Would  you  stop if I asked  you to

If I pleaded  what  would  you  do

Would  you  stay  a moment  longer

If offered  could my love  make  you  stronger.


Could  I  slow  your path,stop  the ravishes of  time.

If  I  showed  you love  sublime.

Would I holt  your advance in any  tiny  way

Could I  cheat death  and  make  you  stay.


If my  tears  that fall upon  your face

Could chase off death, make it  leave in disgace.

I would  hold my  breath  for eternity

If it  meant  you  would stay  with me.

I  dedicate  this post  to  A post from Charli Mills asks about breathless moments. I read  Geoff’s  beatiful  post  Take My Breath  Away  and  felt  moved  to  write one  too.




Misery Go Now

The  window is open  so is  the door

Get out now I don’t  want  you  anymore.

Take  the heartache  take  the pain

Get out  my sight  and don’t  come back  again.


Your hands  are  cold  your heart is  too

I know  you don’t  care  your cold blood is blue.

You  hate  happiness  you hate  joy

You are  mean  and evil. Everything  you touch  you destroy.


Shall I name  you  shall I  shame  you, or do you not care

Your  name is  black , you name  spreads heartache  everywhere.

You  shed  bad  memories  in your wake  all you  ever do is  take

The  very sight of  you  you burns  my  gut  and make  my soul  to shake.


Misery you love  company, once in your  hold  you never  set free

You turn all that is  good  rotten, like  the ivy round  the tree

Sucking out  all the life and  strangling freedom

Leaving  just hopelessnes , lost  and  alone.


The  window is open  so is  the door

Get out now I don’t  want  you  anymore.

Take  the heartache  take  the pain

Get out  my sight  and don’t  come back  again.

Acrostic Nonet: Life Hurts

Longing and  striving hard  to achieve

Is not  enough, you have to  bleed.

Faithfully doing  your best

Ensures  nought  that you need

Hope dies and  you grieve

Unrest sets west

Rests not  for

Those who


Cut to the end: ” Warning Graphic “

Slowly dripping  red  the  droplets  of  blood  hit  the  ground

The  deeper  the  cut  the  more relief  there  was to be  found.

Always  careful  to  keep  the  cuts out of  sight

In  the  bathroom or the  bedroom in  the dark  of  night.


The  secret  kept,  the  truth unknown

Always  the  hidden  and  worsening  a  darkness  grown.

Hassled  and  bullied  all of  the  time

Slipping  under  the radar  …. left  to  suffer  this insidious   crime.


No one  understood, no one  could  be told  or  trusted

This  dirty  secret  is  kept, must  tell no one, don’t  want  to  be busted.

Finally no  more  pain  can be taken, it  all  gets  too much

Cut, and cut  again, end  the  agony  end  the  pain. Laying  there  all night  found  cold  to  the  touch.


The Wall

The invisible wall

We travel together , but apart

Your distance from me is braking my heart.

Our seats are side by side

Yet as you sit down you build  a wall  behind which  you  hide.

We move along together but in our separate ways

In silence we start and end our days .

I set the table with cloth and crockery

Put down the food which we eat ,nothing to say? It is all a mockery.

We are busy  avoiding the truth, all the time.

You with your work and I with mine .

When did this all happen  were did our love go.

Now there is a huge void between us it is physical I cannot get through it 0r round it, I have tried, you must know.

We disembark together collect our luggage and the car

Then continue the journey , I read as you drive far.

I reach out to touch you I see that flinch

Am I that awful that simple contact  makes you wince ?

We look at the scenery and discuss the flight

We talk but we do not communicate, there is no reaching each other, now that is not right.

We book in jointly and walk up the stairs

I draw in the scenery. You pour us a drink we chink glasses, cheers!

I need you to see me, I need to see you.

We must work together, you know that is true.

Brick by brick the wall has to go

But I need your help .You already know.

We walk through the field inches apart

Yet miles of ice caverns separate our hearts.

Sitting on the pier surrounded by sea

I can’t scale the emptiness can you come to me?


We enjoy the sun set and say how gold are it’s last rays ,

We are good at that, joining to give away praise.

