Sword of Runes , The End?


“Go” said Susan, “go to your man , Leona my dear be with him it is all in the plan.”

From who knows  where Leona  found  a strength to run down to the forest to set free her man.

Holding her breath, she was afraid.

She ran to the wood  and the safe haven she had  made.


She removed  the spell and bent to kiss Byron to wake him from his sleep.

The  horses  stirred and  slowly  rose, as Byron woke she hugged him and wispered I am yours  to keep.

Where is the Evil Knight of Doom asked Byron his eyes bright with fear.

He is gone  back down to hell from whence  he came . But you  and I are here!


Byron takes Leona’s hands  and kisses  them thrice.

“Will you marry  me Leona ” He asks, the Faery  Queen smiles and says  yes that will be nice!

So off to tell Susan the news  the happy couple both run.

Back to the Tor of Glastenbury  where they find Susan embracng her Son.


Andrew  the bold  now tired and bloodied  is elated at the news

His  mother Susan  the wise  is delighted at the prospect of the wedding too!

Now Andrew  has still a lot  to learn  but  he has a willing mind

With  the guidence of his mother and his sister the Feary Queen, he lives to fight another day.

He will need all the help he can get and he will need to learn well as Evil is as Evil  does  and it never goes away!



Sword of Runes Chapter 16


And  still evil sort  not to fall and again the body reformed

Something  brought the Evil Knight of Doom back together at  the dawn.

Not to fight, not to win  but to be summons back down to hell

Back to the arms of his master, Satan  who had him kept within satanic spell.


So  the cracks appeared in the ground and all the demons where dragged

Back into the bowels of the earth they all were devoured not one lagged

Back . As Leona opened her eyes she blessed the the sun up in the blue skies

She reached up and with a smile dried the tears that ran from Susan’s eyes.



They  both rose to greet the day , cast their  eyes to Andrew standing on  the Tor

They approached the boy who was now a man, they blessed the life  they knew before.

The days when the Faery Queen and Susan the Wise  taught Andrew the Bold  the worth of earth and skies.

Back to the days  was all was colour beauty truth  and magic joy and butterflies.



Sword of Runes Chapter 14


Were they in time the wolves  and Susan

Could it be done, could evil  be vanquish  by  mortal man.

Susan sent  the wolves in to Andrews aid

The Evil Knight of Doom roared ” no way have you paid!”


Andrew  at last  had found his pace  and he hacked into the Evil  knights  body

Everytime  he was cut he fought back  but at last he was waining , sodden and bloody.

The wolves were merciless, they tore him limb from limb

They tore his chain mail shirt and his armour from him.


His roars of anger now had changed to screams of pain  and agony of the undead.

He could not die , even though Andrew hacked his bones  and the wolves on his guts fed!

He would not lay down he would  not die the battle between man, wolves  and evil seemed without end.

The skies were lit  by lightening and thrown asunder by thunder, a smell of hell fire and sulpher as evil blend!


While this unholy battle raged Susan ran to Leona’s side

She cradled the Faery Queens crumpled and blooded body and she cried.

In the name of all that  is good  must I loose everything

How  much more horror to my life can you bring.



Susan’s tears fell like rain they flowed from her heart they burned  her face

Onto Leona, burning  like acid, as they dried the wounds closed , by grace

By luck , by all that  is good ..who knows . Leona slowly opened here eyes

She lifted  her hand  and the light from the ring of life shot  forth with magic sparks flies.


Sword of Runes Chapter 13


So quietly the seconds passed, Leona fought to open her eyes.

She lay crumpled in a heap upon the damp grass. Silence except for her sighs.

Andrew stood with mouth agape horrified at what he saw.

The Evil Knight of Doom had attacked his Faery Queen and left her at hell’s door.

On a sudden Andrew rushed forward and smite the Evil Knight a blow.

This maddened the Evil Knight and his demon hoards below.

Too late, too late you turn young man too late you find your fire.

Forget her now, your Faery Queen. My minions will build for her a funeral pyer.

Andrew’s rage was now full thrust and his eyes were bright with tears.

He lunged and   his sword found it’s mark. He felt lead by the knowledge of years.

The demon hoards  now  rose up as of one desire


To save  their Demon Lord and to snuff out  for good young Andrew’s fire!

