Cinqku Exhaustion

So tired


Energy spent

The life sucked out of me

Worn out.


A cinqku must always have 5 lines and a perfect seventeen-syllable count. The lines typically follow a 2,3,4,6,2 format. There is no title requirement on the second line. As for syntax and diction styles, it follows the free Tanka style originally. There are no metric requirements for a cinqku poem. Additionally, the final line must contain a cinquain or kireji turn for emphasis.

Acrostic Poem : Thursday


Turblant  turncoat thrusting  and  posturing in your face

Hurling abuse your way. Smile and  accept it with grace.

Useless to  resist the day  has arrived once again

Rise and shine , fool them all even if it goes against  the grain

Sleep elusive as a faerie’s kiss leaving ¬†you red eyed ¬†and lifeless

Don’t ¬†give in you can climb ¬†this ¬†next ¬†hill you have past the ¬†middle

All downhill now  coasting  towards  the weekend

Yonder almost in sight  is  the  blessed end!

Woman Turning Off Alarm



Escape from Pain

The river calls

Tiredness  seeps  through  every pore  of me

One  foot in front of  the other, soul dragging  me  down

The  river  looks inviting  I crave  to be  free

The  water is  deep  and  cold  in the river  that  runs  through  this  town.


The  stars above in  the black  sky look down

I shiver  standing  here  wondering  will anyone  miss  me if I  drown

Darkness  washes  over  me  and  tears fill my  eyes

Memories flood in as  I  whisper  my goodbyes.


Free free at  last the  weight  of  the  world has been lifted  from me

Suddenly I  am warm, light draped in silken stars, at last I am free.

No longer  lost, burdened  or  scared I float  through  the stars

Free from tormentors, at rest, my skin no longer ¬†bears it’s scars.



Well hello everyone  you have caught me on the hop. It has  not been a good week and I been on the back foot , but that is my problem not yours!

If we were having Coffee . Come on in the fires are lit  the cushions are plumped up and  we have  the coffee and tea on the cakes and sweets are set out.Paul  and  his guests  are all here  and enjoying  the warmth  and food and drinks. We  have  tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you .

If we were having coffee : I would tell you  that I had tried to be  busy yesterday  but I  found it so exhausting. Fighting  pain, depression and the feeling that you are wading through sand!


I am not really  sure what I would want talk about my week today  If  we were having Coffee: 

If we were having  coffee : I would say okay   it is Sunday  and  I have to apologize,  here  you are all waiting on the doorstep  and where am I , in my gymjams  and slippers  with my favourite warm hoody and slippers, no make up  and and hair all over the place.

But ¬†If ¬†we were having Coffee:¬†I’d say ¬†sorry ¬†I look such a mess but I am sure you’ll forgive me. ¬†Everything is ¬†ready ¬†so come on lets all sit ¬†down and have a chat. I think I shall have ¬†a Gaelic Coffee.

If  we were having Coffee: I had a shock  this morning I walked into the lounge  and  there large as life was one of the  squirrels sitting in the middle of the front lawn ( very close to the window)  oblivious to the world and me! Franticly  digging holes in the lawn, three large ones in fact! After  a little while  he scampered off across the  lawn  and after a few minutes found  some nuts! Then  before  scampering off with them  he took time out to stand  and eat one!!   Finally  he shot  back across the lawn to the Willow tree  and  he settled  there for another  dig.  Then his mate  came rushing  down the tree and almost jumped on him! Well that was it they were off, scampering  and jumping. Up trees and and down trees round and round!! Having  so much fun! Boy  if  we could  bottle that energy  we could  make a fortune!

Happy Eater
Happy Eater

Holes in the lawn
Holes in the lawn


I took these through the window  and I only  had  my phone  to hand!  I had  the largest  magnification  I could  and the light reflected  through the window my side! So the are not brilliant  but I think you can see the holes ( though I only  got two) In the second photo and in the first one the  eating chappie!!  Just about anyway!! Lets  try a professional  shot  this  the nearest to the two out front!


If we were having Coffee:  I say  just look at the difference  between my poor efforts at photo the squirrels at  play compared to the professional one! Well now can I get you another drink , what takes  your fancy, tea,   coffee or just a cake it is all here and it is just for you!

How are ¬†you coping with the onslaught ¬†of Christmas? Have you done all you shopping and written all your cards? I have only got close family ¬†presents ¬†so far, the Newbie of course I showed you all the ¬†Rocking Horse and Xylophone ¬†didn’t I.

