Poppet : Westley Piddle Summer Fayre. Part Two.

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Part 2. Poppet

The bright hot ball is high in the sky.  Herdwick pooping park is full of hindlegs enjoying the summer fayre. 

“Cockfest,Poppet,purecockfest!” Stonks sweats orange-sniffy lust. One handpaw covering her chops in a frenzy of excitement, other tightly clutching Poppet’s lead.

Stop it! Yor sh-strangling me

Stonks don’t listen.  She’ surveying the lie of the land.  First, she spies the large area for best of show. Second, the lavvies. Third, the beer tent.  And fourth, eyeballs lock on, coordinate, and memorise all the fit looking cocksters wobbling ‘round abouts.  

Sh-stop it!


Nows her turn.  Able to breathe again, Poppet lifts her snout, both snout holes twitching.  First, she snifz out other fourlegs – zero immediate threats. Second, she snifz for fit males – zero immediate eightleggers.  


Third, the line of nosh stalls all sniffing right tasty: Greggs, KFC, Pizzahut, PizzaRiot, Jimmy Thai’s, the Istanbool kebab joint, Fong’s Noodles, and Best Cornish Bakery with its eyeball-popping variety of Cornish pasties. 

Blimmey! Get a nosh-load of all that 

As it happens, Stonks starts wobbling fast towards the hindlegs marker posts.

“needthelavvy” she scritches “needaslash” 

A sniffy blue purply-sniffy mist billows out from a row of portaloos stuck close to the entrance of the park, spreading its colours everywhere. Poppet knows the portaloo marker posts is where Stonks squirtz. Wotz wrong with just squirting on the ground, against a lamppost or corner of a wall? Hindlegs got no sense.

Hurry up Stonks, noshing time

Stonks wobbles inside.  A moment later Poppet can snifz today’s brekkers and yesterday’s take-out dinner. 

Two grey furrylegs are chasing each other across the branches above the portaloos, heading towards the nosh stalls.

Thems want noshing, too

While Stonks does her thing Poppet snifz out all the usual muttwits attracted to the nosh.

Greedy muttwits, the load of ’ems

Over by rural crafts tent are the Jack Russell brothers, Nutz and Boltz, a right pair of muttwits. Over by the beer tent is Gitorrf!, scrounging something alcoholic for Halfleg. Closer by is Giblets, the young Boxer, all big chest and tight little rear end. Thinks he’s dog’s answer to all the females.

Ah doggit, please don’t turn round as Giblets turns round, sniffing the air and eyeballing Poppet. He starts strutting her way, pulling along his hindlegs companion.

Oi, hello darling, Snifz yu

Snifz yu too, Giblets, but nows not a good time

They bump snoutz.

As it happens ‘nows’ is always a good time

Giblets muscles his way towards her rear, his stump wagging in anticipation of Afghan eightleggers. Poppet snaps at his earflaps.

Leave off, doggy

Ouch! he squeals.

He tries for another rear-ender, both fourlegs jostling ‘round in a tight circle.

Yu ain’t my type yer squash-snouted, short-haired mutt and gives him another nip.

Giblets leaps out of range.

“Oi,Giblets” his hindlegs companion scritches, hauling him off.

Laters, yer nasty witch


Poppet shakes her head, soft blond earflaps shaking it all about.  And that there’s the problem, init? Every dog-eared muttwit with plum bobs attached wants to try his chance, at every opportunity.

And none of thems are mister right! 

“that’sbetterPoppet,feelhumanagain” Stonks steps out the portaloo, shaking it side to side while wobbling down the three steps to the grass.  

“comeon,needtobangthepiss,beforetheshow” she makes towards the beer tent, hauling along Poppet.

Inside the beer tent the wotz-a-nice-dog-like-yuz-doing-in-a-place-like-this only gets worse.

Snifz yu love-bug!

Henry leave off, mate

The slab-sided English mastiff bangs into her suggestively submit, girl, submit

Woz a time Henry had all the big gun assets. But after the vets, sadly, he’s out of ammo.

Henry, I loves yers to death really, but…

Big Knickers ‘enry, nows

Yeah, so I heard, but no thanks


Nah means nah, gettit?

“leaveit,Henry,LEAVEIT!” Franks, his companion tries hauling him off, Guinness in one handpaw, English Mastiff in the other.  But Henry ain’t having any hauling off.

Only one thing for it Poppet howls an ear-splitting territory fit Get Away!  Get Away!  Get Away! all gnashing teeth and flying blond braids.

