Halloween, a countdown

Lorraine is  doing  a  great  theme  entitled  Countdown  to  Halloween.   Well  she  is  asking  for  songs, and  books  to  read  for  Halloween. Well I  put  on my thinking cap  and  dug  deep into  my  archives  and  found  some of  my  old  Halloween  poems and  revamped them  for  the season! I  have  added  some of  my favourite  spooky  music   as  for  reading  material …….

The Lovely Bones  by  Alice  Sebold.   Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories 

by Bram Stoker


Image Found at Pixabay

I know that it is  raining  I can see that it is  wet

But you are my familiar  and not a blooming pet!

I have asked you nicely I have even said please

Now go and get me food or I shall infest you with flees.

Excuse me, Lady  Mistress, this does not seem quite right

Just where in my contract does it say I have to work for you at night!

You have run me ragged every minute of today

I am tired now and my feathers are wet and here in the warm I need to stay.

Pardon me, my fine feathered friend, pardon me my beauty

I am not requesting  that you get me food I am demanding that you do your duty.

I am the one in charge not you . I am the tortured soul of a Vampire

You do as I bid  and brook me not. Go, go on, What are waiting for, wet weather attire.

Well Mistress that would not go amiss for I am not a duck,

And if I get lost  you will miss out and that would be such bad luck.

Be Gone Get out and find me fresh blood

And if you play your cards right I shall dip you in the stream on your return to remove the mud.


Running for  Life

Step after step I drag myself through the rain

Blind to all around me , my  mind closed to the pangs of pain.

Fear, hatred and panic screaming in my head, loathing causing in my veins.

Step after  blooded step , fast as I can and yet it is coming still gaining.

I stumble and fall , legs and arms graze I crawl no point in complaining.

Hot breath on my neck I shudder in fear I smell his rank sweat as he draws near

I feel his claws scrape at my flesh, I loose a scream of primal fear.

Ripping at my dress and  hair I run for my life, to look over my shoulder I don’t dare.

No choices left to me, naught I can do . I stand and face the beast  for death I prepare.

Eyes red as the devil, pure evil it seems it closes on me the worst of all my bad dreams.

Caught in his clutches, mercy is not on the cards, so  I beg for divine intervention

Praying  hard, His nostrils are flaring he’s baring his fangs letting me live is not his intention.

Finally all I can do is fall on my knees and pray , why must this horror be my last of days.

Suddenly after a thunderous noise a white flash as lightening  carved him in half God be Praised.

Broken and bleeding I lay in the mud,my life slipping out of me no fight left no more……..


The Vampires shall not  have  thee.

I am the tree witch I am hiding in the forest green

I move by stealth I blend in and I am rarely seen.

I am waiting to trap a soul, it is something I must do.

Over the years I have stolen quite a few.

My hair is long and lustrous and really very strong,

It can catch you and entrap you as quick as a whip’s thong.

I have roots growing out from my feet and spreading from my hem,

Leaves spread from fingers and from my backbone stem thrice fold pairs of arms.

If you look close enough I will bewitch you with my charms.

My eyes are deftly painted to show off their emerald

Green my lips are always blood red well another colour would be obscene.

I have a lighted candle in my third left hand my way to light,  

I have seen you about your business and I have come for you tonight.

I know you are not too special but I have watched you in your room at night,

Alone with computer and your mind in fantasy’s flight.

You long for a Vampire to relieve you of your soul

You seem to think that one of my cousins would make your sad life whole.

I have thought this over I have listened to your prayers.

I have lingered by your window and taken in your every word.

There is something about you, something that I like so

I have decided you will endure no Vampires bite.

So look out your window and see my candles’ light,

Come out my little human soul have no fear I shall treat you right.

You will be so much better off with me than in a Vampires lair tonight

Just look out your window and see my candle light is there.

AH! at last you see me, curiosity in your eyes.

That is right my darling make your way to me,

For you my body cries. At last you are so near to me I catch your human scent

Come close now my darling my love for you I must vent.

At last you are within my reach, come nearer to the candle

Yes closer,closer my darling no need to be gentle my branches will not break.

I have you now my darling I own your soul

I have waited aeons for a man to make me whole!

