The Escapist Colouring Club 1st April 2020

Its the first of April and here is March’s colouring. My entry for the Escapist Colouring Club. Boy do we ever need this Escapist club right now. Below is the raw page before I started.

Above the finished version, done in a mixture of pastels.

Here is my task for this month a whimsical moon.

I am really looking forward to to seeing everyone else’s efforts.

My pencils

The Escapist Coloring Club ‚Äď February 2020 mid-month reminder

Well here we are and it is the last day of February. Time to show and tell our efforts for February 2020.

Here is the blank page ( so to speak).

Here we are halfway through the month.

Above is my finished effort and I am rather proud of it. Leaves, curls and squiggles. I used less colours than usual, my thinking is that less is more.

Come and Join us it’s so much fun ūüíú

The Escapist Coloring Club ‚Äď February 2020 Nearly end of month reminder

Hi it’s Sunday 23rd of February and so far I am just on target with my target for THE ESCAPIST COLOURING CLUB. Run by the one and only LINDAGHILL

The start.
Mr progress.

So I look forward to seeing everyone else’s work ūüíú

Linda G Hill

Ruth at Ruth Blogs Here

Zhenzhen at Hinuha

Colline at Colline’s Blog

Jenna at revivedwriter

Dar at Darswords

The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt ‚Äď February 1, 2020

Now last year I failed completely to be part of the

So I have decided to make a huge effort and join in this year with Linda and the girls at The Escapist Colouring Club. ūüėĀ

Here is my late entry for January.

My choice for January.
And here is my finished article.

So I would like to join Linda and

From Anita at anitashope

From Jenna at revivedwriter

From Ruth at Ruth Blogs Here

And from Barbara at Teleportingweena

I hope I am not too late.

If we were having Coffee: Happy Easter

If we were having Coffee

If  we  were having  Coffee  :  time  again to ask how  are  you all are   and  what  have  you been up  to this  week!  Come in it is lovely  to see you all here again. The fires are lit and  the cushions are plumped up and  we have  the coffee and tea on  the go  and the cakes and sweets are all set out.  We  have  tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

If we were having  Coffee: I would ask  you what  has been going on in your world this week, has  anything  deeply affected  you, have  you need a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry  on or  just  needed someone  to make  you laugh! If  yes  feel free to talk it out  here  with us. We will all help if  we can.

If we were having Coffee: I would  remind  you  that  there  are lots of  other  coffee mornings  all shared  and organized  By  Diana  and  Gene’O  over at,Part time monster  

Firstly  let us  welcome  Paul  back  he was much  missed last  week  and  we are  all delighted  to have him back  with us  and  also  we are  even more  delighted  to know  that  his  medical  emergency was averted  and  sorted  without surgical intervention.  Welcome  home Paul  you were missed!

Secondly  I would  like  to wish everyone  a very Happy  Easter!

Happy Easter

So  what has  been going on this  week, well  I  have  Not  been  doing  the  A to Z April Challenge , or  rather  I have been doing it  but unofficially . I am such a scaredicat   that I  did not  sign up  because I  though I  could  not  keep up  the  commitment because, 1 I have a lot  on my  plate  and, 2 I  am always in trouble  with the husband for  being on the  computer  too much  as it is!

Anyway  I  am participating  unofficially  and  I am tagging  along  with  everyone  doing  a Nonet  a day  and  announcing  that  the post  is Not  the A to Z April Challenge.  Doobster 418 at Mindful Disgressions has  made  some  great  logos  and he has  allowed  me  to  use  one one ..unofficially of  course! I chose  this  one!

Made By Doobster 418



Would  you like  another cuppa  or  some cake  or biscuits? We have plenty on  offer come over  and warm  yourselves  by  the  fire!

If ¬†we were having ¬†coffee: ¬†I’d ¬†tell you ¬†that ¬†the husband ¬†and I went to see ¬†the ¬†sequel to ¬†The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, namely ¬†The ¬†Second ¬†Best Marigold Hotel. Have ¬†you seen these ¬†two ¬†films ¬†they are ¬†amazingly, happy, sad, hilariously funny ¬†and ¬†heart wrenchingly sad! Here ¬†are ¬†two ¬†clips ¬†one ¬†from ¬†each ¬†film . The ¬†hubby ¬†and I ¬†really ¬†enjoyed ¬†both!



If ¬†we were having coffee : ¬†¬†I would ¬†ask ¬†what ¬†are ¬†your plans ¬†for ¬†Easter ¬†we have ¬†the husband’s Mother ¬†and his Aunt ¬†coming ¬†round ¬†for the day, they are ¬†both in their 90’s. I ¬†do hope ¬†that ¬†what ever ¬†you have planned ¬†you enjoy ¬†it!

