#writephoto: Galleon.


After helping a young soldier and his loyal “explosive sniffer dog” pass from one life to the next Morgarna and Gail were hoping for an uneventful jump home. As usual there is no accounting for circumstances of the time and space continueum especially if Merlin is involved. So they jumped but not home … No they ended up on a archiological dig.


“Hi babes how are you guys?” Merlin was in the kitchen drinking coffee with his fingers crossed behind his back”
“Oh! Fine as your asking a tad blown away perhaps!?” Morgarna replied gritting her teeth. ” Gail and I were ready for a nice break…. Why are we here Merlin”
“How are my chickens ” asked Gail…there was silence and then Merlin replied, they are well and I am on my way out to feed them in a second” Merlin said crossing more fingers.
“Okay why are we here, it’s obviously not for our health!” Morgarna lit a cigarette and wondered where she could get a hot coffee.

Morgarna and Gail sat outside on the grass by the refreshments caravan that had been set up for the archiology volunteers sipping coffee. “So what did Merlin have to say about us being here?” asked Gail as she tucked into a huge bacon bap dripping with brown sauce.
“Well it appears that there is a time tunnel at this site and we need to find it and close it up A.S.A.P. otherwise there’ll alsorts of mayhem caused! “
Gail wiped her face and her jeans which she had spilt brown sauce on and replied.” Well then you had better have that cigarette then then we can get cracking. “
Morgarna lit her cigarette and smiled at Gail “You know me so well girl, then fishing in her bag she pulled out a small square device with three lights on it , blue, green and red. This Gail is a neat little time tunnel / wormhole/ rift finder Merlin has only just modified it.”

Later armed with trowels and scrapers they mingled in with the students and archologists Morgarna surruptitously checking the area with the T.T.W.R.F. As the day went on Gail found she was really interested by the excavating and got just as excited as everyone else when anyone turned up a small find.
The sun was going down when Morgarna signalled to Gail that she had found the rift.

“We can’t seal it here it looks as if we need to go through and seal it from the other side. ” Morgarna told Gail.
“How can we do that without causing a stir, someone is bound to spot us disappearing. ” Gail looked around at all the people milling around.
“Yes” Morgarna knodded we’ll have to wait until they all knock off for dinner”

It was midnight and the only light was from the moon, a couple of guys were sitting guard on the dig after all the fresco that had been found was amazing and they really didn’t want any halfwits breaking in and spraying graffiti all over it.
Gail threw some stones to the side of them to distract them for a second while she and Morgarna slipped in behind the dust sheet.

Once inside Morgarna got out the T.T.W.R.F scanning the wall to make sure the had the right place.
She just got the three lights sincronizing when three wide eyed and slightly worse for wear sailors appeared through that very spot.
Without missing a beat Morgarna grabbed the loudest an whispered in his ear. ” Not tonight me hearty, no your comming with me..”
The noise of this meeting bought the the two guards in but they just found an empty room with just an echo of footsteps.

“Well Simon there’s no one here , time for a cuppa and a biscuit I think ” then turning away they both left, missing a slight shimmering on the wall which vibrated for a moment then firmed up and settled.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a galleon out at sea..

It was a beautiful day as the five of them emerged onto the deck of a Galleon. Looking behind her Morgarna could just see the white cliffs of Dover.
Looking around Morgarna could see that they were back in the 16th century and on board an Elizabethan Galleon.
The three sailors were sobering up …they were confused they had stumbled upon a rift in time, accidentally slipped through it into the future…then been herded back to their own time by these two strange women… One in black and looking for all the world like a beautiful and dangerous witch!
Morgarna read their thoughts. Quickly she waved her hand gently took hold of their minds.
“You have not left this deck, you found us hiding behind the barrels and we will be good help for the cook and gengeral help around decks.

A small crowd had gathered around them now, a tall man was striding toward them.
“What’s this he demanded banging his cutlass against a mast to draw attention from the crew who were getting very excited and unruly at the sight of two women. “What have we here Mr Greg, women? two of them indeed. ?”
“Aye captain, two stowaways”
“What am I to do with them , they aren’t known for their good luck for any crew! Are they and they are no good for pleasure as there are not enough of them to go around.”
Gail drew closer to Morgarna and took her hand. This did not go unnoticed by the crew…
“It okay Gail, I can handle the situation just don’t show any more fear, we are okay I promise you.”
Taking a deep breath Gail smiled at all those around her.
The captain was speaking again, “Mr Smith, take our uninvited guests to the brig and lock them up.”
A huge giant of a man came along and picked Gail and Morgarna up one under each arm. Gail took Morgarna’s lead and they both kicked up a fuss.

Gail was not impressed with the brig and started to complain , Morgarna cut her short. “Would you rather be out there pray to that lot of tars? At least here we are safer and under lock and key .”
Gail thought about this and agreed they were safer for now. “How can we seal the rift” she asked Morgarna.
“I have sealed the end at the dig, I did that as we left , and I shall seal this end as soon as we next go up on deck. Don’t worry it’s all in hand and the C.O.TA.S is signalling our exact coordinates in time and space to Merlin . Once he sees the rift is sealed he’ll send the Anomaly for us to escape. So take it easy girl .. it might be a long night. Here ” Morgarna said handing Gail a warm cloak from her bag.
“Oh! Thanks” said Gail smiling and cuddling into the cloak. ” I do love that bag , can I have one?” she tentively asked .
Morgarna lit two cigarettes and handed Gail one as she replied .”NO!”

