Planet Eaters. Last Warning


One nano second in time, stop look what you will see is divine. Drops on water ripples on a lake watch as they move such wondrous patterns they make.

Droplets of water invisible to the naked eye  form magical patterns as they loop and fly. Mountainous waves form and dissipate we cannot see them as a blink of the eye makes it too late.

Sunlight through the leaves can a cathedral make with dancing dust mites forming wonderful patterns which no camera, can a photo take.

Moonlight through a canopy of leaves. Fractals of light with captive motes which inflames the imagination and the eye deceives.

Sun gentle, dancing on the sea and sand, shines and glitters in a way that could not be created by any human hand.

Stars at night twinkling in an infinite sky some are just beginning to live and some are just beginning to die. Try as we may to do so, sadly those are places where we will never fly.

Suns by the legions, planets by many, many more. All the wondrous things unseen, un-checked  evolving and changing  evermore.

Wonders of life

The wonder of a baby grown from a tiny seed like nearly all in nature a fertilized egg is all you need. Of course there are one celled creatures that only need to separate and some that are both sexes, no fun for them, no sex?? I am sure that that is something we would all really hate.

The tiny new life, a baby, animal, plant or seed are truly just a wander, tender love and caring is all they need. The love that we bestow on something new and young is sometimes spoilt by evil acts that cannot be undone.

It not only beings and plants that we woefully mistreat we have ravished our lovely planet leaving it’s life and resources un-replete. So stop and think for a nano second or more, so that the Planet Eaters will not devour us tooth and claw.

We may have rainforests now and lush green jungles and veldts but if keep destroying and stripping them we will be left with baron welts. If we keep killing animals for make up and just for gain we can not expect them to go on for ever the same. We cannot keep polluting the air that this poor planet breathes or heating up  the seas where our ice caps now recede . Please mark my words now for the planet eaters await so it is up to us now to decide our own fate.

They came, the planet eaters, they trundled on and on they came upon us quietly so at first we did not notice anything was wrong.


Suddenly Silence

Werrg,werrg,click,click. Suddenly it was silent,suddenly it was still.There was nothing left no colour no lakes nor hills.

Nothing stirred, nothing moved not even a wind deferred. The last of the tracks were all that could be seen, no animal no bird.

Why did they come here, what had we done. Had we annoyed them had we of them somehow made fun? There was no future left nothing to come.

What of the people, what of their bones ..nothing nothing no shops, schools or homes. Where were the planet eaters you will not see them here. There is nothing left here for them they have moved to another planet I fear.

You could not know this , for you know not of the curse. There is nothing left here as they have devoured our whole Universe. Every planet, moon and satellite gone and so to the next universe they have moved on.

The planet eaters

They came, the planet eaters, they trundled on and on they came upon them quietly so at first no one noticed anything was wrong.




The Planet Eaters

They came, the planet eaters, they trundled on and on they came upon us quietly so at first we did not notice anything was wrong.

The were tall and they were frightening with a wiry and metal shape, they crept up on us silently and left us wide eyed with mouth agape.

Where once was green meadow is now just dust and sand. Where flowers bloomed and trees grew is left, just barren land.

People stood in horror they could not believe their eyes. Those who stood in their path were killed, onlookers shuddered at their cries.

Soon the animals disappeared none left to be found no birds in the sky, no fish in the sea nor bug from underground. Supplies of food and petrol became something to fight for and without electricity and gas there soon began a war. Neighbour fort neighbour family betrayed their own and very soon no where was safe and no where was even home.

The people did not last long a few went underground  but the planet eaters killed them as they burrowed under ground. They drained the world completely of every visage of life nothing left but dust where once all things live were rife.

The Weeping Angel

I plant the seeds

I saw the Angel at the grave she was weeping tears. The weight of all the grief she had seen, years of pain and fears.

It hurt me to see the angel so, such a burden she had to carry. The hate  and betrayal all around I wondered why she should tarry.

Her tears were real I touched them so I know. I wondered what on earth had made this lacrimo flow.