The beer tent flaps outwards in the pressure of fourlegs barking.  Franks tugging, hauling, dragging a bewildered Henry out of the tent in a shower of Guinness.

“naughtyPoppet,wot’swrongwithyu,naughtyPoppet,embarrassingmelikethat!” Stonks tap-tap-taps each word on Poppet’s chain.

Wotz wrong with me? Me?

“andstopyapping,yernastycreature” Stonks scritches in a rising red-sniffy temper, raising her handpaw to give Poppet a right slapping. Some old hindlegs in a white smock and white trilby hatfurs is giving thems hard eyeballs over at the Pims punch table. 

“oh,shite” Stonks smoothly turns slapping handpaw into waving handpaw “Armitage,thebleedin’judge,init” and starts wobbling fast towards the tent flaps “let’sgetouttaherePoppet”.

“notsofast,younglady” Armitage wobbles to block the way.

Pff! Good one, Stonks

“ha,finedisplayofcaninecontrol” Armitage scritchy slurs down his long snout, alcohol yellow-snifz pouring off him.

“erh…stagefrightbeforethebestofshow,misterArmitage” Stonks flutters. 

Armitage sways on his footpaws ”bestof…wot?”

“bestofshow,misterArmitage” Stonks repeats.

“cancelled!”  Armitage scritches, belching. 

Erh? Poppet slips an involuntary squirtz of shock.

“cc-cancelled?” Stonks gasps.



Intelligence! Wotz that?

“so,goodluckwiththat,ha,ha,ha” Armitage gurgles on his Pims.

Poppet’s turn to be half-dragged outside the beer tent, front paws bouncing off the grass.

“thatsillyold– ” Stonks scritches under her breath. 

Slow down yu ch-choking me again



Stonks stops, Poppet wheezing. A strong handpaw grips Poppet under the jaw and thrusts her snout level with Stonks’ own miniature hooter “listentome,Poppet” she threatens ‘yougonnawinthis…or,it’stheChinesetakeway”


“beautyain’tenough” she continues “needbrains,too”

Needs wot?



Poppet don’t have a hope in hell.  Stonks ain’t joking about the Chinese take-away, neither. They nosh fourlegs, thems pagans.

All Poppet wants right this moment is to trot away for good. Preferably sniffing behind some handsome stud muffin! 

If only she squats and squirtz on the grass.

Brekkers over and Drizzle is still hungry.  The clouds are working themselves up to give it a good green-sniffing rainlicking with thems endless whooshing scratchy noises. Seems lyk there’s never a time when rainlick ain’t making Drizzle wet. 

Ah, leave off he accuses the clouds noshing first, yer buggas

And that leaves the next big question: wotz on the noshing menu? 

Sitting on his haunches outside the High Street HSBC he weighs his noshing options on one front paw. Toe one: trot back down the High Street and hit Greggs. 

Nah, been there, noshed that

Toe two: turn left into Huntsville Road and hit Chuckles chippy.

Fish? Nah, need nosh with legs

Toe three: wander down Nelson Ave and hit KFC.  Chicken strips.  Chicken wings. Or chicken anything really, in thems bins ‘round back.

Sounds lyk a plan 

He quickly follows his snout, rainlick dripping from earflaps.

As it happens, KFC is close to Herdwick pooping park.  Gob loads of sniffy colours are wafting out the park. Overriding thems blue-purply hindlegs portaloos is the chop-slobbery orange-snifz of nosh.  Lots of nosh.

Worth a butcher’s hook he quickens his pace.

His snout don’t lie. Plenty’s going on in Herdwick pooping park. It points him through the front gate into a wonderful world of meaty-leg colours. 

Right noshfest, this! 

But nosh is not always enough. Eyeballing thems two Jack Russell brothers playing with some hindlegs pups invades his good humour. He recalls the colourful memories of his own hindlegs pups – lyk a sharp, confusing snifz in both snout holes. 

Ah… memory snifz, only.

Shakes earflaps. Shakes off the fugue.

In the heres and nows, what he really needs is a right tasty noshing followed by a bit of sporty eightleggers.  He stops and poops on the grass. Yes indeedy!  Contemplating a sporting mood is actually putting him into a hot-bloodied sporting mood.

Get ready juicy butts, I’m a’coming he licks his whiskers and shakes his way into the park.


