K.L. Caley’s #writephoto:Meeting.


Last week we left Morgarna and Gail in a rather tight spot trying to deal with a giant chess set processed by a polagiest we need to get back and see what’s happening!

For visually challenged writersthe first image shows a solo swan swimming under a small bridge.

The second image shows a woodland. In the centre of the woodland is a clearing with fallen trees made into a round seating area. At the head of the seating area is a grand chair.

For visually challenged writersthe third image shows a terraced house with a vivid red door. The sign beside the door states Castle Cottage.

Hi everyone I have been stuck in the real world dealing with real world stuff, some good, some not so good. I am trying to get back into the swing of things. So maybe it’s to see what Margarna and co are up to four weeks after we last checked in with them! Here is the first of two installments this week.

Swan – Image by KL Caley.

Morgana decided the best way to approach an obviously irritated Geoff was to become a swan herself. So there she was suddenly looking rather lush, if she said so herself chasing Geoff with apparent grace and speed!
“Hi Geoff where’s the fire “
“Morgana is that you …. Good grief your a real conundrum” Geoff grumbled…”At least I am not an old curmugeon like you” Morgarna replied!
“Not now Morgarna , it’s not a good time!”
“But I am here to help Geoff what’s going on?”
Geoff motioned behind them , Morgana turned her now long and slender neck to see what Geoff was so worked up about. Immediately she could see the problem as they were swimming into a normal landscape ahead of them , behind them the horizon was catching them up like a huge blackhole .. everything a few feet behind them was being swallowed up leaving behind nothing but blackness…
“Shit Geoff this is serious, when did it all start?”
“You think Morgarna, really? Well let me see…. Two hours so far, two hours of break neck speed and damage …..”
“Where are you family Geoff?”
“Well Dog took them off in another direction but the void follows whichever direction you head in so I’ve lost them for now.”

“Okay I get the picture and I have a pretty good idea what’s happening and who’s causing it! “
“Well please Morgarna stop looking so smug and do something, I am exhausted ” Geoff hissed.
Reaching into her immaculate black feathers…well what other colour would she be? She pulled out her bag hooked it around her neck then deftly with her beak she pulled out along black tube .
She aimed it at the fast approaching event horizon.
“Geoff” she said with her mouthful…”when I say, Now, hit the red button on the bottom of the tube.”
” Why me …you do it” moaned Geoff.
” Because my bloody beak is holding the blood machine!. Stop arguing and help me or that’s it no more “
“No more what?” Geoff hissed.
“Nothing, no more nothing…. NOW Geoff NOW”
Geoff managed to hit the button just in time, the blackness stopped short of swallowing them up though Geoff did lose a couple of tail feathers.


Everything stopped except for Geoff who was furious about his rather ruffled and lost tail feathers.
“Ok Geoff , stop now I will sort that asap! Right now we need to sort out what’s happening…this time lapse event horizon holder won’t hold indefinitely! ..”
Geoff begrudgingly shuffled out of the water and onto the bank followed by Morgarna. Who as soon as she was on dry land went back to her normal form. She’d learned centuries ago if you want dry clothes step out of the water before you change form.
“Oh” said Geoff , ” why have you changed back I’d of thought you’d of kept the superior swan form”
“Morgarna took a sharp intake of breath and replied. “I find it easier to walk than waddle, now get a move on and follow me!

Meeting – Image by KL Caley.

Morgarna and Geoff walked into the wooded area to their left and followed the path for about half an hour. This led them to a clearing with fallen trees made into a round seating area. At the head of the seating area was a grand chair.
“This looks like where we should be ” Morgana announced , Geoff was still muttering to himself about his tail feathers.
Morgarna lit a cigarette and sat in the only chair….”What are you doing” asked Geoff incredulously. “What makes you think you can sit at the head of the circle.”
Taking a long puff on her cigarette she blew smoke right into Geoff’s face. “Me Geoffrey baby, I shall be doing all the hard work to sort this out so the least I should get is the big chair.’

People and animals started to arrive each wearing a number denoting which dimension they were from. Geoff quickly took a seat to Morgarna’s right and watched as everyone else arrived and squabbled for places to sit. .
Eventually all the places were taken , greetings made and a hush hung over the clearing.

