxx



A Gekko in our room

photo credits google images

There is a Gekko in our room I saw it move past me zoom! I was going to have a shower but there is a Gekko in our room and he’s been there for at least an hour.
We left him some chocolate on floor and opened wide the door but whether or not he has left we really are not sure.
Now there is a spider in the shower and to move it I have not got the  power. I really need to wash and change but there is a Gekko in our room and spider in the shower and that all makes me feel strange.

photo credits google images

The time is getting on so I must be brave and remove the spider from the shower. I’ll close my eyes and hopefully God will give me the power to remove it and deposit it outside with the flowers.
But still there is a Gekko in our room and he has no plans to leave anytime soon.

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