Not the A to Z April Challenge : Overbearing

Overbearing, he is so caring

Always there  with a  helping hand

So kind so good so very grand.

Some  say lucky me

But overbearing

Is not  the key

Hate control





Love is in Da Blog: The Con Man

Just Fooling  Around With Bee said: Today my prompt encourages you to look at the darker sides of love or just to show us your thoughts about the song. Maybe you remember what you have done when listening to it for the first time?

I chose  to show  the darker  side  of a  relationship. The hidden stress of a woman with a controling and cheating partner. ( it’s another of  my  older poems reworked)

The Con Man

Give me your hand he said , smiling at me.

He told me I was the world to him and my eyes were all he needed to see.

His gentle caresses I accepted and returned

Freely, willingly,  joyfully alive at last, not being spurned.

Come with me, he pleaded  and gave me that smile,

How could I refuse him I wandered as we travelled all those miles

He needed some money , he was reluctant to say.

I had worked hard and had spare so what the hey.

The things he would do in the dark of the night

Would loosen my purse strings and make my sense take flight.

He needed a suit and a new car,

He  needed to look the part  if he was  to go far.

I gladly offered, no, he never asked,

But he avoided me if  I  did not and I could not bare that to last.

Our place, small and cosy was not quite right

So I took another job and  rented a new place shiny and bright.

My friends he discouraged, well they were not quite the right type.

He asked me not to ring them and sometime soon after he disabled the Skype.

He disliked my family, they were selfish and rude

I did not argue it would of put him in a mood.

It seemed I was working  long and hard

To make lots of money for his credit card.

I had to leave early and eat dinner alone

He hardly was there and never answered his phone.

Each time I reached for him he turned his back

I longed for his smile and cried for the caresses I now lacked.

The look in his eyes when I saw him that day

With his scantily dressed, teenaged P.A

Though I tried to look away I could not help see,

One hand on her breast and the other above her knee.

The scorn in his look was more than I could take

As it all fell into place and I realised he was a fake.

When I got home I slowly took stock

I saw all the signs my stupid love of this man had blocked.

I took my bag and I started to pack  tears of grief  flowed  from my eyes

As I saw all his faults and all of his lies.

All those nights he was whispering sexy delights

It was my bank balance and not my body he had in his sights.

He had stripped my bank account and all of my pride,

I felt naked and dirty with nowhere to hide.

He’d seen off my friends and my family too

The bastard had used me so well, I was at a lost as what to do.

I finished my packing  and and stopped my tears,

That he would see me wrecked was my greatest fear.

I fixed up my make up and dressed to impress,

That thieving two timing bastard was in for some distress!

I put all my worldly goods in my car

And tried to ignore the pain in my heart of a newly formed scar.

I drove slowly and precisely then parked up the car

Then as serenely as I could I entered the bar.

OH! hello darling I sexily said as

I emptied a bottle of red wine over his head.

As his PA jump up out of her chair

I smiled as sprayed some ink in her  peroxide blond  hair.

Your welcome I told her but you mark my word

He’s  a con man and a control freak and he’ll lie when he gives you a ####

So you are welcome my dear and I wish you good luck.

God help me, I was shaking from my head to my toe

I reached the car I was screaming inside because I’d loved him so.

But things needed doing and I could not waste time

So I made a few phone calls and moved  my money so that swine

Would never again be  able to touch what was mine.

With an ache in my heart and hate in my gut

I drove myself away from him and his slut.

I am older and wiser but very sad for the loss of the love that I never had had.

This  is  Just  fooling  around  with  Bee  Idea  for  a  February  daily  challenge! To  suit  her  spoilt  inner  child…. and  mine  come  to that so  here  we go! Hold on to your heart!  Join in  here 


Give Me Back

You break my will and you don’t even know

When I tell you this you say it is not so.

You never recall the things you said or did

Sadly I do but they are safe, in a box with a strong lid.


Many and ugly are the mental scars I have carried

Like a cat with a mouse  my feelings you harried .

Times have been when I have shaken like a leaf

You have stolen what is me . I want my self worth back you thief!



There was a little mouse.

There was a little mouse and she lived in a house that she kept perfectly clean.

She was hard working and she ran her little house like a well oiled machine.

She loved her family and friends and she always had a smile for them as she helped them all the while.

But something was amiss as she worked and hugged and kissed.

There was something underneath that made her somehow incomplete.

She did all she could to keep her family well and protect them from her private hell.

Her children and Mr Mouse ( that is what she always called her beloved spouse)

were always first on her agenda.

She did her part and Mr Mouse  did his, he he was a storer and a mender.

Although always bright and gay Mr Mouse did like things his own way so little mouse made sure that before he came home she’d not forgotten any chore.

Helpful and obliging to all he would help anyone, who one him would call.

Yet he would harrie little mouse if she neglected her chores around the house.

