The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 6, 2022

Badge by Shelley Krupa..

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wallpaper.” Use it however you’d like. Have fun!

When I was about ten , two of my sister’s had left home and I was sharing a bedroom with my sister F the one who was a fashion designer. She had this idea to brighten our room up. Surprisingly Dad actually agreed to it.

The idea was that we would carefully cut colourful pictures and full page ads out of magazines and then paste them on the wall like a giant collage! It took ages to collect all the pages and it took even longer to arrange and then paste them on to the wall. If I say so myself it looked rather impressive! Very like the wall in the photo below.

Photo by Brett Sayles on

Not long after we finished the wall I was ill, I had Bronchitis which developed into Pneumonia and I was a little delerious and all those pages and adverts danced and moved around. I never forgot that! It was the best wallpaper I ever had!

In thr photo below I am a lot younger than ten and I am with my cousin, F. Is sitting on the gate.

© willowdot21. Lindy and me and F.

This is part of LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday. A mouthful of pins.

Badge by Shelley Krupa.

its Saturday again and time for LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “pin.” Use it as a noun, use it as a verb, use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

One of my sisters was a fashion designer in her working days . Of course she worked her way up but designer she was and she traveled the world, New York, Hong Kong, China, Lyon, Paris, Milan, Belfast, London. When I was a little girl I would put a coloured pin in the map to plot her progress. She always looked like a fashion plate to me, she still does, there’s a kind of elegance about her that hard to pin down.
As bright as a new pin that was always her. Even now with her fingers bent and gnarled by arthritis she is as sharp as a new pin where style and fashion are concerned.
She made my wedding dress so many years ago, with Taylor’s chalk, tissue pattern (she made the pattern for my dress and fitted it from scratch) satin,cotton and pins.
When I was younger she made many an outfit for me, using needles and pins.
My most abiding memories of Frankie are her kneeling on the floor, tape measure around her neck, pinning material to a paper pattern, tailors chalk in one hand, pincushion on her wrist, and shears in the other and a mouth full of pins.

Now the tools of my trade were not dissimilar, a pin cushion on my wrist, sharp knife,a staple gun and tape measure and of course a mouthful of pins! But that is another story.

One-Liner Wednesday. Support.

This is part of LindaGHill’s One-Liner Wednesday. Most importantly it speaks of how I regard all my sisters genetic and those with different parents. A couple of my sisters need a boost , you know who you are. I am always here for you.

“For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.”

Christina Rossetti

Loveuary Day. Sisters

The  lovely  and  talented Ritu  of has set us all off on Loveuary. I for one am excited with the task. What is love? We shall find out as the month goes on.

Link to Ritu’s post.
Link to rules and prompts


Today  is  Day  24 of Loveuary. My  prompt today  is  siblings, I  come  from  a  large  family  there  were  nine of us three  died  very  young … there  were  six  of us  up  until  2015  when  one  of  my  lovely  sisters  died . This  is a  tribute  to  my  sisters.  I  do  have  two  brothers  I  shall  come  to  them  in another  prompt.


My eldest sister is 14yrs my senior and she looked after me a lot when I was young. Though she has more memories of this than I do.  Circumstance then separated us for a long time then through the internet, more than anything else we have grown back together. Definitely one of the better changes in my life. The photo below is not us …. but it could of been.


We were never that close when I was young

but now I am older my best friend you have become.

Travels and families kept us apart yet

We were always together deep down in our hearts.

I think the need was mutual and I have certainly gained

From your life learned wisdom, stress, happiness and pain.

The computer has been our weapon of choice

But we still use the phone it is always good to hear your voice.

You  helped me meet my recent changes the facts I did want to face

The times I wanted to give up you showed me how to just drop down a pace.

Now you need my strength and help, you need support and love from me

I can now repay the love and solace you gave, and show you how to be free.

Once you where my eldest sister  just a photo on the page

But now we are there for each other no longer separated by age .

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


My  dear  and  beautiful second eldest  sister died  in October 2015 . She was a nursing  sister  all her  working  life and  she  touch  so many  lives. She died a horrible  and  painful  death due  to a  drug  resistant  bug. 

The  machines  murmured and  slowly  stop their pings

As her  soul, finally  at  peace was  released  and  found it’s  wings.

After months  of  pain  and  strain she  was  free  to  run and laugh  again.

I hope  you  are  back  with  your  true love and  dancing  to  a sweet refrain.


God  Bless  you  sister  dear

I shall miss  you  so,  yet still feel  you near.