Sorry but I can’t take yuz

Snifz of fresh fourlegs poop whacks Sparky up the snout. A foreign snifz he don’t recognise.  Some fourlegs in Westley Piddle he ain’t bumped snoutz with!  Worrisome. He starts tingling all over.

 “goingdown,goingdownnow” KevLegs scritches before noticing Sparky, trembly all over “wot’s upmate?” squatting down, snout to snout “Sparkymate?youalright?” 

KevLegs suddenly points with one handpaw “StarWarsdisplay,let’sgocheckitout”

There’s a stranger in the camp! Sparky raises muzzle and barks snifz yuz…Snifz yuz?


Sparky looks up with big eyeballs, twitching his snout at an awful sniffy loneliness suddenly rising off KevLegs. He hopes KevLegs can snifz up his own female. Guaranteed to make packmommy happy.  And a happy packmommy means plenty of happy food treats dropping under the table.  Happily, guaranteed, forever!

The star Wars exhibition is crap, corss. Local toy store displaying some naff spin-off cac, not even original 70s trilogy stuff.

“complete,shite!” KevLegs dismisses it and wobbles away.

“pissoffthen,HarrisonFord” the hindlegs vendor scritches after him “gostickyerlightsaberup–

Shut it, yer sniffy git! Sparky tugs at his lead and growls, still tingling from that worrisome stranger and in no mood for additional ag.

“harrisonforddon’tusealightsaber,yerknob” KevLegs shakes his head, disbelievingly.

Some hindlegs got no culture Sparky agrees.

Trotting on. 

Snifz yuz, Poppet

Snifz yuz, Sparky they bump snoutz.  

Sparky stares at her with eyeballs of pure worship.  All silver braids, sharp snout and glittery eyeballs. The fittest shield maiden in West Pid, no argument.

Getta load of that nosh she pants.

Yu in that dog intellectuals show, then? he asks, tingling more than ever.

Cors.  All dog, all intellectuals, that’s me shaking her pretty earflaps.

Well…all dog, anyways Sparky wags his tail in a big smile.

Yor so funny Sparky, I just wish..

..I was bigger, stronger, furrier, and not a whippet?

Well, yeah

“that’sanEDS1275,init?” Stonks scritches in amazement, staring at KevLegs belly 

“wot?” KevLegs mumbles, surprised that a female hindlegs has actually noticed his existence, ‘part from his mom.


Wotz she scritching about? Sparky looks up, equally surprised.

Forget it sighs Poppet she’ll eyeball any hindlegs with tackle


“comealongPoppet,” Stonks pulls Poppet away “wegotashowtowin”

Nice seeing yu Sparky

Me too – oh, and careful of that stranger?

Wot stranger?  

Both fourlegs prod at the air.

That stranger.

Urh? Poppet lifts her snout higher and snifz harder hmm!

KevLegs can’t stop eyeballing his own belly. The first hindlegs female that’s ever talked to him without a shop counter in between. 

Try not to fart, Kev

“Oh,youmeanthe…?” he starts to reply, recognition dawning, but she’s walking away, already history. 

“comeonSparkymate,I’mhungry” he sullenly scritches.

That’s the spirit, mate! hauling KevLegs towards the nosh stalls kicking off with tandoori kebabs this end and noshing ‘it all the way down to Cornish pasties that end. Ripe plan?

Kev lets off a whooooosh of breaking news in agreement.

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Poppet and the Westley Piddle’s Summer Fayre

At last it’s here!

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Part 1. Poppet

can’t heart it over Dazed and Confused.  Packmommy bashes the bannisters but fails to get his attenti Westley Piddle’s summer fayre is back in town. Poppet, the willowy Afghan blond, is sort of humpy coz she’s expected to win first prize at Best of Show.  Wot she really wants to win is some sniffy sweet eightleggers with Drizzle, the fittest muttwit ‘round abouts.

A particularly quite morning in Westley Piddle, that unremarkable town on the Thameslick between Bisham and Cock Marsh. The only sound a drip of rainlick from damp trees. Stillness. Peace. The air holding its breath. Until, that is, some daft flaplegs decides peace is dead and sqwarks.  Soon enough, flaplegs across the whole gaff are sqwarking out of their tiny minds.  Mental.

As it happens, a convoy of roundlegs are growling into Herdwick pooping park – wot upsets the flaplegs in the first place.  Now, sniffy looking hindlegs are wobbling all over carrying stuff to build tents, arcades, pavilions and noshing stalls.  The long-awaited West Pid summer fayre is back. 