I look at you and you avert your eyes

I know you are not with me but with her, another part of me dies.

We need to be honest and work this all out

We still have a chance to turn this about.

Our paths may be different and take us apart

But we need to discover what is left in our hearts.

It may mean we no longer present this united front.

Let take up sledge hammers and smash this wall , lets be blunt.

We are not living in this relationship its true ,

And it is not enough for either of us to continue as we do.

We need to be honest we need to talk ,

It scares the hell out of me and I know you’d rather just walk.

We could face the facts and work out what to do

I have said my piece now it is up to you!


A poem  I  wrote   in 2011

Set Me Free

I want  to be  free

Need  to  be  me

Escape  these  ties

Stop  muffling  my  cries

Undo  the ties

I need  wings  to  fly

Set me  free

Hear  my  plea.

Open  the  skies

Clear  my  eyes

Part  the  cloud

Scream it out loud



Undo  the  chain

Free me from pain

Release  my  soul

Please  make  me  whole

Help me  escape

Just  give  me  a break

For  God’s  sake

Make no  mistake

I need  to  be  free




Under The Same Moon

In  dreams I stand upon the beach

You are  there  but just out of reach.

The  sound of  the waves  fills my ears

It is loud but it  does not  drown out  my tears.


I feel  the sand, cool beneath  my  toes

The  wet of  the waves as in and out  they flow.

The  silver stars  and moon  light  the skies

But  there  is  only  darkness in  my eyes.


Where  are  you my love  where  have  you gone

Leaving  me  here  alone  with only  the  night’s sad  song.

I have  had  the  soul and  heart  ripped out  of  me

Since  I  agree  to  say goodbye  and  set  you free.


The same moon





The Wife

Some  days  she  feels  worse  than  others

Why even  bother  to  get  up and  and start  the day.

Why  leave  the safety of  the bed covers.

Then the  baby  cries, here  we  go. Peace, no way.


Feed  the  baby, tidied up  lets  get out

I wonder what  he is  doing  now

Is  he  with  her , yes  no  doubt

No point  to ring , don’t  need a row


He is  always ‘ busy ‘ rarely  by  my side

When did he stop  wanting  me

Says he is  working, too tired

To  do  anything  but  sleep. I know  I see.


The  way  he dresses  the care  he takes

The  way  he did  for  me .

In public  the perfect  husband, he fakes.

In his mind  he is  with her, what he wants is  she!


It is  no comfort  to know I am the mother of his child

No comfort to know  he  will not  leave me for her

Sometimes I wish he would  this is driving  me wild!

Let  him ruin her  life I am sick of  this, I no longer  care .


Trapped lost , soulless in this dead marriage of  show

I know  her  she has  it all  why  does  she waist her life

He like  his comfort , his  status  he  will never let  me go

Nor  will he ever  give her what she wants, to be his wife.


Life goes on me  and the baby

Does  she pity me , what does  she think

Do  you  think  he loves  you lady?

No  he doesn’t, no more  than he  does not love me.


He is  the love of his life

Not  you the  mistress

Nor  me the wife.

We are  both trapped .








Buried Alive

She is  so near, yet we cannot  see her

Lying in between the roots  and  leaves

No more  pain, no longer  cold not  a care

Unlike  those  who search, her loved  ones grieve.


Fear  and terror  her  last feelings

Trapped  and scared knowing she was lost

At  first  she  begged to be released  but  there was no appealing.

Why  had  she smiled  at  him, her  life had  been the cost.


Only  sixteen  her life all over all her hopes and dreams

Gone slipped  through her fingers

Her  picture like an icon, shattered plans and schemes

She  is lost to  them gone  but  for now  her soul still lingers.

Just Jot it January : Tic Toc.

Tick Toc

Stop the clock

I don’t  want any more

Of  this hateful war

Please stop

This painful clock

I have taken all I can

To break us all apart  is  that  your plan

I want my family

All my family.

Stop Stop Stop

The  clock

Tic Toc


This post is part of Just Jot It January hosted by Linda G Hill.

Thanks for tuning in and if you want to join, feel free to click on the link and start jotting!


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