Stream of Consciousness Saturday. 14/4/2018.

LindaGHill of A Life in Progress has given us Mom for this week Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. We can use it as a word or part of a word, but we must have fun.

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Yesterday I went to the wedding of one of my niece’s. Matramony is the old fashioned word for marriage. To my mind the state of matrimony is far more important than the actual wedding. Being married means loving your partner, being their friend being ready to do whatever is needed to keep each other happy and healthy, to look after eachother.

The matrimonial day can be very expensive meaning all parties involved shelling out a lot of money! Yet with thought and a little thrift the most beautiful and memorable day be achieved.

So I hope my lovely niece and her hubby will have their whole lives full of Matrimonial Bliss.

A Nonet to J&J

Yesterday was just the beginning

Your cup of love is just brimming

Your path is set together

Step by step forever

Remember this day

In love please stay

God keep you

Both true


#SoCS March 30/18 Bun.

Today Linda of A Life in Progress has given us the Bun to use for our #SoCs. We can use it in a word or as a word in its own right.

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We always had hot cross buns on Good Friday for breakfast. They were always fresh from the oven. I loved them somthered with butter and jam. It was a delicious way to start the day and end our Lenten fast.

We would not have had anything so tasty since our lemon and sugar pancakes 40 days previous on Shrove Tuesday.

Then we went to mass followed by the Stations of the Cross. I am sure we were all there for over three hours! That’s a long time when you are a baby, a toddler, young girl and even teenager.

I do remember it always seemed to go dark around 3pm. That’s the time the Crusifixion was said to have taken place. Whether that was autosuggestion or not I always expect it.

Sunday was mass again and then ūüź•ūüź§ūüź£ Easter eggs.ūüíúūüźįūüźá

Well that’s my ramblings I decided to do a Acrostic Nonet about Easter and Hot Cross Buns.

Using the nine lettered word Abundance, well nowadays you can buy an abundance of them all year round.


Always at Easter after Lents done

Bakers prepare the hot cross bun

Uncannily fruity fun

No one can resist them

Don’t fib you love them.

April or March

No matter

Come and


Image from Pixabay

Corvus Nonet.

Corvus, dark of feather bright of eye

Spread your wings and darken the sky.

You are my lover Raven

I am lost, enslaven

Unholy now am I

Take me I cry

In your wings

To fly


Calor Lily. Nonet

Calor Lily pure of soul and heart

Growing in harmony with Daisies

By the church door reaching high

Clarity shines apart

Underneath the Yew

Sing God’s praises

The Calor 



Loveuary Day 15.Marriage with a D.

‚ÄčThe  lovely  and  talented Ritu  of has set us all off on Loveuary. I for one am excited with the task. What is love? We shall find out as the month goes on.

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Today is Day 15 of Loveuary. Now to choose a prompt ? Marriage, I have added a D as poetic license because I want to do an Acrostic Nonet and that demands 9 lines and so needs  nine letters.

Marriage with a D

Image found here

More than a wedding day is marriage

And vows need plenty of hard work

Rekindling love every day

Remembering to care

Igniting passion

Aging as one

Growing close



Loveuary Day 11 :To Be Loved

The  lovely  and  talented Ritu  of has set us all off on Loveuary. I for one am excited with the task. What is love? We shall find out as the month goes on.

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Today, Day 11 of  Loveuary and the prompt I  am using is”To Be  Loved”. I have  written  a  Nonet   about  the  desires  we have  when  single. Before  we  find  our  partner  we often  only  see  the  lovey, fluffy  side of  love. We soon  wake up  to  reality  but  for  nor  now  lets  all wallow  in  the  soft  light  of  innocence.

To Be Loved

To be loved  is  all  that I  desire

Two made one  engulfed in loves fire

Growing in each others  care

Love growing   always  there

Forging a future

Making a life

Building a






Loveuary. Day 9. Forbidden Love.

The  lovely  and  talented Ritu  of has set us all off on Loveuary. I for one am excited with the task. What is love? We shall find out as the month goes on.

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Today is  Day 9  of  Loveuary. Shall we  talk  about  forbidden  love. Sadly in this  world there is  still a lot of prejudice. To  be Gay in  many  parts  of  the  world is  not only  illegal   but  also  downright  dangerous. I  shall not  name  these  countries as sadly  there  are  so many.

Also  in some  countries  it is  very  dangerous  to  have  an  adulterous  affairs…. usually  women  come off  worse, even being  stoned  to  death while  the  men  sometimes unpunished  or  maybe  flogged . Also  there  are  honour  killings , we  all know  about  these  too  so I  do  not  want  to dwell on  these  either  .

The  Nonet Forbidden Love  is  a new Poem,  Butterflies  of  Love, is  a poem  I  wrote  in 2015

Forbidden Love  A Nonet 

We walk in  shadows  away from  light

Hidden we belong  to  the  night .

You can never hold  my  hand

A love  like ours is  banned.

People  must not  know

I love you so


Is our



Butterflies of  Love 

On no man did she depend

Rather to herself true

She turned inward to befriend.


Tiny butterflies of love

Escape from heaven

Ecstasy pure as  the dove


Unspoken their lust did rise

Such joy forbidden

Taboos blown to wind and skies




Thursday photo prompt ‚Äď Low Tide #writephoto


Sue ¬†Vincent ¬†of ¬†Daily ¬†Echo said ¬†:¬†Use the image below to create a post on your own blog‚Ķ poetry, prose, humour‚Ķ light or dark, whatever you choose, by noon (GMT)¬† Wednesday 8th February and link back to Sue’s post ¬†here at ¬†her ¬†blog,with a pingback. Please make sure that the pingback works and if not, copy and paste your link into the comments section of of ¬†Sue’s ¬†post here .