The fourlegs morning chorus can’t wait to bark all about it – 

Helloooo, here we goooo

Gonna be a right noshfest

Chicken, beef, lamb, loadsa mammal-leggy nosh 

Kicking off down the park, bowl-mates

Oh. My. Dog.

All in all, not a particularly quite morning in Westley Piddle.

Sparky, the tingly Whippet, is out early with Kevin, his hindlegs companion. KevLegs to the intimates.  Neon green Beats wrapped across his head furs, KevLegs is oblivious to flaplegs, fourlegs and sniffy hindlegs in the park. He ain’t hearing nothing but sounds of the 70’s.

 “Ah-ah, ah!” scritches the muted sound of Robert Plant from the Beats.

“Ah-ah, ah!” KevLegs scritchy scritches right along with him.
We come from the land of the ice and snow Sparky joins thems for the next verse from the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow

Sparky is tingly – coz tingly is chilled-looking and ain’t nervous-looking. Whippets move in jerky spasms. Each step of a Whippet paw is lyk being nervously poked in the eyeball.  Stopping to cock a jerky leg is a poke. Stepping along the street is a continuous poke.  Even standing still is a poke of sorts. 

Not Sparky, coz he’s into 70’s rock. A jingly Whippet hammering to the gods. 

“Ah-ah, ah!” KevLegs scritches “ah-ah, ah!” he eyeballs Sparky lost in songs of immigrants.  

“Ouronlygoal,willbethewesternshore…Ah-ah, ah! Sohurryup,and…erh…pissmate,gottagettowork”

So now yu better stop and rebuild all yor ruins
Sparky and KevLegs. Westley Piddle’s power rock duo.

“for,peaceandtrustcanwintheday,despiteallyour…erh…lackofpissing” KevLegs laughs so violently he farts.

Uh-Oh Sparky needs to finish his squirtz and get KevLegs home, fast.  

From the snifz of it KevLegs is starting his daily gas probs. A very sniffy problem, indeed.  But Sparky adores his KevLegs. Coz life with KevLegs is all about vibes.  Of rock.  Real rock – not alt, not goth, not thrash, not prog, not any of thems wannabe rock sounds.  Just the three riff genuine article: 70’s rock, as taught him by KevLegs and Led Zep. Sparky loves it. Maybe that’s why he believes he’s not just a tingly whippet – but Fenrir, the gigantic wolfmate of Tyr, that Norse god of war. 

“andnowforsomebreakingnews,Sparky…” KevLegs teases Sparky with a fart.  Sparky wags tail in adoration.  The snifz of last night’s Rogan Josht intoxicating.  He trots homewards as fast as tingly paws can trot. 

Valhalla, I am coming!

Poppet, the Afghan temptress of three summers, admires herself in front of the hallway mirror. Excited by the snifz of the summer fayre being hammered into shape down the road, across the junction, round that curvy bend, over Nelson Avenue and slap bang in the middle of Herdwick pooping Park.  Shaking her head, strawberry blond earflaps fizz across big innocent eyeballs. Her long hair is braided in Viking locks, coat curried to glossy silver perfection.

One fit looking fourlegs she admits but… and bumps her snout against the mirror fit enough to win?

Mirror image trembles to the creak creak creak of Sharonpackmate on the stairs.  Stonks, as she’s known to the intimates, appears in new clothfurs.  Poppet always snifz her in new clothfurs.  Wotz wrong with just one fur, lyk wot Poppet wears all the time.  Hindlegs ain’t sensible. 

 “watchafink,Poppet?” Stonks bounces off the last step, spinning round “likethecolour?Electricvanilla”

Poppet don’t know wot to think and only twitches her snout.

“comeonthenPoppet,let’sgetout,andseewhatcock’sabout” Stonks opening chops sniffy with breakfast to lick her small shiny teeth.

Mirror inspection over, Stonks unlocks the front door and wobbles down the garden path, through the garden gate and into Hazelmarsh Road. Poppet follows in shimmering strides.

Stonks lyks to walk up front, complaining she don’t lyk looking at Poppet’s ass all the time.  Poppet has two problems with that.  First of all, Poppet ain’t got the kind of tail up, pink rosebud pooping-hole ass always showing 24/7 lyk wot some fourlegs have ‘round abouts Westley Piddle – Poppet’s ass is a feather soft waterfall tail hiding her pooping hole. Second of all, coz Sharonpackmate’s got a right stonker of an ass, sadly.