Leave me where  I  am 

Sun, warm upon my skin

As I woke from sleep I felt zing,

A tingle climbing from my feet

Seeping up through me to my mouth , a taste so sweet.

Slowly I became aware of my surroundings, beautiful, strange,

How did I get here. It seemed I was in a fairy dell

With lacy ivy dressed with silver dew and an enchanted smell.

I stood amid a ruined building

That unto a great forest was yielding.

The light was streaming in through open doors

And windows, portals warming up the grassy floors.

These are not my clothes. I have never had dressed like this ,

Own this dress? I wish!

my dress? I wish!

Looking up I see the sun

And feel as though my life has just begun.

Forget the past and all that is real.

This my new life this is how I want to feel.

I never want to return to the rat run that was my life

A nobody, mother and wife.

This is where I ought to be,

Perfect, peaceful, beautiful me.

No I would rather stay here, it is easier than the other place

OH! this is so beautiful , gentle happy I feel no fear.

It is simple it is clear, I am safe and warm I shall stay here.

As I walk the sweetest scent of flowers dance around my nose,

I hear running water outside where a gentle stream flows.

I stoop to pick the pretty flowers suddenly I feel sad

I know this place is not real but this is the best time I have ever had

So please don’t wake me , leave me where I am. I’ll come back when I have to.


Morrigan  a nightmare 


Dark and stormy full of dread

On the grey waters,  black of heart and dress of red.

Sullen feeling filled her soul

As the wind whipped up her dress and let fly her hair black as coal.

In the sky  over head weaved her Raven broad of wing and sharp of eye

Black and shiny against a grey unholy sky.

Waters broke about her feet,

Icy cold but to her sweet.

She is the rebirth of the dead

She is the one on which all darkness is fed.

Slowly as the thunder clashed

She turned to face me and an evil light in her eyes flashed.

Reaching out her hand to me

She gently cooed that she had come to set me free.

Relinquish all of you that is good give in to me

Relax, release I am here to set you free.

No I screamed I will not bow to you, I am not such easy prey

Here I stand and here I shall stay

Do what ever you have come to do.

Angry now she motioned to her raven down,

He swooped at speed. So fast was he and noisy too.

His warning screech I did not heed

In he came with talons long and beak razor sharp on my face to feed.

my eyes so bright

That was how I lost my sight,

It was wrench from me that dark grey night .

Still I was steadfast I stood my ground

Though her raven ripped at me and threw my flesh all around.

I would not give into the dead

I uttered every prayer I had ever said.

Finally in the cold light of dawn

I found myself on the shore lost and forlorn.

Pained and I could see no more.


Dark and stormy full of dread

On the grey waters  black of heart and dress of red.

Sullen feeling filled her soul

As the wind whipped up her dress and let fly her hair black as coal.


Well hurry up  that  shadow is  closing in  on  you  go  and  visit  Lorraine   at  her  blog.

Lorraine’s frilly freudian slip

Can’t do right for wrong

Dark days come  more  than  not  right  now

I fear opening  my  mouth  for  being  called a  cow.

Every  action, every word  is  misunderstood

I  give up it too hard to please, useless, no  good.


I hate  raised  voices   but  they  are  assailing  me

I find  myself  saying  things  I  don’t  mean, you see

Just  digging  myself  deeper  into  a  black  hole

No escape, no chance , no hope . Pain  eats  my soul.


Long  weekend  ahead  Easter  celebrations… please

It is  not  here, just  the  Arctic  freeze.

I  shall  button  my  lip  , close  my  mouth

Keep  my  eyes  lowered  and  hope  my  spirits can fly  south.



Acrostic Poem: Violinist

Vibrant  notes attack  the  air

Inhailing  gasps  from  all those  there.

Ovatures  of dancing  fire

Lay waste  to men upon the funeral pyre.

Involantary feet  begin dance

No one  escapes  the devil’s dance .

In exhaustion she  drops her  bow

Seed like,  on the  wind  her  notes flow

Timing  the musians  friend turns on her in the  end!

Imogen Heap’s Progress

Well  hello  everyone  here  is  a little  extra  blog  I  just wanted  to  do!

You  all know  how  much  I  love Imogen Heap , yes  you know  that is  true!