No one went to play if they had not full filled their chores for the day. Too long on any favourite pastime could be construed as a crime.

Soon there came the day when all their family  got their own lives and moved away.

That left little mouse alone with Mr Mouse ( that is what she always called her beloved spouse).

Although outwardly bright and gay, he only had little mouse to boss about all day!

Lady in the blue dress.

What do you see lady in blue, those watchful eyes what do they view, why so tight lipped are you. I can see you are stressed just look at you, leaning forward your hands are tense your whole demeanour cries self defence.

Such a lovely dress but something is wrong why not short sleeves and with your legs it is way too long.Your husband is at the bar you sit and watch him from afar.He likes a shapely young body a weakness for a pretty face he is not worried if you see. Such a shit he is a disgrace.

You should not worry , you should not care, you still have your girlish figure and your flame red hair, your eyes are still that glorious blue you have hardly changed since he married you.

It is sad his words have worn you down , he has taken your smile and stretched it into a frown.  He has pointed out your flaws too often and criticized you so much his shouted put downs have not been forgotten he has shown you up once too often.

Every time he pushes you too far he buys you a pretty trinket like your amber necklace or a car. He thinks if he showers you with gifts you will forget the scars.

Take some strength girl don’t keep caving in you are the stronger one, you have all the strength of character. Much more than him, truth be known he has none. He is just a show off and a bully, he is a coward inside. What kind of man is it that feels big when he makes you cry.

He is the one who would fall apart if you left so please lady in the blue dress find smile don’t look so bereaved.

I heard that tone I saw that look.

I heard that voice today, it brought me low. I heard those words today. I should not let them touch me I know.

But they strip me down and lay me bare, they dash me to the wall and hit me against the floor  without a care.

I felt that pain, I felt that wretched hurt, that invisible boot that stomps on my head and makes me eat dirt.

I heard that tone it turned my stomach I saw the look in the   eyes it chilled me to the bone.

I was seventeen again but I had not learnt I had taken the vows all my bridges were burnt.

I heard those words, ” your stupid, lazy, you think of no one but yourself, your a hypochondriac, your manic, addictive, a drain on me” You told me this so often even I could see that it was all true. What was I to do, I have tried so hard to please you .

It does not matter how strong my spirit grows there is something that my heart  of heart’s knows no matter what I say or do I will always be brought down by you. I know that however you profess to care I annoy you just by being there.


photo credits google images

Yesterday’s tears all shed and dried as  useless now as they were when first cried! Keep your words in don’t open your mouth if you say something wrong you will let all hell out.

Keep your head down, avert your eyes think out the consequence of your replies. Keep a lid on your emotions  don’t say too much think and think again beware of any raw nerves they may touch.

Try not to comment, yet don’t be too quiet that could be misconstrued as sulking or defiance and that could cause a riot.

You should of flown when you had the chance, you were a fool to stay and follow the dance. Things are not so perfect if you look below the surface. Like a swan paddling  like mad to keep in pace you hide all your fears behind the smile on your face.

Yesterday’s tears all shed and dried as  useless now as they were before they dried! Keep your words in don’t open your mouth if you say something wrong you will let all hell out.

Desserts is stressed backward

Look at those cushions, they are not straight. The dust on this coffee table is inches thick. Clean it up now you lazy bitch you know mess is something I hate. Do it now go move you make me feel sick. Don’t stand there staring as if you were thick.

The kids have wrecked the bathroom,  move your arse and sort them now. I don’t give a damn about your aching head. Where is my dinner I have been at work all day, have  you even heard a  word I have said.

desserts is stressed backwards.

What have you been doing, out with friends all day, go on, what nothing to say. A man slaves away at work it is your job to keep  house and not shirk. Look at you, you are not the girl I married she was bright and happy and full of life , such a sexy sight.

Where is my blue shirt and there is a hole in my socks , look at you, your going grey where are those flaxen locks. I’ll be late tonight don’t wait up , why, I going out for a beer,  dear!

BANG! Where’s the cereal Mum, where’s the milk where’s my homework where’s my new scarf of silk.

Take your lunch take your bus fares there’s your homework on the stairs. I have no idea where your scarf is get a move on your bus goes in five  minutes and a half!

BANG! Thank God they’ve gone peace at last , Lets just take a few minutes and hope this throbbing headache will pass. Put washing out to dry , OH! no that’s he best shirt he’ll be mad .

I had enough this is just too much. Sod the washing sod the shopping sod the house I’m going clothes shopping. New shoes new dress new car? I am off now and I’ll go far. I teach him to call me a lazy bitch . No more cooking  no more cleaning the hoover I can ditch! This worm has finally turned I have taken too much the old life I will just burn.

BANG the house shakes I leave for the last time I have had enough I going to live for me, is that such a crime . The kids are older I’ll write them in time they know I love them they know they are mine. I can’t stay with their father he is an ignorant swine.

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