K.L.Caley’s # writephoto: Blue

This week in K. L. Caley’s#writephoto Morgarna , Merlin and Gail sort out a broken time line the Merlin gives Morgarna another task!


“Well Morgarna” The captain said, “My name is Tony and my crew and I have been tasked by Admiral Whiteley to take this ship back to December 1943 where it played an important role in the Battle of North Cape, assisting in the destruction of the German warship Scharnhorst. ” Tony stopped to take a sip of his scotch while Morgarna poured herself another and lit another cigarette.
“The thing is we are caught in a loop and only seem able to jump between London, where you arrived, Scarpa Flow and here at HQLTS (Headquarters, London, Time Shifts).
Now Whiteley just won’t listen to us and is just insisting we have to make it to North Cape to sink the Scharnhorst!”
Morgarna stubbed her cigarette out and looked at Tony…”Now last time I saw your Admiral Whiteley ” she stopped and sucked her lip in, scratched her head then continued. “In 3026 you guys had your timeshifts perfect….Merlin helped your guys perfect it as I recall”
” That’s right we did and it’s even been improved on since. The trouble is this is not one of our ships, Morgarna this is the original HMS Belfast and she, due to some error is stuck in a pointless loop. ” Tony shrugged his shoulders “So that’s why Whitely called you in …. we’ve got to get this ship back to it’s own time to sort the time line”

“I see, Merlin said it was a tricky situation! Looks like we need to slip the loop” Morgarna said smiling at Tony. “Now let’s get this in the right time order, which crew have you got here? ….”
” My own thank God, Captain Scott’s crew would be worse than useless to me !”
“Right” said Morgarna, “So tell me exactly how you all ended up on here and jumped… sorry I mean timeshiftrd in the wrong ship? Surely this Belfast has not got the capability to jump?”
Tony got and walked around the desk to face Morgarna, “No it hasn’t but somehow when we realised we’d missshifed we somehow merged with the original Belfast, when the shift button was hit the crews were moved and the original jumped…. So we are struggling with an antiquated ship and the 1940’s crew is being flummoxed by a ship that’s so far from their comprehension …
It’s crazy. “
“So how is this ship timeshifting , if it hasn’t got the capability ? ” Morgarna asked.
“The last time Merlin visited he show us a way of using an anomaly but it is not as advanced as your anomaly so we can’t quite seem to get things sorted… Are you getting the picture Morgarna?”
” I am Tony that’s very Merlin , give you part of the whole…and then he can step in and save the day or send me in” Morgarna poured them both another scotch.
Taking her Time and Space Mobile Communicator out of bag she rang Merlin.

Back at the house Merlin was in the lab busy on his laptop, Gail was sitting at another laptop opposite him .
Merlin’s mobile vibrated, he looked across at it and said, “Babes how are you doing ” he asked with a guilty smile on his face….
“Don’t give me that” snapped Morgarna “you know exactly what the problem is don’t you? “
“I do Morgs , I do and I have a solution too!”.
Morgarna lit a cigarette took a drag and demanded ” well what is it time is of the essence!”
“Okay hunnybum” Morgarna opened her mouth to say something but bit it back to save time.
Merlin continued, ” Right I have spent the last twenty four hours sorting this mess out and I now I have the answer.”
Tony looked up and chimed in …”yes Mate we are on the clock here.”

Gail and Merlin stood on the bridge of HMS New Belfast surrounded by a very confused crew of officers and men…not a woman among them…. Just staring at the glass consoles that moved if you moved you hands or eyes.
“Are you sure they can’t see us” asked Gail.
“Definitely not but even if they could they are so confused by their surroundings I don’t think they’d really notice us. “
Just then the original Belfast landed alongside, a perfect timeshift, but still Morgarna felt sick this time she said “I hope your normal vessel timeshifts are soother”
“Don’t worry” Tony replied “they are.”

