Ronovan Writes Sijo Wednesday Poetry Challenge #14. Use REALITY as your inspiration this week.

this is part of Ronovanwrite’s Weekly Sijo Challenge

©hotpinkwellingtons, © willowdot21


Caught up with life, the hustle and bustle of everyday.
Occupied by screens, blaring out too loud.
We don’t listen to Gaia, her warning voice speaks of reality, we choose not to hear.


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Throwback Thursday #27 – Career Dreams

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday. Lauren took us back to family vacations last week. This week we are here to talk about those childhood dreams that may or may not have come to fruition. Maggie chose the subject this week.

Do you remember what you first wanted ‘to be’ when you grew up?

Yes I do I wanted to be dancer …but not for long. I soon realized what I wanted to be was a space traveller or a fashion designer.

Any idea what inspired that dream?

My first love was music and lyrics there was always plenty of each around at home. Lots of different genres because I had lots of brothers and sisters…cousins …friends excetera. Then I fell in love with space. That probably came from my brother’s books and comics and the radio programs they listened to.

My more attainable goal as a child was to get in to fashion. I loved clothes and spent hours designing clothes or pretending to be a catwalk model. I actually became a windowdresser….my love of fashion won out .

What ‘job’ did you most emulate in play?

Being a dancer and a space fighter pilot and of course being a fashion designer or model. I loved the paper dolls that came with girls comics, they always came with several outfits….and I would often make my own designs.

I often dressed up in one of mum’s old curtains, making myself a Sari, then using one of mum’s straw baskets I would pretend to be an Indian tea picker, taking the leaves off of dad’s privet hedge. …I had seen a picture of Indian ladies doing this job on a tea tin .

Did you have any idea what salary or pay you thought you would have?

Well as long as I had food and drink on my space travels and a uniform of sorts I don’t think I gave money much thought. As a dancer I didn’t really think about it. As for a designer I assumed I would be rolling it in …🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Were there careers you knew you did NOT want to do?

I never wanted to be a Nun, Surgeon, Butcher, or Sewage Worker….I am a tad squimish.

Were you ever encouraged to follow in the footsteps of a family member?

I was very lucky my parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams. My sisters were very clever, one was a teacher, one a nurse and the third was a fashion designer. Yes she was a fashion designer who travelled and worked around the world, New York, Paris, Lyon, Rome, Milan, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong…ect. her life always looked glamorous to me as a child. A brother in the army and an other an electrician.

I think Mum and Dad would of been happy had I of followed any of my siblings.

Were you ever urged to join a family business?

No there was none to follow. Mum had her own hairdresser’s salon until she met my dad and he was a London Transport Bodymaker, which meant he made the seating upholstery for London Tubes and Buses

Were you ever discouraged from a particular field? If so, why?

No never .

Did you have a Career Fair at school?

Not that I remember, I do remember one of the Nuns telling me I’d never amount to much and probably shame my parents?

As an adult looking back, do you ever wish you had taken the direction of your childhood dreams?

Well yes I would of loved to have been a starship fighter pilot. I love all space and sifi, books, film or shows.


My mother always said “be careful what you wish for. You don’t always get what you want.”

But I wish was Starbuck a starship pilot……..

image from here

Beneath this hard exterior there’s no soft marshmallow goo, there beats a heart of stone.

There’s never been any support for me so what I’ve achieved I’ve done on my own.

My parent’s never cared for me much so I never make any deep ties.

The only true love in my life is my star ship and the skies!

There’s only one man who could ever touch my soul but fate always intervenes ,

When I get together with Will Adarma there’s usually ugly drunken scenes.

I think he only sees me as one of the lads, so I pretend I don’t give a frack.

But I want him, so ladies I’m first in line and you’re at the back.

We have to save the worlds from the evil Cylon attack

We had them beaten once , but they evolved and now they’re coming back.

They have morphed to chrome and blood all covered with skin.

They are clever now, they infiltrated Caprica with spies

They blew up our worlds so we took the fleet and flew into the skies.

In Space we regrouped and planned, and I got to work closely with my man.

I will lead what’s left of our pilots and beloved ships

I am the best star fighter pilot but the fracks won’t give me shoulder pips.

It’s true I like a drink, gambling and a good cigar.

I am damn good in bed I’ll give you a good time what ever rank you are!

I am the best pilot as I have said before

I shall find the Cylon’s mothership and give the frackers what for!

I’ll rip the skin off Number Six and I’ll show her no quarter.

She beat the living crap out of me and then denied me even water.

I’ll lead you all to safety find you all another world

For I am really an angel that keeps her wings tight furled!

I am that star you see at night when it is darkest before the dawn.

I am the one who will shoot straightest so none of you need be forlorn.

I am the mighty Starbuck , Kara Thrace is my real name .

But what ever you call me I shall save you all the fracking same!

Image from here

I wish I was a heroine who leads her people to a new life. Just to disappear and leave them on a green new planet  to start a new life. For them to discover that to be their guardian angel was the point of my life.

© willowdot21


Yup that should of been me! willow but I was born too soon.

Being a window dresser was good though.

To end up a song about growing up my my favourite Immi.

Fight, Fight Fight.

Scream at the moon, appeal to the sun,

Beg for deliverance from this end to be undone.

Damn your luck, curse your fate

Demand a recount of the end date.

Clear these eyes, change the view.

Scrub away at this thing that is eating you.

Wash out that womb scour those ovaries

Rid this body of the death that might be.

