Gate Keepers : No more to say!

Gate keepers :12

Why do they sit and guard at the gates, what are the horrors that they await?

Why do they guard the portal, why do they never sleep what is it they guard why is this their fate.

Why for millenniums have they stood by their posts

Why, …… is it to save us from aliens or ungodly hosts?


What are they protecting us from, what fiendish hell are they shutting out

What is it fighting to get in and attack this world and wipe it all out!?

What is the secret they keep , what would happen if they open the portal for us to take a peek.

What is the horrible truth that they keep , are you ready to hear and face the words that I speak.


It is not us they are saving, is it not us they protect , 

 NO! It is all the other dimensions and  worlds across the threshold …… they will not let us infect!

It is shocking  and fearful for us to be told

It is us that we are the evil from all other worlds and dimensions they must withhold!! 

The Gate Keepers :11

The gate keepers where shocked by man’s inhumanity to man

They saw what happened in the garden of Eden , they saw the how the world began.

They saw what they did to the son of God upon the cross , they saw they murdered in God’s name

They saw how man put man in chains they saw how they gassed and beat and shot for Hitlers’ fame.


They wept for child  soldiers taught to fight , maim  and rape

They wept for all that man did in the name of Mammon  and hate.

They wept for all the men who hoarded money and food , condemning Others to starve!

They wept for those dying of disease for want of proper drugs, sadly their lives halved.



They mourned for mother Earth, now in her dying throw

They mourned for all the dreadful things that man had heaped upon her stunting how her flowers grow.

They mourned for all her forests and jungles stripped of foliage and trees

They mourned for all poisons poured into her rivers and her seas,

They mourned for all she ever was for now she was brought down to her knees


Gate Keepers : 10

And so the years went by and the wars remained

For each human’s wrong doings the gate keeps felt the pain.

Some of the humans reached for the stars  

Others tried to make good the bad, heal the scars.


The gate keepers watched as some took to learning

Others wanted to heal the world some needed to learn to feed their yearning.

There were some good  but far more bad 

The gate keepers watched their portals , and felt so sad.


The humans came in all colours  sadly they all had different views.

Some thought they were worth more than others , this was just not true.

Some were put  chains and traded  like  circus animals 

They did dreadful things to each  other , murder, rape, some were even cannibals.

Gate Keepers : 9

They took the horses and they covered then in armour , these humans thought that they were clever

They made arrows , they made bows , they wore armour and carried flags.. die? , them ??… no never!

They fought each other,they fought for reward they even fought in the name of God. They would gladly die.

So much blood, so much fear , they roamed from land to land . The gate keepers watched and  silently  cry.

They fought the Muslims and the Turks , Yes in the name of God ?

The fought and died and ended up buried under strange foreign sod.

They fought for land they fought for gain for riches and for gold.

These humans were so evil , thought the gatekeepers , it made their blood run cold,

Women  dressed as men and  fought,  often their reward was to be burned at  the stake.

They treated each other  with no respect , and animals with less , such a grave mistake.

The animals were better than the humans  but they had  no redress

The gate keepers held their posts and wandered at the human’s mess.



Gate Keepers :6

Sister, sister,  stop , what use to run ? What use to hide

Halt sister, stand by me. We must not run let’s hold this gate with pride.

I shall support you if you support me we stand together

Like stone  against all evil we will defend  this earth forever.


Slowly the gate keepers watched  as things began to grow

They held the  gates against all evil that tried to enter and over throw.

First came the plants  and the cells soon insects and fish crawled and swam

From the  broth of life they slowly  emerge, the humans rose to two feet and the rot began.

The Gate Keepers:5

Slowly  shrinking, the horizon falls, as the first light shows off it’s starkness.

The boiling new born sea all fresh and wide eyed watches the first  dawn’s brightness.

All seems safe and brightly lit when of a sudden the sea and sky turn grey.

Boiling rain begins to fall , and screaming at the horrors of  it’s bloody birth this world begins it’s first day.

At first, the sound , a droning  was not upon the ears a threat.

Louder it became slowly encompassing all capturing  as in a net.

Crawling, across the ground, the horrors advanced across the virgin soil

The gate keepers could only watch and despair  at the beginning of their toil.

The faint humming became a drumming louder, louder ever coming

It set the gate keepers feet to fearful running, running.

They fled, they ran , useless though, they were perused becoming sought

They fled like rats from water , faster faster …………. no use before they started they were as good as caught.

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