“Poppet,don’tshitandshameme” Stonks scritches, yanking on the lead “propershittingspot,only”

As always

Music is scritching from a radio where two male hindlegs are wobbling about on some scaffolding.  One has his clothfurs off, revealing a furless chest.

“cockhim!” Stonks scritches breathlessly. 

The two hindlegs are eyeballs-on Stonks. Sniffing her up and down.  Their orange-sniffy lust striking Poppet’s snout from across the street,. 

“ignorethem,Poppet” Stonks yanks at her lead. Poppet knows Stonks has the hooter for sniffing out testosterone-heavy hindlegs – almost equal to her own snout for sniffing out lusty male fours.  

“don’tencouragethem,toomuch”  Stonks flashes eyeballs “butstartpeeing,rightnow”  

Poppet dutifully stops and squirtz, long enough to concentrate the hindlegs’ lust and short enough not to satisfy any of it.

“ellodarling,nicedog!” one of thems scritches, Stonks enjoying the attention.

Happy now?

“comealongPoppet” she wobbles up Hazelmarsh Road, grinding her wide-load wiggle.  

Poppet reckons thems male hindlegs eyeballs are staying well locked onto a female pooping hole right til the end of the road. Surely not her own!

Drizzle emerges out of woods dripping with rainlick and the yellow squirtz wot marks his territory. Countryside gives way to West Pid. streets lined with hedges and brick walls, behind which are hindlegs housedens, families, and happy fourlegs.  He can snifz the head-patting happiness inside those housedens.  Raising his muzzle to the sky, sniffing, searching, wondering wot his own head-patting hindlegs are doing.  And where they are now?

Snifz yuz. Get away from here  fourlegs growl from housedens 

Earflaps drooping under the brief summer rainlick Drizzle remembers being inside his own houseden, warning off streetlegs outside his territory.  Memories give way to reality.  Now he’s a streetlegs. It is wot it is. He trots on.

Snifz yuz. I’m gonna hurt yuz when I get out

No packmates? No one cares, mate

My hindlegs, mine!

Snifz any closer and lose thems plum bobs

Fourlegs bark, paws banging against windows. He ignores.

Drizzle don’t miss his hindlegs family.  That’s coz, everything is always in the heres and nows for fourlegs. Any moment nows his pack family will return to reclaim him.  Any moment nows. No worries til then.

An ugly black and white scratch arches its back and hisses.  Drizzle passes by without a snifz, in no mood to be arguing with Scratch so early in the morning. He’s famished and wants noshing. A brekkers of sausage and bacon is just the ticket. Two fat pork sausages: gone in two fat bites.  Stringy bacon held down with paws, shredded between teeth.

Drizzle trots through The Cut and into Westley Piddle High Street, snout pointing full speed ahead towards Greggs.

That’ll work!  


So long it’s not true. Wanted a woman…

Sparky stretches out on the end of KevLeg’s bed, happily eyeballing him air guitar in front of the wardrobe mirror.


Soul of a wom–

“wascreatedbelow,yeah!” KevLeg’s strains his back under thems massive chords. His wind-milling hand bashes the Monsters of Rock lightshade on the bedroom ceiling, swinging it all over the place. 

“ready!” KevLeg’s packmommy scritches from the kitchen – also from below.

Sparky pricks up ear flaps at all the scritching but KevLegs own tiny earflaps on.  “Oi.yer.useless.git” she scritches with every thump “getdownhere,muppet!”

Oi, Jimmy P.  Brekkers, mate


Nosh init, yer spanner Sparky jumps off the bed and snoutz open the bedroom door. Packmommy is standing there, mug of tea in handpaw.  Seeing her in the mirror, KevLeg’s wind-milling pose becomes a lightbulb fixing pose in the Monsters of Rock lightshade. This surprises Sparky. The Monsters of Rock lightbulb works fine, dunnit?

rightmuppet” Packmommy snorts.

Rockmuppet Sparky agrees.

Sparky lies under the brekkers table alert for bits of cornflakes, toast, or bacon butty. His head on the kitchen linoleum, snout touching KevLeg’s footpaw. A constant I’m here and hungry reminder.

“yerdon’tgetit,mom,” KevLegs is scritching through his munching “notlikegoingtothesupermarket,izzit?” he munches, “can’tjustpickcrumpetoffthefrozencounter,canyou?”

 Crumpet? not sure wot sorta nosh that is but there’s right juicy sausages down at the su–


Thickly buttered crust of toast drops in front of Sparky. He inspects it with a critical snifz before noshing it.


