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Press the button : Part 6


We approached The Book and as we got closer we could see that it was enclosed within a force field.  Yet again I spotted a sign with an arrow on it saying press the button.
Well it was the pattern of the day so what else could I do?

As soon as the force field was off we all  as one reached out and lifted the huge book towards us. We were so amazed  at how light this huge book was. It was almost comical we all grabbed the book and we almost threw it across the room . In fact we actually all burst out laughing.

I think it was the first we had relaxed since we had entered  that first door back home. So here we were in this huge light circular room full of light and books, it made me think of a church.

James  wondered off  to  look  at  the  books  lining  the  walls  and Kaylie  followed  him  while  Dean and  I opened  the  book. As soon  as  we opened  the  covers  we  were amazed  by  what  happened  next. The  words  and  pictures  from inside  the  book rose up  and  formed  in front of  us  as if  we  were  watching  a  screen. Not  only  could  we  watch  what  was in  the  book  but  we  could  hear , smell  and  touch  too. James  and  Kaylie rushed over  to see  what  we  were  watching . We  were  all completely  awestruck!

Suddenly Dean  and  Kaylie  reached  up  and  walked into  the  book leaving  James  and I  alone in  this  huge  reading  room!

To  be  continued…….

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Into  the book

Stream of Consciousness Saturday : Book: Press the button 5

The  Lovely  and  Talented  LindaGHill  said  : Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “book.” Use any meaning of the word as your theme, or simply mention the word “book” in your post. Enjoy!

Now  as  my  Press the  Button  Story  started  as  an SoCs  last  Saturday I  have  decided to  combine  my  ongoing  story  with  this  weeks  SoCs . Now I  have  been  writing  the  story  all  week  and  each  post  has  been  a stream of consciousness  post.   So  shall we continue.

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The Book

Was I  in  a  book  or a film I had  no  idea if  I was on  my  head or  my  toes. Here  we  were yet again  outside  an airlock  with  a  button  with  press  emblazoned on  it. The  type  of  order  that books no  argument.  Here  we  were hanging around this  airlock  and  no  one  else  will press the  button  so  again  it is  all  down  to  me.

So I press the  button and  the  outer  door  on  the  airlock opens and  we  enter, it  closes  with  a woosh and  again  we  watch  as  the  pressure is sucked out. Then  the  inner  door  opens  and  we  enter  the  body  of  the  ship. None of  us  have  ever  seen anything  like  this  before.

This  place looked like nothing  we had  ever  seen, it  was  mainly  metallic  but  unbelievably soft  to the  touch. There  was  soft  yellow  lighting and  blue  arrows  leading us  deep into  the  heart  of  the  ship. Dean took  the  lead  followed  by  Kaylie  and  James  with  me , as usual  bringing up  the  rear!  We followed  the  arrows  and  walked  for  half  an hour.

Finally  we found ourselves  at  the  heart,  the  very  center of  the ship. It was  a brightly  lit  space with  a  huge  reading  desk in  the  middle of  the floor. There  were  bookcases  lining  the  walls  all full of  books  with  sliding  ladders  all over  the  place.  What  caught  my  eye immediately  was  the  huge  book open on  the  reading  desk in  the  middle of  the room.

We all moved in  close  and I looked  at  the  cover  to  see  what  the  title  was…. It was called The Book.

The British Library Reading Room inside the British Museum, Bloomsbury, before the move of the British Library to its current location at St.Pancras.
The center of  the ship

To  be  continued…….

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Just Jot it January: Title


Also  this  is  the  SoCs .  Linda  said :The  prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “title.”  Think of the title of a movie. Remember or jot down the first one that comes to mind. Now what I’d like you do for SoCS is, use that title as the inspiration for your post. It can be the story of the movie, the title of the movie, or you can simply quote the title of the movie somewhere in your post. It’s up to you! Enjoy!

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I have  seen  this  film  three  times  and  read  the  book. It  is  such  a great  story . It  is  about  Henry DeTamble  who  has  a  genetic abnormality  which  causes  him  to  time travel  without  any warning.  Stress  is  a  huge  factor  in  his  time  jumps. He  cannot  predict, when, where  or  even  whether  he travels  forward  or  backwards.

The  film starts  when  Henry  meets  Clare Abshir, his  future  wife  in  a Library. Clare  knows  who he is  because  he  has  been visiting  her  since  her  childhood…… when he  travels cannot take  anything  with  him so  arrives  naked …this  as you can imagine  causes  all sorts of  problems.

On one of his  visits  he  gives  Clare  a  list  of  dates  and times  of  future  visits  so  she can  leave him  food  and  clothes.

Henry  wins  over  Clare’s  close  friends  and  confides in them  his problem. Clare  and Henry get  married , even  the  wedding is  not unaffected  with  an older Henry  turning up  to  Marry  Clare as  the young one has  traveled.   Clare never  get  used to Henry’s disappearances but  she  does  accept  them.   She  spends  most of  her life  waiting for him  to  either  disappear or  return.

Clare  becomes  pregnant  but  it  appears  the  baby  is  time travelling  too  and  she  miscarries, sadly  this  happens  many  times.   Henry has a  vasectomy  to end their suffering. Soon after, Clare gets pregnant one last time – by a visiting younger version of Henry this  time  she  carries  full term. They  have a daughter  called  Alba. Alba  can time travel  too.

Alba, when  she is  about  10 years  old  travels  back  to help  her  5 year old  self  prepare  for  her  father’s  death.

Henry  travels  to  Chicago in winter  and  cannot  find  clothes  or  shelter  quickly  enough  and  gets  frostbite  on his  return  to his  present  he has  to have  both feet  amputated …. this  does  not  bode  well  for  any  future  jumps.

Eventually Henry time travels and is accidentally shot by Clare’s father while hunting elk. Henry returns in time to die in Clare’s arms. Some years later, a younger Henry later visits Alba and Clare, giving Clare hope that he will visit again, but he tells her not to spend her life waiting for him, hoping this encounter would provide a proper closure between them.  The  book  ends  slightly  differently.

There is  a great  deal  more  to this  story, Henry’s  childhood,  the effects on his parents, friends, even how his older self  helps  the  younger self . I just  don’t  want  to  tell  you  too much!

A beautiful  story  well worth  reading  the book  or  seeing  the  film .

The  time  traveler’s  wife 






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