This was suddenly shattered by loud voices approaching one definitely Italian.
The men in black and their bound hostage arrived and the verbal Italian was thrown into the centre of the ring? He looked straight at Morgarna who was talking to a white swan with a very mismatched bunch of tail feathers.
“Bella Morgarna” Leonardo said with a flourishing bow.
“Don’t you Bella me , Leo you have unleashed untold problems in so many worlds and you stand there grinning at me! ” The crowd was getting restless and at the sight of the author of their distress they were getting ugly!

Morgarna lit another cigarette… “What do you think you are doing playing fast and loose with space, time and dimensions? It’s just not on”
Leonardo was silent now, he was actually shocked at Morgarna’s reaction… He’d never seen her look so fierce or scary…. Boy she was beautiful.

Standing up Morgarna held up a long list of the problems that had been caused by Leonardo’s meddling. She read the list out, wars, famine, plaque , earthquakes, tusnarmi, ect culminating in the horizon suddenly becoming an event horizon and swallowing whole dimensions!
As she finished she looked him in the eyes and said…. “Just what have you got to say for yourself? “
Leonardo went down on his knees and said… “Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Morgarna I really didn’t mean to cause so much trouble….”
He went to continue, but Morgana lifted her hand and silenced him.

“This is going to take an awful lot of sorting out. What have you got to say for yourself?”
Leonardo looked at Morgarna, he could see the only way forward was to tell the truth. ” It was a computer program that went wrong”
“What were you doing with a computer in the fourteenth century?? You have no right to have one….hang on I know exactly where you got it from….and we helped you then….this is how you show gratitude? It’s going to take weeks to sort this out. Have you got the program I need to sort the event horizon out before all of the dimensions are swallowed up! “

Morgarna sent a copy of the program through to Merlin and he immediately set to work reversing what he could in the many dimensions that exist.
To Geoff’s relief the horizon began to receed and things were restored to normal…he was delighted to hear dog and see his wife and children making their way towards him wings wide open!
As soon as Morgarna saw Geoff and family reunited she took a bound and gagged Leonardo back to the fourteenth century… where he was strip searched and was given a strict warning by Morgarna to cause no more trouble.
As Morgarna went to leave Leonardo called after her, “Bella Morgarna, please, just one more strip search before you leave”
Morgarna, a rye smile on her face, pinged her rubber gloves…but left.
She couldn’t ignore the anomaly.
As she jumped again she heard Geoff hissing “what about my tail feathers”

With Geoff’s words ringing in her ears Morgarna landed in a quiet street out side of a cottage with a red door.

The Red Door – Image by KL Caley

part of K.L.Caley’s#writephoto.

to be continued!

Thursday Doors. The Sunny side of the Street.

Welcome to Thursday Doors, a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing your link in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time).

Hi everyone I have not been here since the days of Norm 3.0 before Dan so graciously took over. So let’s hope I got this right.

Earlier this week I had to walk up to town to order some new glasses from the opticians. One my way there I cut through the oldest street in out town, half of which has Tudour houses in and the rest are slightly but not much younger.

Here is a link to an old post with some of the older doors.here including some Tudor ones.

So one side of Rose Street .


I hope you all enjoyed 💜

K.L. Caley’s #writephoto. Fairy.


Last week we left Morgarna and Gail in a rather tight spot trying to deal with a giant chess set processed by a polagiest we need to get back and see what’s happening!

Morgarna arrived at the castle at 6am on the morning before she arrived the first time. Standing in the early morning sunshine she had a cigarette , she had decided to have one before she put the dress on, for safety reasons.
Feeling lazy she decided to fly up to the window and pass through it rather than use normal means. Well why have powers if you never use them she asked herself.

Once inside Morgarna put the dress on and was amazed that it was amazingly comfortable and warm. She liked the way it made her feel plus the way it drew itself in to fit her.
Across the room there was a vase of flowers, she walked across and helping herself to some of the flowers she made herself a headdress.
Taking out her phone she checked her instructions again.
According to what Merlin had found in the ancient woodland lore tomes he’d been studying, she had to enlist the help of the woodland Fae. This was a huge relief to her because she had had plenty of dealings with these guys through out her long and complicated life.