A big legged woman

Packmommy’s chair creaks as she grabs for something across the table. 


“rightmom,checkitoutlaters,” his handpaw reaches down and sticks a rasher of bacon in Sparky’s eye “won’twe,Sparky?”

We will? the orange-sniffy bacon almost masks KevLeg’s purple-sniffy farts.  But Sparky knows the purple gas snifz is always there.  Gas flowing throughout KevLegs lyk those Tinylegs do under West Pid’s pavements.  It don’t matter.  Wotever KevLegs does don’t matter one bit to Sparky.

For some reason, packmommy wants KevLegs to meet a female hindlegs.  Wot Sparky thinks ridiculous, lyk. Coz he don’t need any hindlegs female. 

Coz yu got me!

“anicegirl,yerdaftmuppet” she scritches hopefully, dumping more toast on top of Sparky.

To squeeze my lemon till the juice ru– yuck, Marmite’s on this bit!

Sparky noshes it anyways.

KevLegs toys are scattered ‘round abouts Sparky’s sleeping mat.  Teeth-bitten ball KevLegs loves throwing that Sparky must forever go fetch. Slob-covered leather bone KevLegs loves to try and pull from Sparky’s mouth. And, KevLegs favourite, that well-chewed sqwarky chicken leg.  Sparky forces himself to rise to the occasion, pretending it’s him who really loves chewing it.

KevLegs stands at the front door of the houseden wearing his bestest T-shirt, an over-washed Jimmy Page on double-necked Gibson. 


Sparky leaps into the air, spinning all four legs to land perfectly on the sleeping mat and scoots for the front door.

“let’sgodownHerdwick” KevLegs scritches, Sparky’s lead in one handpaw.

More to come from Usual Muttwits.

Usual Muttwits Comming Soon

© willowdot21

Hey, Ruby what are you waiting for?

Usual Muttwits and meeting Poppet.

Why what’s happening and when?

24th August, start of Westley Piddle’s Summer Fayre!


Starting Monday 24th August 2020 and running for the following 4 Mondays. At Usual Muttwits and here.

Usual Muttwits Comming Soon

© willowdot21

Hey, Ruby what are you waiting for?

Usual Muttwits and meeting Poppet.

Why what’s happening and when?

24th August, start of Westley Piddle’s Summer Fayre!


Starting Monday 24th August 2020 and running for the following 4 Mondays. At Usual Muttwits and here.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 18/2020

Here is the Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. #SoCS from our fabulous host LindaGHill. I have done an Acrostic Poem.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “link.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

image from Pixabay

Sinuously, and slinkily she

Leaves the shadows of night behind.

Indigo black she shimmers

Nubile coiled like a spring

Kneaning her senses

It is her way

Ever coiled

Sleek of


Photo prompt June 4 to June 10, 2019:

Photo prompt June 4 to June 10, 2019:

cat courtships



Sits pretty

Smile on her face

Tom paws on his hips

Wild blue eyes and tight lips

Toto hanging by his claws

He knows Miss Kitty has her flaws

He would fight mighty Tom to the death

He’ll love Miss Kitty to his dying breath.

Beneath the moon Miss Kitty thinks she’ll swoon

If Mighty Tom discovers Toto

They’ll fight and one will be laid low

Suddenly the gutter cracks

Toto looses his grip

Soon he starts to slip

He drops to ground

Miss Kitty



Weekly challenge

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #119 Hunter&Moon

This  part  of  RonovanWrites  weekly  Haiku poetry  Challenge . This week Ronovan’s prompt is  Hunter  and Moon.

Rules  and Pingback here.


Image here




If we were having coffee: surprises


Spot the bird

Can you spot the bird?
If we were having Coffee: The weather  is  getting  distinctly  wintry, fogs, rain,  and  cold so  lets  all go inside  and  be  comfy by  the fire.  I  can  still entertain  you  all  with tea  and coffee  from all over  the world not to mention all our cakes  and muffins  and  as Paul  calls  them sweets! Every single  one  is  calorie  free! Plus of course  we now have spirits  and liquors  to warm the coldest of  you.

If we were having Coffee: I would  remind  you  that  there  are lots of  other  coffee mornings  all shared  and organized  By  Diana  and  Gene’O  over at,Part time monster


Do join in
If we were having Coffee: I would say welcome but not to the garden  but to Antigia, we are on a surprise, to me, holiday. It is beautiful here fabulous birds and cats who cheekily join you for meals. Glorious fauna and flora, magnificent views and today rain!