So  this  is  an out  and out  fan post,  a post to show  I  really  am impressed .

So  this  shows   much  her  techniques  of  making  music have progressed .


She  started  out  with  lots of  machines,  computer  and keyboards, bells  and  recorders.Phew !


Also  another  one  of  Imogen  on stage  working hard  before  gloves!! Phew  exhausting!


Then she  started  to  develop her  Me.Mi gloves  , I  picked  this video  because one it  shows  her lovely  home  and  because it is  not  as long  and  technical as  some of the talks  she has done  on the subject!



And  finally  so  as not  to bore  everyone   here  she is  performing  with  her  gloves  , the  song  me  the machine  is  so beautiful .

I  do hope  you all enjoy!


Thank  you  for bearing   with me!!


Thurday Music Theme : Music of the Eighties.

Hello  everyone  Bear  has allowed  me to pick  this weeks  theme , I  know  I do  not  always  join in   but I  do love  to when I can! Well I have picked The Music  Of  The Eighties .

In 1983 I was 30yrs old I had  three  children, infact I had  just  had  my  last  boy!

The  first  song  I pick is  Take On ME  By A-Ha : It was revolutionary to  me  and the video  so so  clever.

Nothing  says  eighties  more  The Eye Of  The Tiger by  Survivor. The  raw determinstiion  in the song  and the video ! WooW  it takes  me back to 1982  every  time I hear it . I was pregnant with our  youngest  and my  Mum was well  and had  not had any her  strokes  and was staying  with us …… I miss  my  Mum!

Now 1983 The  voice f the Eighties  Bonnie Tyler . Boy  she was something  and she is still  singing! I thought she was etheral  and I wanted  to be her!

Then of course  another  of  my  favourite  female singer  song writer  in colaberation  with  her one  time partner Dave Stewart in Eurithmics  The  lyrics  the Look , someone else I want  to emulate. I only  manage  to get  the nerve to have my  hair  cropped  and coloured in  late forties! ..In my  defence I did break out!

I seem to be  stuck in 1983  here  but t was a year  and a half  for music. The  Police . Every Breath  You Take. Everyone  loved  this  and it was popular  for  wedding  videos… we did not hav DVDs  yet!  Trouble  was  the song is  not  a love  song  it very threating  and about  a stalker.

The  film of  1983  for  me was Flash Dance I had  jus  had  a child  after  an eight year gap  and I started to panic  …. so  when the boys  were at school  and  the baby was asleep  I would  dance  to the sound track  while doing  the chores!!  I have not  picked  the obvious  track  but  my  favourite  Maniac  By Michael Sombrello  

Okay 1981  The Australian group  Men at  Work  took us  all by  storm. The video alone is an eye opener  not to mention the fabulous lyrics  and tune ! Love  love love .

I really  must  apologise  I have got  stuck  in my own personal  journey I  do hope  you have not been  board. I could  go on and on  but I am going to top here  with  Toto‘s Africa ..just  brilliant . Any  song  that in cludes  the line “As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become” is  just awesome !

I do hope  o enjoyed  my  trip  down memory lane.

Please  check out  the other Themeists.





Counting Stars

I need something  inspiational !

Hugs  to everyone!

Just Jot It January: The Flower Child

Flowers in her hair and  the colours of the rainbow

She was brighter than the sun, from her life seemed to flow.

Fast  and furious was she fleet of foot and slight of hand

Tuned into her music, upon her face a smile always drawing  futures in the sand!


Lighting up the sky  like Lucy she sparkles like a diamond

She takes your hand  and draws  you out beyond

The multicoloured  horizon,  away up the steps to the twinkling star

You  will be amazed at  how full of life  she can show that you are.


This post is part of Just Jot It January hosted by Linda G Hill.

Thanks for tuning in and if you want to join, feel free to click on the link and start jotting!

Music Theme : Time

Lisa chose the music theme TIME for this week, which she posted in a TIMELY manner on her blog, giving us all plenty of TIME to prepare. Yet timely  or not I am late!

When  we are young we think  we will life  forever!  we think  we are  invincible.We have a lot  to learn.