The scene was one of horror

Would Andrew and Leona ever see a tomorrow.

The demon hoards advanced and the Evil Knight of Doom

Wiping  the blood from his chest,smiled as he raised his sword under the moon.

Fearing all was lost Bold Andrew  swore to die with honor

He wanted his  mother to be proud, not to bring shame upon her.

The noise  was thunderous, and the ground shook, the sky above the Tor was black

 Andrew  thought Leona was  dead and he was soon to follow on that track!

Just then Susan arrived on the Tor with the  glorious wolves at her back!

Sword of Runes Chapter 12


I will not let  you have him, I would rather die!” Screamed Leona  the Faery Queen

Her  eyes flashed, she was mad  and she  swore  with venom no one had never seen.

You  shall not claim him, he is mine.  Evil laughed, “Be gone  you Faery of  the woodland

I the Evil knight of doom will slay young Andrew  soon, go you puffed up sprite  before I show my hand.


Leona let forth a scream and raised her left hand  high,

A bolt  of blinding  light shot  out into the sky.

The light , from the ring of  life, burned brighter  than the sun

I shall kill you myself you  evil knight  you shall not have Lady Susan son!


The Evil  Knight of Doom  covered his eyes and face ,he lifted up  his shield

The light was  burning his  skin, his anger was mounting . Yield Screamed Leona  yeild.

Evil turned to the  shadows  where Bold Andrew stood  his sword above his head

Fight  me now you human coward , fight  for your soul. It  shall be mine when you are dead!


“No he  will never  be yours, ” Leona cried and forced bolts of lightening toward the Knight of Doom

“Help me Susan help me” she muttered “you must awake  and help me, awake Susan rise from your swoon.”

“Andrew fight , fight , fight  this evil  with all your might !” With that  Leona sent  a spell to clear Andrews eyes

And help his arms have the force to wield the sword of runes! “Fight  him Andrew nought will end unless he dies! ”


Andrew let out a mighty  sigh  and brought his sword  down upon The Evil Knight

“Is  that  your best” the Evil Knight laughed “come on, at least make this a fight!”

With that  he turned and lunged at the Faery Queen, his poisoned sword found its mark.

Leona  fell to the ground, she hardly made  a sound. All was silent all was black…………… Hark


A pounding of  paws , shilouettes on the horizon. Yes at last the wolves are coming!

Who was was that with the wolves riding a stalion black Lady Susan ,with the wolves a coming!







Sword of Runes Chapter 11


As Sir Byron  kissed  Leona’s lips  so red.

He slipped the ring of life on her finger, their agreement to wed.

“Oh! cried out the Faery Queen ” Had I forgot  my ring

I could not use my  magic, for I am not not whole without this  thing”


Restored she rose up and grew in stature and from the ring came light

“Thank  you Bryon,  my  love . I summon  all that  is good and right

To  come now and assist me. To save  not olny Andrew Bold  but the whole universe.

I must keep you safe now my love, while I  put back good and all evil things  reverse.”


Sir Byron tried to argue  but Leona  was too quick for him to move

She made a safe ring in which  to keep her  love, a spell no evil could remove.

Quietening  Byron’s protestations she put him to sleep.

Leona Faery Queen was ready or battle now,  knowing  Bryon was safe in her keep.


Out on the Tor Bold Andrew was fighting  for his life

This was his fate, the reason he had  been born to rid all strife.

Blinded  by blood from a grievious wound, Andrew trusted to his Sword of Runes

His thrusts  and lunges  found their mark  but made no impact The Evil Dark Knight saw victory was to be his soon.


Leona could not believe her eyes. The child that  she had help to raise, lovingly  taught

Was attacking evil  with all his might . The sword that he had forge for good,seemingly counting for nought.

Of  a sudden The Evil Knight of Doom  turned away  from Andrew , his eyes locked fast with Leona’s

“No” said the Evil Knight “you shall not rob  me of what  is mine.” Leona called across the  miles for Susan’s  help  but Lady  Susan was in a coma.



Sword of Runes Chapter 10


From who knows  where suddenly Andrew found some hidden strength

A fire inside his heart flaired leaping from the trench in which  he had been held at length!

