Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Isabelle

Isabelle  was  tired  of  hanging  around it  seemed  like  she  she had  been  waiting   half  her life  for  something  to  happen. Here  she  was  hanging  by  a  thread, suspended  in mid  air  wondering  is  this it.

Thinking  back  she  could  remember  those  happy  days  when  she  could  eat   all she  wanted  when  ever  she  liked. Without fear  of  what  she looked  like .
But now she was wrapped up cocooned like a mummy.

Was life going still going on or had the whole world stopped. just like her life had.
Suddenly Isabelle felt very strange. What is happening to me she thought. Suddenly she felt as if she was melting. Slowly to her horror she was disintegrating in to a liquid mush!
Isabelle lost consciousness and all went black.

The sun was suddenly warm and as Isabelle awoke she was amazed to find that she was emerging from that which had held her.

What was this she was no longer short and fat , she had wings and what a beautiful colour they were! Antenna she had antenna and she suddenly knew she could fly.

As she warmed herself in the sun she wandered was this a miracle ? No this is Metamorphosis.

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