This is part of K.L.Cakey’s #writephoto: Galleon.

Uptown Disco Nights.

Jim Adams.

Good morning everyone it’s Sunday again and time for another Song Lyric Sunday. This week our host Jim Adams has give us Disco music as our prompt.

Disco is a genre of dance music and a subculture that emerged in the 1970s from the United States’ urban nightlife scene. Its sound is typified by four-on-the-floor beats, syncopated basslinesstring sectionsbrass and hornselectric pianosynthesizers, and electric rhythm guitars read more here

Having read Jim’s introduction I discovered that it started much earlier and to my surprise in Paris… well we live and learn …that’s the whole point of SLS.

My first thought was D.I.S.C.O. BY Ottawan. So I decided bto stick with it. It was released in 1979.

These were the years at the hight of hubby’s and mine Disco days! .. I would get a baby sitter for a Friday or Saturday night. I’d put on my glitter and a ton of make up, a tiny dress, and boots! Hubby his non work suit or pasley shirt and bellbtoms. We’d go to the Top Rank in Reading and dance.

D.I.S.C.O.” is a song by the French band Ottawan, written by Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger and produced by Daniel Vangarde. Ottawan originally recorded it in French.

It was first released in 1979 and reached number two in the UK Singles Chart the following year.

The song’s name is an acronym and comes from the lyrics in its chorus, in which a woman is described as “D.I.S.C.O.”. In other words, each letter of the word standing for a certain quality, except “O”, which simply leads to singing “oh-oh-oh” (“She is D, delirious / She is I, incredible / She is S, superficial / She is C, complicated / She is oh-oh-oh”).more information here.


We used to go to the Top Rank whenever we could get a baby sitter. That reminds me of this song ….our signature tune.

Uptown Top Ranking” is a song by Jamaican teenage singersAlthea Forrest and Donna Reid, recorded when they were 17 and 18 years old respectively. Released in 1977, the song comprises the girls ad-libbing to deejay track “Three Piece Suit” by Trinity. The lyrics were written by the duo and Errol Thompson. It was produced by Joe Gibbs, using a re-recording of the riddim of the 1967 Alton Ellis song “I’m Still in Love”, which had already been re-popularised in the 1970s by Marcia Aitken‘s cover “I’m Still in Love With You Boy”, and “Three Piece Suit” by Trinity, to which “Uptown” was an “answer record”

The record was initially recorded as a joke. It was accidentally played by BBC Radio 1DJJohn Peel resulting in numerous requests for additional plays. With early championing by Peel and a performance on Top of the Pops, it soon became a surprise hit, reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart in February 1978. The track spent a total of 11 weeks in the charts. Althea & Donna became the youngest female duo to reach the number-one spot on the UK chart.

See me in me heels and ting
Dem check, sey we hip and ting
True dem no know an’ting
We have dem going and ting

Nah pop no style, I strictly roots
Nah pop no style, I strictly roots

See me ‘pon de road, I ‘earin’ you call out to me
True you see me in m’pants and ting
See me in me ‘alter back
Sey me gi’ you ‘eart attack
Gimme little bass, make m’wine up m’waist
Uptown top ranking

See me in m’Benz and ting, oh
Drivin’ tru Constant Spring
Dem check sey me come from Cosmo Spring
But a true dem no know an’ting
Dem no know sey we top rankin’, oh
Uptown top rankin’

Shoulda see me and de rankin’ dread, oh
Check ‘ow we jammin’ and ting
Love is all I bring
Inna m’khaki suit and ting

Nah pop no style, I strictly roots
Nah pop no style, I strictly roots

Watch ‘ow we chuck it and ting
Inna we khaki suit and ting
Love is all I bring
Inna m’khaki suit and ting

Nah pop no style, I strictly roots
Nah pop no style, I strictly roots

Love inna you ‘eart, dis a bawl out fe me
When you see me in m’pants and ting, oh
See me in me ‘alter back
Sey me gi’ you ‘eart attack
Gimme little bass, make m’wine up m’waist
Uptown top rankin’, oh

See me ‘pon the road and ‘earin’ you call out to me
True you see me in m’pants and ting, oh
See me inna me ‘alter back
Sey me gi’ you ‘eart attack

Gimme little bass, make m’wine up m’waist
Gimme little bass, make m’wine up m’waist
Love is all I bring
Inna m’khaki suit and ting

Nah pop no style, I strictly roots
Nah pop no style, I strictly roots

You shoulda see me and de rankin’ dread, oh
Check ‘ow we jammin’ and ting
Love is all I bring
Inna m’khaki suit and ting

Me nah pop no style, dat true, I strictly roots

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Errol Thompson / Donna Reid / Joe Gibbs / Althea Forrest / Neamian Ellis Alton

Uptown Top Ranking 2001 lyrics © Keep On Kicking Music Inc., Jack Russell Music Limited, Carlin Music Corp

Happy days I remember them well.



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