Gail and Morgarna got the original crew of the Belfast back on their ship, with the help of a teeny weeny spell from Morgarna everyone was totally compliant. Once back in their right places the crew stood at their posts frozen momentarily in time.
Gail made her way back to the New Belfast by way of a rope swing which she enjoyed immensely.
Once she was back she watched the crew preparing to timeshift, it was so calm all the consoles were controlled by the movement of an eye or a hand, Gail was enthralled.
The ship jumped it was incredibly smooth, no implosion or expansion and no nausea!

Morgarna stood quietly watching captain Scott and his men coming back to life.
Flicking a switch she addressed the ships company.
“Now hear this, Now hear this, you all need to be at posts you are about to be part of the Battle of North Cape , you will be instrumental in the sinking of The Scharnhorst you will be stretched to your limmets by weather and cruel seas…. You will forget the last twenty four hours … You are now back escorting a British convey. As you were before ” Morgarna walked away from the bridge and on to the rolling deck. It was dark and freezing. Two sailors looked at her as she climbed on to the hand rails…”bye bye sailors” she smiled flashing her legs to them….With a click of her fingers she shouted as you were no one will remember this! She jumped into the anomaly and was gone…. The rest is as they say history.

Back in the wardroom on HMS New Belfast Gail, Merlin, Morgarna and Tony were just finishing a magnificent meal. All history timelines had been restored to normal .
Morgarna was relaxing with a large glass of Shiraz and a cigarette she was happy that once again all was well.
Merlin reached across the table and handed her a slip of paper and a photo of a door..
“Morgs babe I need you to investigate this tomorrow it’s here in London 3023 there is something that is definitely not right! Here’s a photo “

Morgarna looked at the photo and the postcode, it was of a blue door covered with shiny gold stars. In the lower part of the door was what looked like a cat flap.

” 0h!” said Morgarna so you two are clearing off and leaving me to sort it out.”
“Indeed we are babe, Gail Hun are you ready”

After Merlin and Gail had left Tony asked Morgarna if she’d like to see his quarters . “I thought you’d ever ask Hun” she said grabbing his hand …”show me NOW! “

In the morning Morgarna woke up feeling invigorated … Tony was fast asleep and actually stayed that way for two days and nights.
Morgarna stepped off the gangway and headed into London 3023, looking around Morgarna was struck by how different the air was, clean and fresh… Looking up she saw why, the whole of London was under a dome…the sky above the dome was black!.
Morgarna followed the satnav on her phone until she found the post code and the blue door with stars on.

#TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 273, 5/10/22, #SpecificForm

Last month, Colleen asked Sally Cronin to select a syllabic form for us to learn more about. Her choice was the Butterfly Cinquain.

We have been given a video to take inspiration from, either from the video or the music. Well both inspired me so it’s a combination of both.

Butterfly 🦋 blue.

In blue
Wings fluttering
Twirling she carries dreams.
Bewitched her prince sees only her
They take flight out into the blue
Wishes and dreams she grants
Happy ending
In blue

This is part of Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka Challenge.

Song Lyric Sunday. February 7, 2021 – Colours. Blue, Gold and Silver.

Good morning everyone, it’s Sunday and time for Jim Adams our dashing host to bring us our weekly prompt for Song Lyric Sunday, which is Colors or as I and my compatriates will say Colours. Jim also reminds our original host Helen Vahdati set us this prompt in 2017, hi Helen how are you 💜.

So colours hum so many to choose from which way shall I go? Oh! Yes David Bowie, Sound and Vision, “Blue , blue electric blue” and I chose my favourite version on 2013. To start with.

Sound and Vision” by English singer-songwriter David Bowie which appeared on his 1977 album Low. The song is notable for juxtaposing an uplifting guitar and synthesizer-led instrumental track with Bowie’s withdrawn lyrics. In keeping with the minimalist approach of Low, Bowie and co-producer Tony Visconti originally recorded the track as an instrumental, bar the backing vocal (performed by Visconti’s wife, Mary Hopkin). Bowie then recorded his vocal after the rest of the band had left the studio, before trimming verses off the lyrics and leaving a relatively lengthy instrumental intro on the finished song. Selected as the first single from the album, “Sound and Vision” was used by the BBC on trailers at the time. This provided considerable exposure, much needed as Bowie opted to do nothing to promote the single himself, and helped the song to No. 3. The song was also a top ten hit in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. However, it stalled at No. 87 in Canada and only managed No. 69 in the United States, where it signaled the end of Bowie’s short commercial honeymoon until “Let’s Dance” in 1983.