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 Her Last Low Tide : A Nonet.

It  had  taken  all day  to  get  here.

That they  would  be  late  was her fear.

They  made it  as the last rays

From the  sun touched  the sands

Of the last low tide

They stood wide eyed

Hugged and smiled

Happy she



Just Jot It JauaryDay 17. Complaint

Hi ¬†it is ¬†day 17 at ¬†Just Jot ¬†It January over ¬†at ¬†LindsGHill’s blog¬†Shan Jeniah¬†, is ¬†doing her third and final day as our guest host for Just Jot It January. ¬†The Just Jot It January 17th prompt, brought to you by ¬†me, blogging at Willowdot21¬†is: ‚ÄúComplaint.‚ÄĚ Use it any way you‚Äôre inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to Willow as well! Here‚Äôs her blog:¬†



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I used ¬†to ¬†work in ¬†Customer Services ¬†in a large ¬†supermarket, I had ¬†to deal ¬†with ¬†all sorts of ¬†complaints, difficult ¬†customers, visitors ¬†and ¬†queries… Not ¬†mention ¬†take orders ¬†for ¬†party ¬†food ¬†and ¬†cakes ¬†and ¬†at ¬†Christmas, Turkeys ¬†and ¬†Geese! Easy ¬†one hand ¬†tied ¬†behind your ¬†back ¬†stuff!

Well ¬†you ¬†would ¬†not ¬†believe some of ¬†the ¬†daft ¬†things ¬† we had ¬†to ¬†deal ¬†with. EG : Lady ¬†wearing ¬†Barbour ¬†Jacket ¬†and ¬†headscarf ¬†throws any ¬†empty ¬†egg carton ¬†at ¬†me . ” These ¬†eggs ¬†all cracked ¬†when I ¬†boiled ¬†them ” ¬†she screeched at ¬†me! I ¬†replied ¬†that ¬†eggs ¬†do crack ¬†when ¬†they are boiled occasionally. WRONG! ¬†I will not ¬†bore ¬†you ¬†with ¬†what ¬†happened ¬†next ¬†but in ¬†the ¬†end I gave ¬†her ¬†a refund ¬†and ¬†another ¬†box ¬†of ¬†eggs! I also had ¬†to ¬†smile at ¬†her ¬†and apologise ¬†for ¬†her inconvenience??

Another ¬†day ¬†a woman ¬†came up ¬†to ¬†the ¬†desk ¬†and told ¬†her ¬†husband ¬†had ¬†been in ¬†at ¬†the weekend ¬†and ¬†a cashier ¬†has been ¬†rude ¬†to him. I asked if she had ¬†the receipt¬†so I could ¬†see which cashier ¬†had ¬†served him. …. Imagine ¬†my ¬†delight ¬†when ¬†she handed ¬†me ¬†a bill ¬†for ¬†a Tesco’s … I ¬†smiled ¬†sweetly ¬†and ¬†said ¬†sorry ¬†madam ¬†but ¬†the ¬†incident ¬†did ¬†not happen here.

I got ¬†thing’s ¬†wrong ¬†too, one ¬†evening ¬†we were ¬†checking ¬†the returns ¬†.. ” who ¬†dealt ¬†with ¬†this prepacked ¬†Colli ” the ¬†supervisor ¬†asked, I said ¬†I had. “what ¬†did ¬†you ¬†do ¬†for ¬†the customer ” she ¬†asked ¬†sounding ¬†irritated. I told her ¬†I ¬†had ¬†done ¬†as always ¬†given her ¬†a replacement ¬†and a refund. She ¬†almost ¬†smiled. “Great , they ¬†are ¬†from Marks ¬†and Spencer’s” ¬†we ¬†did ¬†all chuckle !

I ¬†won’t ¬†go on ¬†but ¬†below ¬†is ¬†an Acrostic ¬†Nonet ¬† about ¬†the ¬†time ¬†a man ¬†came in ¬†and ¬†thrust a bunch of ¬†flowers into my ¬†face. ” They ¬†don’t ¬†smell, ¬†they are ¬†seven days ¬†old ¬†and ¬†were guarantied for ten day. ” ¬†… what could I ¬†do ¬†apart ¬†from smile? ¬†Yes ¬†a ¬†refund ¬†and ¬†a new bunch of ¬†flowers!

Acrostic Nonet  Complaint.

Can you ¬†help me ¬†these flowers don’t smell

Only had  them seven days see

My wife’s so disappointed

Please do something for me

Let’s see what ¬†to do

Are  you  happy

If I give

New buds




Stream Of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January. Pantomime Nonet.

LindaGHill said ¬†our ¬†Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is also our ¬†Day 14 of Just Jot It January post. So:¬†our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January is: A word that starts with ‚ÄúP.‚ÄĚ Find a word that begins with the letter ‚Äúp,‚ÄĚ and make it the theme of your post. Bonus points for starting and ending your post with a ‚Äúp‚ÄĚ word. Enjoy!


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Pantomime Nonet

Prancing horses and skinny  dancers

Light up the usually  dark stage

Men dressed as silly  old dames

Principal boys  are  girls

And  a good fairy

What is all this


OH! yes




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