One-Liner Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 – Signs of Life

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I was half watching the news just now, they were talking about people trying to get home from holidays abroad. A young couple , she a Dr and he a trauma surgeon, were saying they were desperate to get home to help. I asked hubby why can’t they volunteer to help out in Australia… Hubby, sighed and replied because they are in South Africa .. .. God help me …is there any hope for me 🙄😖😜💜💜

Bit long for a one liner but it might make you smile.

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Time to Listen

Everyone was listening they each heard every word. Everyone one from everywhere no one dared to  defer.

Everyone was silent hanging on every sound, the speaker was terrified at the silence he had found.

Everyone let him have his say, he had their full attention not one soul looked away.

The words he had chosen carefully for this was his time. He was elated  and excited it was his turn to shine.

Everyone one had this chance since the new law had been passed everyone must listen now the dye was finally cast.

No one used to listen before the law was changed , but everyone does now , why do I find that strange.

No one ever had the time , no one ever cared , no ever stopped to think how anyone else fared.

Suddenly everyone stopped and started to think . The laws were set in place everyone had to listen it was all set in ink.

It started in one country then spread around the world on and on it went the truths were all unfurled.

At first people just listened then slowly they all reached out their hands. It all fell in place so easily it was a perfect plan.

Everyone had to take the turn to speak out on what they felt was right or wrong. No one was excused everyone has to be strong.

In the days when no one listened nothing good was done people were to0 busy looking after number one!

Now everyone has to listen ……… yet still nothing gets done!


I wrote this post after a conversation with Globalinfo4all this morning . We discussed about the importance of listening.  I thenhad a horrifying thought what if everyone listened  but still nothing got done.


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