Well I  shall have  to close  for  now  as  there is  a big  roast  to prepare  ( Leg  of  lamb  and  all the trimmings!!) So  again  i wish  you  a  happy  and blessed  Easter !

And of course  the


over at Part Time  Monster  and Gene’O’s

Coffee and cakes by the fire.


IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: Cars, cats, coffee, and a Newbie.

Welcome, welcome again  how are  you all? The weather though  still warm for this time of year is becoming very damp  and several  mornings this week as I have headed  for the gym it has been cold damp  and foggy. So it is on with the virtual  space heaters and with  the help of  Paul  we have moved  some comfy sofas and armchairs into the marquee, well we may as well spoil ourselves.

Now ¬†what ¬†would ¬†you like to eat and drink thanks ¬†to Paul ¬†we have ¬†every type of coffee and tea ¬†anyone ¬†could possibly ¬†request ¬†and a few ¬†that I quite ¬†frankly would ¬†be ¬†very happy ¬†to sit on the self ¬†talk ¬†about ¬†obscure ¬†and smelly!! ūüôā ¬†As for the cakes and pastries ¬†well they have grown in range ¬†since ¬†we have been enjoying ¬†these get together’s ¬†and they ¬†are all free and even better totally calorie ¬†free!! So come on in sit ¬†down ¬†where ever ¬†you fancy, relax ¬†and let’s ¬†have a nice ¬†coffee/ tea break.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would say  what a difference a week  makes! This  time last week I was still in the Loire  Valley France. Sighs! Well we got  home last Saturday/ Sunday morning  after a long  but fun day travelling. Back to reality  talk about  hit  the ground  running. Washing, ironing, middle son  having car problems , eldest  son off on trip,   youngest son  and family  to see, dogs  to walk and real life to  get on with ! So it was a good job it had  had such a restful  and lovely  holiday   because today  I feel as if it was a dream. A beautiful dream, one I hope to repeat!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: ¬†¬†As I mention earlier ¬†the weather has taken a sharp ¬†autumnal turn punctuated by the fact ¬†that we had got used to the higher temperatures ¬†we had enjoyed in France! My early ¬†morning trips ¬†to the gym have necessitated ¬† me digging out ¬†a warmer hoodie ¬† and ¬†longer leggings ¬†and brisk up in the¬†step of the pace. I would ¬†mention the fact ¬†that I could not ¬†be lazy ¬†and jump in my car ¬†because, also ¬†as mentioned ¬†above ¬†number two son ¬†has car trouble! While ¬†we were away ¬†his little car ¬†gave up ¬†the ghost …deceased… dead is no more. ¬†The situation meant ¬†he needed to get to and from work ¬†and so he borrowed mine . This has left ¬†me dependant on Shanke’s Pony ¬†( an ¬†old English ¬†Term for walking ) . Luckily ¬†my husband has his own car ¬†so we were not marooned!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I have to say the afore ¬†mentioned husband ¬†has done a sterling “Dad” job ¬†of helping ¬†the number two ¬†son out ¬†he has scoured ¬†the net ¬†and found ¬†a brilliant ¬†deal ¬†for the lad, lets ¬†hope he appreciates all his dad’s hard ¬†work. All things ¬†being well ¬†touch wood and fingers crossed ¬†he should collecting his ¬†new car ¬†towards ¬†the end of ¬†next week …result ¬†I shall get ¬†mine ¬†back !! My husband ¬†has also ¬†been very ¬†busy ¬†walking ¬†two guide ¬†dogs ¬†who ¬†he loves ¬†a great ¬†deal . He takes ¬†them out ¬†for their recreation . He loves to see the younger one ¬†running after ¬†her ball ¬†and thundering around ¬†the field ¬†enjoying ¬†her short ¬†moments of freedom.

Also ¬†he cut ¬†both our lawns ¬†and kind soul ¬†that ¬†he is ¬†he also cut ¬†the house ¬†next door’s lawn as the owners ¬†were away ¬†on ¬†holiday , hopefully ¬†they will be pleased on their return . Not my family but not dissimilar!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: ¬†I would have to tell you that ¬†all my ¬†brothers ¬†and sisters ¬†bar one ¬†have birthdays this month! ¬†I was mortified ¬†to realize ¬†that I was late ¬†sending ¬†my ¬†eldest sister’s card … so ¬†mortified ¬†that ¬†on my return I rang ¬†her up and wished her happy Birthday ¬†and told her ¬†that ¬†her card ¬†was going to be a tad late!!: Just ¬† for her to tell that ¬†I was a day early! With all the travelling I had got the dates mixed up…. her card ¬†was still late. Not ¬†wishing ¬†to be late again ¬†I posted all the other cards ¬†at once feeling ¬†better ¬†early ¬†than late! I actually ¬†think it was very inconsiderate ¬†of ¬†my dear ¬†departed ¬†parents ¬†to have us all bar one born ¬†in the same month! It ¬†must of ¬†been very difficult ¬†for them to manage ¬†a presents ¬†for everyone! ¬†As for the odd one out ¬†did ¬†they pick a sensible ¬†month for her?…..December!! Do you have a large or a small family, did the amount of siblings ¬†you had ¬†determine ¬†the size ¬†of ¬†your family! I am sure ¬†everyone ¬†has ¬†a busy ¬†birthday ¬†month which is yours?