The wonderful  times  you have given me  are

Memories  I  shall never  forget. You are  next  to me not  afar.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


My  next  sister  lives  not  far  from  me  and  we  see  a lot of  each other. She  has  travelled  the  world  with her job and lived in Hong Kong been the toast  of  this  and  that  has  settled  close  to me! She  has always been my  idol  now  she is  my  mate! 

She is  bright and  fast

She has a  colourful  past


Working with material  and  twine

Her talents  lay in art and  design.


Daddy  called  her  girly

She was  so  thin  and her  hair  curly

Always  the  brightest  star

Fashion leader  with a  mini car.


I was always in  awe of  you

Even  now  if  I  tell true

Not  just  for  your  style  and  flair

But  because  I love  you  and  you care.

My  three  sisters.



If we were having Coffee: Sadness,Guns, Hospitals & Gardens

Welcome one  welcome all


Hello  everyone  welcome  to  the garden  we have a marquee  and  heaters, all the garden  furniture  has  been washed  and  I have put out cushions for your  comfort.

Well what  do  you  think  shall  we  chance  it . Now  as  always  we have  tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

If we were having  Coffee: I would ask  you what  has been going on in your world this week, has  anything  deeply affected  you, have  you need a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry  on or  just  needed someone  to make  you laugh! If  yes  feel free to talk it out  here  with us. We will all help if  we can.

If we were having Coffee: I would  remind  you  that  there  are lots of  other  coffee mornings  all shared  and organized  By  Diana  and  Gene’O  over at,Part time monster  

If  we  were having  coffee: Well it has  been  a busy  week  with  alot going on, where  to start? Lets  look  at  world affairs  mainly  the  Charleston church shooting in  which  a 21yr old  man , Dylann Roof shot  and  killed  nine people. He  sat  and  pretended  to  be  taking part  in  the  service  for an hour and  then  he  shot  people in  cold blood.

I truly believe  that  guns should  be totally  banned. The  licensing  laws  must  be  made  stricter  and  more  rigourous  tests  and investigations  need  to  made  into  anyone  wanting  one! I believe  that no one needs  to  have a  gun, only  those who need  a gun  for their  work  and  then  those  guns  should  be  securely  kept  at  the place of  work! America   you  are  no longer pioneers  you  do not need  guns . I  do know  that  all  countries  have  this problem  to larger  and  lesser  degrees  but  please  it  should  not be  as easy  to  buy  a gun  as it is  to buy  your  weekly  goceries!

I  am speaking  from  an English  perspective   but  our ordinary  police  do  not  carry  guns. Armed police  are  a  separate  part of  the police service   and  you  see  them  at  airports, ports  and in London or locally  if  armed  officers  are  called  for….. In fact the  last  time I  was up  near Buckingham palace I  saw  armed police  and I was  shocked  and surprised. Anyway  I  have no  say  in  what  laws other  countries  have,  it is none of  my  business  but I  still had  to  throw in  my  three halfpence.

On  the  same  subject I read  that  the Emanuel AME  Church  is opening  today  for  a service of  solidarity and rememberence   for  the  relatives of  the dead. I  believe  that  all  the churches  will ring  their  bells in support. This  madness  and hate  must  stop  it is  like a cancer.

Only  last  night  there  were deaths  and  serious  injuries  in  West  Philadelphia read  here about it .  Everyone  needs  to  stop  and  think  about  what is  happening  and  why  is it  happening  ….. sorry  I  am still ranting I  must  stop  now.

Where  are  my  manners  If  we  were  having  coffee:  I  would  say  do  let  me  replish  your  cups  or  pour  you  something  stronger if  I  have  bored or enraged  you !

Now  what  has  been  happening  on  the  home  front ,  well one of  my  sister’s  has been in hospital  for  the last  two months , down in the West Country. Well a fortnight  ago  she had a heart  double bypass and  two valve  repairs. She  was in intensive  care  and  then  a hight dependancy unit  for  ten days, having  been  already  in hospital  previous  to  that for  six weeks  she  was in need of  family! We could  not  visit before because  she had  been  very  sick  and  at one point  she  caught  the Norovirus .

My  eldest  sister  wanted  to visit  her  as  well  so  the husband  kindly  said  we  would  drive up  to  her  house  ( she lives up North )  and  we would  stay  the night  before  driving  down  to the West Country  the  next  day. My  sister  had offered  to  come  to us  by  train but  it  was a  long  and  complicated  journey. Any how  we  made  the  trip  and  visited  the sister in  hospital  and  stayed  over  two nights ,  she  looked  better  than  we expected  and  she perked up  a lot  when  we  spent  time  with her. We  did not like  to leave  her  but  good news  since  we  have  returned  home  she  been taken  from the large  hospital,  she was in when we saw her, to  her local  hospital  where  she knows the staff  and her  friends can visit her  easily . Here  are  a few of  the  sights  we  saw .