Fight the enemy  growing within

Breath deep in the MRI, it makes such a din.

Swallow the drugs a chemical mix

Throw up your pain a hug will not fix

Rant at the day and scream at the night

Don’t  let Cancer win, no fight, fight, fight.

It’s a sneak a coward that hides

A sneak in the night that attacks from all sides.

Is it really too late.

Yesterday’s post was how I see  the world  today. Beset  by war, famine, pestilence and death! The  four horsemen of  the Apocalypse. Yes Armageddon as I see it. Well   today I read Jenni  post  at Unload and Unwind  entitled “Lets talk about war.”    I do recommend you all check out Jenni’s Blog. Her post  and my  yesterday’s post reminded  me of a post I published  in Oct 2011.  I looked it up  and revamped it  a little  and  put it here  for you to read!


Time was late, the day was cold  the doors of the coffee shop suddenly flew apart

The scene  from the street was enough to stop your heart.

the four horse men

Slowly and silently four horsemen approached along the street.

We had no knowledge but centuries since, this was the place they had assigned to meet.

As this strange apparition  it’s progress did make,

It left fights and hunger and  deathly illness in it’s wake.

Where once was the  normal order of life

Was suddenly killing and gorging, sickness, death and strife.

Stopping their horses and dismounting as one

They found a spare lamp post their magnificent animals to leash upon.

One of their number scanned the street “No parking meters . Sweet!”

They entered the coffee shop and two fights broke out

And terrible hunger and thirst spread about.

Terrified customers died in the rush for the door

People started to sicken with rashes and pustules and what’s more there was blood and guts all over the floor.

Phantom Horses

Death motioned the others to get a table

Approached the strangely thin, sickly lad at  the bar  and ordered “four Americanos and a bagel!”

The boy felt so weak as he looked in to the eyes of Death fear gripped his throat

The rest of his staff were in the same boat lost and helpless’ bereft of hope!

Setting down the tray and handing Famine his food,

“I wanted espresso “griped War in a mood.

Death raised his scythe and told him to mind his place.

For he had the last  word and was in charge of this space!

Finally with the local humans all dead

They sipped quietly on their coffee, just for now doing what their leader had said.

After a short while Conquest / Pestilence looked up

And asked “is this coffee fair trade” as he finished his cup.

Famine smirked at the joke his brother had made.

“I need another , where is the barista ”  Death answered ” He died”…… “Okay” Famine sighed

Coffee over, decisions needed to be  made

How to deal with this world’s problem. Plans had to be laid.

“I think I should simply traverse this world

And make them their missiles unfurl,”

Said War before adding “then with you  Death in my wake,

How long would total annihilation  take?”

“No “chipped in Pestilence I can spread  my cloak and make them all suffer.

You can then step in Death, as they choke  and splutter.”

War banged the table ready to fight

But Death then stepped in knowing his way was right .

“Looking around brothers do you not agree

They are doing an excellent job of destroying themselves without any help from you or me.”

He saw they were not happy with his interventions

So he enlightened them all with ghastly intentions .

“We need to just hover on the sidelines and leave them to fester.

It will all end soon, this planet cannot sustain forever these hopeless jesters!

They thought for a while while Death entertained them, with his  fiddle

Like Nero back when Rome was burning. but not such  giggle.

The decision was made and they all agreed

They would just make thing worse for all those in need ,

They would feed the wars and starve the medical fractions,

Of knowledge and money.

They would disease the corn the milk and the honey.

Death would stalk the world in his usual way

Clearing up the mess and dead at the end of the day.

They then  left the scene of their destroying powers

Riding  off together into the west leaving death and destruction and lots of wilting flowers .


The News papers and TV got the story the very same day.

“Police want to question four hoodies on horse back ” they say.

There is  a witness a child who manage to hide and lived to tell what they had seen.

Apparently strange horses, one white,one red, one black and one pale green?

This  made the  headlines  all over for a day, well maybe one day more

Then it is back to Famine and  Plague in Africa and  the States had to step into  yet another War!

The Greens are screaming we must save Mother Earth

Unknowing that she already dancing  a dirge

With a worn out and tired Death.

Death sat in a corner and polished his scythe and pondered the meeting that morning,

Well he had at least tried to buy these humans ( for whom he actually cared) some time .

But even holding off his brothers, of hope there still was no sign.

He was tired of all the work he had to do,

Exhausted in fact, and his brothers were too.

The task set before them was too great for them to solve ..

Hopefully God will intervene and those irritating humans will evolve  !

FanFoFeb : The slam.

The door slammed shut again

Bringing  forth all those years of pain.

Enough  she said, enough she felt

Packed a bag and left a note misplet.

Outside the rain was pelting down

Yet she was smiling no sign of a frown.

Young  and free she was determined to be

She’d spent too many years in hell you see.

She took a bus, she caught  the train

Then walked recognizing this old terrain .

Visiting  the cafe where she’d spent happy hours

Next to the shop where she’d worked  with flowers.

Sitting  there watching the rain and angry sea

She  wandered could  this be it,was she really free.

She took a bus, she caught  the train

Then walked recognizing the old terrain …. ( yes  you guessed it Home again.)

Post on your site, and join FanFoFeb . The rules are easy!

1. It’s never too late to join in, since the “FanFoFeb   Fantasy for February lasts all month . (it doesn’t have to be a post) counts as a “post.” If it makes it to WordPress that day, great! If it waits a week to get from the sticky note to your screen, no problem!
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3. Write anything!
4. Have fun!


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