Time is on my side The Rolling Stones

We  can  find ourselves  caught up  in a time warp!

time warp

Metronome Tick Tock

Sitting on the Piano top is the metronome

Guiding you unable to stop music in your home

Tick! Tock! Tick !Tock! you must never cease

Making music  as the notes bring you release

So in syncopating trance you are hypnotized

Tick! Tock ! your music is  highly prized.


Music is a guiding light and it leads you

Up  on to a new height, timing good and true

Bish bash! Bish bash hit those keys keeping music coming

you always have a crowd to please, high  low keep them humming

Great rhythm belting out hear that appreciative shout so

Bish bash! Hit those keys watch the metronome and follow.

Written  by willow21 Nov 2011


Time  after time  we make  the same mistakes, we do  the same things over

Time after Time.

time after time  Cyndi  Lauper

Then  the special  days, hatching , matchings  and despatching’s! Special times

Party  times, family times happy times!!

Chawki Time of our Lives

Then suddenly you realize  you are  not immortal, you are not invincible !

Jim Croce    Time in a bottle

Time runs out……….

Race of life ,passing of time.

Death lives time dies

Clock face out of pace , time flies its a race.

Tick tock out of space  turn and run fall from grace.

Time flies, crooks and spies . Dead bodies fester maggots and blue flies.

Life comes life goes death travels on, no one knows where he goes.

Tick tock ,plip plop dripping tap racing clock. Watch your toes on the starting block.

Peddle peddle wheels go round changing gears drowns the sound

Of horses hoofs on the ground.

Big eyes tell lies, open mouths catch flies. Death lives time flies!

Written  by  willow21 Feb 2013


Oh if  only  you could  turn back time…………..

Clocks ColdPlay

The Scientist ColdPlay

And  now  my  time has run out  because time is a thief!

Time theif

Time is now, there is neither past nor future.

We stand here in the moment. We can’t go back and rewrite what has gone before.

There is no way that we can influence what is to come. “What” I hear you say. “We can plan, we can organize.”

photo credit google image

You are fooling yourselves you may be able to influence some things but not the important.

Take your chance now. “Do not put off to tomorrow that which can be done today.”

A truer statement has not been made. Don’t let the future rob you of the now.

Do not let the past wrap you up in remorse, regret or even yearning.

It is gone and never will return, if you are lucky it may have taught you something.

The future is a thief, beware it does not steal your chance to do things. It robs by slight and stealth. Tomorrow I will meet you, tomorrow I will come, I won’t forget to ring you but yet tomorrow never comes.

I wish I had, if only, if only once again it’s gone and past and all that lasts is eternal pain.

The lessens are there for learning and once we really look the lines are clear the pages open so take a close, close look my dear.

Written  by  willow21

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IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:   I would say hi  and  welcome  come on in to the garden  I am so pleased to see you! I have had a lovely time this week, my sister  and her husband  have been to stay. We have had a lovely  time, we visited Highclere Castle ( that’s where  they film Downton Abbey) I  did a Wordless Wednesday  on Highclere.

We all had a wonderful day  there  were six of us in all and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Looking around  the gardens and the Parklands, the house and of course the  Egyptian  Exhibition. We even stopped  for Coffee, sandwiches  and cake! I had  two of  my sisters  with  me that  day  and a best  friend, it was lovely.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: The day after we went to Highclere  we had a  pub  lunch  then we all went over  and visited  the Newbie! It was so lovely  to see my eldest  sister  hold  my  grandchild. It was extra  special  too as  my daughter in law  had her  sister  visiting  with  her Newbie, only  three weeks younger  than  my  Newbie.

My  daughter in law  is breast  feeding , her  sister is  not  and her sister’s  Newbie  is  bigger  than our Newbie. There is only  three weeks  between them, our  Newbie  being  the eldest! It was great to see  the two of them giggling  and playing  with their  toys  oblivious  as yet  of each  other.  How  to you feel  about  the  the breast  verus  the  bottle  debate ?

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would  tell you it was our  middle  son’s Birthday  on Friday  and he came  round for dinner which was lovely, he had chosen, Cheese stuffed  chicken breast wrapped in rashers  of bacon, saute potatoes and peas in a cheese sauce. Unfortunately  he was not feeling too well so he  did not stay very  long  but at least  we gave him his card and  present  and  had a  chat.