All my cards ¬†are sitting on the table ¬†shaming me as I sit ¬†here and type trying hard to ignore them, failing miserably. I am just not in the mood and now all the adverts on the TV ¬†are “Buy, Buy ” “Perfect family , perfect Christmas) which I am afraid to say is ¬†Bullshit! sorry ¬†but ¬†nothing is ever perfect …. maybe ¬†the happy ¬†few, but no even they are exaggerating orlying or incredibly self obsessed or ¬† money orientated!

If we were having coffee : ¬†I would have to apologise ¬†for letting ¬†my ¬†low mood rip ¬†but these adverts ¬†give off the wrong ¬†messages , spend , spend, through money at it ¬†just take take ¬†and MUST HAVE! ¬†The real meaning of Christmas is lost. Personally ¬†I find it gets worse every year. Raising ¬†everyone’s expectations ¬†is ¬†never good, is it do agree or disagree. Let us ¬†face it ¬†family ¬†forced together for a couple of days ¬†is not always a good thing ¬†(not everyone gets one ) . Then loads of people spend the next year paying off their credit/ debit card ¬†bills off! Here are just ¬†three of the current ones! Debenhams first so all children are allowed to be ¬†set three in a huge store ¬†just to get what they want… Yes ¬†REALLY?

Secondly Marks  and Spencer, the fairies  are going to make  everything  right , even find  your cat  or a new man  for you!!

Finally ¬†the Sainbury’s advert ¬†which is ¬†about a true story and ¬†is beautifully ¬†done ¬†but actually offends me. Not like ¬†the other adverts which ¬†just irritate for their twee perfectness. The Sainsbury’s advert is set in 1914 the first Christmas in the Trenches. Some ¬†troops ¬†from both side sang carols ¬†exchanged ¬†gifts ¬†and played ¬†football. Well to my ¬†mind to use something so ¬†special, that only ¬†happened once. ¬†In this year of ¬†the centenary of WW1 ¬†and so close to Rememberence /Vetern’s day ¬†to use the story to make people shop in their stores is …cheep to say the least ¬†and down right ignorant at the most. ¬†Here it is ¬†you can make up ¬†your own minds.

Have some cake

If we were having coffee: I would say  sorry I did not mean to go on a rant ignore me, it is just  me feeling low. Come on  tell me off if  you want! Look I am sorry  as today  has gone on I have actually got worse, I can hardly  walk around the house, it has taken  me all day to get washed and dressed. I have done  my hair . Made  the bed. hovered the stairs and now I am done! I am beginning  to sound like a real whiner . So I am going to have another coffee  get  you all one  and  tell you to help yourself  to  food!

If we were having coffee : I ham going to lie down now  but I am going  to leave  you with my happy song  in the hopes it will make up  for  my moody rants!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would say  lets  go and see what Paul’s  guest are up to lets  all mix  and have fun.  I would ask you if you would  like another  cuppa, or  another cake . !   If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from 


Hot Coffee and Bear!

TEAM Mark 

Passion Exstinguished

Down the cold, dark and emty years

Walking alone fighting off acient fears.

Yearning, craving long  denied warmth

Dried up and hollow inside


Passion painfully  smothered now died.

Pointless to beg you have long locked that door

I accepting, cope finding I look for fire no more.

Just give me a little respect and care

I will honour your wishes . I believe  that is fair.


Darkness closes in the freeze between us

Like  winter in a garden all is laid bare turning to dust.

I take  my blanket of words  and wrap myslef up tight

In their warming balm. My head full of stars I drift into the night.


Down the years there have been so many  battles to fight

Hiding behind a smile constantly smothering the need  for flight.

A master at  lieing  and presenting a public face

Knowing  the truth , my failure , my secret is my disgrace .

Down the cold, dark and emty years

Walking alone fighting off acient fears.

Yearning, craving long  denied warmth

Dried up and hollow inside

Passion painfully  smothered now died.


JusJoJan: Feeling Rough

Today I have felt rough  my head  has hurt so much

Each and every part of me has been screaming at the touch!

Dragged myself up to town because I had an important task to full fill

The return trip was a nightmare every step painful…oh! I do feel ill.


So devoted am I to JusJoJan    that I have fought all the odds

To post my jotting  for January so forgive me WprdPress bods

My words may not be poetic  or overly great

I did my very best to get it out on time and not make anyone wait!





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