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  Where are  my  manners would  you like another cup of coffee/tea or  perhaps  a scrummy hot  chocolate  with all the trimmings , chocolate  and  vanilla   with cream and marshmallows or plain if  you prefer very warming  these  Autumnal  days. What  did you say , too fattening ?  not here  no you are forgetting  everything  here is calorie free  and you can have as much as you like!

Now ¬†we did have a sad thing this week, Thursday ¬†lunchtime ¬†there was a knock ¬†at our ¬†door and when I answered it ¬†there a sad looking lorry ¬†driver. He asked if ¬†we had a cat, ¬†as he had just seen a car knock one off of its feet. It was laying in the road ¬†by ¬†his lorry. We grabbed ¬†a towel ¬†and rushed ¬†out by ¬†the time ¬†we had crossed ¬†the lawns (our houses ¬†lay ¬†back from the road ¬†and all have large lawns) and ¬†we had to cross one and a half lawns. We found ¬†another driver who had also stopped and had ¬†followed ¬†the cat ¬†who had ¬†by ¬†now crawled into ¬†our ¬†neighbour’s front garden. None of us ¬†knew ¬†what to do ¬†we covered ¬†the cat ¬†with the towel I was despatched ¬†to find ¬†a cat basket, ¬†we had ¬†given ¬†ours ¬†away ¬†last ¬†year ¬†thinking ¬†we would ¬†never ¬†need one ¬†again.

Sadly by ¬†the time I had ¬†return ¬† with ¬†a cat carrier ¬†the cat ¬†was sadly ¬†dead. ¬†My husband ¬†and our ¬†neighbour ¬†took the cat ¬†to the vets ¬†sadly ¬†it was not chipped and despite our ¬†best efforts ¬†asking around ¬†we cannot find ¬†the cat’s owner. ….

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I say  that  there was an added bonus  in this busy  week. Our  very  beautiful daughter in law  popped into see us early  evening  mid week with the Newbie. Well  we had  not seen  him  for nearly  a fortnight  and we were delighted  to see  them both. It is  amazing  how  fast  he had changed! He was so delightful  full of  smiles  and giggles  and so alert and interested in everything. I am so in awe  at  the beauty of  the little being  that  is our  grandchild.  I would  never of believed  less than a year ago  that a tiny  soul like  the Newbie  could  lift  my  soul in this way!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I¬†would ask you if you would ¬†like another ¬†cuppa, or ¬†another cake . I‚Äôd ¬†tell you I have really ¬†come to enjoy ¬†these chats ¬†and I‚Äôd ¬†love ¬†to hear ¬†what you would ¬†tell me. Please feel free to stay ¬†as long ¬†as ¬†you like ¬†and don’t ¬†forget ¬†to visit ¬†Paul’s ¬†post ¬†now ¬†while ¬†you are ¬†here! ¬†¬†If we were having Coffee¬† Original idea ¬†from ¬†


Beyond my dreams

Sun, warm upon my skin as I woke from sleep I felt zing, a tingle climbing from my feet seeping up through me to my mouth , a taste so sweet.

Slowly I became aware of my surroundings, beautiful, strange, but how did I get here. It seemed I was in a fairy dell with lacy ivy dressed with silver dew and an enchanted smell.

I stood amid a ruined building that unto a great forest was yielding.The light was streaming in through open doors and windows, portals warming up the grassy floors.

These are not my clothes. I have never had dressed like this , own this dress? I wish!

my dress? I wish!

I wish! Looking up I see the sun and feel as though my life has just begun. Forget the past and all that is real. This my new life this is how I want to feel. I never want to return to the rat run that was my life an invalid, mother and wife.

This is where I ought to be, perfect, peaceful, beautiful me.No I would rather stay here the it is easier than the other place OH! this is so beautiful , gentle happy I feel no fear. It is simple it is clear, I am safe and warm I shall stay here.

As I walk the sweetest scent of flowers dance around my nose, I hear running water outside where a gentle stream flows. I stoop to pick the pretty flowers suddenly I feel sad I know this place is not real but this is the best time I have ever had.

So please don’t wake me , leave me where I am. I’ll come back when I have to.


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