Altered images

Silence dark and  all embracing

Gentle moonlight bathes me

My heart slows finally  from racing

My  ears aware of  the  song of  the sea.


I look up to see  the  moon as it looks down on  me

My  soul is  filled with light  and peace

The moon floats in  ripples on  the  sea

I feel calmed  and  rested I have  found release.


Altered images who knows  which is  real

Is  the  solid  moon a reflection of  the rippling  one

Am I trapped  or am I free what is it I feel

I close  my  eyes all is  silent  all is  gone.


Haiku Horizons prompt “ground”

Falling fast and  ever down

She closes her  eyes

Just before  she hits  the  ground



Sweat and blood  pour from the  wound

Very soon to be found

Caught in  headlights run to  ground


Such a princess flying high

Apple of Dad’s eye

One day she’ll be brought to ground

The Man In My Dreams

In  that  second  I  surrendered  my  soul

Gave it up totally,untouched  pure  and whole.

My senses  went  haywire, I was at  sea

His  beauty  touched  every  inch of me.


Unable to move  I  grew roots, I had  to stay

My  eyes I  could  not  tear  away .

Nor  did  I  care  to, desire  was  all I  felt

My blood  rushing,  my  heart  full pelt.


The  stars  moved  across  the  skies

I saw  the sun set  and  the moon rise.

Reaching  out  I touched his perfect  skin

I stole  a kiss, I  was lost  now in  sin.


He opened his eyes as I  kissed  his lips

He smiled  as I  caressed him with my  fingertips.

His Raven screamed  at  me  then took to  angry flight

He took me  to him  and held  me and  we decended into the night.


The  sun found  me  cold  and  wet

All life  extinguished  an empty shell.

I looked  down at  my corpse  with no  regret

Though dead  I  am  so alive under  his  spell.


Forever  means  forever  when a vampire  you love

Yet I  am happy  and and  my  spirit  now  flies  like  a dove!

Nonet :Flutter By Butterfly.


Flutter by  butterfly fill the sky

With  gloriously  coloured  wings.

Fill my heart  with happy dreams

Help me build future schemes

Watching  you fly high

Makes my heart try

To catch you

Make you



Beautiful Boy: Haiku

Bundle of joy baby boy

Tomorrow’s hopes are

Truly waiting just for you.



Not the A to Z April Challenge : Rocketing : Acrostic Nonet


Rushing ever skywards into the

Openess of night climbing  ever

Climbing  to the sparkly  stars

Kissing the pale moonlight

Ever rocketing

Twinkling , twinkling

In the  dark

Night sky’s



Dreams Cast

Cast  your  dreams upon  the  sea

In tiny boats of  paper

Send  them out  in search of  me

Ignite their  lights   with a magic  taper.


Watch  them sail away towards  the horizon

Bless  them gently  as  they go

Your  dreams  are  what  you should  keep  your eye on.

They  will reach me faster  than  you will know.


Just Jot It January: Dawn Reflections

Alone , at dawn I  sort out  a quiet  place

Finding a vantage  point  I sat  and rested.

My  mind  took  flight  conjuring up  your  face.

Looking  back over the years  at  emotions  invested.


Yes  we were young  lovers once  before  the years came

And  took away our  innocence  and freedom

We tried, we worked hard,   but things  changed  all the same

Awaking one morning and the passion is gone.


Friendship  though  and deep love can be of  more use

Than mad boiling passions. Bills to pay children to raise

Some one to lean on, talk to,  shield   from abuse

Together, older, wiser  but  as one to end our days.




This post is part of Just Jot It January hosted by Linda G Hill.

Thanks for tuning in and if you want to join, feel free to click on the link and start jotting!

Today  is  the last  day of  January…. woo Linda  it  has been a blast! Well done  and love  to all my  fellow Just Jot It Januaries! ❤ ❤

Halloween Dreams


Howling  hounds and a hateful ghost

All crawling in my brain to dictate this post

Low life’s clawing at the damp sodden soil

Longing to escape upwards  they toil.

Open wounds leaking foul smelling puss.

Worms  and maggots  in a frenzy hungry for us.

Every shadow  seems  to reach out for  you

Even  the toys in the corner are eyeing you too.

No don’t look behind you have a care ….



Sitting  quietly in the room

It is getting  late  and I grow cold.

Shadows creeping  spreading gloom

My mind drifts  my dreams unfold.


A chill, a shiver a sense of impending doom

Vampires , Zombies tormented souls

Dragging  chains and fearing  life left too soon.

Moans of agony from bodies being hauled over hells coals.


I cannot move I am rooted to the spot

A thousand  spiders crawl through my hair

I open  my mouth  to scream but I cannot!

I reach out for help  but there is none there.


A shadow forms outside on the wall

Bats circle up in the evening sky

They form a woman I watch her dark hair fall

Across her shoulders our glances meet eye to eye.



Shocked to the core  we are both rooted to the spot

She is me and I am her, we are one….

Come  she beckons join with me, at this  you get only one shot.

I find  that I can move fast, faster than the wind we touch hands  and we are gone.


Where’s your mother  has she gone out ?

There’s no dinner  what is she playing at.

The  house is empty she does not answer even if we shout.

Her computers on and running…. what do you make of that?




Flying in the Pink

Dreams of flying in the Pink

Once upon a moonlit dream I flew

Carried by a thousand  fairy hands

I am not lying  this was true

Flying weightless covered in  billions of silver  fairy strands.


My hair flying in the breeze

As glow worms light my way.

Over woodlands and lakes just above the trees.

Drifting, sleeping through my flight  towards the light of day.


Gentle  stars  watch my progress

I sleep deeply  never stirring not a blink

Pretty lights adorn my pink and flowing dress

On and on into the   night will I reach the brink.


Once upon a moonlit dream I flew

Carried by a thousand  fairy hands

I am not lying  this was true

Flying weightless covered in  billions of silver  fairy strands.

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