Stream of Consciousness Saturday. All or Nothing.

This week LindaGHill of ” Life in Progress ” asked us to use the phrase “All or nothing ” we can use all of the phrase or parts of it. Also bonus points to be acquired if we start or end or both, our entry with “all or nothing ” or parts there of !

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 All or nothing,  one of my favourite tracks from the Small Faces. It would of been 1966 and I was  a regular at Top Of The Pops a programme put out by the BBC.

I was a huge fan of the show and luckily for me my Dad knew  one of the doormen who worked at the Lime Grove Studios. So homework,weather and Dad’s friend being on duty permitting, a friend and I would present ourselves at the studio doors.  The system was the doormen would let a certain number of fans in, there was always a huge crowd. We usually were lucky.

So it was  all or nothing, if we didn’t get in we’d hang around to see if we catch any of the group’s leaving and get an autograph. ( I have lost all the autographs, careless me! ) So I have  nothing but my memories.

I was young then and my head was full of fashion and pop music. Carnaby Street, Beba, Mary Quant and all that ! Then I grew up. 

What have I learned in life… Yes you guessed it, It’s, all or nothing.


Today  out  the  blue  my eldest sister  sent  me  a photo  she  had  take  of  our  family  outside  our  home  in London. Circa  1956  ! It  was  such a  lovely  surprise and  it  really  took me  back!

As  Teresa  was taking  the  photo  and  not  visible   I asked  her  to  find another  one  but  with her  in it! She  did,   this  time  one  of  the  twins  was  absent  as  she  was  taking  the  photo !  I  look a  little older in  this  one  so  I  reckon  it is  circa   1958.

Top  photo :  Elder Brother T with his  tongue out,Mum, , Dear  Mary   now  deceased, Elder  brother’s Twin F,   Brother  JP, Dad  and  me.

Bottom photo: Eldest sister Tess, brother T in  long  trousers  this  time, a  cousin, brother  JP with  his  tongue out this  time, Mary  peeping out  at  the  back , another  cousin  and  then  me looking  grumpy!!



I remember the  days of  black and  white

When  we  were  taught   wrong  from   right .

Endless days  of  love while growing up

Here I  drink  from yesterday’s cup.


Here  we  are in  days gone  by

My  those  years spread  their  wings  and fly.

Hot dinners ,comfort in  the  family  fold

Things  to  remember when we  get old.


Someone is  missing, sister  Tess,

With the  camera  she  catches  us in time

Come good  or ill,all of us, lives  entwine

This  made  me what I  am I  guess.


Days  were  so much  simpler  then

I bet  you  think  I have rose tinted  glasses on

I  know  you  do  but  you  are  wrong!

❤   ❤



Acrostic Poem. Shipbuilding

Silent  now  the  sound  of  hammer on steel

Held  still  the  giant  cranes and  wheel

Isolated  men  lost,  without  work robbed of  future

Pushed  aside  by business’s  uncaring  of  nature .

Busy no  longer, the  ships  and  trade  all gone

Urchins  run and play  no  more

Itinerant  men  all banished from the  shore.

Long ago  echoes  can  be heard  still

Dint of  history  and it’s  maddening  will.

Indolent seagulls  in search of  food

Nudge  the   empty newspapers  and brood.

Gone , gone  the  glory days.


Hi everyone welcome. The garden is beginning to show signs of Autumn so we are going to rig up some space heaters and make the marquee more permanent. That is the beauty of this virtual garden we can have it however we wish.
Right let’s get to business.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE : I would tell you how busy I have been. We have a few days break coming up and as always preparations are never simple. I think it is all in hand now. Hopefully when you read this I shall be in France.

Apart from many years ago before the Newbie’s Dad was born. We visited Province twice. We had the two older boys they were around three and four yrs 0ld.
We flew over and hired a car the first time we went. We were astounded by the warmth and beauty of the place.
We took the boys to the Verndon Gorge and we went out on the calm turquoise waters. With the huge rock faces rising up out of the still waters it was an amazing experience. I was totally in awe and very aware that the water was probably as deep as the rock faces were high.
We gilded ( if you can glide in a peddlow.) in stunned  silence.
It was like a strange sun drenched fiord. All was quiet and magical then the boys found their echo’s and soon my husband and I joined in.
Now as usual I wandering off at a tangent we are not going to the south we are heading into the lush centre, we are staying right by a river and in a village 😉 that will test my French, hubby has no French.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE : I would  bore you further  by telling you the second time we  went  we had  the two boys, hubbies’ older sister, hubby  and me three suitcases, two bikes, a coolbox  and enough  food to feed an army! All crammed into a ford Capri!

A car not  really built for more than two people  or ambitious  and very thin  foursome  with  no luggage  and not far to go! We managed to drive from Calais through  or rather  round the  Boulevard Peripherique down to Frejuse. I was navigating  and not too well and at  one point we were headed towards Belgium …as luck would have it  we noticed in time  not to loose  too much time.!

We  did stop on the way  down to Frejuse  at  Arras. We spent  two weeks in a static Caravan  yes all five of us ! We saw  all the fashionable places ( Monte Carlo, San Tropez and the like)  some lovely  unfashionable  places  too, woods, villages . We had  scorching  weather  and two days solid   rain!! We felt  very sorry  for those in tents they got  completely was away! Then when we had to return  we drove  for 13hrs  to catch the  ferry …. we could not  afford  to stop anywhere  for the night. Money was tight then  but it  never  stopped us having fun!.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE :   I would say ,Oh! sorry I am not  being a very good host  would  you like some  more tea or  coffee  what  type  would  you like  we can do  anything  here as good as Costa  or Starbucks! Also our cake selection is second  to none!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I’d  say  sorry time to stop reminiscing and time to look forward  to a new part  of France  for us unseen. What  have you guys  been up to, have  you had  rushed  or quiet weeks? Perhaps  you could tell us about  your holidays Past, Present  and Future , it would  be lovely to hear  from you all. Talking of reminiscing you may have noticed I have been posting  some of my  early poems. I have been so rush  and hardly  had  time to  comment  or thank  people  for their  comments ( for which I am always  very  grateful) so I looked to my  back catalogue  until I have time to catch up!!

Now apart from cooking  and being a busy  working lady   Bernice  at  has  wonderful recipes  and visits  beautiful places  it is almost  like  having  a travelogue delivered  to my  reading box! Also  Tess at  Lets Cut the Crap   is doing  a wonderful  blow by  blow  account of her recent  tour of China! I can really  recommend it , it is a great  read!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would  tell you how very welcome  you are  and how much I look forward to our weekly get together, and that I do hope  they continue for a while  to come.  I am so  sorry  that I have to dash  off now  but  please  stay  and relax  and eat  and drink whatever  you wish , here  in the virtual garden  everything is  guilt  and calorie free.  Actually if I were  you I would  scroll up  or  down  and  check out Paul’s  coffee morning  it is here  too!! So  for now  be well and be happy.  😀

If we were having coffee I’d ask  you : would you like another  cuppa, or  a biscuit . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to hear  what you would  tell me , If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from

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