Today  our youngest son, his wife  and the Newbie  are coming  for dinner I am stupidly  excited  about  that!!  We  are having Roast  Lamb  with  all the  trimmings   followed by  apple  and blackberry pie  and custard. OH!  would  you like some pie it is good  really  good  a variation  on the  Apple  pie  recipe I gave  you a couple of  weeks back!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:   I explain  how excited I am that  my  favourite  artist  has a new album  coming out on  Monday and I am so looking forward  to getting it it . It  is  of course Imogen Heap and it is called  Sparks. I am really looking  forward  to  it.

I have a lot  to thank  Imogen  for  she got  me through  long , lonely   frightening  nights in hospital  when I was afraid  I might not walk again, and awkward  days  on the wards  where I was pretending to be brave. Even  when I came  home from hospital  it was her music  that  kept  me  moving  and trying to walk  and in the end  walking  and exercising! Yes Imogen  if  you ever  read  this THANK YOU!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would  say  how  happy I  am that  Paul’s  posts  are  taking off  her in the garden! He  certainly  deserves  his  own blog  and I  do hope  that  one day  that  will be  possible. I do have to say  that  Paul  has a lot  to contribute  and I  am proud  to have him on  my  blog!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I’d  hope that  you are all enjoying  yourselves  chatting  and listening  to  myself  and Paul  it is so nice  to have  you all here to drink and eat  cake  ( calorie  free cake  that  is!!) with us.

I must  close  now as I  am very  busy  today. I  am sorry  if I am slow in  commenting  on any of  your posts or  comments  but I have had a  very  busy  few  days  and next  week  is not  much  quieter   but I  am getting  through things  as soon as I  can!!

So  please  do  comment  on Paul’s  and my  coffee  blogs  join  and chat  and if  you like  even  do  your  own posts  too!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would  tell you how very welcome  you are  and how much I look forward to our weekly get together, and that I do hope  they continue for a while  to come. So  for now  be well and be happy.  😀

If we were having coffee I’d ask  you : would you like another  cuppa, or  a biscuit . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to hear  what you would  tell me , If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from  http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/


Musical Themes: Let Go.

Lisa  has ordained  that this weeks theme is Let Go. I have written a little  poem  below.


Let go

You know

It’s the only thing to do.

He’s left , moved on and all without you.


Let go

It hurts so

Move on it makes sense you know

The past is done and gone

You’re best best bet is  to move on.


Imogen Heap  in Fru Fru  ….. Let go,  a beautiful  song about letting  go of  all your hang ups and really living life!


Passenger, Let  her  go . A song boy girl…. pain. I love this song.


First Train home :  Imogen  Heap again! This is about  having to let go of  childhood and grow up!


A beautiful poem I  found  by  John Rodgers

If you love her let her go!

I held my love, she pulls away
I sense she has a heart to stray
Ill try my best to keep her near
Now pray on  bended knee she’ll stay

The love we share and hold so dear
has prevailed year after year
we’ve loved in many thousand ports
Our bond is broken we shed a tear

This divergence has me out of sorts
I shout from roofs and plead in courts
for my sweet dream to stay by me
So my heart will not bleed in quarts

There seems be  another she
That calls her back so she can see
A life gone by comes back once more
Divides our grasp now there’s no WE

Her  loneliness has a  certain lure
A bittersweet she can’t ignore
I feel  I’ve lost my soul at last
My sweetness walks right out the door
The spell of solitudes been cast
The thing I cherish is in the past
My life is hollow not worth the pain
The breath I take may be my last

No, not now, I’ll love again
This mortal wound will not sustain
Life shall go on I will prevail
I emerge much stronger from the pain

Should she be happy with a heart so pale
My choice to set her free to sail
Lets me move on to other ports
As I might find my Holy Grail.

© John Rodgers. All rights reserved, 3 years ago

– See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/6921263-If-you-love-her-let-her-go–by-Realeyeslife#sthash.zWmwFXpT.dpuf


Cher .. Believe in life after love. Letting go of  the past, move on let go.


Don’t look back in anger : Noel Gallagher  Let  the bad  feelings of  the past fade away let go of the bad  feelings!








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Diary of a Dublin Housewife

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