She told me all that she had seen and places she had been. The trenches of Ypres, concentration camps and bloody fields at Waterloo  she had held dying men and abused women and children too.

The world is not improving even after all that she had tried .To guide and help and educate us toward peace and love . It was always pushed aside.

She asked me for my help, I was indeed surprised. I am a mere mortal who has sinned and lost all pride. Reaching out a hand to me , she touched my chilled skin. To my great surprise she was warm that set me wondering.

How could marble feel like flesh, my heart began to pound I looked into her blue eyes another wonder there I found. As well as tears I saw great great knowledge gained from living life too long, not the type we learn from  college.

She offered me a bag of seeds the like I had never seen she begged plant them where I stood among this grass so green. I asked her what the seeds were that she asked I plant upon this slope. She looked at me with pleading eyes and whispered they are the seeds of hope!

I was holding in my hands the hope for all the world, it was a terrifying thought so around them, to keep them safe, my fingers gently curled .

Plant them please, plant them now and make to me one vow. Tend these most important seeds, watch them as they grow. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders as those tiny seeds I then did sow.

The angel sighed so gently I nearly didn’t hear. She smiled at me and touched my face and told me not to fear. She looked so very tired,  she looked so very old. Then suddenly with no fuss she once again was made of marble cold.

The dream

The other night while flying high across the cold black winter’s sky I saw a cluster of stars, they winked at me from afar. I was curious to see just why they winked  when they saw me.

The tiny cluster of stars which were grouped together just south of Mars were celebrating with delight the shiny furnament of night.

The twinkling sparkling dancing light leapt from side to side across the night. I joined in and leapt and played and lazily from star to planet I flipped and swayed. Spinning through the universe the view from Rhea is diverse. Looking out into the distance I noticed a planet which looked so blue .

Such vibrant colours it promised me , I could not resist I had to go and see. As I grew near it was clear to see the blue, blue planet looked sad to me.

Gently reaching out I asked how all it sadness had come about. With all it worries on its shoulder it told me how its’ people had let it moulder they have worked it too hard and emptied it out and broken its back it was exhausted of that there is  no doubt. I was grief stricken and could  not understand how could this of come about.

They had broken a hole in its ozone  and now it’s Sun was burning it’s land and shifting the seasons as  famine and death walked hand in hand. Why would they do this to you I asked. Why would they repay you with grief , why condemn their planet to die.

Why do they not understand that what they have, had was a gift given from God’s own hand. How could they have laid this poor planet so low. It broke my heart but I needed to know. The answer is not a pretty one , greed, war and ignorance have strutted too long and now the resources of this planet are  nearly all gone.

I awoke with a start but I instantly knew that what my dream was telling me was true. We are loosing our planet our mother earth we have used her and abused her and forgotten her worth. I really don’t know if it is too late . If it is the outcome is too fearful to contemplate.

Nature in the evening glow

Standing on the edge of nowhere looking out upon the night. Reaching out to touch the red and gold all my senses taken to flight. Mistress of all I see queen of my domain I have seen it all before yet somehow I still remain.

The breeze is mine I breath it in and out I also rule the tides,of that you need not doubt. I throw the stars out like dice to dance around the moon who’s reflection will be dancing upon the water soon.

I spin around and my skirt of blue and green begins to billow out, the children left upon the beach begin to scream and shout. I loose the sapphire clip that holds my flaxen locks it waves in the breeze and the fishermen can see it reflected in the sky as they line up along the docks.

I see the lovers old and young hiding in their trysts I lower my eyelids the light escapes and shows them all up, I smile at them as they shake their fists. I lift my arms and I fly up into the sky I see all below me  the beauty of it always makes me cry. I do my best to please human kind they often just ignore until it is too late , and that is so unkind. I shall just say that once  more and after you have chosen your fate.

Mistress of all I see queen of my domain I have seen it all before yet somehow I still remain. The dusk is rolling in but not for much longer, you have ravished me for too long and I am not growing any stronger. I am the evening glow I am mother nature but I may not rise tomorrow as you have exhausted me. I could extend your desserts and I could extend your seas if you do behave and  start taking  better care of me.

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