If we were having coffee: I would ask you, don’t think it is amazing that we all got together and found our lovely and loved Paul Curran. The wonderful LindaGHill  went to his address supplied by Blogwoman  and found him recovering safe and sound if a little surprised that his absence had caused such a stir!
I for one am grateful he is safe with hopefully nothing worse than a blown  modem.


Welcome back Paul we look forward to you being back on line.
If we were having coffee: I would have to say it has been a hectic week full of shopping, packing and blogging! But it is all totally worth it now!


If we were having Coffee Original idea  from  http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/

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IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: Cars, cats, coffee, and a Newbie.

Welcome, welcome again  how are  you all? The weather though  still warm for this time of year is becoming very damp  and several  mornings this week as I have headed  for the gym it has been cold damp  and foggy. So it is on with the virtual  space heaters and with  the help of  Paul  we have moved  some comfy sofas and armchairs into the marquee, well we may as well spoil ourselves.

Now  what  would  you like to eat and drink thanks  to Paul  we have  every type of coffee and tea  anyone  could possibly  request  and a few  that I quite  frankly would  be  very happy  to sit on the self  talk  about  obscure  and smelly!! 🙂  As for the cakes and pastries  well they have grown in range  since  we have been enjoying  these get together’s  and they  are all free and even better totally calorie  free!! So come on in sit  down  where ever  you fancy, relax  and let’s  have a nice  coffee/ tea break.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would say  what a difference a week  makes! This  time last week I was still in the Loire  Valley France. Sighs! Well we got  home last Saturday/ Sunday morning  after a long  but fun day travelling. Back to reality  talk about  hit  the ground  running. Washing, ironing, middle son  having car problems , eldest  son off on trip,   youngest son  and family  to see, dogs  to walk and real life to  get on with ! So it was a good job it had  had such a restful  and lovely  holiday   because today  I feel as if it was a dream. A beautiful dream, one I hope to repeat!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:   As I mention earlier  the weather has taken a sharp  autumnal turn punctuated by the fact  that we had got used to the higher temperatures  we had enjoyed in France! My early  morning trips  to the gym have necessitated   me digging out  a warmer hoodie   and  longer leggings  and brisk up in the step of the pace. I would  mention the fact  that I could not  be lazy  and jump in my car  because, also  as mentioned  above  number two son  has car trouble! While  we were away  his little car  gave up  the ghost …deceased… dead ..it is no more.  The situation meant  he needed to get to and from work  and so he borrowed mine . This has left  me dependant on Shanke’s Pony  ( an  old English  Term for walking ) . Luckily  my husband has his own car  so we were not marooned!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I have to say the afore  mentioned husband  has done a sterling “Dad” job  of helping  the number two  son out  he has scoured  the net  and found  a brilliant  deal  for the lad, lets  hope he appreciates all his dad’s hard  work. All things  being well  touch wood and fingers crossed  he should collecting his  new car  towards  the end of  next week …result  I shall get  mine  back !! My husband  has also  been very  busy  walking  two guide  dogs  who  he loves  a great  deal . He takes  them out  for their recreation . He loves to see the younger one  running after  her ball  and thundering around  the field  enjoying  her short  moments of freedom.

Also  he cut  both our lawns  and kind soul  that  he is  he also cut  the house  next door’s lawn as the owners  were away  on  holiday , hopefully  they will be pleased on their return .

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would have to tell you that  all my  brothers  and sisters  bar one  have birthdays this month!  I was mortified  to realize  that I was late  sending  my  eldest sister’s card … so  mortified  that  on my return I rang  her up and wished her happy Birthday  and told her  that  her card  was going to be a tad late!!: Just   for her to tell that  I was a day early! With all the travelling I had got the dates mixed up…. her card  was still late. Not  wishing  to be late again  I posted all the other cards  at once feeling  better  early  than late! I actually  think it was very inconsiderate  of  my dear  departed  parents  to have us all bar one born  in the same month! It  must of  been very difficult  for them to manage  a presents  for everyone!  As for the odd one out  did  they pick a sensible  month for her?…..December!! Do you have a large or a small family, did the amount of siblings  you had  determine  the size  of  your family! I am sure  everyone  has  a busy  birthday  month which is yours?