At 10am when the castle opened to the public she cast a spell to disguise her thoughts, sheild her brain and keep her smiling and vacant so as not to alert the shadows to her presence.
A soon as she left the room she could here the same buzzing she’d heard the other day, alerting her to the fact that the shadows were there and to be extra careful.
Passing the crown on the window ledge Morgarna shivered and the though of Morgause being attacked and wondered if she was recovering.
People were coming up the stairs their faces fixed in their Zombie like smiles. In among them the shadows were moving, touching and feeling people as they went, and even killing some as they passed, eating their hearts. Sickened as she was Morgarna carried on greeting the guests and walking through and ignoring the shadows.

The sun was up and it was a beautiful day as Morgarna headed towards the woods at the bottom of the hill she felt almost relax at the thought of meeting old friends.
Looking around and ensuring she had not been followed she entered the wood. Switching on her phone she followed the GPs trail Merlin had preloaded. It was a twisty, turny trail and it took her deep into the wood. Half an hour later she arrived at a perfect circle of tall trees.
Morgarna breathed in, as she stepped into the circle she felt her body relax and her dress bristled and bloomed!

Once inside the circle Morgarna could relax, she was invisible to everyone and everything outside of it. The sun through the trees warmed her and she looked up. After a few seconds her eyes found the small blue door.


For visually challenged writersthe image shows a huge tree with a small blue fairy door on it.

Fairy – Image by KL Caley.


Picking up a handful of stones she threw them up at the door. This she repeated twice more.
The door finally flew open and the most gorgeous and perfectly proportioned young man stood hands on hips. His voiced boomed out, which was quite a surprise because he was all of three inches tall.
“Oye! Watch my paint work! Who do you think you are all dressed up like a forest? “
Morgarna smiled and answered, “It’s me Tom, don’t you recognize me?”
Jumping down Tom landed on a tree stump right by Morgarna, “Is that you Morgarna? I’d know that voice anywhere….and that beautiful face too” he added as he ducked her hand that had gone up to swipe him.
“So what brings you here?” Tom asked. Morgarna sat down so they were sort of at eye level. ” I am here to ask your help with the alien shadows Tom, have you seen them?” she asked . “Indeed I have and nasty evil things they are” he replied shivering. “But Morgarna why do you call them alien … They are just evil spirits of the undead”
Morgarna was about answer him when she saw three shadows approaching, she froze and went pale remembering what they had done to Morgause. Tom read her mind, “Calm down Morgarna they cannot enter here nor can they see or hear us”
Even so Morgarna sat stock still and watched as the shadows circled around the magic ring. Eventually they moved off.

Later that evening all the tree Fae returned and were delighted to see Morgarna, who had shrunk to their size. Behind the blue door they discussed and modified the plan Merlin had devised for the dispatching of the shadows.
Later Morgarna sat out on a branch under the moon having a cigarette and and a large glass of Old Witch Shiraz…. Tom came to join her he put his arm around her and the air went electric!…..

This is part of K. L.Caley’s #writephoto.

Of Knobs,Locks and Keys


Northography have a new visual stimulus posted for your writing pleasure. Taken from http://senzingzen.com/  page. I wanted to take up the challenge.


How many doors, how many floors must we flee down

Must we race down, pace down arms up and face down.

What lies behind the doors, the doorknobs many

strange knobs hob knobs, key holes of which views are there any?


How dark these walls so blue, the floor so black it reaches down to hell

The light at the end of the hall so red, red enough to hide the dead as well.

Is the floor a carpet or linoleum I do not know do you

As I run and rush my way along I cannot tell I don’t even care, it’s true,it’s true.


So enter here this last door with me and let your lust be free

In my hands I caress your key I love it’s cold feel, it awakens things in me.

So take back your long and lusty key and thrust it deep inside my lock , feel free.

I shall grab and turn your knob  I love the reaction it brings, it makes you sob.

So as we dance the dance of lock and key and hob of knob twist harder your key inside my lock so it  may throb.


Excitement gathers  us both up and busts forth all ousing out glorious and messy.

The lock the key, the knob all turning  busting growing flowing pressy!


How many doors, how many floors must we flee down

Must we race down, pace down arms up and face down.

What lies behind the doors, the doorknobs many

strange knobs, hob knobs, key holes of which views are there any?


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