The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 19, 2022

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It’s Saturday and time for LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week Linda has said “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “comp.” Find a word that starts with or contains “comp” and use it in your post. Enjoy!”

© willowdot21


Comfort us in our hour of need
Open your eyes and ears, take heed
Mindfulness is needed in the world
Pain and grief like weapons hurled.
All the woes of this vale of tears
Sirens and bullets raise their fears
Sweet Jesus give them hope
In you we trust , help them cope.
Oh! the Horsemen love our pain.
Now they’re here they’ll not leave again. .

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto. Anomaly.

Sue Vincent’s#Writphoto.
Hi everyone just a quick note if anyone would like to re-post any of their old #writephoto prompts please do. While Sue is not posting a photo prompt due to not being well, she would love to see old ones reposted.Now if you would like to join in please use the #writephoto badge

This part of Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt –  #writephoto. I wrote this one in 2016.

Anomaly  : The End

©Sue Vincent.

The  birds  must  of  sensed  the  Anomaly  first  because  they  suddenly  left  the  area. None  flew  within a  twenty  mile  radius of the  moors. The lights  could be seen  by  day  and  night and  though  at  first  they  went unnoticed eventually  after  all the animals  left  and  all  the  flora  and  fauna  died   we finally  saw  the  lights.

What they  were  we  did not  know   but  people  thought  they  had  been  there  at  least a  month , well we  believe  it  had  been  much  longer  than  that.  News, unusually  for  news, spread  slowly. Looking back  I  think it  was fear  of  the unknown, everyone  thought if  they  ignored  the lights  they  would  go away.

Alas they  did  not  go away  in fact  they  grew, slowly  at  first  but  now  six months  on  they  have spread  from Britain right across  Europe and  Russia, Alaska, Canada now they  are  heading  toward the  Americas. Nothing  seems  to  affect  them nothing  seems  able  to stop  them.

Yes the  scientist  and  military  have  been busy  testing  the  anomaly  but  they  cannot  test light  can  they ….. it is  just  colour  it  is transient  it cannot  be  caught, measured  or, as it  appears, stopped. Amazing  isn’t it  every  government  in  the  entire  world  is  cooperating   with each other…. All wars  have ceased  in an effort  to  solve  the  problem.

So the  beautiful lights  are  moving  around  the  world  encircling  us  all with  their  ethereal hues. All the  birds  are  gone, the  animals  too. Nothing  grows  anymore  and  we  are  all loosing our  humanity. The  government  did  try  to  keep order  with  the  army  but  as  soon as  the  stocks in  the  shops  ran out  anarchy spread  like  wild  fire.

It  is  everyone  for  themselves , it is unbelievable   there  are  bodies  rotting on  the  streets  people are  dying of malnutrition,  disease , thirst and  plain simple violence. It is  awful  we  are  terrified  to  go  out.

All those  pictures of  people trapped in  wars, refugees  struggling  hand  to  mouth, thousands  of  people  in  Africa  starving  it  is happening  here in the  so  called  modern  world , though  the way it is now  that all the  fuel has  run out, apart  for a  very  few, we may  as well be living in  the stone age. No  “Feed  the  world ” when it is so  badly needed!

I mention “The  very  few”, those with  money  enough or  deemed  worthy of  saving  have  been  hidden away somewhere  to  ride  this  out. I personally  do  not  think  the  earth  will recover  from  this. If  it  does  my  group  and  I  do  not  want  to be  around  to  see  what is  left.

So  I  have  left  this  very  brief  account  of  what  has  happened. Tonight  we are  going out  to  watch  the lights  and  party  with  the  alcohol and  food  that  we have  managed  to  accumulate   we have  not  much  strength left  and  we are  sure  someone  stronger  will kill us  for our  stocks  before  morning.

Suicide  I  can imagine  you are  thinking  as  you  read  that last  paragraph , well yes  but  we have  had  enough  there is  nothing left  to  live  for . The  lights  will soon  have  killed  the entire  planet. I  have  to  laugh something  so beautiful  has  brought  us  to  this. Beauty  has  slaughtered  us, well no  we have  slaughtered  each other .watching_stars_without_you_by_chikaex0tica

Image  found  here

Twittering Tales # 78 . 3/4/18.

This is my entry Twittering Tales

The brain child of Kat Myrman of Like Murcury Colliding.

Why was he alone there should be a hundred souls here. The last transport was now. Everyone had left months ago leaving the final few to shut down the planet. It was dark and acid rain was falling. 9 o’clock the email said, he got his mobile out to check…. nine AM…. Nooo!

(278 Characters)

The Edge of emptiness.