In 2013, a remix was commissioned for the Sony Xperia Z smartphone advertising campaign.[12] The new mix by Sonjay Prabhakar utilized the original lead vocals and Mary Hopkin’s backing vocal with a new piano part by Rob Gentry. A Parlophone Records digital download was released on 7 October 2013.

Information from Wikipedia.

Here is the advert that made me fall in love with the song all over again 💜💜💜

Finally here is the original in all it glory ! With lots of photos and videos in this clip it is great! Wasn’t he so beautiful and talented!

In 1977 I had been married six years and had had two of my three lads. My husband’s job took him away a lot at no notice and he worked long hours when he was around. So Bowie and his ilk kept me sane.

“Sound And Vision”

Don’t you wonder sometimes
‘Bout sound and vision

Blue, blue, electric blue
That’s the colour of my room
Where I will live
Blue, blue

Pale blinds drawn all day
Nothing to do, nothing to say
Blue, blue

I will sit right down,
Waiting for the gift of sound and vision
And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision
Drifting into my solitude,
over my head

Don’t you wonder sometimes
‘Bout sound and vision.

Lyrics from AtoZ Lyrics.

Now we can’t just paint over Mary Hopkin she was an amazing singer too.

Mary Hopkin (born 3 May 1950), credited on some recordings as Mary Visconti (from her marriage to Tony Visconti), is a Welsh folk singer, best known for her 1968 UK number one single “Those Were the Days“. She was one of the earliest signings to the Beatles‘ Apple label.

circa 1968

Here is a song by her Gold and Silver ( also colours) from her 2013 Album Painting my Numbers.

As you can see she has a lovely voice too.

“Gold And Silver”

Dyin’ for the moment
When you lie again beside me
Taste the salty tears
I thought would never end

Gold and silver
Run your river deep inside me
Gold and silver stream
That glistens in my hand

Give me, give to me
Your gold and silver
Give me, give to me
Your gold, your silver

Too long apart
Our love is growin’ stronger
Two hearts, two souls
Run into one

Too soon, too fast
Our love is spillin’ over
I want you now
So take me down

Give me, give to me
Your gold and silver
Give me, give to me
Your gold, your silver.

Lyrics from AtoZ Lyrics


Weekly Song Challenge, Round 37!

After a week off while Laura took care of business at home, we’re back with Round 37! You can find the rules for participation on Laura’s blog.

Post a song that is about your country.


Post a song that is patriotic.

I vow to thee my country.

Post a song that has the colour-red, white or blue in either the title or lyrics.

 The long journey home.

Now I throw the challenge out to anyone who want to have a go.💜

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 26/19

Before we start we need to say a huge thank you to Pamela Jessen for our out going badge. It was a great badge.

We now have a brand new badge for this year from Shelley Krupa it is beautiful and here it. Isn’t it beautiful

This week our prompt for LindaGHill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday is Dress.Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


Blue silk

Dress with black

Net petticoat

Low cut edged in gold

Shoes of electric blue

Killer heels to stomp on you

Dressed up, dressed to thrill, dressed to kill

Images from Pixabay


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 14/19 Blue.

Blue September skies, as I sat down to write this post I looked up and saw a beautiful clear sky.

Blue September streaked skies yesterday full of angel feathers.

Blue September skies over Historic Oxford.

Blue plaque to Jan Burden, on the wall of the house she lived in.

Blue September Skies over a reflective River Thames.

This is part of Lindaghill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday…but late on a Sunday!

This week’s Challenge was.: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “blue.” Talk about the first blue object you see when you sit down to write your post. Have fun!