With a roar  and flourish he was out and running down hill towards his nemasis

“Come  boy come. I am here , my demons will not touch  you” shouted Evil with a hissssss!


Of a sudden they were face to face, the evil knight of doom looking into Andrews eyes of grace!

Waving aloft his sword, the one he had forged from an ingot .He saw such horror in in opponants Face.

Again fear in Bold Andrew’s  stomache began to bite

For what he saw in the dark knight’s eyesgave him such a fright.


Further down the hill away from the Tor , Leona Faery Queen froze at  what she felt  and saw!

Fastened to the spot  where she for an hour  now had stood, truly she was scared as never before!

A touch unpon her shoulder and though she jumps she feels a warmth she feared she would not feel  the like again.

Not believing her eyes, she throws herself into The Lord Bryon’s chest and cries,her sobs show her grief and pain.



Leona’s heart took a leap  she thanked  the lord above

For sending her, Byron the gentle knight her love.

Ready  to serve his lady and Bold Andrew in their plight

To assist her charge and for both her and  Bold Andrew fight!


So love had come to the aid

Of Bold Andrew  and the faery maid.

A kiss he laid upon Leona’s lips

Gently lifting her from the mud his arm around  her hips………..


Hush my dear  have no fear  the wolves are coming to help us.


Sword of Runes Chapter 9


Cold and dark was the night

As desolate as Bold  Andrew’s plight.

Leona felt the eyes of a thousand demons on her back.

Be brave she told herself, as tendrils lashed her, she kept her eyes on the track.



Andrew needed her  more than ever before .

He held his  breath and his faith as he heard the hoards of hell roar!

From within, her good spirit,her true heart shed a light upon her path.

Leona must fight to help Bold Andrew and return him to his beloved mother,home and hearth.
Fear bit into her and she shivered with every step.

Filled with fear and dread she approached evil while bewitched, Lady Susan slept.

Andrew fought for his life although heavy was his sword!

Come  on you evil souls  and you Dark Knight of Evil , I am ready!



Then a roar that split  the night

“Hold back ye  demons this is my bloody fight!”

The demon hoard shrunk back as they had been struck

“It is my  fight  now”shouted the Evil Knight of Doom, “Bold Andrew’s just run out of luck!”


Leona froze her blood turned to ice

Fate had  dealt her and Andrew usless dice.

The Evil Knight’s footsteps echoed like thunder

Will I survive  brave bold Andrew began to wondered?



Sword of Runes Chapter 8


And  so they pulled him down. Inch by inch bold Andrew fell

Lady Susan felt every scratch, she screamed in fear “they drag him down to hell”

Leona Faery Queen  despaired she know not what to do  as her charge was attacked.

She had no redress, her macic  had deserted  her, she wept alas, alack!


Andrew lost his sword . Just what is he to do , a knight thats lost his sword.

It looked for all the world  that Evil’s path was winning , hark the demons applaud!

Lady Susan  fell into a swoon  Leona dragged her outside into the moolight

Fear grippd Leona’s heart , her charge  was being ripped by claw and sharp teeth’s bite.





So the Faery Queen  saddled up her trusty steed

Leaving  Lady Susan, to dash to Andrew’s side, in his hour of need.

She galloped through  the night following  the stars.

At last  the Tor was in her  sight, but she found her way  barred.


Stopping  at  the foot of the hill Leona  stopped  her horse and dismounted

Whisping in his ear,I will be back, wait  for me, on her steed she counted.

Smell of death and fear filled the air,no question her way was clear.

Every step she took her whole being shook, she was wet, wet from fear.



Sword of Runes Chapter 7

High upon the Tor,

Andrew was frozen by what he saw!

The sky above him full of  evil and black,

Advancing up the hill The evil knight of doom, on the attack!


‘ Be  brave’ the whisper said

‘Be brave, live we do not want  you dead!’

The voice  he knew meant well

But it was not here, it was not facing hell.


Then of  a sudden the silence was shattered

The battle began to  end all things that mattered.

Demons and devils crawled out of the ground

Bold Andrew  looked  round  for help but none was to be found.


Fingers and claws curled round Andrews legs

Out of the earth they came the very dregs!

Dragging , Dragging Andrew  down to hell

Sucking him under to die where  they dwell.








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