The Red came from who knows where, no one remembered no one cared.

The sunsets suddenly began to last all day,the dying  rays would not fade away.

Days that never ended or began planets moved and clouds rolled in as solars flared.

Silently creeping up unseen, as unreal as a bad dream, red by night, red by day.


No one saw it coming , no one did a thing. The reddness kept a creeping under the city’s skin.

Filling up the sewers, creeping up the walls  filling  up the childrens lungs choking all and all.

Stripping off the ozone, burning skins and eyes, temperatures  kept rising, tempers growing thin.

Rushing out the city  gridlock starts  to grip, people started  fighting  road rage  becomes a brawl.


The rivers started boiling  and turning blood red , it was  the end of marine life all the fish were dead.

People had to stay inside, from the reddness they tried to hide. The power started failing all began to fry.

Why was nothing done to prevent this catastrophy? Because  no one listened to what the wise ones said.

If only  they had listened, if only  they had tried, it was all far too late now we are all going to die.


Looking out  my window the red is all I can see. The heat is searing, buckling  buildings is what I am hearing.

Everyone has gone now, some  went to the sea some to the poles, but  there is no point the end is here,

No one listened no one did anything to help we lost the earth long years ago.Now  the end is here.

Time is up and my paper is burning, all thats left is fear.




Is this the end of World?

Is this the end of the world.

Is this the end of the world as we know it! I certainly hope not! I have been sorting things for a busy family Christmas and I shall be very up set if the world ends and I blow it! I am determined not to give in I want to enjoy myself is that such a sin!

It has been such a busy couple of months for which we have had to save I am determined to enjoy time with the family  not see earth meet its’ grave!

So God bless you all may we enjoy a happy tomorrow lets’ hope the Mayan calendar is wrong lets all be happy we do not need any Mayan sorrow!!

Armageddon 12

Gabriel was happy, he was reunited with his God. The Devil was nervous he did not to talk but neither was he brave enough to turn his back and walk.Mercy was smiling so broadly her tears she wiped away things were looking up Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Come Death she winked that is what you need to say.
The light was truly amazing gold and glowing warm, city and  woodland,  desert, jungle and sea scape all so blessedly adorned. I honestly cannot explain, how beautiful it seemed with angels singing sweetly it was like the best, best of dreams.

Back at the cafe the Father Son and Holy Ghost had treated everyone to tea and toast. Then with silver tongues the Devil’s work they undone. God, all three of him , emailed Peace and Love and asked them to return now, to this world which, for now was free of sin.

Meanwhile the humans began to wake from death and hell without a pang of guilt or fear. The Lord had wiped clean the slate they could all begin with no blood spilt, no need to fuss or hesitate. The Devil sulking sat alone playing with mobile phone, he was angry he was peeved, he was on his own, though, everyone else was pleased.

The Lord stood up and said I decree that for a while Famine,War and Pestilence set the world free and so for now they can take a brake, fine said Famine, is there any more cake? Death looked up and said you have only mentioned my brothers three, what pray tell becomes of me.  Smiling,  God all three, put his arm around Death and whispered I still need you to collect the dead for me.

I know, the Lord went on that you are suffering with your bones and feet. I have purchased boots and padded socks, there thats neat. Also a thermal cape and hood to protect your bones and a scarf now there thats good.

Love and Peace , Mercy too will be here to hang around with you. OH! and yes may it never be too late we’ll have home visits from Hope and Faith.Then before anyone could deny all things we put back to rights in the blink of the Lord’s eye. Come he said to the Devil  it is time you were gone your place is on fire and might perish ere long.

The Devil, fuming , did not reply left with a flourish and hate in his eye. Gabriel and all his clan ascended up to heaven following the Saviour of Man. As the dust began to settle  baristas all over the world could be heard putting on the kettle.

The day went on as it had began, no sign that the Devil and God had been fighting for the souls of Man. But all of you who have read this tale beware, you escaped this time but if you do not mend ways, look after the planet and behave  you will witness The End Of Days . So listen up , come on you do not want to be part of Armageddon.


And the the child was quiet and the streets were empty there was not a sound. The Devil drank his coffee and Famine ate, Death wept and his tears sizzled as they hit the ground. The groans and screams of the unfortunate souls that the Devil had ensnared, started  up and  echoed around the streets, assailing everyone’s ears. Death looked at Mercy and said this is tenfold worse than any of our fears.

War was worn out he had truly done his worst he had whipped up hate and anger and spite, he had  brought the planet low he’d been a scourge and a curse. Pestilence was running wild he travelled by air, sea and train he made people sick, he smite them with disease then struck them all down with pain. Peace and Love had long since fled as soon as they had escaped their tormentors off to find God they had sped.