It was all about Blue September Skies but I threw in the Blue Plaque for fun💜

Thursday Photo Prompt. Writephoto. Blue

This is my entry for Sue Vincent’s of Daily Echo Thursday photo Prompt. Rules and Pingback Here.

I have been unable to blog for a while but I am trying to get back into writing so today I have managed another chapter of my SoC story the whole story can be found here at  Vampires,the Witch and the Werewolf.


Once again Mathew stood a beach watching the moon throwing a silver shadow across the calm surface of the sea. Again he felt the long lost emotions washing over him. Deep gnawing loss, shock and horror and to make it all worse guilt.

It was cold and silent and Mathew shivered, he looked down at his feet to were there was a pile of ashes. A sudden wind took them and sent them into a flurry across the shore. Mathew felt the unfamiliar salty taste of tears on his lips.

He  watched his sister’s ashes fly away. He wept until he could almost feel nothing again. His beautiful sister was gone after eons together and he felt alone. Not only was she dead but she had died at his hands.

Replaying it all in his head Mathew was still shocked. Fay had joined in the forrest and for a while all was normal they hunted together.  Then she asked him where his aligience lay, was it with Roman and the Ancients, would he follow them into the brewing war. Would he kill the werewolf bitch and suck the blood from the witch and her brat?

Mathew had been stunned he knew which side he should be on but he could not think of killing Rachel or Lisa let alone little Hope. He had spun round and looked Fay in the eye. “It would not come to that” he shouted. “It already has! “screamed his sister. “Choose me and the Ancients” Fay glared at him. 

“I can’t,  Mathew said, “I won’t side against Rachel and Lisa.” Mathew looked at his sister she was right there infront of him but it was not her. He saw Roman in her eyes he felt Roman in her touch. 

Then the fight began, she grabbed him and drew out a silver knife from inside her cloak aiming for his heart she lunged at him. Mathew was too fast for her he shot away from her. 

“No” he shouted at her, he knocked the knife from her hand and so the fight to the death began. Fay bit scratched and ripped lumps of skin from  Mathew’s body.  She was like a demon possessed.

Finally Mathew found the strength to smash her against some rocks on the beach. He saw that she was impailed on a piece of drift wood, straight through the chest. Hissing and screaming she tried to wrench herself free. 

Mathew ran to her and started to help her, he had almost pulled her free when she bit into his chest trying to rip his heart out. Again Mathew saw Roman in her eyes and the hate she felt for him was tangible.

It was over in a moment, he pushed her back down and then  pulled her to the side ripping her chest open exposing her beating heart. He would never forget the terrified look in her eyes as she murmured his name… Roman was gone, this was his sister  he was killing.

Her heart beating still in his hand her body hanging limp on the drift wood. Mathew lifted Fay and laid her on the sand. Her heart and her blood already  turned to ash he carried her nearer to sea.

It only took seconds for Fay’s body to turn to ash and then gently blow away.

Roman sat in his tall tower angry that Mathew had killed Fay. He did not care that Fay was dead he was angry that she had alerted Mathew to the Ancients plans. 

Mathew needed to get back to Rachel.


Just Jot It January : Blue

This  day 30 of  Just Jot  It  January, the  brain child  of  the Lovely  LindaGHill .

The Just Jot It January 30th prompt, brought to you by John Holton of The Sound of One Hand Typing, is: “Blue.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to John as well! Here’s his blog:  https://thesoundofonehandtyping.wordpress.com/ .

Rules  and Pingback  here 




Tuesday use it in a sentence: Abyssal


fabulous Linda G. Hill at Life in Progress, but with her busy schedule she gave it into the capable hands of MLW at A Word Adventure, who in turn has hired forty is fantastique
on as an assistant! So she will get her first taste of being a co-host of a multi-social-media-writing-type-prompt!
Thanks, MLW 🙂

Awakening in and out with the flow
Deep deep Blue is all I know.

Here is the #  

Rules at

Wordless Wednesday: La Mare



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