Such a tall tree!


Such a pretty tree


An old water mill

If we  were having  coffee : Let  me  get  you  some  more cake before  I take  you  out  to see  the veg garden …I know  yawn…yawn   but  this  year I thought  a weekly  garden update  might  be fun….. or maybe  not , if it is  boring  you  just  tell me!


Tomato alley honest they have grown!


Flowers on the toms


Beans and potatoes


Amazing how the beans know to climb!


Roses being nosey


Hello reds!




Potatoe flowers


are they not pretty?


Promise of fruit


pretty yellow


and the extra beans

Well If  we  were having coffee : I tell  you that it is  fathers  day  here  so I  wish  every  Dad  who is  celebrating  today  a very  special  day! I  am off  to cook  a special meal  from  hubby  the boys  have all been in touch  and  so he is happy!


If we were having  coffee: Shall  we  all go  across  and  see Paul  and  all his  guests ,  we need  to  encourage  Paul  to  start  writing  a  book  about  the  nitty  gritty  of  dialysis and  all the  wonderful  little incites  he  gives us  weekly  of  his treatment  highs  and lows. It  would  be  a great  help  to many  even those  who  are not even going through  treatment! Also  all the lovely  little assides  of  people  he meets  while  at  the hospital …come  one lets  twist his arm , gently of  course!

Once  again I  thank  you  all for  visiting  me  and Paul  too  we love to  see you  and hear  what  you have to say  and  we hope  you will join us again next  week! Hugs  to you  all!

Do  all stay  and  be comfortable   we love  to see  you  all.

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gene’O’s

I love coffee

Love is in Da Blog: Brothers and Sisters

Just Fooling  Around  With  Bee said: So today we celebrate the love between sisters and brothers in any way you feel it should be celebrated!

Sister Winter  Brother Ice 

And so gently and silently the roots made their way ever closer to where she lay.

The earth above was hard with snow yet she lay safe and warm just feet below.

Breathing in and breathing out her body rising and falling she is alive no doubt.

A wreath of mistletoe adorns her head she is warm and cosy in her dress of red.

In here arms he gently sleeps he is huge and soft, dangerous, but her safe he keeps.

Sister Winter gently sleeps. Brother Ice  keeps her  in his care, opens one eye and peeps.

Spring is surely on her way her snow drops and crocus buds are already out to play.

Brother Ice  spends the winter season  travelling with Sister Winter it is his point it is his reason.

He loves her deeply like no other he will protect her with his life ,

Travelling on through ice and snow

Together across the wastelands together they go.

Gentle care Brother Ice will always show Sister Winter for in truth he loves  her so.


Brothers  and sisters look out  for each other. We argue  and fall out and  then  we grow back together. We  help  each other  we stand  back  and let  each  other  make  our  bad  mistakes, we applaud  the loudests  at  each others  triumphs. We  feel each others  pain … each other  are   the words ! We are  there  for each other  when needed  and gone  when not. We  may  not  be perfect  but  we love each other !

Bossy but no always so 

There for each other

Love  for us. will always grow    

This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 










If we were having coffee: I would  tell you to sit  down  and put  your feet up  and  take it easy!

I’d tell you: today I was up  early  and  at  the gym  by 7.30am…. I hate  the gym  but if I do not exercise  regularly  I seize up! After the gym I went home sorted the washing had breakfast then washed  and changed. Then I picked a friend up  and took her to a job interview. While  she was there I took the opportunity to  drop in to see my  sister for a cuppa.

While  we were chatting  I noticed  her two ( feral cats) were sitting  by her french doors watching me. Nothing  very unusual  there I hear  you say  but! These cats have ignored  and given me  a wide  birth for over a year  now.

My sister  has a house abroad  and there had been a cat that  had  had a litter of kittens in her garden about 18 months ago..  The residents  had sent  round  a letter  telling  people  not to feed  the feral cats, well my sister,  never one  for rules,  ignored  the missive.

Sadly  the mother cat  and  all but two of  the kittens died  so F took  the survivors  into  her  house and she and her hubby  fell in love  with them. As  time  for their  return  home approached  they had  the cats, checked out , deloused  and spade and doctored and  chipped even got them their  own passports.  They would not be left  behind.

When my  sister  and her  husband  flew  home the kittens began  their train  journey  home too. Well the cats  were used to my sister  and her husband  but  they have taken a long time  to accept  anyone  else. So the fact  that they both  sat still long enough  for me to photo them and  for the female ( the feistiest of the two ) to circle me three times and eventually  sniff  my  feet! was a huge  landmark.