Mercy and Gabriel knelt down to pray. Mercy beseeched God to listen and not to turn away. Death gingerly, because he was not sure, edged toward them then joining them, he knelt on the floor. There they stayed, be it wrong or right and they prayed and prayed right through the night.

So they prayed through the night and they prayed till the dawn and they were totally awestruck by what came with the morn. The sky was full of wonderful light yellows and golds and purple and blue and the most wonderful voices, you could see from his face it was a sound Gabriel knew.

Then finally a voice that drench all the the souls on the earth, whether good or bad, with feelings of self worth. The Devil was angry in fact very irked the voice was calming his sinners, even after all of his evil work! He got up and went to stomp off throwing cups and tables in his wake . When the  beautiful voice said  Satan stay and face me to leave would be a mistake…………..

Gabriel’s face took on a fantastic glow he unfurled his wings and into the arm’s of his God!


Armageddon 10

photo credits google images

Nobody new how long this had been going on everything was collapsed all kindness and humanity gone. A tiny child was way crying lost and all alone it  was famished, scared bleeding and chilled right through to the bone.

Death could no longer bare to hear it’s cries and decided to go and picked it up, he guessed it was about time this last child in world died.The devil said I’ll race you , with an evil grin. No ! cried death I want this pure heart, but for  the original it is truly without sin!

The Devil did not argue he was having fun, with God as so far a no show he would get the soul’s of everyone.

Well here is the situation the horsemen were all back the earth was totally wasted it had been well and truly sacked! Peace and Love were broken their smiles completely gone the flowers in their hair all dead weeds and the light in their eyes all gone. Mercy was so very tired stretched beyond belief she had spread herself so thin all her plans had come to grief.

Faith and Hope

Faith and Hope had arrived but they had arrived too late which only goes to show that you cannot cheat fate!

The Devil was happily punching numbers of the souls that he could take , this was more than he could ever hoped for OH! the penances he would make them take!

Death got up and started the slow walk to the door every inch of his body ached and his back bore every second of  millennia that had gone before.

Coffee anyone, Death heard the Devil say. As he hobbled towards the crying child Death wiped a tear away.

photo credits google images

The suddenly a hand appeared in the sky it reached down and stroked the baby’s head to stop it’s cry……………………

Armageddon 9

Nothing was normal, nothing was the same fighting and riots and killing it certainly was the Devil’s own game. There were riots over food and looting of shops people attacked each other all policing had stopped. The army, the police, everyone  had long since given up so those who were armed were taking no truck.

Fires raging blood running  hot, a young couple making love in the middle of a riot  and no one gives a jot. Babies and children abandoned, animals deserted all human failings to the fore and alerted.

Mercy bent down and gently took Gabriel’s hand don’t despair Gabriel all is not lost I feel Hope and Faith close at hand. But cried Gabriel where is God, why has he left us when our need is most I don’t know whispered Mercy who looked tired and as white as a ghost.

Peace and Love were huddled in a corner trapped by two demons who were bankers in a life that was former. They were busy chanting and singing of love in fact they had attracted a beautiful white Dove.

Death was sleeping he had felt so over whelmed  so much was happening and none of it good. War was triumphant the whole world was fighting,  famine was happy too, stuffing himself with Prawns and Whiting. Pestilence was in his element with all hospitals nothing but empty buildings full of rotting corpses. Mercy took her phone out and with her fingers crossed she made a call, Please hurry up Hope bring Faith things here look all but lost.

Armageddon 8

Gabriel wept, Gabriel cried his God was not there , his God on whom he relied. This was frightening this was new without God by his side what was he to do.

He was always there at his side , Gabriel was his Archangel  he lead the heavenly troops  but with his God away Gabriels feelings were beginning to droop.

The Devil got cocky the Devil got loud. What’s up Gabe boy,what’s up with you now? The Devil got up and strode to the bar and ordered a coffee from the un-dead  barista, the poor guy did as he was told he was surprised  he could get up, shit he felt cold!

Death   returned  but he was looking very tired he had a rag tag line of good souls that he had acquired. He sat down at the table next to Gabriel and announced he was feeling his age. He had lost sight of his three brothers they were still out on the rampage!

War, Famine and Pestilence  were having a ball they were scouring the planet and laying it to waste for once and for all. Death was too tired, he had lost his grip his bones were aching and his feet were giving him gip! He ordered one last latte and waited for the count , it was black outside everywhere, riots and murder the death toll was a rising amount.

Gabriel wept, Gabriel cried his God was not there , his God on whom he relied. This was frightening this was new without God by his side what was he to do.

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