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  Where are  my  manners would  you like another cup of coffee/tea or  perhaps  a scrummy hot  chocolate  with all the trimmings , chocolate  and  vanilla   with cream and marshmallows or plain if  you prefer very warming  these  Autumnal  days. What  did you say , too fattening ?  not here  no you are forgetting  everything  here is calorie free  and you can have as much as you like!

Now  we did have a sad thing this week, Thursday  lunchtime  there was a knock  at our  door and when I answered it  there a sad looking lorry  driver. He asked if  we had a cat,  as he had just seen a car knock one off of its feet. It was laying in the road  by  his lorry. We grabbed  a towel  and rushed  out by  the time  we had crossed  the lawns (our houses  lay  back from the road  and all have large lawns) and  we had to cross one and a half lawns. We found  another driver who had also stopped and had  followed  the cat  who had  by  now crawled into  our  neighbour’s front garden. None of us  knew  what to do  we covered  the cat  with the towel I was despatched  to find  a cat basket,  we had  given  ours  away  last  year  thinking  we would  never  need one  again.

Sadly by  the time I had  return   with  a cat carrier  the cat  was sadly  dead.  My husband  and our  neighbour  took the cat  to the vets  sadly  it was not chipped and despite our  best efforts  asking around  we cannot find  the cat’s owner. ….

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I say  that  there was an added bonus  in this busy  week. Our  very  beautiful daughter in law  popped into see us early  evening  mid week with the Newbie. Well  we had  not seen  him  for nearly  a fortnight  and we were delighted  to see  them both. It is  amazing  how  fast  he had changed! He was so delightful  full of  smiles  and giggles  and so alert and interested in everything. I am so in awe  at  the beauty of  the little being  that  is our  grandchild.  I would  never of believed  less than a year ago  that a tiny  soul like  the Newbie  could  lift  my  soul in this way!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would ask you if you would  like another  cuppa, or  another cake . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to hear  what you would  tell me. Please feel free to stay  as long  as  you like  and don’t  forget  to visit  Paul’s  post  now  while  you are  here!   If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from  http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/


IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  Hi am so glad you could  make it this week, how are you keeping? I have have had a week of  two halves! Sunday last  was a lovely  day  we had dinner  with friends and  spent  a lovely  afternoon  discussing old times and shared experiences. The  weather  had been lovely  in fact  the last  of a good spell that was followed on the Monday  by rain, rain and more rain!

Monday  was good, although wet  as our eldest lad  came to visit  and stay over  as on the Tuesday  he had his car booked in for an MOT. We all had plenty of laughs  and watched a daft  film together !

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would tell you  that our feline  visitors have returned home, their owners  returned on Thursday  and so they up  and  left us high  and dry!!

Watching out the window

Watching out the window

It was a case of “OMG  where are those cats, have  you left that door open again. Quick  that Toffee  will be scrambling out of the toilet window!!” OH! Hang on they have gone home!! Well as much as we have enjoyed having the cats  here it is good to have our  home back to ourselves  windows open to the world  and no crazy opening of doors dashing out  and rushing to shut the door, before a cat escaped! Well Choccy  and Toffee until the next time.

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE: I would  tell you  that I have really been enjoying  the new Imogen Heap  Album  that I bough on 18th August, it is absolutely fabulous  it has  been 3yrs in the making  and worth every second! She  seems to be singing my life! The Album is called Sparks.  here are a couple of her widely varied tracks.

I love every track, each one so different from the next. Do check it out  you will love it . OH! Also good  news on the Imogen Heap Front  she is expecting a baby!!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would tell you  that  today is coffee meeting day, with the girls I used to work with. It is a monthly thing  and great fun to catch up.

I have had toothache  this week  and on Wednesday I had to go to the dentist  and with out any  by your leave he told me that my  tooth was cracked right  through and there was no hope  for it and it had to come out RIGHT THERE AND THEN!!  I was not impressed  but there was no point in arguing  and so out it came. I have been suffering toothache  since  but it is improving!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I’d  mention we are also seeing the Newbie  this afternoon! 🙂 xx

Well there is more  but I am short on time this week so that will have to do!

IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE:  I would  tell you how very welcome  you are  and how much I look forward to our weekly get together, and that I do hope  they continue for a while  to come. So  for now  be well and be happy.  😀

If we were having coffee I’d ask  you : would you like another  cuppa, or  a biscuit . I’d  tell you I have really  come to enjoy  these chats  and I’d  love  to hear  what you would  tell me , If we were having Coffee  Original idea  from  http://parttimemonster.wordpress.com/


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