VID_20140707_125559749I’d tell you: After picking  my friend up  after  her job interview  she asked  me back  for coffee.  I drink  my  coffee black  and because  today  was a hot one  I was thirsty. I went to the sink  to put  some cold  water  into  my  hot coffee. Out of the corner of  my eye I saw her cat jump up on to the sink unit beside  me.

What  the ? I squeaked, my friend  just laughed… he wants a drink  she told me. Imagine  my amazement as I watch  the cat drink  from the tap!

I had  never seen this  before. I know  cats  are  clever and do amazing things   but!!

I’d tell you : That  photo of  the cat was  supposed  to be a video….. I am working on that! For  now  a photo will have to do until I find out how to transfer the video  to wordpress!

Well it has  been a feline  day today and that was only  the morning! I did get home mid  afternoon, did some  housework, prepared  tonight’s  and tomorrows  dinner.

If we were having coffee I’d ask  you : would you like another  cuppa, or  a biscuit . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to here  what you would  tell me , If we were having coffee.

JusJoJan: Sisters, dogs, coffee and floods.

It did not stop raining today  and it would of been really  miserable  had it not been for the fact  that I was visiting my sister in law who is not my sister in law  any  more  for she is no longer married  to my husbands  brother! That  not  withstanding  I have been friends  with her girl and woman  for 47yrs. Yes I was thirteen  and she was fifteen, when we first met. Both of us sitting on the 97 bus not sure  whether or not  to talk, Then when we both got off at the same bus stop  and started walking in the same direction  we broke the ice.

We have been solid  since, I like to think we are more like sister even though the in law title is now  debunked. We have been through thick and thin  and weathered some nasty storms!

Talking of storms , today was wet! So  we stayed in the warm and drank coffee, had  parsnip  soup for dinner  and chatted about all sorts.  Our children, grandchildren …( my first grandchild as yet unborn, D already has one ) husbands, houses, my son’s new home, her daughters job, her granddaughters triumphs. Of course  we talked of the dogs the beautiful dogs.

The  dogs  have two beds in the kitchen dining room. They take up a lot of  room! One bed ( a huge  bed large enough  for them  both ) fills an alcove. The  only  trouble is  that  one dog , the younger one  always insists on laying on top of the older  dog. So D  hit on a brilliant  idea, get the husband  to put a  separator down the center of the bed ….. each dog  then could have his own space  and the extra  bed  could  be removed !



Well they  were not too sure  at first  but no one likes change  do they?

So  after a while they settled down and  after their  duvets and cushions  went in, all was looking cosy!

comfy and cosy

comfy and cosy

So  we thought , we turned  back to our photos  and our  coffee and  time ticked on. The  dogs  were happy, the dogs  were comfortable , the dogs seemed very quiet and settled ! Job  done, well done to D’s hubby the problem of the younger  dog  flattening  the older was  solved!

Well it  was wasn’t it…………………… er? not it was not!

IMG_20140129_152345685Nope, no it was not! It  just goes  to show  you just cannot  help those  who will not  be helped! You  also cannot  teach a cheeky dog  new tricks.

The  time came  for me to go home. It was dark t was wet  and it was actually  flooded! I have not had the pleasure of driving  through flooded roads before ! I did not like it  but I remembered  my husbands words of advice  and I got through  and after what seemed an age I got home safely.

So it was wet cold and windy in the real world today  but I was happy!



Post on your site, and join Just Jot it January. The rules are easy!

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To my sisters and my friends.

We may not be together but we are not far apart. You my dearest sisters are never far from my heart.

We may stand on different shorelines separated by the sea and county but we are never to far that my words cannot reach you and your thoughts cannot affected me.

The other night I spoke my grief I let out my pain. I put it here on line not realizing I’d cause you so much strain.

My selfish words hit you like a curse and drew your heart strings tighter than a mean man’s purse.

So I write this to tell you, all my sister’s three. I am whole and  still standing, so you need not fear for me. My way may be dark and uncertain I am not sure of my road. But to know you are all there, helps me balance this heavy load.

Also my dear friends who read my outpourings, who follow me every night I really need to thank you have supported and helped me face this plight. The clouds will some day soon be parting and I must choose my way and step by step I shall make my way back to the light and a better day.


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The Sound of One Hand Typing

Music, Musings, Memoir, and Madness

"LIFE" ( You like it, I love it! )

"LOVE"-Keeping it real, and keeping it simple!

Our Eyes Open

Come along on an adventure with us!